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she/her. trans slime witch. always tired and sad. wants to hug cuties. probably thinks you're a cutie.

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@rceezus primarina is the best 🥺i see you've been working out all these years, too. that asari consort won't stand a chancei don't know if i like Smooth Xeltan @mirkwoodshires so i can call u a cutie @DaughterofKhaos hot girl look @TheMightyEthan @Chronixal when given the choice between fascist and diet fascist you have to pick diet, doesn’t me… @lunalovemail when you could just spam mail your villagers with your native fruit to get the other types of fruit over timecdc more like cdeez nuts @Uber_Anne i like my sandwich do the c r u m c h
@Popplebot 🥺 yes plsi made a visual romhack for smb1, it's pretty cool i think
Retweeted by Squisher Sweets @coda_robo nvm i love it now @lunalovemail it meLink to the Dragon Quest stream "For the first time in DRAGON QUEST history, the show wil…
Retweeted by Squisher Sweets @LilahSturges god that was awful @patbaer maybe they meant their two friends named Debrame and the gang watching CD-ROMs spark in the microwave
@BusyBumJen I DID IT FOR THE GROOKEY @critterdust you're lovely @kokoronis yeah yeah! @vtuberloveslug plap plap @enenkay babywatermelon valley girl and her pumpkin emo girl gf @SaishyKitty @lunalovemail the dream @vtuberloveslug i lean way down to give you a firm headpat but your whole body squishes down further about 6 inches @uselessneetgirl what’s a gender! @uselessneetgirl ty lily @kokoronis oh thank god, some good content
@other_em :DIt's all I do <3
Retweeted by Squisher Sweets @afflatusmiisery space witch gang!
@lunalovemail licks @GoddessBlade231 good god i wish @junestrings smiley cutie patootie! @OneGrumpyLumpy thats why you don’t wear a paint bucket as a hat @lunalovemail ahh i’m curious about those @vtuberloveslug bro 🥺 @vtuberloveslug you’re better @lunalovemail i’m your pillow @arcdmoon c:
@lunalovemail dammit @shinyoctillery :3happy mother's day
Retweeted by Squisher Sweets @lunalovemail SICK RIDE @VoltySquirrel lets go mets baby love da metsi can be your mom 👉👈 @Chronixal happy lil baby beans!piccolo is my mom @GayCatgirls nice of you to say! @arcdmoon @ravennoises arale is back again and the universe quivers in fear @_octillery
@lunalovemail liluna @lunalovemail aaaaaa @Th3_Pink_Bunny dang i just downloaded this the other day @lunalovemail good plan good planthey invented genders, for men
Retweeted by Squisher Sweets @woopvonwoop there must be more widely available information on old game revisions for this very reason @NotFaulty you think you’re special just because you’re a journalist? that’s really cute.
@LilahSturges stuffs my macaroni art into it @lunalovemail nonononono @Izaart happy birthday melody!!! thanks for all the good you put out into the world @lunalovemail mwehh *hug* @other_em having friends is for losersi’m never going to play even a tenth of these roms i’m renaming and validating, this is basically like modding skyrimsea slug critters!
Retweeted by Squisher Sweets @seaslux cool girl :)
@KamabokoBun floette looks so cool! @LemmaEOF these are great features @lunalovemail
@ShugoWah shout out to all the alliance raid members who put up with me screaming the lyrics to walk the dinosaur @bleatingheart 😬 @lunalovemail kincest @ShugoWah i love phanteks cases and this little thing is adorable @leviamicky i didn’t want to say anything! @shinyoctillery *squish* is okay to cri, is good actually @other_em :mad: @Auntie_Aliasing removing splatoon though. how DARE. @Auntie_Aliasing let’s go is interesting. like yes its a remake but not in the typical sense we’re used to. they ch… @VoltySquirrel @BusyBumJen kid dracula VERY good
if ur mean to cleaning robots in video games i do not trust you @Yumi_Sparkles lost in the outcries of fire emblem fans not getting profile icons i guess x3 @LemmaEOF pets the lil roomba @Yumi_Sparkles they did add a switch feature to be able to send pictures to your phone but its a bit of a hassle using qr codes @lunalovemail hi princess luna @lunalovemail i’m going to tackle you to the ground like and lick your face like an excited dog when you come through the door @ialika_lifina chu!looking forward to the future of giant bomb being 480p livestreams of jeff rambling alone in his garage @BellsCall ohhh cutie @VoltySquirrel what the fuck @lunalovemail pampers u
@ravennoises who doesnt @mmmshlug holy shit two shlugs
@Popplebot installing a swamp cooler in the basement to attract cute girls 😳 @ravennoises @winterslexposed friend c: @SaishyKitty this is so cute wtf @ravennoises best dragon lets go @lunalovemail petpetpetpetpet @Popplebot 😭 what a cutie