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@kayteterry 😮 @cavetteria That’s THE look right there @TeanWitch Omg I love itI dunno, T, I think that space rocket freak is serious about the Mars shit. Give it 200, 300 years, they'll be doin…
Retweeted by SpittingCobraHuge success for Mother's Day bailout, as annual Philly effort blows past fundraising goal via @billy_penn
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @mindyisser Hardena
As a fan of scams, hoaxes and art forgery I wonder if this was someone trying to bolster some weak provenance for a… @bigblackjacobin Instagram was doing this for a while! I remember because I affectionally went to call my friend "b… watched this happen the night he got banned and was desperately tweeting from multiple other accounts. Every one…’s police union is effectively using Protect Our Police PAC as a vehicle to make their own IE to oust Larry K…
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @TeddyRedder He looked really like...perplexing. Bad for sure but it’s a little fascinating too.
@falseroxy Sub meat for PfizerCHECK IT
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @falseroxy I love when someone is so mad for some totally perplexing reason @falseroxy What’s happening here?
@kayteterry If we could stop all this EXCESSIVE GOVERNMENT REGULATION we could all be doing mad science! @livraineysmith I mean it DOES show you some things about how the role of curators... @ArtefyOfficial @frazettagirls gross @kayteterry Is your uncle Mr. Freeze? Is he hiding from the Batman? @heksenhaus "the shiny" @TeanWitch good luck, friend!!Every job I do teaches me about a new thing I hate!Seeing an illustrated horror collection I worked on where the editor "forgot" to credit me is now selling for $750… @TeanWitch ooooooo! @unknownrelic We miss you!! @comicnrrd I feel the same about you and your toads! Kyle is okay too!If you can imagine he really struggled at about minute 1:30 but I could tell what he was going for.Yesterday I was reading in the backyard and I could hear my boyfriend furiously trying to whistle the theme to Demo…
@gabbagulag ahahahah @gabbagulag joe frank tony joe frank tony joe frank tony ahhhhhh @gabbagulag I learned recently that in addition to my family cycling through the same three names over and over my… NOT imagine me, thank you. @falseroxy My line was "remember the 50's when 'I like Ike' was on everyone's lips, and crazy fads were on everyone… @falseroxy When I was in 5th grade for the school play each grade did the corresponding decade so ours was the 50's… @falseroxy Just @ me you coward @TheirMaddesty attn: @comicnrrd @gabbagulag Haha goddd and getting invited to bday parties is like the single positive function of that cursed website too @Eerie_Allsorts Same! @falseroxy Do you mean manservant Hecubus? @falseroxy omg is it meAnd helping to launder the political interests of her and Jody Della Barba, someone who's influence in this city I…'ve been working on a fully unpaid volunteer art project for @FDRpark for the past couple of months. I have to won… @ResearchPhilly Of course Jody Della Barba is involved. @Eerie_Allsorts Huminna-a-humminna-hummina-hummina
@petemont Yup, and they were guests on his show! @Eerie_Allsorts Oooooo @heksenhaus I’m really enjoying the parts I’m smart enough to understand!We now have an even more aggressive splinter group led by Rev Moon’s sons operating out of PA, Rod of Iron Ministri… @kelsmastersupre I googled "May 1 saint feast" figuring there was a high chance of one and there's actually a labor… @Simdog2strong trulllllyI know a lot about Danzig, both as a fan who spent many formative years poking around MisfitsCentraldotcom and as s…
In the 80's he did an interview with Pushead where he said if he could press a button and kill everyone in the worl… to be that person but Danzig has always been exactly like this, his entire life and career. He clearly feels so… @falseroxy That baby is late for their shift at the wooden shoeI won't be able to listen, but I bet this will be good! @melissagira @DebbieNathan2 Ah well! I really appreciate the work you've done on this topic at any rate! @melissagira @DebbieNathan2 Will this be recorded by any chance?UHHH
@falseroxy This is very on brand but I pronounced “Persephone” “Pursa-phone” when I was a kid and my dad laughed at me. @NomadicAgenda My old job was a production assembly job at a small company run by an engineer who liked to hire ar… @kayteterry Really the most exciting thing to happen to me this month
@kayteterry Every time a mean and somber brunette with bangs is on tv I get a message more or less like this from e… @falseroxy tragic!! @christinaislazy It really does! @falseroxy How can I even relate to someone who doesn’t leave the same two crappy braids in for a week until they’r… @falseroxy You and I are so different
@tenmillionboys Bless you doodle
@Eerie_Allsorts Wow I’ve never seen these! They’re so coolI can't read the words "Mortal Kombat" or "Forman Mills" without my inner monologue screaming at me in a very specific way.
@falseroxy Tbf his book is the most boring one
@kelsmastersupre Leta Gray!
@gabbagulag Get em @kelsmastersupre Just this: @kelsmastersupre Just got these graphics via email too: @kelsmastersupre Like most of them didn't even make a fb page, or the only info you could find was like "lives in M… @kelsmastersupre @freetheballot fr. The past few years people have been doing really good organizing around the jud… @kelsmastersupre @freetheballot has an endorsement list! I can grab you some others later. Very helpful to finally… @gabbagulag This is one of those rare moments where I choose to partake in the headline only and learn nothing furt… @falseroxy Okay, hop in @tenmillionboys I need to give you some of kind of foul digestivo to drink after. That would help @tenmillionboys how fronch @falseroxy Wow you’ll have to give me the recipe
@falseroxy I watched you take this selfie!!I wonder who gave the cops all that money? Who funds the surveillance? Who defunded literally everything people nee… single elected official in a Dem run city is tweeting tonight like they aren't now and haven't been the ones… @PhillyMayor You okayed the police gassing hundreds of trapped people and an entire neighborhood (and would do it a… @HelenGymAtLarge When can we address the fact that your tear gas bill doesn't actually do anything? Why didn't you…
@kayteterry When you get to the end me asking that under this picture of your cats will make sense. Also it's great. @kayteterry Have you ever seen the movie Society? @kayteterry I still have questions about what I'm looking at @calledthemoon @falseroxy I know she went home, but I think spraying a judge on a competition reality show with toi… @kayteterry @falseroxy Haha i’m already on season 3! @falseroxy I am though. You KNOW I am
@falseroxy I like it, it looks bad @falseroxy I’m still stressed about how bad I was at it. I think about it every time the potters center their clay 😬 @kayteterry I screamed at this part @tenmillionboys @falseroxy This is real Shirley temple behaviorI just realized I spelled her name super wrong, and I usually take name spelling really seriously but she sucks shit so oh well @carolinedraws Feeeels like it should but you know none of this stuff is enforced in any way. It makes sense she’s… would say there’s regulations about how/if you can do stuff like this and what you’re supposed to disclose when y…