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@arcteryxaddict NOOOOOOO @intrsteIlars @redstnd Casual Maddie DubskimaflipiolopigousTREACHEROUS DOCTOR
Retweeted by assault salWhite boys make a 3 pointer 🏈 And Say some Dumb Shit like "Boom Shackalacka👴🏻"😭😭😭
Retweeted by assault sal @wlyrrr 3 POINTER LMFAOOOO @arcteryxaddict 😭😭😭 @arcteryxaddict @wristaimer no bro 😭😭 @arcteryxaddict freestyling with choomba??? @wristaimer i do not i tried it b4 i didn’t really fw it @arcteryxaddict No problem Teepalameepabillisipflimilischleepa @arcteryxaddict lookin pretty Fantabulopflilopous twin @intrsteIlars LMFAOOO @nhuciferr @sillycritterz i hope it keeps happening forever i love when u get excited @nhuciferr @nhuciferr i LOVE this one** @luvwillly finna WHAT??? @bleakmp3 best shot in esports historylookin like hiko line in hip hop historyreal g’s move in silence like lasagnai’m sorrywho wanna run some siege @luckiluver . @angeIZL @Nlechoppa1 shits real asfI lick my girl armpits all that imma real freak, my saliva yo deodorant
Retweeted by assault sal @shuboxs @suhniiee @zefiyy @iamhcu @wlyrrr @h2nnyu @aiddns (don’t) @shuboxs @zefiyy @iamhcu @suhniiee @wlyrrr @h2nnyu @aiddns when i fix my sleep schedule n the next act starts imma start being active again @shuboxs @zefiyy @iamhcu @suhniiee @wlyrrr @h2nnyu @aiddns shu what happened to us @wlyrrr @zefiyy @iamhcu @suhniiee @shuboxs @h2nnyu @aiddns this is his best gas @zefiyy @iamhcu @suhniiee @shuboxs @wlyrrr @h2nnyu @aiddns I WASNT EVEN COMING AT U??? @zefiyy @iamhcu @suhniiee @shuboxs @wlyrrr @h2nnyu @aiddns you should probably hit the hay man it’s getting late @wlyrrr @zefiyy @h2nnyu @suhniiee @aiddns bro pulled the reverse card @aiddns @shuboxs @zefiyy @wlyrrr @h2nnyu @suhniiee honestly andrew would be a bether coach than me atp and that is saying something @aiddns @shuboxs @zefiyy @wlyrrr @h2nnyu @suhniiee OKAY MAN ILL COACH U GO AWAY @wlyrrr @zefiyy @h2nnyu @suhniiee @aiddns You wouldn’t be here without me either man @zefiyy @wlyrrr @h2nnyu @suhniiee @aiddns NOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOLY FED @shuboxs @wlyrrr @zefiyy @h2nnyu @suhniiee @aiddns y’all some Himinusblafliminus @ dis shit 😭😭😭 @wlyrrr @zefiyy @h2nnyu @suhniiee @aiddns this whole thread is some FloogyMaLoogy at the game bro get a grip @arcteryxaddict LMFAOOO
@BiggestKahuna_ yeah @redstnd @sekkiosa @wlyrrr Oh @sekkiosa @redstnd @wlyrrr Nothing ……… @redstnd @sekkiosa @wlyrrr You soundin quite peculiar here. @redstnd @sekkiosa @wlyrrr certain amount of time for what……… @bottomscore nah not rn but later i will @wlyrrr MY GOATpoint
Retweeted by assault sal @bottomscore im not good @bottomscore sAv1oR @wlyrrr @redstnd next act @COLBEEval @1nxsh 100% @1nxsh gunny gave me a random burst of motivation @1nxsh next act really i just wanted to tweet this because its funny @wlyrrr @redstnd hows my formTime to grind The Game again. @redstnd @TenZOfficial @kyedae @Primozys Zestfulness @wunjii @TenZOfficial @kyedae bro LMFAOOO @Subroza @TenZOfficial @kyedae this could be you and @intrsteIlars @wlyrrr @blue64 @kumifps Fed @wlyrrr @blue64 LMFAOOOO @blue64 @wlyrrr ur thanos and ur team is terrible @wlyrrr @blue64 broJoined @TeamAssaultGG
Retweeted by assault sal @NotBugsy it is bru @coolkanyefan LMFAOOO @_scrolI @iurnsFPS this is a coping mechanism @_scrolI @iurnsFPS u fuckin suck bro @wristaimer @TeamAssaultGG welcome gangJoined @TeamAssaultGG
Retweeted by assault sal @nhuciferr casual nhu W @nhuciferr CONGRATS BAEEE @trea1x we shall see ig @ImKrizixx @nhuciferr @intrsteIlars @181rays_ zesty ass handthe sandman is a master class show go watch it now (only 5 episodes in tho) @iurnsFPS yea i gotta try @iurnsFPS bro it’s so hard @lmlwo nah it’s a completely different set of mechanics than other games it won’t @zerofwq bro look at @Decaten_ hes gotta be takin performance enhancing drugs bro @zerofwq LMFAOO wait til u see some players that i look up to bro @redstnd @6ckal YOU bro @wlyrrr queen slay @redstnd LMFAOOO ty red love u brotha @redstnd @6ckal the real goat is in my replies @redstnd @6ckal omg bro @1akusenasu ty ak luv ya @6ckal alr chill bro 😭😭ik 90% of u guys don’t care but to the 10% who do tythank y’all for the motivation n support w osu i’ve been improving at crazy rates @nhuciferr i love u so muchosu! clips
Retweeted by assault sal @KaedenVAL @nhuciferr i will never stop @nhuciferr idk how it started stroking itself @zenjttv @nhuciferr she can spit on me step on me use me as a dining table idc bro @ahoIogram @nhuciferr she told me @nhuciferr @ahoIogram agreed @kxwabxra @nhuciferr