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Background/Layout Artist at Powerhouse Animation. An actual vampire. He/Him

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@jazzvalkyrie Berserk, the best rom-com @jujujulieta I’m mostly joking about that partI read Berserk every two years then promptly forget anything that happened in it. Guts and Griffith hate each othe… I really like from Mob Psycho is how it uses traditional drawings/paintings to emphasize a mood.
@SpencerWan @powerhouseanim your presence remains here and gives us strength 💪Just a reminder that I didn’t work on season 3 of Castlevania, so make sure to direct your attention to the artists…
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkI'm not bernie or bust, but if this guy is the nominee I straight up will not be voting in the GE, sorry but not re… video, which features these newly found transphobic comments from Bloomberg, also gives an extremely clear pic…
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkThe action in Castlevania has been fantastic so far but this cut is my absolute favorite. The show is very economic…
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkAll of these wonderful, inspiring, and super-skilled folks help make working here a blast. Please send them all of… @April_Prime imagine Ian McKellen saying HEHE THANK YOU FAREWELL FOR NOW @my2k JESSICA I FUCKING WISH @atutcha I feel like those two are secretly soul mates for life, it makes sense to mix them up. @atutcha Nah that was Patrick Stewart in Lords of Shadow. Both people are equally charming thoIs Ian McKellen a Castlevania fan I drew that Alucard! Everyone did such an incredible job making this look beautiful 😭🖤✨
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkHey, we have new artwork.
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkGambit. Now for the villains!!! #xmen #marvel #gambit
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkWhy are animators so cool, dang How can people be that powerful @kakimari Jim’s? @HazelMonforton It does not! @HazelMonforton DAMMIT @Ben97194141 I’ll get back to you on that when I’m finished haha @Ben97194141 I actually haven’t seen 2 yet which is my reasoning for rewatchingWow it’s me Mob Psycho, which remains excellent, and also has the best OP in years imo.Should...should I see the Sonic movie
作品集「Half moon」魔女たちの街 より
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @StephieCrowley a very wholesome s3 trailer reaction vid today and I’m just
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkAbsolutely end this man’s campaign now. Black and brown males 16-25 who don’t know how to behave?!?!
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkSYPHA BELNADES, AS I LIVE AND BREATHE
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @tommurphy365 @BernieSanders Is this your first primary @MKUXGuy @_woIfgang @BernieUpstateNY @MikeBloomberg Voting via twitter mentions means you don’t really care anyways so why not @TOKIBEAST Your stuff is def great, and it’s in no way on you that you didn’t get those jobs. It sucks ass that the… know quite a bit of extremely skilled artists that can’t find jobs and I get extremely mad at the idea that someo…’s very few lies more harmful in creative industries than the myth that i skill and hard work will get you a j… @SamuelDeats it was me...i had to.....
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @EmptyFeet wow !I don't go here but damn, props to the FF14 team for this.캐슬바니아 애니 감독님의 트윗을 보고 나니 그릴 수밖에 없었다.
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @April_Prime @AleReyn0s0
@HazelMonforton Er, words.. @HazelMonforton Cursed wordBeen working in the season for a while*I feel the greatest sense of relief now that the season 3 trailer is out, I’ve been on it a while. I came in half… @Iron_Spike Uh @puckmama @AGirlHasNoPOTUS @AlxThomp @jaketapper @harrispolitico You know I was actually writing an unironic good f… @AGirlHasNoPOTUS @puckmama @AlxThomp @jaketapper @harrispolitico No you’re right. Public healthcare, free education… @puckmama @AGirlHasNoPOTUS @AlxThomp @jaketapper @harrispolitico Bernie is just like trump, wanting to give better… of the first my drawings with him 🤣❤ #fanart #CastlevaniaNetflix #Alucard
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @DannyAraya Wild to see so many libs go full mask off for bloomberg @AmyKremer Thanks for the reminder Amy!a magician and a vampire... season 3 of #Castlevania looks cool! Miss storyboarding these characters.. Looking fo…
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @OhMyMithrandir @powerhouseanim 😏14 days left to back the book! ☘️ You can also get an A4 blank sketchbook as seen below (with115gsm paper) as part…
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much to think about
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Starki love his new costume it's like 3 times hotter and he laughed more after joining with sypha that's really cute
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @SamuelDeats @transgamerthink I’ll just sit here continually wishing for Mech Souls 😭I feel at this point people should be protesting anyone who endorses this guy by shoving these quotes in their face… @_tamlu NO U, you’re amazing sir!
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkDrawing master Kirby
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @arvalis @Pokemon Where’s my Tasmanian devil pokemon @faragonart Did you have a chilidog while watching it or, god willing, the tiny tacos @qorquiq @_tamlu They’re all the right people for this, that I’m sure of. @EfflamMercier Idk if we’ll actually do it, but I at least have been working on a tutorial on how we do backgrounds… @EfflamMercier We kinda use a variety of stuff at PH, but most of us use Blender for sure. I wanna see if we can pu… @DashWallkick @_tamlu Nope! That’s Spencer Wan, also one of the GOATSSo this amazing final shot from the trailer that y’all are freaking out about? It’s by @_tamlu, who is undoubtedly… @HazelMonforton FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING @HazelMonforton You’re wrong on this one buster @HazelMonforton You're wrong! @HazelMonforton you're literally one of the coolest writers I know!! @HazelMonforton hell yeah you areAhhhhh, I love everyone drawing up the new 'fits 🥰 a thank you for the wonderful responses to the new Castlevania Season 3 trailer. Here is a little Valentine from…
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MARIEL is so nice and such a good artist, please go follow!! honor of the new Castlevania Trailer and a new year of friendship, our pals @FrederatorS sent us a new poster. C…
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkThe first trailer for Castlevania season 3 is a bloody good time
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @Antonjorch Perfect @kellanstover CastlevastleI need to conduct a poll. Simple question, what is the cooler name for this series: @April_Prime you're a gosh dang masterBloomberg Hires Thousands Of Canvassers To Stop Black Men On Street And Force Them To Hear Campaign Pitch…
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkSomeone just plz tell me if I’m on the right track 😭🤟🏻🔥💞 I wanna get this right @Castlevania @SamuelDeats
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve StarkMy cosplay attempt for Alucard, from Castlevania season 3 💔🥺
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @NXOnNetflix @CHRIStophrWOOD @SarahMGellar @liamcunningham1 @bader_diedrich @GriffLightning @Tiffany_Smith @SamuelDeats ME WHENEVER YOU COMPLIMENT MY ART’M ORKO, MOTHERFUCKERS.
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @April_Prime I'VE GOT ALL DAYLRT, I only found out about Mark Hamil was gonna be Skeletor yesterday when I watched an animatic. I'm so pumped fo… THOUGHT WE WERE DONE WITH NEWS TODAY?!?! We have been trying to contain our excitement for the cast list of Mas…
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @townsenta HELL YEAH YOU DID @_tamlu TAM YOU'RE THE GOAT 😊 @OneIllAnimator HAHAWOOO worked on some of the animation shots in this! :D full resolution trailer can be found on YT:…
Retweeted by Jellicle Steve Stark @ForgingMeanings @my2k Yooo I love this!