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Retweet if you think trying to violently overthrow our democracy should result in some consequences.
Retweeted by Sean Boyce @BlueInkAlchemy @ainilome Makes it easy to find your way. Whither you go or choose to stay.
@BlueInkAlchemy Plz. Where cat. Where sunbeam.Happy Wednesday, here is a new comic.
Retweeted by Sean Boyce @AustinCreedWins @Stina___h @MikeWTrapp Ah, a wanderer from the kingdom of the Old Media. There are many dangers in the feed beyond…
@mikefehlauer I think it only safe to assume Ben's right. For one's own sanity, in my case.
@krisstraub TD and rigging was my specialty. But it's been a hot minute, so I'm not up to date with the latest techniques.Lel. It's based on the essential magical power of one's soul, which is the other way Charisma is used. That's why i… @DillenDanger (With Grey poupon) @DillenDanger Well you know how we "eat the rich" socialists love us our billionaires. @RealAFKim @dgs8966 @DanaDDeree @SarahHuckabee Agreed, plus, y'know, she's a grown woman who briefly held one of th…
It's... It's not subtle about it, either. But I have no doubt this is true because I didn't get it unt about halfwa… @mrsbennett_iris @librariankt (Earth's gravity. Hopefully the implication was obvious) @mrsbennett_iris @librariankt Actually, she didn't share her opinion. She offered facts. That he called her facts h…
@DillenDanger I think it's way worse than that. Voluntary extradition to Russia would set up a Two Pope's scenario.…
@BlueInkAlchemy Loaf yourself is quality joke. 10/10 would chuckle whiteness work
Retweeted by Sean BoyceRemember, there were only 18 days in 2020 where the police did not kill someone. [source:]
Retweeted by Sean Boyce @DillenDanger None of it's real, my dude. Welcome to the Simulation.I am now on the phone with my cable company. I am demanding that all Fox-related channels come off my lineup and t…
Retweeted by Sean BoyceProposal: complete moratorium on the phrase “we’re better than this.” Instead, try “we need to work toward being be…
Retweeted by Sean Boyce @MStetor
Hey @twitter @jack maybe you should fucking ban they guy inciting civil war on your website.
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Retweeted by Sean BoyceThe Capitol steps during the BLM protests.
Retweeted by Sean Boyce @richheil Watch how they don't shoot these people when they charge police lines. How fascinating. Much restraint. S…
@DillenDanger @bhastert Also, it's important to know what recovered means in this question. If recovered means was…
@DistinctTrinata @sherlock_hulmes Sorry, just had more thoughts than Twitter allows, and lots of supporting evidenc… @DistinctTrinata @sherlock_hulmes The broad strokes of all damage dealing features overlap. Lightning bolt and fire… @DistinctTrinata @sherlock_hulmes This is more true for new players, who feel frustrated and cheated when their coo… @DistinctTrinata @sherlock_hulmes This is my point: The no. of times I've seen one or more players burn a 5th level… @DistinctTrinata @sherlock_hulmes The broad strokes overlapped, but they distinguished themselves in specifically d… @DistinctTrinata @sherlock_hulmes You can fully be useless if you don't know what you're doing, very easily. If you… @DistinctTrinata @sherlock_hulmes 4e wasn't perfect. Too many dice were rolled too often, combat math meant that an… @DistinctTrinata @sherlock_hulmes 5e fundamentally doesn't do this very well. It's pretty easy to mess up your spel… @DistinctTrinata @sherlock_hulmes You couldn't really mess up with your power selection, because all classes in eac… @DistinctTrinata @sherlock_hulmes Part of this was so that each class had a specific set of stuff that they did, wi… @DistinctTrinata @sherlock_hulmes Well, you're kinda selling the point of the thread Mark linked. There weren't "sp…
@BenKuchera We do one every year for ourselves. We used to make them for loved ones, but typically got a lot of "yk…
@DillenDanger Ah. Sounds rull good sans pork, but that's my specific taboos.
@DillenDanger What that was
@BlueInkAlchemy I followed his advice and disagree with him Re: mine, Muppet Christmas Carol. Scrooge is literally…
@metaplexmovies Also, they accept the usage of slave soldiers without blinking.WE'RE ALL JES' MEAT. MEAT THAT DREAMS. @MBMBaM Ep539
@AnnaProsser This is the way.I want a stream of @JustinMcElroy playing exclusively only the #KFConsole as a very special…
@BlueInkAlchemy I actually super hated the ending. I don't have tons of patience for the Deus Ex Machina in general… @sherlock_hulmes Not a writer in a professional or formal sense, but as a Dungeon Master, 1000%. It also helps you… @richheil Yeah, this isn't meant to help someone pay rent. It's meant to encourage you to buy a TV.
@JuliaLepetit Man, sometimes I wanna be Julia when I grow up. @TimesNewPwnin @krisstraub Agreed. Speak your truth. There is no shame in loving.
@thelindsayellis What sort of oil did you add?
@CarolPounds @HuckJRodgers @nubohemian25 @ambermruffin Really, just a bunch of gibberish.
@mikeyface I think you're 100% right. @jefposk @mc_frontalot This made me deeply happy.
Derp. I'm bad at Twitter or copy pasting or something. These questions were specifically in response to the excellent video by @DailyDaelIf she applies 8% of the care and love she brought to Wonder Woman, which I adore as a movie (except for a very sli…
@thesavvyninja @KelliHunnicutt @JoshStein_ A) the change in PA was constitutional, the assembly has considerably mo… @HoolieJung @JoshStein_ There aren't and shouldn't be legal consequences for them. They have a civic and legal righ… know what's wild as fuck? Steven Sondheim musical "Assassins." That's a thing that existed. It's so weird and… v excited about the Monster Factory for #Cyberpunk2077 ✨🙏🏼✨
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When I think about weird Kickstarters, in universally think about the summer ⁦@TychoBrahe⁩ got me so addicted I thi…
E.g. "When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you can roll and add the damage die of your off-hand weapon to the da… can't help but ask if you have thoughts re: Two-Weapon Fighting, the rule not the fighting style. I think the pro… will probably implement it differently, changing from "this specific longsword" to "longswords" or "shortswords"… Fighter Fix with @daeldaily was a solid hoot to watch. I don't love all the ideas,… @silverfalcon77 @WNewsom @knoffc @jbouie And laugh at here is meant pejoratively, as opposed to casting it as inten… @silverfalcon77 @WNewsom @knoffc @jbouie His inability to deliver on any of the humor gets it for me. Some, me incl… @ToddKenreck It's called a Blimph, Todd. Gods.
@SquashyGame Yeah Was some ol beeshThe problem isn't how one or two Jedi treat the clones. The problem is that the Jedi accept the use and service of… Wars doesn't address the fact that these are genetically engineered child (most are chronologically ~10 years… My philosophical problem with Clone Wars is that it's a show about a bunch of slave soldiers bred on the gene… Force was way less tangibly magic back in those days. Filoni's vision of the force is much more magical. I alwa… touches on some stuff that feels real Star Wars-y but doesn't inherently have laser swords and space magic. To m…'m not in the camp that feels like Rogue One is this amazing Star Wars movie. I think there's a cool Star Wars sho… said. I would have much rather that Mandalorian stayed away from overt Force shit and sectarian space wizard b… is a sentiment I see a lot on my timeline and I can't help but agree. It sucks because I actually love Rey and…
@leggoofmegho @sydneemcelroy No. They won't. It's not in their interest to care. Look at the Georgia Election off… you're still social distancing, washing your hands, limiting contact with people, and wearing a mask, please ret…
Retweeted by Sean Boyce @NotFromJupiter Piggy.This shit is wild to me.
@ToastyLoaff @Nunya14223841 @IlhanMN I don't think that's how communication works. The burden of understanding is n… @IlhanMN Congresswoman, that's kind of a disingenuous response. The public has proven they don't understand what th… @rollforgrace Lol. This is very wholesome and very welcome. @thelindsayellis You brought the dingus from early in Book 1 back, didn't you? Bold. @Hobbitzez I think the McElroy Law is that you now have to introduce yourself as 30 Under 30 Media Luminary Elyssa… @richheil @mc_frontalot @Spotify Which song?
@thelindsayellis I saw the theatrical release of the Special Edition six times. I saw Endgame the same number. They…
@VladimirGluten @MildredVon And which spice. Sporty. Posh. Scary. There are options.That moment when your dad witnesses a human being virtually disconnected from their sensory experience suddenly sna… popped up vertically and looked around like a Prairie dog suddenly alert without any prompting but couldn't fol… dad just sent me a pic of my mom, who has #Alzheimers or dementia or something, slumped over unblinking in a cha… @TychoBrahe @krisstraub It's just the collision meshes, so there's holes in the volumes but somehow light andnsound… @CarlNelson @Pieguy178 @ToddKenreck I guess blame isn't the right word, you're definitely right. I was thinking the…
@Pieguy178 @ToddKenreck I actually went the other way and have recently started running the Gritty Realism rules wh… @Pieguy178 @ToddKenreck 10000% @MStetor Oven: perfectionist Microwave: punctual but self sacrificing Double boiler: actual psychopath. @Pieguy178 @ToddKenreck The dmg guidance on this is bad. And the MM design doesn't suggest this approach either. I…