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@katy_kop @GovernorTomWolf I wonder if it's the person I talked to last week who did a long "mmmmmmmhmmmmmmm okaaaa… errands on my bike for the first time in weeks only to have some guy drive up next to me honking and flapping… Philly Pham, we need your help. It has come to our attention that organizing efforts in our vicinity are going…
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @tenmillionboys @donmartinfeet Truly the perfect gathering @donmartinfeet @tenmillionboys wahhhhhh I want to bring you a big fountain soda @donmartinfeet My poor peanut⬇️🚨⬇️🚨⬇️🚨⬇️ join us and our movement partners @phillybailfund @Phillybailout @reclaimphila as we continue to build the…
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @donmartinfeet WHEN will ellio's make an anchovy pizza?! @donmartinfeet My dad's signature move was getting them on half the pizza to ruin the whole thing for everyone else. @donmartinfeet Wait it was an anchovy. I am still suspicious of them both. @donmartinfeet When I was really small my dad had me try one because I was one of those kids that would eat anythin… call call. And keep calling some more. And get everyone you know to call.
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @donmartinfeet Thank you for being honestIn honor of that Philly mafia raid list from today, I present better mafia names I have seen on graves in a NJ pet… @donmartinfeet I uhhhh make “thanksgiving food” once a week most weeks 🤷🏻‍♀️
@donmartinfeet He knows who’s been naughty and it was specifically Ron. @donmartinfeet You know the real Santa would be down.I tried to use one of those services that sends a letter from Santa postmarked from the north pole to send… @donmartinfeet omg I can't wait
@quijotescx yeah not sure how long they used them or if they still are. it was just the first place I saw try this… @quijotescx All I can think is how unsafe it is for the dancers. They were just inside outside. In fact I think a p… @quijotescx The strip club by my house set one of these up in the parking lot week one 😬 @donmartinfeet Get the mole family @donmartinfeet Just write “haha”Top Philly-based donors to @MikeKellyPA include the PACs of @comcast ($43.5k since 2009), @cozen_oconnor ($7.7k),…
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @TeddyRedder My mom just found her crying in some bushes as a kitten! A special creature like that. I can hardly believe it.
@TeddyRedder The goodest girl @TeddyRedder Your cat has the same name as my cat did (R.I.P.) @bikemamadelphia I got this ladies work emails for a bit. She's also an active republican volunteer so I get...thos… @pennslinger The Moon Cult is using gofundme to raise a bunch of money for these protests. @bikemamadelphia I have one of these! Her grandkids email me their Christmas lists. @donmartinfeet Omg
This is really one of the most pathetic and disgusting things I’ve seen in a long time. The fucking nerve. Go ask o… @donmartinfeet Genuinely happy for youThis five year contract with @axon_us would cost millions, and put NEW deadly weapons in the hands of Philly cops.…
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @JoeBiden Aren’t you super tight with some banks? Ask them.We need a new @PHLCouncil this is fucking disgusting and doubly so after asking traumatized people to keep contribu… case numbers are rising, people are in mourning, and yet some members STILL won’t wear masks in *our* stat…
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Retweeted by SpittingCobra @heksenhaus Real selective and convenient amnesia in this countryYes. was a whole disgusting industry built around this. Those people are still HERE. People didn't lose their lice…'s lives were destroyed. People went to JAIL based on this nonsense. Communities were torn apart. Children we… was something promoted by social workers, psychiatrists, law enforcement, politicians AND extremely mainstream… thing I think about looking at this newest onslaught of normalized conspiracy thinking is how mainstream the sata… @jwbussmann I’ve heard stories for years about HCV treating their employees like shit. Not surprised they don’t car… & their fams who have been denied their right to seek asylum face indefinite detention in baby jail dur…
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @donmartinfeet Somewhere a cold shudder just ran through Chloe Sevigny. She's shaking in her expensive clogs.the Brick by Brick fund is $707 away from their goal - can you provide support tonight? let's go!
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@donmartinfeet Look at her. So lonely, so uncomfortable. @donmartinfeet Can you tell me where you keep the vanilla BEANWhy was reprieve ineffective? Because it let few people out and stopped when it should have expanded. With multiple…
Retweeted by SpittingCobraSome of them are also aspiring mass murderers naturally.I'm not someone inclined to believe in hierarchies in the first place, but basically none of the people who govern… @RepMGS U have spoken publicly about the need 2 end illegal detention of children & families here in yr own state a… need a new city council. Most of these people are completely disconnected, totally non responsive to the public,… striking yesterday was veteran members praising new member KGR's work on this bill that calls for basic t… have to wonder how many of them even stay on the call and listen. Very few I would bet. They also spend a LOT of… the @PHLCouncil hearings on PPD violence have made clear is that they will "listen" to endless testimonia… The same police department that killed Walter Wallace SHOULD NOT be rewarded with more resources. We need…
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @donmartinfeet Wahhh and then we end up staying at your house and not even going over to the showAs COVID case numbers rise statewide, the virus is ravaging our prisons. Conditions are unsafe for both incarcerate…
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@blessdrthethicc tell me about this noseTo watch the FOP/Police Contract Hearing: here is the link below
Retweeted by SpittingCobraThis might seem obvious but it’s something I’m constantly chasing down for my work or others. Very few get this som… @donmartinfeet She had to come with because that’s the law in NJ if you’re under 18 apparently haha. @donmartinfeet Or the trashbag of ripe bananas @donmartinfeet Mike’s mom felt the same way and that’s why he has THAT tattoo. He was 16 😮 @kayteterry What....the fuck
Today, 5 pm, City Hall #StopTheFOP
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @Eerie_Allsorts one weird trickLiterally half of my family are or have been nurses. They work incredibly hard, with a focus on the safety of patie… voted to unionize last year. COVID stalled their first contract. Now, 800 nurses in Bucks County are on strike…
Retweeted by SpittingCobraWe’re excited to launch our new video series which will highlight why everyday Philadelphians want to…
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@tenmillionboys I was going to send you a pizza or something but i suppose we could do euthanasia instead @tenmillionboys is there a humble dream I can make come true?Reminder @GovernorTomWolf has done nothing 2 free elderly & medically vulnerable people from PA prisons or families… CALLING, KEEP BOOSTING
Retweeted by SpittingCobraI have to take my glasses off to cut my hair and it shows. @TeanWitch this is so cool!Some of it is capitalist policy makers just trying some shit, some of it is regular people who have internalized a… weird/sad to see the kinds of spin people are trying in their efforts to advocate against student loan debt forgiveness.Crickets from the man who spends all his time on here talking about sheetz and wawa. @pennslinger Seriously, I don’t find this shit cute.
@TeanWitch @tenmillionboys The subway has some! But yeah they’re NOTHING like those healthy Baltimore guys @TeanWitch @tenmillionboys Yeah like I recognize lots of big rats is a bad sign but I also love rats so when I see… @tenmillionboys Also Baltimore has a lot of big rats that hung out where the trash was and both my roommates were s… @tenmillionboys I think at least where I lived they’re sometimes just an alteration people do to apartments that ar… @tenmillionboys I actually had one of these in Baltimore. It was kinda cool but the stairs were scary and how we we… @nadyore @donmartinfeet When I’m asked to do the dishes I simply say “I don’t do the dishes, I throw em in the crib”THREAD THREAD THREAD Winter is here. Please fund our comrades who just came home from jail so they can build some…
Retweeted by SpittingCobra @heksenhaus @donmartinfeet “I REALLY wanna be YOUR friend”“Whole lotta milk-a” / “I wonder who owns that moon” @kayteterry Did I tell you about how last time I was here we found gourds growing on a vine across some trees and picked them?
@donmartinfeet Is this about Padma Lakshmi?
@Eerie_Allsorts M leaves the room whenever I put it on. He will not stand for this in his house!This is a really great book about it: Biosphere 2 project is something I'm very fascinated by, and I just want to make sure other people have seen th… afternoon to everyone except @PhillyMayor and @PPDCommish who asked Council for an additional $18M in funding…
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