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スミス @srrydari Sachi Teriyaki House

me n arsenio hall like the same cheeses

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me: *sleep* my alarm: @SaintPatBeatz goin UPDropping a mixtape called “ Michigan Boy Boy “ before the year ends...
Retweeted by スミス @finessyca im hot cuhz i lowkey dance just like this lmaoooooooooo
@jessethechef 👀this not eem on youtube no more. i tried to search "Joel Olsteen Moonwalk" last week and nothin came up; Twitter is… @DKHthaGAWD innovation loldis not eem a lie lmao. ask @finessyca @DeMarcoSmith she earned/ deserves it @bijxn friends dnt be going to therapy cuhz dealing w/ me be therapeutic @dullantsy what is this? 😂DONT do this at multiple targets. or DONT do 2 bedspreads at a time. build it up to $350 store credit. then dont bu…
Retweeted by スミスif you are broke, here is a gem. dont go to target. dont grab one of those $100 bedspreads. dont go to guest checko…
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@THEK0UNT #kountchallenge visuals by @slowya_roll
Retweeted by スミス @on_verbs this nigga said "pweeeease" @KidStampede @Linafornia i been looking for this clip lmaooo. @SaintPatBeatz me cept tees n sweatshirts @rrealrrecords niggas dnt throw hands no more man 😂😂😂 shoulda known better @rrealrrecords bro dis old bih came in asking "if they ask for proof of address but i only have a PO Box where will my mail go?" 🤦🏾‍♂️ @bananadookie it is doeloooooooool @teedotEinsof gotchu @teedotEinsof game of the year material @Gorillazoey101 what's ya PSN bruh? @Lost_kiiing it's deadstocc 😢 i wanna restore mine @Gorillazoey101 dat shit so fye
Retweeted by スミスA1 closed?!?! 😩 @NewxSean it's nothing we dnt know but i fasho aint been on my phone a lot since i watched itbruh da post office skressful as hell an im just waitin in line 🙄. i know dem workers be SKRESSED skressedlmaoooo 😭😭😭 want this man to get more RTs cuhz this shit actually crazy @Gorillazoey101 me af lmao.the social dilemma is a really good fuggin documentaryVEEZE I GOT A QUESTION HOW WE ROOKIES AND WE GOATS 🤔Cancelling free subscriptions before the try to bill you is an extreme sport 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by スミス"Shortie Like Mine" 2006
Retweeted by スミス1: dis beat insane 2: they best collab, so what if this nigga Mike B. make Static get shot like G Baby to gwt his powers????? NOPEidk yet man. . . 🥴! @OGGSTACKZ9228 mask on 😂 @Epyphani the salivation 😭 i NEED it @MstrNxn NIGGA 😠't had @Epyphani cooking yet but im up thinkin bout it 😠 @B33nieMan she replied @MontelJones0 onG tho lmaoooooo @Gorillazoey101 dis what happen when the song better than the show @MikeFree_ got DVDs ready lmao. tired of our heroes being unspoken @nonoyup @muskyame welp @e38 mane wtf. i need the song, i feel like it's Veeze an somebody elseWhen we caught him with our Chopper Tony he was crying for his Big Mom.
Retweeted by スミスPut a WHOLE CAKE on the ISLAND for my shooter to get a new firearm
Retweeted by スミスGlock 19 with a Larry Bird our quirk, fuck Mashiro and his tail
Retweeted by スミスHe thought he was All Might until we pulled up now he frail.
Retweeted by スミス @MikeFree_ @teeflii Baby Tight Eyez??? yeahhhhhhhhhi said good nite 😠 @muskyame @nonoyup @PabloGelato as was i but also. . . will never die 😈NEW SCREENSAVER ALERT @4getit_ *retracts flag on play* @4getit_ mane chillout lmao LET PPL ENJOI THINGSwhy do i wanna watch Happy Tree Friends rn? @intoblackwaters be amazed at how uncoordinated ppl are 😭 cuhz nawl bruh @jessethechef glad you did lmaoif Come Play is the movie i hope it is, it'll be the scariest movie ive seen in years while not being scaredthis comment right here officer @FirstComposer im mad at the details lmao "he 6'7" "he 985lbs" 🥴😭😭😭😭😭 bitches talmbout being smashed by Thanos smfh. good niteOOOOOO DA BOOT UP IS HAPPENING @SaintPatBeatz @stilljmay @ohkayfranklin @ilyyJayy just hope his daughters are ohkay smh. thts shit fugged me up b/… @ShmonieWest lemme know when i need to pull up again. im there 😊 @itspauldupree @stilljmay @ilyyJayy nawl. i's in Defronzo's but ill never forget tht shitstg i hate yall 😭 @screamingERICA ima keep it a hundo. dis killin Zumba 😂been blasting Choosey Lover by The Isleys at stoopid decibels for 2 days straight @screamingERICA just like niggas cnt experience LA culture fr if they wasn't outside. might have to book tht trip 😅 @screamingERICA so you movin to the N.O.? ! @ohkayfranklin @stilljmay @ilyyJayy *niggas didn't understand zeitgeist at 16 but i do now @ShmonieWest ion eem know tbh. Monday i was faded fr lmao. @LeVinchiLio @LeVinchiLio teacher taught us about the illuminati and conspiracy theories then died in front of us a week later.…
Retweeted by スミス @stilljmay @ilyyJayy trauma specialist here; ngl im still fugged up but it's been processed an i think abt it every Oct-Nov 🙏🏾 @KidStampede IT'S A PANORAMIC @KidStampede oooooweeeee, proceed @KidStampede i know good n gah damn well thts not garlic parmesan chiccen 👀🗣🗣🗣 had to put a beat over this shit
Retweeted by スミスblasting Dom Kennedy down Slauson or Crenshaw make me feel high @FULLMOONMURDERS cold part is my shit wasn't booting but the update was already installed smh. troubleshooting <<<