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Lead Background Supervisor at Powerhouse Animation working on Netflix's Castlevania. An actual vampire. He/Him

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These are the last three words you hear before you die
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3 years at @powerhouseanim 😎absolutely losing my mind over this
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇I got emotional. Representation matters. 🇵🇷✊🏾 Here's my full reaction to the Miles Morales gameplay demo.…
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇 @NinaModaffari Nina, you absolutely deserve everything you have and more! Your stuff is great and you’re also greatMade a #castlevania themed #vampire hunting kit for a friend. In the mail tomorrow! -Stained, aged, painted -Straps…
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇Anyways, large companies owning everything sucks.woooah
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇Reading Civ V mechanics and uh, you okay wiki editor?, *raises hand*, this comes up way more often than it should, but digital 2D traditional animation is still hand-…
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Rare instance for tomorrow where I am super looking forward to start working on a background. It’s a fun concept! @justaminimoka AHHHH thank you so much 😭 @sstarkm Asdfghjkl I've had this for ages without knowing the artist because it was a gift omll. I'm glad you poppe…
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Absolute zero? Try absolute UNIT. The snowy owlbear was the first ever thing I worked on for WotC, so they're quite…
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇Amy Mcgrath is swimming in donations, has been all year, has been spending tens of millions, and is currently doubl…
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇I’m not even saying don’t vote, I’m saying have a better imagination of what collective action can do! @deimosremus I didn’t realize how bad we had it for cool film stuff up there until I moved down to Austin.Gonna be a real cool day when Americans finally realize they together have more power than simply voting.Vibe check! McConnell set the precedent. No Supreme Court vacancies filled in an election year. If he violates it, when D…
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this is the only take well, no more twitter for tonight tbh
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇fuck @Baj_Singh WHAT IS A BAP @Baj_Singh What the hell is a teacake @marcscheff I can hear that song without clicking that link @arvalis @wesburt I need to play DD so bad, it seems like such my shit.I can’t even conceive of anyone I know who loves dota more than I. @Fobwashed I have recently discovered that their hot mustard is actually pretty good @arvalis Also if they’re listening, please let us make the bloo bloo anime from soft @arvalis Maybe! I’d love to be a fly on the wall at FROM. I mean, Bloodborne 2 talks HAD to have happened right? I’… @arvalis Honestly does FROMSOFT need Sony, or vice versa?There is something kinda funny about Demon’s Souls, a game that Sony essentially abandoned in its western release,… to wait for the “oopsy woopsy, looks like your order had a fucky wucky and is now cancelled”I fuckin did it somehow
@maryknews wow SPOILERS @PhantomPhily @TheNerdCouncil_ @pickupchangetoe this u?'ve been terrible at sharing my artwork lately. Here were my contributions to Dungeons & Dragons: Explorers of W…
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇Guess I can start to post some things! I also did the concept art for Oyaminartok, but I was super happy to have be…
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇 @SarahGaygen Omg thank you 😭 @sstarkm Heck yeah!! Got mine at Katsucon 2019!
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Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇This is true. This is rough.
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇 @tamoorh I see that fucker up there @xavierck3d Apparently it's gonna be on PC so now I'm like HMMMForgot to say that after making that post 2 weeks ago or so, I bought the Soejima Shigenori book! Excited to dive i… @MinaDI_Art Yep!! I love the "dull" look of the original so much, and think it's imperative to keep that. Shame the… I'M BEING NITPICKY, I don't like the look of The Nexus in this remake that much. The original is so moody and al… @SizedMac @person382882828 It's fine, just think next time "do they really need to hear my opinion?" The number one… @person382882828 @SizedMac I don't see why you're defending something they didn't say lmao. Other people have said… @person382882828 @SizedMac it literally isn't lol. What is funny about the original post? Tell me how I'm supposed… WILL PLAY THE FUCK OUT OF THAT DEMON'S SOULS REMAKEThose Spider-Man puddles lookin real good @MingjueChen WHY @RosenMael ME RN if you bought this poster and still have it hanging on your wall, please send me a pic, it'd make my day so much ❤️😭 @RosenMael AHHHHH THANK YOU 😭 @sstarkm AAAAA!! Omg!! You’re the one who made this!?? I ACTUALLY HAVE A POSTER OF IT!! 😳👉👈
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇 @evelmiina PFFFFFT (but thank you!) @DashWallkick IT';S BAD @DashWallkick I think the idea is that it was destroying planets along its path or some shit @DashWallkick I had no clue what the fuck I was doing. I HATE ITLITERALLY THE WORST THING IVE EVER CREATED AND YETStill not as funny as when I got extremely bored and painted this Nyan Cat thing as a joke and it became my first (… @DashWallkick I forget the tweet, but someone said this was essentially Pokemon Go but for Undertale @DashWallkick oh that's true! It's very funny, I didn't even know there was a concert that night and came in halfway through 😭I'M GLAD, but throw that love towards my original stuff too 😭This being my most popular art post on here is both cool and sad at the same time lmaoooooo @RandomGamer524 I sold it through a vendor for that time because I couldn’t make it out to cons! Thank you so much for buying it <3 @Chimera_AFX Ah yes, the before times lmao @tobyfox @musicengine_tw @Fangamer @84play @Everdraed ty king for all of your hard work. @Ateozc More than likely! I had a vendor sell that print because I wasn't able to make conventions. Thank you so much!!Thank you Toby Fox. @my2k literal same lmao
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇 @nyxokal time to delete some files @amtraxVA Thank you so much for buying it 😭happy 5th undertale! here’s some bros i drew back when it came out
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇HERE WE GOBattle Against a True Hero - Undertale (2015, PC) Composer : Toby Fox
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇Watching Undertale concert and I low-key think "Battle Against a True Hero" is my favorite song from the game. The… @nyxokal OKAY BUT WE'RE GETTING BATTLE AGAINST A TRUE HERO I NEED THIS @nyxokal LOLIf Undertale fans are so cringe then why do we keep winning
Retweeted by Steve Stark 🦇people telling me they bought my Undertale poster really be givin' me the biggest energy boost this week 😭😭😭 @SizedMac okay who cares lmao??? @monikerwastaken Aw thank you so much!! @aaronhibiki I wasn't there but was having it sold by a small-ish vendor back then! @CosmicCheeto omg thank you so much for buying it ;__; @thehiscoreshow Aw geez thanks so much! Man, that felt so long ago ahhh! @pandaboo424 Oh geez this means so much, thank you!!
@SamuelDeats I'M GETTIN TO IT @AdamDeats Ass-Bore 😴 @arvalis RJ PLEASEIF YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THE LACK OF ASGORE....Happy 5th birthday Undertale. Here's fanart I did for it like 200 years ago: @wuffles I have been offline all day and yet I STILL know who you're talkin about lol.