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Hey all, so today’s top bid for the #comicwriterschallenge auction for the DC METAL page we donated is 2500$ If y…
@SDBIGGINS @BatmanFiles Jon was on all of Court, yesMy prized piece of comic art. A George Perez/Jerry Ordway Page from Crisis On Infinite Earths 11. Auctioning it off…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderAnd now, for a better use of my platform.
Retweeted by Scott Snyder @rafaalbuquerque @BilquisEvely @f_francavilla @JeffLemire @JamesTheFourth thanks brother @RightCoastCool @Jock4twenty it's already signed by me as well @kierongillen huge congrats again man @deronbennett congrats man!Feels strange to tweet about, but still, big congrats to all my friends nominated for Eisners - special nod to bro… @heyjenbartel @Jock4twenty double congrats!15 Black Comics Artists Whose Work You Need to Read @sanfordgreene @DenysCowan
Retweeted by Scott SnyderJust b/c a bunch of people have asked - thanks!#comicwriterschallenge If you want to bid on this signed page from DC Metal PRIVATELY you can DM me and I'll announ… — Scott and I wanted to offer this long sold out 18x24 screen print of DETECTIVE COMICS #880
Retweeted by Scott Snyder @jonathanglapion thanks also to @GailSimone for setting this upFolks, we have ELEVEN auctions ending today from #ComicWritersChallenge to benefit #BlackLivesMatter. No matter wh…
Retweeted by Scott Snyder#ComicWritersChallenge folks - I'm offering the one page of art I have from DC METAL, by brothers Greg Capullo &…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderAuction ends tomorrow FRIDAY at 5pm Eastern. The winning bidder will be alerted when the auction ends and then wi… opened it up and signed it too just now). The Plastic Man craziness it shows was one of the first images I came… folks - I'm offering the one page of art I have from DC METAL, by brothers Greg Capullo &… friend sent me this important bit of breaking news:
Retweeted by Scott SnyderAlso Tom Cotton: Send in the troops to deal with protestors here at home. I guess it’s all about where the protes…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderMy comic creator friends... To try to raise some money for Black Lives Matter, I am putting up a package for aucti…
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Take this in. All of it.
Retweeted by Scott SnyderHere's a list of black owned comic shops. Nearly all of them are offering some sort of mail-order or pickup. Suppo…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderTo piggy back off this, I was 6 when a kid called me a n*gger in the bathroom at school. So if your kids are old en…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderSuch a powerful speech from Arnie 3 Jun 2020
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#BlackOutTuesday – Dwayne McDuffie Week Day 1: Validation through Black Panther
Retweeted by Scott SnyderBlack Creatives Drop your portfolios, book/comic links, soundclouds/spotify links, youtube channels, twitch links,…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderIt's probably pretty confusing to want to help right now. Do this not that, no wait not like that... If you're ove…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderWatching a group of peaceful protestors gassed and attacked so the president could get a contrived photo op and pro…[RT are appeciated] the #drawingwhileblack directory is now updated !✨ This is a great resource to find a black ar…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderAuthoritarians polarize citizens into patriots v enemies. Discredit oversight institutions like inspectors general…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderThis is probably the most impactful picture I have ever taken. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #LongBeach
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Here is what was happening outside the White House as President Trump was giving his Rose Garden address and saying…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderIf we’re talking about uplifting very talented writers of color, I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for Vita Ayal…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderCover for DC DEATH METAL 3 Greg Capullo @jonathanglapion @fcoo
Ways To Help #blacklivesmatter @bryanedwardhill So Sorry to hear, man.Tensions rose slightly on Lake Street at 17th Street as protestors were surrounded on both sides.
Retweeted by Scott SnyderWhat a moment on CNN.
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Clark. Is ready to rock. From DEATH METAL 3. Pencils by brother Greg Capullo tight, suspicious of dad... @mecarter89 @GregCapullo @HolyBatCast @knightlightpod Thanks do muchWant to make a difference? Talk to your kids about the racist incidents of the past week. Let them see Central Park…
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Revisiting BATMAN's 'The Court of Owls' with SCOTT SNYDER & @GregCapullo
Retweeted by Scott Snyder @TomTaylorMade It’s ok, it will be his origin story.Flash fact: Every character @GregCapullo draws he nails the core heroism, personality, and fun. FOC for DEATH MET… time. Unlike the cowardly @Facebook , Twitter is at least trying to do the right thing.
Retweeted by Scott SnyderWhat a headline
Retweeted by Scott SnyderDadfails sighWhere’s scoop? 😢 managed to drop his scoop Right in front of the stroller. #Firstheartbreak
FINAL ORDERS for DC DEATH METAL #2 are due Monday! It’s a fun one, so order from your LCS if you’re up for it. Than…
Retweeted by Scott Snyder @TomTaylorMade Loving the same lifeWith the much anticipated Batman #93 arrive in June, @DCComics has released a sneak peek of the issue that feature…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderFINAL ORDERS for DC DEATH METAL #2 are due Monday! It’s a fun one, so order from your LCS if you’re up for it. Than… NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!! (And boy, do I talk with my hands...)
Retweeted by Scott Snyder1989. @karenpberger in her office at DC. From "75 years of DC comics".
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Head over to @DCComics' Instagram Story for the first prelude to Batman #92!
Retweeted by Scott SnyderPoor deebot, here's last night's live show podcast with guest @Williamson_Josh chatting NAILBITER RETURNS, BIRTHRIGHT, TH…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderOur plan is to do postcards from all fifty states in our strange, remade US. Here are the others we’ve released r…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderAnd here’s the first four we did, for Idaho, California, Louisana and Indiana! More to come, and don’t forget to p…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderUNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #6 - coming June 10th! Here is the latest in our postcards from re-imagined states inside th… men, what is preventing you from looking like this? #JackKirby
Retweeted by Scott Snyder @Babyboy76Dm @CGCComics @FrankMillerInk @Ssnyder1835 @TomKingTK @Doncates @RyanStegman Yes! We just confirmed with…
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Only a few days left to get your books in for @CGCComics private signings with @FrankMillerInk, @Ssnyder1835,…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderWas happy to have worked on these sets of @DCComics PSAs for social distancing #COVIDー19
Retweeted by Scott SnyderThis is Christian Cooper.
Retweeted by Scott SnyderAre you hyped for "Dark Nights: Death Metal?" If you're somehow not, @SSnyder1835 will get you hyped
Retweeted by Scott SnyderJust a tip fo the hat to brother @JamesTheFourth. CRUSHING it on Batman. Something Is Killing the Children and now WYND.Huge congrats @JamesTheFourth and @theWoodenKing! I've read WYND and it's just great. Epic, heartfelt, totally im… Initiative Live experiences! @NicolaScottArt has ALREADY sold out! Still available: @Mike2112McKone
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Honoring all those today who gave their lives in service of our country. Proud to have family who served and contin… @TomTaylorMade congrats man! Excited for you @GregCapullo people already making customs based on your design. Unbearded unfortunately #ReleaseTheCapulloCut
Retweeted by Scott Snyder @GregCapullo was born to draw the main man. From DC Death Metal #3 - first issue out June 16.
Sometimes a headline says it all: "On weekend dedicated to war dead, Trump tweets insults, promotes baseless claim…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderHappy 137th Birthday to the #BrooklynBridge, completed on this day May 24 1883 by Washington and Emily Roebling, d…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderA writer, patiently waiting for feedback
Retweeted by Scott SnyderCan’t believe our little (now middle) guy is 9... so proud of this kind, brilliant hilarious kid. @brianjayjones Thanks so much!
@Thiccums_dono @GregCapullo Thanks so muchI forgot that! I had a blast working on that one. I can’t grow a beard, no one can
Even Lord Vader knows #SocialDistanacing is important.
Retweeted by Scott Snyder @Ssnyder1835 lol
Retweeted by Scott SnyderTGI scoop
Quinn’s new favorite - Solomon Burke ~ Cry To Me plans 2020 under appreciated aspect of Charlton Heston's acting was his ability to recreate his face with his torso
Retweeted by Scott SnyderFirst look at new fantasy series WYND from @JamesTheFourth, @theWoodenKing & @adityab, coming this June from…
Retweeted by Scott Snyderthe golden girls as jordans; a thread
Retweeted by Scott SnyderSketch 42! Number 2 in the 10 experimental pieces I plan on doing (sketches41-50) features BATMAN THE MERCILESS as…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderMy plans 2020
Retweeted by Scott SnyderI will retweet this anytime it pops up because it’s so inspiring.
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So, new comic books are shipping today, in a limited capacity. DC, Image, Dark Horse, and others. Marvel starts shi…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderWe are all big IZ fans in our house. Happy b'day, RIP. Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s 61st Birthday via