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writer / correspondent etc @ESPNcricinfo. tweeting about trivia, pop culture, sport and life. insta - sreshthx

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@Varun_Wadh You'll do fine. Just DM me and I'll register you.There's been some great writing on the @cricketmonthly this week. This, from Scott Oliver, on VVS Laxman's relati… @tarinidixit Discussing is fine. As long as you discuss your home politics too. I casually asked one of these Kamal… @appuchin Only one way to find out...Last call! Final six spots left. levels of interaction to this tweet. Viratians/Rohitians/Gangulians liking and RTing. MSDians quote tweeting and abusing 🤣This is a subtweet at many of you. @rheaaroraa what a dumb tweet... What triggered it?I am deeply, madly, insanely in love with this piece. Wow! ⁦@afidelf⁩ ! Has there been a better eulogy written to a…
Retweeted by Sreshth ShahDua. @prajwalmanipal @varunshetty Keep up the brave work, Prajwal. But stay safe too.
@WQITpodcast if I was on KBC or a Crucible National final, I'll take 24 repeats, no problem. @WQITpodcast Depends on what's at stake.Who is the greatest Indian captain? Reply for Dhoni. Like for Ganguly. @nairmayukh @HitchhikerQ Ah crap @HitchhikerQ Did anyone die?!19-year-old batsman hits 237*, agrees to a request for a photo with some fans, excluded for the next game for break…
Retweeted by Sreshth Shah @RajenkiD Please wear your monkey cap, just in case.Looks like the FPL 2019/20 rank #1 has been disqualified due to his racist remarks. Great decision by @OfficialFPL @anumccartney @floydian_sleep @darthdevi I see. Thanks!uh oh @anumccartney @floydian_sleep @darthdevi Oh sorry. I meant to say "singer of one of your most favourite songs" inst… @anumccartney @floydian_sleep @darthdevi You'll find some dirt about everyone in today's era. Like this about your… @anumccartney @floydian_sleep @darthdevi Anu, can we stop loving someone based on 1 or 2 mistakes?Hello twt! My mum's making small size masks, perfect for children. Most regular masks are loose for kids, and don't…
Retweeted by Sreshth Shah @mahujuana Bangalore only or all over India?He's still the king of great finishes Cox: Kent double-centurion on facing Archer and learning from Billings #BobWillisTrophy
@NorthStandGang Your wish is my command. Watch this space! ;) @rmshnt27 what's the 🍵? @richardosman PUM PUM PUMRidiculous scorecard from the Sussex v Kent game. A 400+ run stand. A win after losing just one wicket in the w… those unaware, he became the first Englishman (and maybe even man) born in the 21st century to hit a first-clas… Cox was supposed to be one of of the breakout stars of the U19 WC in 2020 but a difficult group with Austral… @CricCrazyJohns @IWTKQuiz Thank you, JohnsThanks, @IWTKQuiz. The India Quiz by Dr @JayakumarNavin on Independence Day should not be missed... @rmshnt27 @StarSportsTamil Sooooper form in this snippet @cricketsnob @rmshnt27 @gaurav_sundarWhat a roller coaster @globaldesi__ As long as it gets cracked, no? @HitchhikerQ Ananya Panday (wrong answers only) @itssahejhog By doing this to that person. Just to let them know... @RandomCricketP1 I wouldn't block, just in case, we need to interact in the future. But yes, I do mute. Honestly,… @RandomCricketP1 9.5 @thampialiyo Not sure. don't think they are Iranian "citizens" either. Can apply for "asylum" too. @thampialiyo Good thing he doesn't live in Iran (lives in Turkey) so they can't be ~punished~ till they go back. Unlikely they ever will.
Aur 12th man hongey - ‘buzdil kaptaan’
Retweeted by Sreshth Shah @rosnshah ....exactlyJohn McAfee's Twitter account makes me shiver - like this guy's creations were supposed to be protecting my compute…
Retweeted by Sreshth Shah @scout_cricket This broken window is proof of how strong he is. McAfee's Twitter account is wildAn incredible story. Well worth your time.
Retweeted by Sreshth Shah @RandomCricketP1 Congrats! @RandomCricketP1 Congrats. @madalsas happy birthday!Kanye's award-winning song Golddigger is not a song about an exploitative girlfriend, rather it is an allegory for…
Retweeted by Sreshth Shah @pooniajay :-) @pooniajay Like the ratio but it must be tricky dealing with the middle 20 no? Likely teams are more knowledge than… @samosaapav Your dp = your reaction @samosaapav Haha and not a single f--k was given here. Naam dikh raha hai
@Agrimonious What a song. What a video. Goosebumps even thinking about it, let alone listening to it @Agrimonious Mora saiyan?Never knew Suarez was a fan of ACP Pradyuman #DayaKuchTohGadbadHai @vanillawallah there are some people I follow to laugh with. And there some I follow to laugh at. This person falls in the second category. @sriniramadurai Some people did I think. But I'm not judging anyone. I'm just trying to understand public opinion. @floydian_sleep @itssahejhog bro... than ten minutes for this poll to end. Please take them in order. @AbheekRedDevil Sorry I didn't understand. Break that down for me please?imagine how boring the universe would be if everyone had the exact same opinions. @itssahejhog whenever I see the word Kheer, I can only picture this @afghcricket 2020 look better ;) @thatlawgicalguy not rooting for any result. But yes, the prediction stands!!Woakes Man of the Match #ENGvPAKEngland were 12/3 with the new ball in their first innings. No reason why their tail can be 12/3 with the new ball… @Srishtea_ Jio phone?hoping Broad edges to the keeper, doesn't walk, and Pakistan fail to review because they have none left #ENGvPAK#ENGvPAK @Zohaib1981 Vinod Rajpal, is that you?Pakistan getting desperate to review. They haven't learnt from Headingley 2019 where Australia could've won had the… @halfcurried Don't thump your chest or take pride in that, is all I'm saying. It's natural not every Q will be answered. @sreshthx its like a horror movie. you aren't really watching it directly but you want to have it on. I am watching…
Retweeted by Sreshth Shah @antiboredom Goldfinger? AU ---> AuricSHUT IT OFF*************If you're a Pakistan fan, just shut the TV on now. If a miracle has to happen, it'll happen. Don't torture yourself… @abhinav_k316 :-)Nothing like some squeaky bum time at Old Trafford. #ENGvPAK @salilbijur I'm saying it's fine if no one gets it. But its definitely not something boasting about.A fifty in the fourth innings is worth eighty runs in the first innings. Well played Buttler and Woakes #ENGvPAk @bose_abhimanyu Yes. Well and truly. @_RaghavKaushal_ Hmm, I am generally averse to running an unanswered question with additional hints though... @JaayShaan Absolutely can. They should raze down the target as much as possible before the 2nd new ball is offered @salilbijur It's still better for 1 team (or someone in the audience) to answer it, I feel. @chucksho Hello sir. Really really pleased to see you here. Let's connect. Would love to catch up.And cricket fans are fully into the match!
Retweeted by Sreshth ShahPakistan are halfway there. England are halfway there... #ENGvPAKBring out the black smoke. Pope's gone #ENGvPAKKnowing how the English selection committee functions, it's more like Buttler's playing for Dom Bess' place here.… @ruhinchatterjee Question writing is indeed an art.Hello! Hosting a Solo Sports Quiz on August 16th and 23rd in an exciting knockout format. Close to 200 questions f… @Riddhiculous Wouldn't call it a failure, honestly. But I wouldn't call it a success for sure. I'd say there are… @floydian_sleep Just discovered a conversation online where QM was chest-thumping at asking "difficult" questions. Sigh.