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I live in Portland Oregon. ⚾️🍕🍻🐱📚

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@MNTimBuktu Fast one or bust. @MNTimBuktu It feels like the passing is a little delayed sometimes, like the one second it takes to register all o… @MNTimBuktu Takes time to figure out the play calling for sure. Just doing pick and rolls with Rubio/KAT will be si… @MNTimBuktu The aiming stick is hard! I need to look up a practice mode or something to work on it. Been mostly pla… @MNTimBuktu Came for the dunks, stayed for the Jay Leno impressions.If @timheidecker thinks the Million of on cimema Fans will stand for my movie expertise being silenced he is crazie…
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @MNTimBuktu @timheidecker @greggturkington The only expertise Gregg has is collecting Mark's insurance money while he was in a coma. @colbydroscher After he caught a bunch of flack for it he said he got it because it can cover his whole beard. @d_young89_ @BBallsquared @MGRADS @KingJosiah54 Hood is ready to play now. Reported to have no set backs and was re… @realCEOofANTIFA Push him left! No...not like that! @ScottLowe @PlayApex Afraid to check Destiny 2. @reallyhotpants What if Belle loved gaming instead of books...🤔 @BlazersNationCP 🙏🏻Hahahaha 47% of Americans still plan to travel for Thanksgiving. Turns out when we clapped for healthcare workers at 7 PM we meant, "encore"
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @MNTimBuktu After I missed a few free throws with the new aim stick I gave up too, haha. I know you can pull off tr… @503Blazerfans Lakers fans getting all kinds of riled up on his feed after this. 😆
@amigadehelado Probably won’t happen by Federal government, unfortunately. Bush never got in trouble for actual war… @MNTimBuktu It plays so smooth! Way less input lag than I’m used to. I still think the shooting stick is weird to u… living in a country without universal healthcare then a pandemic hits and the government still doesn’t try…
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @axcomrade Gotta love that washed photoshop look. @colbydroscher He just straight up doesn’t really use the internet so he had no idea. Haha.PSA: I can’t believe this needs to be said, but here goes: If you fully enclose an outdoor space, it becomes an ind…
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @MNTimBuktu Heck yeah! Not too happy that I can’t transfer my 2k21 my player from PS4 to ps5...that’s for damn sure… leaders are insurance salespeople.
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @MNTimBuktu You’ll be able to absolutely abuse that team with KAT.
@PinwheelEmpire @WorldWideWob Maybe point guard depth, everything else looking solid. @503Blazerfans Need a vet backup PG. I think bigs and wings are looking good. @colbydroscher Damn, we’re going to die soon. @reallyhotpants More centers please!Free agent F Rodney Hood is returning to the Portland Trail Blazers on a two-year, $21M deal, sources tell ESPN.
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@LegionHoops Nooooo! @CHold NoooooBiden has millionaires and billionaires in his corner. Join DSA instead! Our movement is funded by membership dues…
Retweeted by SquatchdrewHome Sweet Home ❤️🖤
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @dontbeabrick @RuckCohlchez @reallyhotpants What do you seriously think these people will do when Trump is out of office? Some of them are so s… @reallyhotpants JESUS!!! 😆😆😆 @503Blazerfans It's just media people wanting it for a story. They hope they can keep pushing the narrative so they can write a piece.Global warming is real
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@MNTimBuktu Haha! Hey I’d never diss the German League champion. 😤 @MNTimBuktu Yeah, a pass first guy isn’t worth much when they’re passing to junk. @MNTimBuktu He’s a great old school pass first point guard, I’d almost take a guy like him over the slash to the ri… @503Blazerfans Can’t wait, it feels like the day before Christmas! @disco_socialist They have not taken a puck to their unprotected junk and it shows. @reallyhotpants Damn, who’d you vote for? I must have voted wrong. 🥴 @jackallisonLOL I do not see a receipt for these seats, they do not technically own these seats and take them home… @MNTimBuktu @Timberwolves I wonder if Warriors target him with Klay going down if Wolves pass on him... @MNTimBuktu @Timberwolves Yeah LaMelo needs to get a jumper and it could really open his game up. A lot of folks we…
@MNTimBuktu @Timberwolves So many red flags with Edwards after that last interview, wow. Ball needs a jumper, hopef… @MNTimBuktu @Timberwolves Who do you want from the draft? It’s a pretty weird draft class this year. @konstamadianos Smdh. 🤦🏻‍♂️ @ByYourLogic Man, what an ass hole. @jorge_posadist @RuckCohlchez it ALL. Means testing is a tool to keep the working class divided and resentful of each other.
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @disco_socialist Christine O with every post in this thread.’s so funny that the simple solution to stop covid spread is just for everyone to wear masks around each other at…
Retweeted by SquatchdrewI want US troops out of Afghanistan as much as anyone but it MUST be done carefully so as to not destabilize my por…
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @OfficialBrohoss Just a couple of red flags there... @disco_socialist ONE HOUR The showdown between TOM and the FANS OF STEELY DAN I am ready to fall in love with "The Dan" Are yo…
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@dboz I’d simply answer more questions correctly than them and win. Easy. @reallyhotpants The party of platitudes and vague assurances. @ramrod_rj @axcomrade Yeah, that too.“capitalism breeds innovation” the innovation:
Retweeted by SquatchdrewSo much for believing in science.
Retweeted by SquatchdrewBREAKING: Biden's first climate appointment is one of the Democratic Party’s top recipients of fossil fuel industry…
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @axcomrade At this point, seems like masochism is the only way any of this crap makes sense. @shmupus Really hope so. At least one of these ass holes needs to get in trouble. @503Blazerfans He might be running into a pretty tough market then, coming off that injury. 😟 @503Blazerfans Wasn’t there an interview where he said whether he takes the deal or not, he expects to be in a Blazers uniform? @503Blazerfans Might be to change the deal, get some more years.Nothing quite like being aggressively gaslit by your nation, state, and employer about a deadly, generational pande…
Retweeted by SquatchdrewI still don’t understand how COVID is worse than ever after we’ve tried everything from pretending it’s over to pretending it never happened
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @Mr_Portland @RuckCohlchez “Yeeeeeeeessss!!!” @503Blazerfans I love it. Very happy about the trade.
@IanKarmel He rules! I know he’s getting a bit older but he’d be an upgrade at power forward for sure. @503Blazerfans I like it. He looked great last season, I know he’s getting older but he is still solid and would be a pretty good upgrade. @colbydroscher Andy Ngo thank you. @Millerheighife'7 guys with 5'8 girlfriends
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @dboz @IvankaTrump @CHold The Kondo style underwear/clothes folding is a space game changer. Still folding my items like she does. @brittainashford even Tetris is getting pretty wild these days. 😬 @brittainashford Game with me Brittain!! 😆 @dontbeabrick Arizona is cheap to live, lots of MLB players make it their off season home because of spring trainin… @PaulTassi Should I just main Warlock now instead of Titan? Hah. @colbydroscher Probably a couple of hours of transferring over data from PS4. Then hopefully a bit of webslinging from Spider-Man!👀 @503Blazerfans Hoping Harden goes to Brooklyn and puts Houston in a rebuild.Who plays Jeffrey Epstein in The Crown
Retweeted by Squatchdrew @503Blazerfans @colbydroscher Voted for Biden solely to help end Sarah Cooper’s Trump lip syncing career.
@DestinLegarie Damn! New main? @MNTimBuktu Nice! The original was really good too, I might try to replay the remaster of that one too just for the hell of it. @MNTimBuktu Man I can’t wait. PS5 should be arriving today. Got this thing ready to go.