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William B. @SSBM_Aghi Michigan, USA

MTG player. Melee casual. Smush Tryhard. Engaged to an amazing woman ❤️ Follow me on Twitch! Discord: Aghi#5214

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@StardustSkyes Nah people would definitely die. @StardustSkyes This would be very bad @BringTheKain @zbcox Also fix the weird hitstun bounce effect oh my god please fix that @FluxPlatinum I've never heard someone say "Uno Out" @QuarkBird Damn MRW came in before I could
#SaveSmash #FreeMelee #FreeUltimate
Retweeted by William B. @Anti_Nexus Thanks!Belmonts on wifi truly are something....
Retweeted by William B.Something I had to hide about Nintendo / Twitch as well #FreeMelee #SaveSmash Read:
Retweeted by William B. @NyxTheShield @JuggleRob This doesn't really look professional of you huh?It's a shame reading about how Nintendo treats the smash community. Reading the news today from that part of the sc…
Retweeted by William B.How Nintendo Has Hurt the Smash Community Read:
Retweeted by William B.Any ultimate player that sat out and thought #FreeMelee wasn't worth fighting for, I hope you realize now that we'v…
Retweeted by William B. @floppyfail This is their North American HQ address. I'm not planning anything. I'm just trying to get the idea out there.
Retweeted by William B.Magmar for smash? 🤷‍♂️ are not going great at the pro-Trump The Donald forum after the GSA transition announcement.
Retweeted by William B.TBH if we weren't in a pandemic, it would be really cool to gather a protest at Nintendo's headquarters at 4600 150… @VisitorSSB @TwinkletoesMN Ah so your hate is a personal matter 🤔 @hoboguitar @CMJbtw @legionivory @WilliamCail1 @rishissb @NintendoAmerica Agreed. Honestly might just block him and his pretentiousness. @legionivory @CMJbtw @hoboguitar @WilliamCail1 @rishissb @NintendoAmerica Well when you compare to what the other F… @legionivory @CMJbtw @hoboguitar @WilliamCail1 @rishissb @NintendoAmerica Nobody is shitty on Sakurai? He cares abo… @legionivory @CMJbtw @hoboguitar @WilliamCail1 @rishissb @NintendoAmerica They're a shitty business that doesn't wa… @legionivory @hoboguitar @CMJbtw @WilliamCail1 @rishissb @NintendoAmerica If you wanted something you created to su… is a good guy he’s just misunderstood. You can’t change my mind Bloo will fuck your mother and steal your soc…
Retweeted by William B. @legionivory @hoboguitar @CMJbtw @WilliamCail1 @rishissb @NintendoAmerica People (especially melee) would absolutel…
Retweeted by William B. @WURLDWYD Found the frames where it missed @EmersonDesai Well, until then, your friends got your back. ❤️Family friendly? Nah. Nintendo isn't friends with anyone. Just loves money.
@GooshiGaming How the fuck did he get out of the hitstun so fast??? @soupyNE Some call it mashing, I call it option coverage
Retweeted by William B.Proud to announce that Metagame Documentary is coming to Twitch Dec 11 - 13. Watch @_samox_'s follow up to the #1 e…
Retweeted by William B. @StardustSkyes fucking Christ
Retweeted by William B.She lost me once she said a box of cereal is currently a dollar like bitch what planet do you live on where you can…
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Retweeted by William B.Rushdown players Zoners
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@YoungZefer Sounds like the TO's are pretty shitty people!Republican Senators on paid vacation shit posting on Twitter, while food lines set records and the national guard h…
Retweeted by William B.if cat not enjoy being held... why baby sized?
Retweeted by William B.I've always been a big promoter of "if you have shit internet, please don't play online." I love Clay but he knows…
Retweeted by William B.Random tip: Palutena's Uair always sends opponents to a direction she isn't facing. This means DI to the direction…
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Retweeted by William B. @HjartaStudios I'd imagine your arrow stops from using his spin dash (if you're dark pit)
Playing lame is a michigan smash standard if you dont like it go find another state
Retweeted by William B.I really want to compete in SDD but I'm just so unmotivated after work, even while working from home. Most of my… @NahFuckDatB @BlueMilkGG @vintagedream14 Something something I guess I'm just built different @BlueMilkGG @vintagedream14 @NahFuckDatB And yet he would still not have to approach @vintagedream14 @NahFuckDatB @BlueMilkGG Tbf Jhaira you had no reason to approach. 🤷‍♂️Super Smash Bros. Melee for Gamecube was released on this day in Japan, 19 years ago (2001)
Retweeted by William B.2 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @JuggleRob @jfwong @TheBigHouseSSB Hey Legacy is still pretty popular on MTGO.... Aka online. @FS_SETHsational Why is that? @jfwong @JuggleRob @TheBigHouseSSB Rob is a pretty good magic player. I miss playing with him 😓.@JuggleRob gives @TheDownloadVenn an exclusive look into the @TheBigHouseSSB x #Nintendo battle
Retweeted by William B. @JuggleRob @jfwong @TheBigHouseSSB Jimmy Wong vs Rob in mtg?? 👀 @BuyMeALamp Blame Twitter. @BuyMeALamp out of context: @vintagedream14 What do you mean "economically"??? @Kaizin_SSB this you?
@SuperheroFire I doubt it's bait. It's probably just an angry teenagerthis is how nintendrones actually think piracy works
Retweeted by William B.Neat visual. Turns out if you live near other people, you are more likely to vote for a candidate that wants to h…
Retweeted by William B. @Regnilla EdgyNintendo denied MLG the rights to stream Brawl back in 2010, effectively ending it's chances of staying on the circ…
Retweeted by William B. @JusticeRoulette Why hate on melee tho @TeamDarkRonnie That's why you play Mega Man or Belmont. You're not a Nintendo shill 😤Seems like @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo still have not changed their mind regarding #FreeMelee Lets keep up the work…
Retweeted by William B. @MightyKeef Are you sure you're really #FreeMelee if you're buying a Nintendo game tonight dude? @thugdrakebell Which one were you on QP? @HjartaStudios If people want to show Nintendo they are pissed, they shouldn't buy the new Nintendo game. Otherwise it's all meaningless."it would not be appropriate if we treated people who did something based on affection for Nintendo, as criminals."…
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Nintendo Shuts Down Smash Tournament Over Some Absurd Bullshit
Retweeted by William B.Glad we left PM to eat shit and die so we could get our events sponsored by Nintendo! Surely they won't fuck us over in the future!
Retweeted by William B. @NintendoAmerica Ratio’d by Melee
Retweeted by William B.#FreeMelee
Retweeted by William B.If you're #FreeMelee you should definitely #BoycottHyruleWarriors @NintendoAmerica No we can't because there's a pandemic. #FreeMeleeI don’t expect Nintendo to back down on a decision that they’ve already made that involves piracy. Best we can hope…
Retweeted by William B. @VisitorSSB I just want to drag Nintendo's name into the mud as much as possible. @VisitorSSB Boy that's definitely something that needs to change. @ShieldGrab @MarvinSimeonVS @tanaz_717 @Frame1GG @Nintendo @NintendoAmerica @thetruebowser Reggie was in charge dur… @VisitorSSB I heavily suggest you use #FuckNintendo as a normal person on the street doesn't know what melee is or… @TeridaxDev Is it doable with Timmy's wifi connection though?Got upset at a multibillion dollar company today
Retweeted by William B. @Jiggly_101 @Dark_Wizzy_ Different names, same results. @Dark_Wizzy_ Slippi being next to Ultimate netplay in the same tourny makes them look incompetent
Retweeted by William B.The #FreeMelee is cute. It really is. But your average person doesn't know or care about melee. The average person… @Dom_ssb I think #fuckNintendo sends a more angry message. And it makes them look like dogshit during a pandemic. @spsrei Not necessarily true. If people play online melee and not buy the next DLC because they're playing melee in… @spsrei Slippi-Melee doesn't benefit their shareholders. @Stevegil007 @LiquidHbox Because TBH is a big tournament that has a lot of history with Nintendo. TBH had done ever…'ll throw my account into the ring. #FuckNintendo @Stevegil007 @LiquidHbox Yes, because Slippi is using Nintendo's IP. And the tournament would be profiting from Nin… @TimeGear_ But TimeGear, he plays Luigi!!!1!!1 @SuperheroFire Belmonts can do it but we do it with a nice whip-distance.