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Hey creators! We at RAID are opening up memberships and artist space for those in Toronto! Check out…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderHonored to be included - amazing company. Big thanks @comicsbeat room TV has been stuck on HLN forensic files. The husband always, always did it.Explore the bloody gap between myth and reality in STRANGE ADVENTURES. Here's a sneak peek at the new series from…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderUpdate: Our President is currently being owned by Time's Person of the Year.
Retweeted by Scott Snyder @ImageComics Undiscovered Country #2 (@Ssnyder1835, @CharlesSoule, Camuncolli, Orlandini, Milla, @ccrank) continues…
Retweeted by Scott Snyder3rd day in the ICU, he’s doing well but still pretty roughed up. Hoping to take him home before Saturday 🤞🏻INTERVIEW: Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) & Charles Soule (@CharlesSoule) talk the success of UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY.…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderSo, a preview of five pages of THE RISE OF KYLO REN #1 just went up here: These are not th…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderThanks so much!
@JamesTheFourth @TonyDanielx2 @GuillemMarch @tomeu_morey and newest bat brother @JorgeJimenezArt are making somethi… Review: Undiscovered Country #2 (Image Comics) @ImageComics @Ssnyder1835
Retweeted by Scott Snyder @Ssnyder1835 @CharlesSoule @ImageComics
Retweeted by Scott SnyderAlso - new issue of one of the best bat-books in a long time is out today - BATMAN: CURSE OF THE WHITE KNIGHT #5 by… @Ssnyder1835 Reflects on An Era of #Batman, and Last Knight on Earth
Retweeted by Scott SnyderAway at the hospital, but scheduled this tweet to say thanks from the UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY team -having the book l…
Operation took 6+ hours but quinn is out of the OR & doing well in the ICU, where he’ll spend the next few days. So… and all good energy/thoughts very much appreciated today. Thanks
"In Hidden Society, we created a place filled with mysteries and magic where complex characters have to team up and…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderTHE RISE OF KYLO REN #1 can be gotten in 3 ways on 12/18: 1. Buy it at your comic shop: 2…
Retweeted by Scott Snyder @TonyDanielx2 beautiful Wednesday - it’s UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #2, the second issue of the @ImageComics ongoing from @Ssnyder1835, Giuse…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderWEDNESDAY. UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #2 ! we journey deeper into the new United States and meet the Destiny Man, dark… COUNTRY 3 final orders are TODAY! This is the one variant by @GregCapullo @jonathanglapion and @fcoo -… ahead, guess
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12/18 looking back at DCMetal, thinking about how much fun we had on it. Love to rock out that way together again s… try to keep this tradition of using ornaments that are from places we’ve gone, or things we’ve made or loved at… done
@lodix1 @GregCapullo @CCXPoficial That’s wildBeyond honored to be thought of here at all - thanks to anyone who votes for us @thedanjurgens 👍🏻🎅🏻His first Xmas :) got coaching COUNTRY #2 - This Wed. The Destiny Man steps on stage. 86 art by me, ⁦@DannyMiki_⁩ and ⁦@tomeu_morey⁩ , story by @jamesthefourth out in January.
Retweeted by Scott SnyderToday is the last day to cast your votes for what you think are the best comic books and graphic novels of the deca…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderOut this #NCBD! UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #2! By @Ssnyder1835, @CharlesSoule, #GiuseppeCamuncoli, @doartnow,…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderWinter walking
This Wednesday - Undiscovered Country #2 One of the best-selling Image Comics of the year returns. From…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderAlso, @CharlesSoule Cammo and I thought we’d answer some of your questions in the back matter of an upcoming issue… summit day at the house for special project coming soon...Cannot think the people involved in this enough. METAL as a game... The Dark Knights, the Batman Who Laughs... so… @JamesTheFourth Batman is going to be so good. We’re hanging out today and tomorrow planning something else (non ba… you ready for the next chapter of the Dark Knight's life? Here's a sneak peek at BATMAN #86, out 1/8.
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@danielcravens Thanks so muchI’m sorry I missed a cheers last night. Prepping for Tuesday. But Genuinely want to thank you guys again for all th…
@WH_Woolhat ⭐️🤘🏻The hall of justice fighting the hall of doom is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. Thank you guys for th… #37 - "a brilliant overall blend of story, character moments, action and feelings of a big company-w…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderThe Bat God Barbatos has a bone to pick with players in DC Universe Online's Metal Saga conclusion.…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderCheck out my review for Justice League #37 written by @Ssnyder1835 Art by @JorgeJimenezArt . I scored this issue a…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderThe original Blade runner was set in 2019, and wow did it ever nail some predictions about life today!
Retweeted by Scott SnyderThe variant by UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #3 by none other than brother @GregCapullo UC #2 out Dec.18th @CharlesSoule Review: Justice League #37 (DC Comics) @DCComics @Ssnyder1835 @JamesTheFourth
Retweeted by Scott Snyder"There are a lot of moving parts in this issue and they come together at different times very well. @Ssnyder1835 an…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderContributor @CJWritesThings reviews 'Justice League #37' from @DCComics, @Ssnyder1835, @JorgeJimenezArt,…
Retweeted by Scott Snyder#BlackWidow with some Dr Ph. Martin’s water color. @Drink_and_Draw
Retweeted by Scott SnyderMorning TODAY! I think you should buy it and read it
Retweeted by Scott SnyderWhat is the sports-games term for Justice League 37 by @Ssnyder1835 & @JorgeJimenezArt & @loquesunalex &…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderPREVIEW: Justice League #37 @dccomics @Ssnyder1835 #justiceleague #comics #superman
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Lights off. Work done... until later tonight. #norestforthewicked
Retweeted by Scott SnyderYou don’t make it relevant. You make it inspiring.
Retweeted by Scott SnyderHOT PICKS! On Sale This Week! JUSTICE LEAGUE #37 @Ssnyder1835 @JamesTheFourth
Retweeted by Scott Snyderhonored to be included - thanks so much to everyone at @comicsbeat @SarahGomeSK22 Surgery is a week from today.Thanks again for all the kindness you guys have been showing my family the past week.Imagine a future where you can pay to inhabit the body of well...anyone. Who would you be? Buddy @CharlesSoule ha… comic site - please consider backing their KS - it's wild fun. @monkeys_robots Good reading for a snowy day... JUSTICE LEAGUE 37 is an immigrant who comes from a society that was believed invincible whose home planet was destroyed. He…
Retweeted by Scott Snyder @bookishbelle thanks so much - you’re the best
James Tynion IV Talks About His Plans for ‘Batman’
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Retweeted by Scott SnyderFrom JUSTICE LEAGUE 37... Out Wednesday. It all comes down to this. @JorgeJimenezArt @loquesunalex
WEDNESDAY! JUSTICE LEAGUE 37 - @JorgeJimenezArt is back for the shocking final issues of Doomwar. Everything come…
@wes_greer @TomKingTK Thanks Wes! @BatForceTom @JorgeJimenezArt Thanks so muchJustice League #37 - (W) @Ssnyder1835, @jamesthefourth (A) @JorgeJimenezArt (CA) @FrancisManapul (VCA)…
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Jumping am very late to this party but the Mandalorian is great tv
First thanksgiving 🍗 @ASchulz719 He brought a side of justiceWhen you invite Batman to thanksgiving. Lots of thanks and love to you and yours ❤️🍗🥃🦇 third trailer for THE LAST GOD, the high fantasy maxiseries from @DCComics. Issue #2 ON SHELVES NOW, Issue #3 c…
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Hey folks! Looks like you're getting issue 5 a week early!
Retweeted by Scott SnyderHello. My next book is called THE KILLING HORIZON. I'm writing and drawing. @COLORnMATT is colouring it. @adityab i…
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So thanks again for the support and good thoughts. Comics is like a second family and J, the boys and I are deeply grateful to you all.But ultimately, maybe I’m telling you b/c it’s the worst feeling in the world when your kid has an issue you can't… the fact that I couldn’t be more excited about upcoming work, DC and indie. For another, I'm superstitiou… is Dec 10. To be honest, I'm never sure what or how much to say here when it comes to personal matters, b… getting a lot of kindness regarding my comment a few weeks back about having kid med issues. Thank you guys, t…´m working on the last #JUSTICELEAGUE pages. I have to say that it has been two incredible years, where I have enj…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderGreat to see @GregCapullo back in Kentucky. This guy does everything he can to make his fans feel appreciated. From…
Retweeted by Scott SnyderHey retailer friends! Marvel is sending out PDF’s or THOR #1 today to coincide with FOC. I hope you all check it ou…
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I've been asked this a few times on here, but BATMAN/SUPERMAN is continuing after #6. It's an ongoing series. In fa…
Retweeted by Scott Snyderwhen a project is done directly with the heart and the best attitude of all team members the result is simply brill…
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