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@_noratehe @jqdiie this is kinda stupid, then why say no? Why not say nu? It’s a personal preference and isn’t that big of a deal @youknowlimbo Congrats QUEEN @_xxKaiYaoxx_ ☺️
@bitchass_thot Disney + @Cloudiie_Xx LMFAOO @Cloudiie_Xx Bento box @Cloudiie_Xx Butter encrusted garlic chicken @Cloudiie_Xx Skewers @Cloudiie_Xx Toast @Cloudiie_Xx Avocado @Cloudiie_Xx Chicken tikka @Cloudiie_Xx Naan @Cloudiie_Xx Butter chicken @Cloudiie_Xx Chips @Cloudiie_Xx Crisps @Cloudiie_Xx Casserole @Cloudiie_Xx Lasagna @Cloudiie_Xx Chicken parm @Cloudiie_Xx Risotto @Cloudiie_Xx Pasta @Cloudiie_Xx Chicken @Cloudiie_Xx Ramen @vxnusauds Its alr just delete this tweet cuz u wouldn’t want them to get doxxed @vxnusauds You shouldn’t have leaked the no.When is your birthday? (Pls don't lie) Comment your dream item! I'm giving some followers their dream item on the…
Retweeted by Simone @NinaPlayzRBLX Done! My birthday is on first November and my dream item is darling valentina set!#bloxburgbuilds #bloxburg @rainadoty @Zilgon25 @JoMama0019 @FroggyHopz_RBLX @RBX_Coeptus
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@poofmyclouds @bitchass_thot Idk I feel like it was a bit rude
@youknowlimbo U have full permission to blow my brains @vxnusauds 98 @OfficialZakRB @ssimone_xx ur so inspiring >3 @nightxrae Yes @NinaPlayzRBLX mo @CuItive @bitchass_thot Yep I agree @bitchass_thot Because the people who do it have a young fan base and they’re setting a bad example cuz vaping can kill you @Cloudiie_Xx @fcirycloudy Callmehbob ring
@NessaRBLX_ Simne @Nadaliie No problem! @bitchass_thot Noc ears @Nadaliie It may be, but eventually you’re gonna find some people and they’re gonna turn out to be the best friends…
@AmxberiiAlt pls like this I want the giant teddyMost liked comment gets noc ears or giant teddy (your choice) ~Rules you must follow~ •Follow me •Rt and like th…
Retweeted by Simone @Cloudiie_Xx Another mini game @aria_sunset Idk
@youknowlimbo Because I love your music duh @DIGG0RYFILMS I saw that girl’s account and yikes she has it out for you @ArixiaZoldyck Ok @ArixiaZoldyck Can u come online rn @ArixiaZoldyck Sorry I went to cook dinner @ArixiaZoldyck siimplysimone @ArixiaZoldyck Is 25 k for noc ears alr @Odoreii 25 k for noc ears? @nicoleshai2 R u Merlia? @nicoleshai2 Yep! @nicoleshai2 Yep my user is siimplysimone @_ashtheticLy @nicoleshai2 @clemetian Ty! @_ashtheticLy @nicoleshai2 @clemetian I’m so sorry!! Are you gonna do this trade? @nicoleshai2 @_ashtheticLy @clemetian I can do that @royalehighArmy @Pjmpetalsss I can give u 300 k for that @aria_sunset How much for 500 k @tulane_mason @gamingwithlia May I offer shadow heels, bat mo heels, shadow empress corset, sleeves, goth sleeves,… @vxnusauds it’s a genuine mistake I can tell but just a bit more wary is all im saying lol @vxnusauds be more careful it’s incredibly offensive @invisible_nora likes and retweets are VERY appreciated!! (only if you want too!!)👍✨ thank you to whoever likes and rts😋💖
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@Qtyells1 Come to the ice cream place @Qtyells1 So am I @Qtyells1 Mk @Qtyells1 Join me! @Qtyells1 It’s perfectly alr @Qtyells1 Adding you @Qtyells1 What’s ur user? Mine is siimplysimone @Qtyells1 Omg will take se crown, 3 k, lady rose bodice, sparkly daring, miniskirt, spring flower crown, and dear dolly back bow @GirlyRoyalehigh Thanks anyway! @AkikoLEE101 Ok! @AkikoLEE101 Okie @AkikoLEE101 My user is siimplysimone wby @AkikoLEE101 Is ur roblox workings now? @DIGG0RYFILMS The fact that I don’t even know who Tom Felton is 😭 @Qtyells1 May I offer goth sleeves se crown and 15 k @GirlyRoyalehigh Goth sleeves plus se crown + 15 k? @AkikoLEE101 Ye @AkikoLEE101 it’s alr! Also is goth sleeves plus 15 k alr or no @JunkyoRyu Or noc ears @JunkyoRyu Goth sleeves and 15 k for bat mo heels @NevSoftDreqms Goth sleeves and 15 k for bat mo heels? @dvrkqlossx 15 kwhat's your dream royale high item?💗 i'll try my very best to get it for you!!🥺♥️ just follow & RT for a chance🌈💖…
Retweeted by Simone @clemetian @Robloxtradinga Noc ears @Robloxtradinga Is the se skirt alr for the kitty crossbody @Robloxtradinga Is the se skirt good? @Robloxtradinga However much is fine @Robloxtradinga Can I offer se skirt for kitty crossbody? @Robloxtradinga I have se skirt! @Robloxtradinga What for kitty crossbody?LOOKING FOR SHADOW SE SKIRT AND CELEBRATION BALLOON ALSO TRADING KITTY CROSSBODY FOLLOWING EVERYONE WHO RETWEETS…
Retweeted by Simone @Cloudiie_Xx 12 @dvrkqlossx I’m selling the corset! @lilwolfiebuns Doesn’t change the fact that what you did was wrong, when people commit a crime they don’t not get a… @itsyagiiiirl For 15 k @itsyagiiiirl I am selling the rebel corset