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Wannabe ski-bum! Prince of insufficient light. Living in Norway, exercising Freedom of Movement! Some of my best friends were cows. A bit gypsy.

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@DrewLawDesign Or Genesis even. @DrewLawDesign The Firth of Fifth - Genesia @johnredwood Liar, liar, pants on 🔥 @d_r_benway @Ferretgrove May the road rise with you! @chlorophyllbill Eric.... Eric the half-fruit. @DrewLawDesign Past or present. Aneurin Bevan or Anthony Wedgwood Benn (despite his Euroscepticism). @DrewLawDesign What did Bono see in the blue sky? @DrewLawDesign The Balkan Season(ing)
@heritageguit72 @DrewLawDesign If Andy took pictures of the date codes and any T### codes (Celestion model no.) it… @heritageguit72 @DrewLawDesign Serious question. What makes you sure they're Fane made and not Celestion. Obviously… @DrewLawDesign What's Andy's favourite Pi? @DrewLawDesign I'll go as early as 1964. Give them to me!!!! My preciouses....... @DrewLawDesign @TracymOshea Really? That dreary drone? To each his own.... @DrewLawDesign Anarchy in the UK 👍 @susie_dent Chronic quiddler. That's me :) @Elizabite9 Can Norway have Shetland and Orkney back, before they become part of an independent Scotland? @DrewLawDesign Complained to DHL that a parcel containing only books from Amazon UK is VAT-exempt and we don't have… @AndrewBowie_MP The Union is dead - your party destroyed it. Labour will have the decency to respect Scotland's wishes in #indyref2.
@johnredwood CARP! CARP! @DrewLawDesign The Light Pours Out Of Me - Magazine @DrewLawDesign Valves by J/J @DrewLawDesign Based on "late seventies" being close, it's gotta be 1980?!? @DrewLawDesign Late seventies to early eighties. ('77-'83). Light sparkle grillcloth suggests '77-'80. @DrewLawDesign "The Back of Love" - Echo & the Bunnymen @QuislingT Santiago de Compostela. Or Molinaseca.
@DrewLawDesign Simple Minds - Book of Brilliant Things @maozedongsays Ranking Roger knew.... @Valerie3Ward I'm Alright Jack Right, I'm Off Next Man Up Perugia Or Bust @laughingginge F*cked! @BBC6Music
@Poppssy A witch, hellbent on her own agenda @DrewLawDesign How did Peter Perrett (The Only Ones) wake up? @DrewLawDesign Jesus Loves Amerika (Fundamental) - The Shamen .. from the very marvellous "In Gorbachev We Trust". @ThatEricAlper Telecasters. Four is way too many for my (lack of) guitar prowess, and I never gig either.
@DrewLawDesign Hanging Around - The Stranglers @DAWilson246 @stimmopaul1 True enough @realDonaldTrump FOAD @DrewLawDesign Eeek! Hope its nothing serious. @MyArrse @stimmopaul1 Horse chestnuts are inedible (or at least they taste vile which isn't necessarily the same thing). @DAWilson246 @stimmopaul1 Vinegar is fine, but surely nail varnish is cheating! Soak in vinegar, bake on low heat. @R1ch1e5 "S'about Easter, innit? Jesus an' stuff" @R1ch1e5 "Search me, Matt? I thought you knew, Rishi! Can't be that important if none of us have heard of it." @DrewLawDesign Practiced (parts of) "The Killing Moon", "Tangled up in Blue" .... and "Whole Lotta Rosie". Angus is… @chrismiller_uk Throw 'em all out. In with the Euro, but drop all the shrapnel. 50 cents is the smallest practical value.
@DrewLawDesign I wanna sex you up - Color Me Badd @withnailjones Schnitzel, baked potato boats, some greens, "Better Call Saul". @JonSavage1966 Justified and bitchy 😁 @16MillionRising @grahambsi Isn't Noivichok (sp.) effective against that? @DrewLawDesign Echo Beach - Martha & the Muffins @DrewLawDesign 1x10" combo, classic JCM800 crunch (rather than Super Lead). Six knobs! Not too hard to work out. @DrewLawDesign Sweet sound of Marshall goodness. What's the amp, Andy - SC20C ?? @quantick ... but he drives a Chevy Impaler @DrewLawDesign Spit or swallow?
@BaldemortFbpe A carbuncle on the putrid backside of the rotting corpse of the Disunited Kingdom. @DrewLawDesign Catweazle -or- Worsel Gummidge @DrewLawDesign Leopard Skin Pill-box Hat - Robert "Zimmy" Zimmerman @TracymOshea @DrewLawDesign Green Shirt - Elvis Costello @Ferretgrove Several of the strongest survivor characters are women. A lot of the tough, nasty needledicks are men. @iamian16 From PAYE to POYD (pay or you die). @Ferretgrove He hasn't watched TWD, has he? @Eb3Alb @Oh_Fox_Ache @quantick Along with several lobsters, apparently. @quantick Tom Waits' "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis" must qualify. That's a non-Christmas, Christmas… @ajmpolite Fall guy, right??
@ptp335 @jamesbaconx @DrewLawDesign Yeah, what's up with that? @JonSavage1966 Do you look a mess, do you have a hangover? Oh, how I love the 12" version! @RightArmOver3 @DrewLawDesign The irony being that there is no irony. Ian loved a dance, in his own special way. @DrewLawDesign Too drunk to f*ck - Dead Kennedys :) @laughingginge Break International Law
@johnredwood He speaks. He lies. Again. @darrengrimes_ Nope. Wrong. Jedward >> Grimes, Darren @DrewLawDesign Talk about the Passion..... @DrewLawDesign Doctor Robert - Moptop bunch from L'pool. @DrewLawDesign Waterboys - This Is The Sea
@IanDunt Snort! @shakytweets @DrewLawDesign I may have exaggerated slightly - I think he got sick of the "24" jokes. @DrewLawDesign How many hours does it take our IT guy, Jack Bauer (real name!) to deliver a new laptop? @LolTolhurst @MatthewVerkamp It's bloody brilliant, Lol! As are the next three Gong albums, Flying Teapot/Angel's E…
@johnredwood The EU is trying to treat the UK as an adult, mature trading partner, but once again finds itself deal… @DrewLawDesign Sunshine Superman - Donovan Higher Than The Sun - Primal Scream
@ShiiineOn_ Toss up between All Change and Godfodder. Though I love all things Stourbridge, I think Cast might be b…
@DrewLawDesign How many virgins would you like when you die and go to heaven? @DrewLawDesign What Compares 2 U? @TracymOshea @DrewLawDesign Ouch! Perfect pop, by band that were more interesting on their first couple of albums. @DrewLawDesign Boris The Spider - The Who Industrial Disease - Dire Straits
@DrewLawDesign Lost in the Supermarket Safe European Home Rock the Casbah Garageland London's Burning London Callin… @florencerounda2 @DrewLawDesign @GirlGiada @pastypower007 I did, but I may have had my fingers crossed. @DrewLawDesign Friends don't let friends drink at...? @IanDunt Sounds like something in the Star Trek universe. @DrewLawDesign Golden Brown - The Stranglers Peaches might be healthier though. @DrewLawDesign Station to Station.... '76. Not sure David would've remembered though. A little "snowblind" ?!? @EnglishmanAdam Furballs. My cat is hacking up a Johnson! @realDonaldTrump @MittRomney Didn't fucking fight in 'Nam, didya? Chicken bone spurs. @JamesNathan_333 @DrewLawDesign The Sultans of Ping FC - Where's Me Jumper? @leighbooker @DrewLawDesign Stylized CHiPs 👍 @johnredwood Do you actually believe your own guff?
@elizabethalker Have a cup of tea, have another one.... @DrewLawDesign Artist "everyone" loves and I just can't stand (although he's written some great songs). Alternative answer is Radiohead. @DrewLawDesign Wanted Man - Johnny Cash @CarrollJackie99 Dickhead is right. Christian Tybring-Gjedde is the little Hitler of Norwegian politics. If enough… Tybring-Gjedde?? Fascist twat-monkey, from the extreme right wing of the right wing Progress Party (Frems…