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@Jason21811372 I'll probably enter next time since I'll be off. I'll be streaming a lot this week too!Starting my last shift before my vacation starts 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀[らくがき] ワンドロで描いた千枝ちゃん - fuji_keiのポイピク
Retweeted by SQ @ PokemonIs that a pancake on spaghetti??? #NintendoSwitch a GBVS lobby on PC tonight! We got a couple players here already. Come hang out and chat \o/…'ll be streaming some GBVS tonight in about an hour 👀Stream is LIVE for En Garde! The 5v5 Texas vs New York GranBlue Fantasy Versus Exhibition is about to begin! Take…
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@ZomBmu @toph_bbq @Chelsnii @pattheflip You all are too kind 😭 @sonic_sol @Chelsnii @GeoffLife @Kizzie_Kay310 @LordKnightBB @NY_Teiga @SharkzNC I stream more than just lobbies my… @SOCAL_IRONGOD I've only heard the battle system doesn't reward you with anything so you are better off skipping ba… more days of work and I'll be on vacation! I have lots of plans. Streaming, YouTube, and most importantly PAPER MARIO. Can't wait \o/ @Slay701 Celeste is OD @Chelsnii Why hello there 😳 @zenzen_eva @burgertime_fgc @rafichuu @Chelsnii @SuperDEBico 😳😳😳gbvs sets with @SQuirrel147 live at
Retweeted by SQ @ Pokemon#RoninRumble - Ally:Betray begins in just a few minutes! Hop in the stream to watch @FiddySixKay & @MarlinPie duke…
Retweeted by SQ @ PokemonDo I even need to include a screenshot? @Sephorai When did I argue "vehemently"? It's not that serious.
@MbkCoach I don't think the DP is that problematic anymore. She can't roll dice with it as much on defense. IMO 2U… @GeoffLife Anytime that happens I just think about the ah gottem GGs meme.The more I lab Ferry the more I convince myself she's the best character currently. While she has weaker defense th… @GeoffLife I hate this @SuperDEBico Hell yea! \o/ @Pfhorpls It's in my name though 🤔 @silenthooper o/#GBVS CREW BATTLE IS LIVE!!!! Come through to watch these teams of titans battle it out in #TheOctogon Stream:…
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@PearlJamFGC Happy birthday! I didn't know we were so close in age 🤔This is how you play Ferry right here
Retweeted by SQ @ Pokemon @GeoffLife I forgot these things existed lolThis is how you play Ferry right here did I do THIS TIME
Haven't been on here much since frankly I've been upset and disappointed by a lot of people I thought highly of. Al…
@Vevion YesFairly certain it's not standard but I have a much easier time wavedashing if I use the stick to jump compared to Y… @Elite_Soba I can do that no problem actually. Mostly having issues with consistent L cancels and not getting fair when trying to nair 🙃 @Laudandus I am out here STRUGGLING lolTop level Melee players: Flawlessly move throughout the stage, pulling up multiple tight timing tricks at the drop…
I won NLBC again! It was fun. GGs to everyone I played \o/I'm in grand finals of NLBC again. Forgot to mention earlier but come watch \o/⚔️Next Level Battle Circuit - Week 16 GBVS Begins⚔️ Champion @SQuirrel147 returns to defend the title. Her Ferry w…
Retweeted by SQ @ PokemonPeople will die on a hill of what ifs to defend accused abusers/predators but never give the victim the same treatm…
@Dacidbro Happy birthday! Hope to see you at an event again someday 😅 @ChronoReyer I'm still bad but I'm down sometime this weekend 👀 @CUNNYALERT I am immune to Melee hands @Gkatsu_Stars Yes. My Falco is ODPlayed Melee for 2 hours AMA @DoomedDannyTV I appreciate that. Generally the things in my case were not said to me in person. It's a long story… @ChronoReyer Yeah I mean I literally came mostly to see you guys lol. It never sat well with me but I missed my friends too much. @triplegcecil I have always felt that way too but didn't want to give up the one way I had to practice and see my f…
@ZeroSyndicate I think we're gonna end up in a better situation but right now things are really rough. @ZomBmu Thanks Jeff. I believe in a brighter future so I'm not too worried. Everything is just a lot right now 😅I went to locals despite the things mentioned above and dealt with being around people who said some wack things to… am often asked why I didn't attend locals MORE and really it's because I disagree with some of the decisions made… to take away from bigger issues but I wanted to comment on MI locals. For the reasons mentioned in quotes and… was invited to participate in the Evo GBVS exhibition but due to recent information that came out I will not be d… these stories come to life is good long term but knowing all of these things have been happening over the ye… am honestly beyond shocked. The amount of stories coming out is insane... @kendeep_fgc What is wrong with the PC version of Xrd? @toph_bbq Yeah I mean I can't say ranked is useless, it's still practice. Conceptually ranked is fine but with what… @J_Chainz I think looking to prove yourself in delay based netcode just isn't worth it unfortunately. Should just f…
@OrochiFame96 That part is true and I kind of accept that as the unfortunate reality we're in. But that shouldn't s… @shine_potyo woooooooooooow @DIEnoTALE A lot of people stopped playing in lobbies do to connections which is what caused all of this to transpi… @shine_potyo Cringe @DiNyc3st I 1000000000% think with online we should just be playing sets with other good players, talking about how… @NocInRotation Yeah in that case that is omega wack. You see that everywhere in life too. Wish I knew what we could… @DiNyc3st If people are playing ranked for clout they are rather short sighted IMO. @CureAhegaoAxis It's true a lot don't but some do. In an ideal world ranked is good but what we have to work with i… @NocInRotation I mean this is true but if I'm being honest people will ridicule you for saying wild things even if… @CureAhegaoAxis All of the good players should just play in the lobby where you can grind longer sets, makes the ga…"Ranked gives you tournament practice since it's FT2" You can play short sets with people to replicate this. Also… @MbkCoach I'm glad you brought this up actually because that's another point I need to make. Let me add it to the thread lol @CureAhegaoAxis Neither of those things have changed really. Online sucks, player base is small, the rank system is… a side not I think the Xrd community is a shining example of what we should strive to be like. They play exclusi… @CureAhegaoAxis Idk if it wasn't obvious but my tweets are actively against using ranked because it's just not good… think there are any number of things we could be doing to be more productive as players to improve and as a colle… also see people complain about connections in ranked all the time anyway. "You can fight a variety of players" yo… think the ranked environment is not good for learning really and with online learning is all you should care abou… personally do not like this recent focus on ranked in the GBVS scene. The rank system is highly flawed and we don… a set with ZomBmu! Ferry vs Gran. Come hang out! going to be streaming some GBVS in about an hour 🤔
@autodidact_xrd I mean I definitely had some real bad ones so I just chose the least bad lmao @HBRozu OH NOI got "noob" 😔 @AwexWane Blocking is my natural state. I was born down backing @Mikeand1keFGC It's a long story lmaoWays to refer to me SQ Kelly Chie BlockgirlSorry for not streaming this past week. I'll be back to normal this week I promise! Just needed a break 😅 @HexPro_ @SRMDougie I've had trust issues ever since learning the truth @SRMDougie Still fucks me up your name isn't actually DougWe will be hosting a 5v5 exhibition in GBVS, TX vs NY. It will be this Friday at 8pm est/7 pm cst. Hosted on…
Retweeted by SQ @ Pokemon @Zirenity Oh it was GI my bad @Zirenity Read it in a polygon interview with the developers from today. Big world and Mario gets various vehicles… Mario Origami King is confirmed one seamless world and is not chapter based and I am HERE for it 😍
Streaming this sometime soon @JvsfNoble Thanks for the compliment! I don't consider myself aggressive at all so that's interesting to hear lol.
@CureAhegaoAxis Geegee is active already so no @mishfighting Apparently that was the reasoning but my card was only charged the correct amount so I'm thinking the… ordered food and they left a $5 in my bag??? None of my order is missing either so I am thoroughly confused.. @PepperySplash You can't let people play the game, Pep. If you let them play they do nasty things.