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syns sarah ☆ @srrirachha she her || seattle || 17

@SEQUENCESYNERGY || silver 3 master baiter reyna

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pov: real life amongus discord vc @lvl1cruise LMFAO @iiTz_Clackie YES HAHADJFhe hates women but has strong hands, call him my massageinist @iiTz_Clackie MY LIL WHITE SON @fIuffyzx @nawaazzzz @m3iiys LOLLL @yuki_valo u welcome @nawaazzzz @m3iiys theres a pizza???good night watched this white girl eat kraft cheese with plain white rice @Nighty10k bof 😍🙈 @fannyslayernose i need to get stronger thothis bulk is gonna make me lose all self confidence
PETS @mangosmxxthie HANDSOMEhi
Retweeted by syns sarah ☆ @syIv1a MY DEARhey cutie
Retweeted by syns sarah ☆ @lilstarro B-) @mitendou AHHHH TYSM @edensarcade I LOVEsilver games are more like high school group projects @ArKanlc @amantepo he my best friend fr @aloneswrld CUTIEPIEvouch
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Retweeted by syns sarah ☆ @ihe4rtrub AHH ILYSM THANK U!!!!! @wwond3rkid @JustFutur3 from our dms bb @duhlailuh wtf ILY :00’❤️ @Cllickss 😈😈 @1aksenas HIIIIIIII @JustFutur3 the future @notokayrosie NO U @xxelitism THANK U AMANDA !!! @Inocennts <3333 @Rayzahs WOWZA @luvxpoison ty bb ilu @vvitchtriaIs THANK U WTF THATS SO NICE :000 @vvitchtriaIs ;);););) @mangosmxxthie ILY NOAH"make me" nah DUDE JUST STFU
Retweeted by syns sarah ☆ @JustFutur3 yes @ctrrlz thank uuu :) @sanviiiiiiiii tysm!! @wwond3rkid this is my fav pic of usmile 😃
Retweeted by syns sarah ☆ @ctrrlz das me @amantepo NOT POFAwho else in a silly goofy mood rn?? 😂 @veinmaxxd gains @tuxxse hm? @catIvrr BEAUTIFUL @catIvrr OHHHH MY GODmy strat is to chase people who dont want me so each heartbreak makes me a greater beast at the gym 😈😈😈 @jov3lle get cheated on bc idk how id live with the guilt @c5sey in this case i mean strange as in theyve been pedos @lialovesyu 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💨💨💨 @c5sey nothin wrong w it, just every person ive met who writes poetry has been so strange @xdCorny heatif u write poetry i will avoid u like the plague @MrBeast @pulte My Mother unfortunately has passed away from a heart attack, ever since, i have had to step up and…
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@m2sty the prettiest @xdCorny WGAT IS THISyour sleep paralysis demons @seppye LOLLL @xdCorny GAY???who up fapwhacking their flapjack rn @aloneswrld hi handsum @_Wupa HI ANGEL
Retweeted by syns sarah ☆ @ReactsNA i scroll thru them when im sad @ytwashedd lmk when u rebrand, support will always be here @zxrr44 holy shit dude dont apologize. what happened to you was unspeakably disgusting and awful and i hope she fac… @Cliptomaniak yes its mr. radiant @va1or_ ong @ytwashedd I LUV U @DoLphinvalo its so good go get it @allyumflower i committed @stuffspins im so sad @iiTz_Clackie fake snow!!!! @m2sty @d9imyo AHHH I LOVE U @itsmarouS 💯💯💯💯 @iiTz_Clackie NO @fishszns LOLL @mistmie no fucking shotcatching snowflakes :))) it teriyaki in da road fo today @d9imyo who rubro. @srrirachha smurfs my irl peak.
Retweeted by syns sarah ☆oh hey my way! to get murdered by daimyo
I'm logging back on for a bit just to elaborate on hazzle's tweet god bless him, Idk if I'll come back to (cont)
Retweeted by syns sarah ☆for me personally i notice shoulders @stuffspins factualexcluding facewhat body part do u notice first on guys @slashszn @Sunbtw huge