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@Bre4ad i should’ve added the e before the head @Bre4ad No Problameo BreForHead @Bre4ad Nice Shotyeah i meant to hit this
Retweeted by limit savior @zenjttv W zenj @t9ler heyyy @wlyrrr my goat @survfps @LimitGGs me
@prbation oh @wlyrrr @gage1x change dat pfp fore i 🍅🍅🫵🫵🫵🪦🪦🪦☹️☹️🥪🥪🪨🧠💉🧠💥🪲 @gage1x AY GAGE U KNOW ME tier list
Retweeted by limit savior @gage1x U KNOW ME @httpcyberia @nhuciferr she at schooi’m 8 away from 200 , i would appreciate all the support ^-^
Retweeted by limit savior @nhuciferr @dearIy_beIoved so real @AAAAAAAAAAaiden i mean i sleep on my side so ig down?? @wlyrrr @vootmoot @72lieu wtf @wlyrrr @vootmoot @72lieu did u ever own a hamster @wlyrrr @vootmoot @72lieu u need to start hopin that ur hamster comes back @wlyrrr @vootmoot @72lieu voot do my shit for free and i’ll recommend u to my grandmother u can teach her how to use electronicseepy kitty
Retweeted by limit savior @blue64 @1akusenasu @vootmoot @wlyrrr @COLBEEval @vootmoot @blue64 u have glass half empty views on everything bro @wlyrrr @vootmoot @blue64 bro is stupid 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @shuboxs @vootmoot @blue64 i don’t know if i planned on buying either i was just curious just in case i wanted to i… @vootmoot @blue64 because u were instigating ☹️☹️☹️ @vootmoot @blue64 i wasn’t going at u that’s just the things ur known for 😭😭 @vootmoot @blue64 @wlyrrr yk what nvm blue have a good rest of ur day and thank u for the advice @vootmoot @blue64 don’t u got a pc to optimize or an aim routine to do bro @AAAAAAAAAAaiden What @blue64 @vootmoot but like i said u always come off condescending or a dickhead i cannot not reply like that buddy @blue64 @vootmoot no joke u make comes off as a joke blue u come off as a dickhead @vootmoot @blue64 he is right tho i barely play ranked i play w nhu a lot so it’s mostly unrated when i play recent… @vootmoot @blue64 @juzzou_frags u are glazin his shit rn @vootmoot @blue64 i literally play less than he does 😭😭 @vootmoot @blue64 i’m referring to this @blue64 @vootmoot yes because i would surely be buying and drinking caffeine to play unrated on valorant u are so real @JumprFPS @OUTCA5T need to get on that asap @prbation what bro wtf @blue64 u always got an answer to everything dont u blue @edendeeznuts114 @h2nnyu @infVAL_ also thanks for the ego dickhead @edendeeznuts114 @h2nnyu @infVAL_ if u wanna improve you’ll care instead of playing 4fun, there r just some players… @Evs2x wtf???? @Evs2x what does this meaneepy kitty @oIivvrr i saw that shit bro no way that’s real @edendeeznuts114 eden r u awake @gage1x heyselfie :D
Retweeted by limit savior @joyiosu i’m surprised u actually did it tbh my scores r ass @joyiosu ik im the goat u dont gotta tell me @OUTCA5T vaxee released a wireless??? @Bre4ad 🍞🥯🥖🥨🥐🥪🫓 @shuboxs good my parents r at my brothers in south carolina n im home alone so @shuboxs i missed u bro wsg @shuboxs oh . @httpcyberia shit is awful
@Bre4ad how u been breadburning bridges over a discord server is crazy ngl
Retweeted by limit savior @ProfessorSoop im right herer we ever gonna find a solution to tsthe fact that my girlfriend can’t go 3 games without having a sexist experience in valorant is a disgraceCOMP ACE ON STRIM
Retweeted by limit savior @odingamingco yooo @Vegod_ YESSSSSSS @Vegod_ I NEED CINNAMOROLL ONE NOW @wlyrrr @abrotelia @0kazuu1 @1EDEN_ @hrukiii COOK @edendeeznuts114 LMFAOOOOOO @ProfessorSoop rsif you’re lactose intolerant open this
Retweeted by limit savior @f1ukie but i played in a free tourney once and got first rounded 🥺🥺🥺 @AAAAAAAAAAaiden @gapingmaww it’s very easy to actually tell when someone is manipulating u or not @AAAAAAAAAAaiden @gapingmaww they do it as a defensive mechanism to avoid blame or hurt when in reality they are just delusionalhit this ace on strim :3
Retweeted by limit saviorghost energy or gfuel @jayohvs bro @nhuciferr so real :(((( @wlyrrr @shakyaimer bold of u to assume i (a word that can function by itself as a noun phrase and that refers eith… @shakyaimer happy birthday brotha @arrt7x @devourlum @wlyrrr @Roarwtf i’m in these swiftplay queues 24/8 bro don’t trip @arrt7x @devourlum @wlyrrr @Roarwtf at least let me release a video first bro @wlyrrr @arrt7x @Roarwtf this is just facts @arrt7x @wlyrrr @Roarwtf no one understands mex @arrt7x @wlyrrr @Roarwtf i was being sarcastic motherfucker. @arrt7x @wlyrrr @Roarwtf wtf is good w u 😭😭 @arrt7x delete this bro cmon @nhuciferr @salvieluver tl @dntsder @killredstnd ur so good bro
@hoodiefr bro id give anything to drop DUSTY DEPOTHe hit Radiant at 15… what’s your excuse? 🥶 Introducing Overtime @1nxsh
Retweeted by limit savior @OvertimeGG @1nxsh MY GOATTT @nhuciferr literally the best ever ur so fucjing goodif you have a peanut allergy, open this.
Retweeted by limit savior @highqltyfilm @Shockno77 @lmBeII LMFAOOOO @luvducki what??? @LAROFPS watching the podcast as we speak n i know what u mean now wow @LAROFPS i’ll get back to u after i read it @lmBeII shits insane @lmBeII i get it bro shits insane