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Sreshth Shah @sreshthx BLR via DEL, CLE and CCU

writer/correspondent/sub @ESPNcricinfo. tweeting about trivia, pop culture, sport and life in a new city. so much to do, so little time. insta - sreshthx

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@PeterDellaPenna Did you live alone in those AirBNBs? @Danny61000 Haha :) I remember the whole scene. #drama @Anish_Karkera Ah. "it seems" it seems @Anish_Karkera Taking a shit. @maybeEcosystems Nice. I'm also off to a small town, so wondering if change of scene is preferable. @noise_segar Fair point worth considering. @RamachandranS20 Counted, Ramachandran sir. @suryavoice Wow sir. That's a massive number. Anyway, why is a single hotel preferable?Quick question. What's the longest you've stayed in a stretch at a hotel? And also, which options among these options would you prefer? @shetty_rachna someday! :') Hope you are doing well!
@tarequelaskar @jaiz30 Mighty close! Great run in the first half of the quiz.Really wanna go to Pakistan for a cricket tour sometime. Not for the cricket, but for the food the PCB gives the me… @PeterDellaPenna In your head, I'm sure you're going "knew it all along"you know it's a good tweet when... Buzz - Nagpur's most fun quiz festival is here! With varied topics and cash prizes!! 28 & 29 December at His…
Retweeted by Sreshth Shah @YaasEsha its good. means you lived rent free in their head once upon a time. i love it when that happens.Hey @IWTKQuiz, good luck for the venture. But India wants to know why is Narendra Modi one of the 12 people you follow? @joybhattacharj Impressive lineage too. Uncle of Otto Königsberger @kalson @kalson Kya hain sir lunch ke liye? @weshnoo Tagore must've. @long__leg @NorthStandGang Probably to stop this: @go_mohan North Indians call it Dhoti, but it's called Dhuti. @debarghya_das There's a gif for this though @jigsactin letting his bat do the talking....A must read. #Longreads
@NarayananRishi @Genius @Varun01191 I wanna say Wayne @vanillawallah Stupid tweet that was* @vanillawallah It's dubbed in English anyway. Stupid that that was @Genius @NarayananRishi @Varun01191 Response?
@floydian_sleep Sjsjsjgjsk typos. Put* @floydian_sleep But some salt, pepper and oregano on them.
My latest @nytimes: a story of love, resilience and sacrifice.
Retweeted by Sreshth Shah @bose_abhimanyu Will DM.Ahead of the 86th #RanjiTrophy starting tomorrow, test your knowledge!
Retweeted by Sreshth Shah @PhadkeTai you made it @BoredCricket well done mate @ananyac05 Lived through it thanks to IG stories 😅😅Shocking to hear that Juice Wrld has gone at just 21. RIPThe Ranji Trophy begins tomorrow, so I set a short quiz on the tournament's history for @ESPNcricinfo. How much did… overs to go. Kohli and Pant in full form. Catch the conclusion of the 1st innings with me on @ESPNcricinfo:… @kanishkaab Thanks, Kanishkaa. @DeepDasgupta7 Bold move. Tripped us up at @ESPNcricinfo on the Fantasy XI 😂Murali Kartik's value as a presenter is dropping every single day. @bandeauxpat @chatterboxpb @NarayananRishi @Varun01191 @NorthStandGang :DBaby shark: do do do dodo do do @HitchhikerQ 🤨👊👊Good riddance. #MUFC you do a second transfer in one @OfficialFPL gameweek @SounakC Never visited the old-look Broadway, but the new one is good for timepass! Crowd still very much working-c… @HitchhikerQ boyfriend??????? yeh kab huya @atulkasbekar @RrTalwarsaala kahinka... @abhinav_k316 Super. Hope to catch a game with you guys soon. @abhinav_k316 Nice! Premier League event?
Damn. smile❤️#GGMU #MUFC is Red. #GGMU
Retweeted by Sreshth Shah @alexisenunes Team man ** 💪 @alexisenunes If there ever was a team foul... Sterling had acres ahead. Teaman, Andreas @saiganesh_vrk Thanks Sai. 🙏 @BognorBarry Sigh :( @CrickCrazyAmit Lol @SweekarKapoor Keeping calm and carrying on @_ganesans @imransolanki313 @sagarikaghose @rahulkanwal @BDUTT @iam_juhi @ShashiTharoor @ektaravikapoor @chintskap is Red. #GGMU @pHequals7 @Freakonomics Nah, random wiki hopping in the autoGuys
@gotcrashed Cheers, mate. @dervishdancing wow. zero responses. @mansi_bhatia06 Wow. That death stare. 🤯 @mansi_bhatia06 wow. Watched you with my grandmum growing up @_irishjars if you know you knowJumping into commentary for #INDvWI on @ESPNcricinfo. Hop right in for some chatter: things that make your day😭 @mahupatrafast @n_Iieee for me its not even autocorrect. just dumb juice and sloppy fingers @areyrerere disappointed. :( Will reveal soon @skinnyviz aha.Can't access spotify wrapped because im a basic b*tch who doesn't have premium. And quite frankly, I'm completely O… @quizramana @TataMotors Glad nobody was hurt, sir
Some real wholesome content right here @absolutelydarr @Tractor9699 🐵The India v West Indies T20Is that begin tomorrow might be the most enjoyable series you see throughout this home s… @ganeshkyaba Didn't know that. Thanks! @Hrishikesh_Diku @agrimsingh is actually Anurag Kashyap's heir#TIL that Prince Charles inaugurated the shooting of the film Mangal Pandey. Appropriate or ironic... you decide. Ankur Dhawan's going wild on the #QEA19 live blog.
Take that, Jose. C'mon United. #GGMU @menongitis @QuotedReplies @hailcheaters Backing Tammy to score, even if it's off the length indicative? @KangliButJangli What a thread.
@floydian_sleep One of my real good ones got deleted by mistake :( @DuddWiser Haha no nothing like that. Just buzzing after a night out @thisisinsider @samihanayar @samihanayar26 @mahupatrafast I swear. This tweet had potentialFrom *** 3 idiotsAll of you who keep saying "stan"...have none of you watched the speech scene for 3 idiots? Smh @JanusBlinked WHY ARE YOU RECYCLING YOUR 2018 FACEBOOK STATUSES ON TWTR