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LG Ginger @SsbmGinger Brighton, MI

Avery Wilson | Gamertag - Ginger | Ranked top 15 in the world | Player for @Luminosity | Business inquiries -

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Editing props of course go to the lovely @Casperdile :)Today's video is an exciting one because it showcases how even at the VERY TOP LEVEL of Melee there are still thing… @JTEtter @Luminosity Should be fixed now! Sorry about that, let me know if you run into any other problems and I’ll… are very excited to announce that registration is now open for LG Ginger’s Pot O’ Gold! Entry is free with a $1,… everyone! It’s my girlfriend’s birthday today, so I’m going to be taking a day or two off of streaming to spend… place at Rona Rumble East Coast 🥳🥳🥳
Rona Rumble EC run starting now!! @ShivFPS LETS GOOOLast min LOL I just registered for Rollback Rumble: NA East II via @smashggI still haven’t gotten up a mental test 3-0 Hbox 3-0 Krudo 3-0 Drephen 6-0 BBB All in a row in order to win tonight's ECF! I had a cl… in ECF tonight ft. Hbox, Drephen, Aklo, Ben, and a $100 pot bonus!
So sick 😍😍😍 is the second tournament highlight video working with @Casperdile! People seemed to really love the first one!… just registered for East Coast Fridays #150 ($50 POT BONUS) via @smashggYOOOOO👀👀👀👀👀 @ShivFPS You’re insane lmaoMarch 6th & 7th I will be playing in the Four Loko Fight Night by @beastcoast - Free Entry - $5k prize pool - Spec…
@Casperdile What year is it?This is actually nuts and everyone should know this exists to Ginger for winning S@X Melee Wednesday #394! 🥇 @SsbmGinger 🥈 @Drephen 🥉 @SluG_ICs 4th…
Retweeted by LG Ginger👑 Xanadu King 👑 No sets dropped while explaining my thought process the whole time! Felt pretty good about my play 🥳🥳🥳
Explaining Xanadu I will be giving my thoughts during every match as they happen! @CLG_PewPewU @VGBootCamp 🤪* sheesh @CLG_PewPewU @VGBootCamp On reaction to the whiffed up smash 🥳.@SsbmGinger shows up in the freshest threads and 4 stocks you... what do you do? 😎 It's time for S@X Melee Wednes…
Retweeted by LG GingerXanadu King?👑 I just registered for Melee @ Xanadu 394 #XanaduGames via @smashggSmash World Tour 2021 hype!! In this video, we learn everything there is to know in terms of details about the cir… an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics lag giveth, the lag taketh awayStreaming my TMT run :)
I just registered for Training Mode Tournaments #16 via @smashgg @Casperdile I told myself I wouldn’t enter this again LOL we’ll see :pAny tournaments tonight? @Casperdile :( @Casperdile I DIDN'T KNOW WHERE TO PUT THE PIECES, CASPEROne time I promoted an extra queen just cause I thought it was funny and my opponent only had a king. Somehow stale… a completely terrible chess player I breathe a huge sigh of relief every time someone resigns in the end game. L…
Retweeted by LG GingerI've been working with a new editor @Casperdile to produce regular content on Youtube! In this newest video we ca… @not_kalindi The controller noises are so satisfying LOLAny tournaments today?
Super Mario Sunshine Any% 1st place :D No sets dropped! 🥳🥳🥳Streaming 4 Star Clash ft. Ben, Skerzo, Krudo, Michael, Chem and more!
I just registered for 4 Star Clash #39 #4StarClash via @smashgg @ssbm_zamu I like to see it as if the MW is just swallowing up the east coast and we're becoming larger and more powerful LOLSMASH WORLD TOUR 2021!!! I am so excited to continue grinding events so that I can get into the NA East Regional F… ANNOUNCEMENT let's find out what it is together tournaments today?Nice way to end a set :) FUCK YEAH YEAH MOTHER Fffffff.....
East Coast Fridays :D just registered for East Coast Fridays #149 via @smashgg
I know we're in quarantine, but there's way too much talk about anime boobs on the TL todayCongrats to Ginger for winning S@X Melee Wednesday #393! 🥇 @SsbmGinger 🥈 @Drephen 🥉 @TylerSwift420 4th…
Retweeted by LG GingerXanadu 1st place :O 🥳🥳🥳
Xanadu time :) @aplsed2003 #FreeMelee
Retweeted by LG Ginger @aplsed2003 #FreeMeleeWas gonna make a tweet complaining about the internet, but with all of the recent outages I’m thankful I have acces… Melee w/IBDW with @FatGoku64 is so fun There's some bonus clips in the reply to this tweet :) (bit of a noise warning)
Playing Melee! Maybe teams? :O is BACK baby @FatGoku64
"And that's the match" my thought process while playing unranked and answering questions about melee in between :)… am not 6’6”How do 406 of you people think I’ve never beaten DontTestMe?! LOL @iBDWSSBM @RagtimeM Not alone lol
Two truths and a lie (choose the lie)Melee :O love teams
@ssbm_zamu he might have moved actually, but he was the best player in the region for a long time @ssbm_zamu Arby! He's a marth player, incredibly nice guyI got a pretty cool combo last night :) @imetayeti jam in the background ever lose to someone so badly that they pass out? 🤪🤪🤪 heck, there goes my undefeated tournament streak as an LG player LMFAO GG's @LiquidHbox Gotta be a touch mor… my perspective of ECF ft. Hbox and more!
I just registered for East Coast Fridays #148 via @smashggSMS Any% PB attempts with new strats!
Streaming games vs top players!'m happy to say that I'm using @BattleBeaverC controllers. They've been responsive, professional, and specific abo…’s no way I’d be able to respond to everyone individually, but I want you guys to know that I’m very thankful… my first tournament as an LG player! No sponsorship curse :O ggs to everyone :)
Warming up for Xanadu (my first tournament under LG) just registered for Melee @ Xanadu 392 #XanaduGames via @smashgg @mikehaze Love you, Mike! I know you’ll find fulfillment with whatever you put your mind toPracticing new SMS strats and going for some runs later on!
"Yeah the RNG in Super Mario Sunshine really isn't THAT bad. Honestly it's manageable" I say while trying to defeat…
NEW SPONSOR NEW PB PB today or 20 gifted subs!!! I’m a sponsored player :O Haven’t taken my jersey off all day LMAO
Absolutely thrilled and honored to be part of such an amazing team!! LET'S GO BABY!! SMASH GETTING SPONSORS IN 202… ANNOUNCEMENT AT 2PM (10 mins from now) GET IN HERE some sunshine :)
@ssbDuck LOL apparently HUNDREDS of peopleAm I a "normie"