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Grinding for @team_parallel @valorxge • @abilovesyouuu • @Hamzawtf_ • @KevinWwwwwwwww • @HaqdFPS

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AHAHAUSDAHSLJKFHKJHASDKFJLAHSKDJFH @sanasimppriv YESSIR ITS REALLY OMEGALUL @sanasimppriv i got 0 idea why i said this @sanasimppriv YO WHATS GOING ON GUYS MY NAME IS ANTHONY AND TODAY ILL BE TALKING ABOUT THE NEW MINECRAFT 1.18 UPDATE @iAmRift_ i see youre starting to grow a beard @TheMaltzAssault you were always toxic lmao @savvbtww maybe @Menec_ @yaqzz1x oksilver elo 3 instalockin duelists @UnPigQuiTower i misclicked fortnite mb dont play any @arrkoz nice @altsavv gl @C0NNECTl0NS when did you put in your bday?got susd rt for mutuals
Retweeted by #ParallelSquelty @C0NNECTl0NS wait how old are you @yaqzz1x me plssclean banner who wants one?
Retweeted by #ParallelSquelty @ufwpanda OMG DAS MEEEE @Zartets Getting off twitter
@FrogFN_ How to be a gentlefrog @arrkoz @ObeyAlliance BIG VOUCHIE @JAM56k @YukiAim @team_parallel holy shit youre insane @fIickk @Sorrriy @ParallelEJ Flick join parallel @agnxya you jus drew a triangle to hit da hs @PrivZartet just have a career in mind and try to have a stable n secure profit @Menec_ @JustKennix But you do have a point, uploading on multiple channels would be really beneficial once you get… @Menec_ @JustKennix 1 inna 100 dude @JustKennix @Menec_ yeah to hit alg and get a shit ton views/subs you needa grind really long and hard (what she said) @gunss @team_parallel There goes another legend @cream975 @depacewtf YeahStay 💛 (Valorant Montage) @team_parallel #ParallelSquelty ♻ + ❤ All support is appreciated :).
Retweeted by #ParallelSquelty @cream975 @depacewtf Its called headhunter i think @cream975 @depacewtf no its the racer skin @depacewtf @OrangeGuy_YT
Retweeted by #ParallelSquelty @FrogFN_ Thighs omg @UnPigQuiTower Watching when I wake upnew ytb upload !!!
Retweeted by #ParallelSquelty @ilyfined dude i already watched @KevinWwwwwwwww play more val 🐱👍 @judge1x Holy shitJust go play val yall, its fun lowkey @okjumpss @team_parallel @UCanCallMeRex Its summit @danny1point0 LMAOO @PARALLELMlSE Squelty @depacewtf jumps
Retweeted by #ParallelSquelty @okjumpss @team_parallel @depacewtf FR @nvsqy @depacewtf dis mf @depacewtf oh i thought i was ass @OrangeGuy_YT @miIkkyr @EqyBot shes in yo house @SnowzzVal FAX @UnPigQuiTower howd you eliminate skye before jett wtf @Menec_ @team_parallel @florscnt @OUTCA5T @yaszuki @dials @chaz75 @super_sophia11 @SkuLLyJai @danny1point0 @STZx20 @UnPigQuiTower radiant elo @gunss wishing you the best voy take care @nextgenmechs if you do the full song im listenin to it 24/7 @nextgenmechs this hits hard for some reason @7RIBEE man @Sorrriy @PARALLELMlSE better @Sorrriy ITS ABOUT DRIVE ITS ABOUT POWER WE STAY HUNGRY WE DEVOUR @Sorrriy @ppgotlumps @UnPigQuiTower @judge1x imo fast editing was really fun to watch when it first came up but not anymore @UnPigQuiTower @ppgotlumps @Sorrriy @judge1x ^ @UnPigQuiTower @Sorrriy @ppgotlumps @judge1x so basically youre saying why not watch the best player and thats it? @judge1x sens too low @EqyBot @agnxya this shit cool @EqyBot its valorant in a nutshell: -your ace: stolen -your elo: gold -your teammates: absolute garbage -your back… @yRicked NOPEE @yRicked NOPEGlitchpop dagger is overrated @Sentinels this didn't age wellYES @EqyBot welcome to valorantGm go watch if you haven't :) @okjumpss @Invertview @Sorrriy its arc man @Robber0601 @PARALLELMlSE what @savvbtww marry when?
@Ohkayyvfx @st4rchillin @KQvfx @danzeyss potato @Ohkayyvfx @st4rchillin @KQvfx @danzeyss fries are potatos @Ohkayyvfx @st4rchillin @KQvfx @danzeyss potato @Ohkayyvfx @st4rchillin @KQvfx @danzeyss just eat yo food @yRicked LOL @RealSid08 DUDE I UNDERSTAND THE TREND N ALL BUT PLEASE FLIP IT BACK IT LOOKS UGLY THAT WAY @RealSid08 NO BRO PLEASE FLIP IT BACK @piasaau Welcome to inspect element. @Vestahhhh GOAT @T1grula @AstraSect HOLY SHIT W @depacewtf arc bad gemer @depacewtf thats me mom im famous @arrkoz @AstraSect noti + V @iTomTSL ahgotta love parallel twitter @team_parallel @depacewtf JUMPS @arrkoz @TeamSynergy @SequenceSynergy VVV @iTomTSL whats a legal move.. @iTomTSL uncultured* ffs squelty @iTomTSL im unclutured whats a stalemate @prohvoker @danzeyss only correct one @Scitt_ gm scitt have a great day