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Youtuber dedicated to retrogaming. Loves Sega and Dos gaming. Briefly worked in the gaming industry. Channel:

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Just finished Gourmet Warriors for the SNES. This game is huh... interesting @Pikointeractive In this case it has more to do with the button layout as I find the 6 button Genesis controller ki… reviewed Xeno Crisis! A new game developed for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive that does some amazing things with t…
Retweeted by St1ka @laudelino7 Why thank you! :DI reviewed Xeno Crisis! A new game developed for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive that does some amazing things with t… @hungrygoriya It's called Park builder or something I believe?WHEN SOMEONE ASKS YOU WHAT ANIME IS SHOW THEM THIS:
Retweeted by St1ka @hungrygoriya It's actually mindblogging how many JP games there are. There's even a simcity JP game for the PS2 and GBA lol @hungrygoriya Oh and I also played the MS-Dos version which is sort of like the SNES version, but the level layouts… @hungrygoriya (2/2) I've also played Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition which despite its name is a sequel to the Genes… @hungrygoriya (1/2) The Master System one is great! Definitely a hidden gem on the system. The Master System also g… anyone who's curious, there's a short blog entry written by someone who worked on these episodes as he gives hi… @hungrygoriya I still can't really get into it, but I do think the sequels are better though ^^This always makes me laugh! Japanese version on left, English on right
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Retweeted by St1ka @RoAnnaSylver I could never get into 3 sadly, even 1 I feel it hasn't aged well. 2 on the other hand is pure perfectionAnimal Crossing RPG! 🌱✨
Retweeted by St1ka @F3nrirsulfr Yush! ^^ @RoAnnaSylver It's such a great game! @hungrygoriya Oh man, I can't seem to enjoy that game at all
@neuromanso Oh there's been quite a few Dune games over the years. My recommendations are Dune 1, Dune 2 and Emperor Battle for Dune @neuromanso Yep, Dune 1 and Dune 2 respectivelyTo celebrate the #MegaDriveMonday a small footage of Street Fighter Remastered! #MegaDrive #pyronslair
Retweeted by St1kabyuu v1 released. This is my magnum opus emulator project, which aims to provide the accuracy of higan with the sim…
Retweeted by St1ka @Neurisko Oh wow, now those are some true classicsNever seen leg movement this clean and complicated.
Retweeted by St1ka @rawkjs Anytime! Hope you can track it down and relive old memories ^^ @rawkjs It's Legend of Kyrandia 2, great game! :D @dario_lima Same here. I love it so much!Define your childhood in 4 games: @asatiir Damn right! @asatiir But are you contemplating simultaneous synergies to leverage market forces towards producing a boost in qu… @asatiir Oooh contrats! What's it feel like being a CEO?
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@1985MAX2 @bigevilboss Love the paprium canTanglewood OST #megadrive #sega #segagenesis #tanglewood @bigevilboss Bon dimanche ❤🇫🇷🍷😎🛸
Retweeted by St1kaThe European manual needed this segment as well @CGFIndies Mmmm... That's a good argument. You know what? You're right, going to delete my RTI was today years old when I found out that owls have long legs.
Retweeted by St1kaIt's officially the future now.
Retweeted by St1ka @CGFIndies Also true, not gonna lie >.> @gamepopper That's how I feel. I enjoyed joker but it didn't live up to the hype. As for BOP I haven't seen it yet…'s getting awesome! Here's a hastily edited mockup made in a video editor of Sally McRally's role as a correspond…
Retweeted by St1kaDisclaimer: I'm in no way attacking the movie or the people behind it. Only its divisive fanbase @CarelessLabs Yikes! @gamesasylum Even so, I have a hard time seeing anyone paying more than 5GBP for this >.> @gamesasylum I already have a hard time grasping the concept of why they're re-releasing this, but why is it so expensive too?Here's my newest! I talk about Wizards & Warriors X Fortress of Fear for the Game Boy and all the trials packed in…
Retweeted by St1ka @Enichan @jamesid @UmbrellaTerms Yep same hereArcade Shinobi: confident, independent, strong, will deliver your groceries. SMS: capable, under a lot of pressure…
Retweeted by St1kaTiktok cosplayers w the sound muted
Retweeted by St1ka @jenovi But I already KNOW which lipstick looks better on me: midnight blue @jamesid @UmbrellaTerms Ooh thank you
Retweeted by St1ka本日2020年2月23日で『NieR:Automata』は3周年を迎えました。いつもご支援いただきありがとうございます。今後ともよろしくお願いいたします。 #ニーア #NieR ※PS4オートマタGOTY【50%オフ】で販売中(…
Retweeted by St1ka @partavogen @lordedu98 O carro não se partia daquela forma a menos de 200 e muitosNot sure why so many people are making fun of the Bat Suit in #TheBatman. Fair enough if this was Batman that was 1…
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5 days left until Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection launches on PS4, XB1, Switch, and PC via Steam! Take to the s…
Retweeted by St1ka @vg_oftheday Yep agreed. :\ Also, thank you for following me. I hope you'll enjoy my content! Sorry I didn't thank you properly before ^^ @vg_oftheday Like just now, I was recommended a video by SyFy wire. And... it's kind of what you'd expect from a ch… @vg_oftheday Thank you! I really want to watch more youtubers, but I'm hoping for youtuber channels that feel genui… @artistmarkflynn so having a company parroting things WatchMojo style we all essentially already knows turns me off YouTube @artistmarkflynn right?! I get a ton of cooking videos and yeah, I like watching them, but it's not what I want. A… feel like YouTube recommendations have become terrible over the years. There was a time when YouTube knew what to… a simple moment but probably the most relatable moment between two Ex's trying to stay friends. #SpiderMan
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Retweeted by St1ka“For the next week I stayed alive by eating my mother's delicious preserves and maintained my sanity by dribbling a…
Retweeted by St1kaA classic tweet made moments before an unfortunate event.
Retweeted by St1kawhen i kill myself i want one of my friends to log onto my account and tweet this
Retweeted by St1ka @zfunk007 Hard corps, also known as best contraYup! Contra Hard Corps > Contra 3
Retweeted by St1ka @ZenAndCyrrene Oh wow that's kind of amazing. Do you know where I can read up on that story? I'd love to do a video on itI used to hate it as a kid, but now I absolutely love when Western artists in the 90's tried to emulate Japanese ar… @kmdes Ouch!A friend of mine makes theses freaking amazing "bookshelf monsters". It makes me want to build a library with dark…
Retweeted by St1ka⚔️🔥 Gestalt: Steam & Cinder A stunningly animated, steampunk-inspired action-adventure coming to Nintendo Switch,…
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@The_Stonecreek @1DKFA @monsterize @fatmoustache @CannibalVeggiez @replicantpinky @GeekWithThat @JarlOfSwot @helpcomputer0 Oh I love thatUpgrading the graphics to one of my old games. Kinda ZX Spectrum -> Sega Master System. #pixelart
Retweeted by St1kaThis is how self-driving cars "see" what's going on around them
Retweeted by St1kai fucking hate soul calibur
Retweeted by St1kaThe Animal Crossing community reacting to the announcement that you can toast bread in New Horizons…
Retweeted by St1kai love dr eggman from sonic boom cuz he has wholesome moments like this LMFAO
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Retweeted by St1ka @DanMonteiroNit To be fair you do have the soldier class in system shock 2 @CarelessLabs To be fair, teasing your friends or family member when you beat them in GoldenEye or Mario kart 64 is half the fun @Enichan I have the same problem
We just published a news on Kickstarter, take a look ! :) Here : #SegaGenesis #Megadrive
Retweeted by St1kaHi guys, here is the final version of Demons Of Asterborg game cover art for @DAsteborg Check out their latest upda…
Retweeted by St1ka @sayomgwtf Sad but true xD @sayomgwtf HahaOptimistic Developer: This is a common sense feature that doesn't need documentation. End User:
Retweeted by St1ka @Fleet7_ Haha understandableAs someone who has been Gaming for nearly 30 years and loves playing hard games: don't do this. You gain nothing b… @hungrygoriya Is it better than the nes one? I never liked the nes originalsSo I just got back from watching #SonicTheMovie and... anyone else in the mood for some Olive Garden lol?
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@OneStepFromEden I love the way this looks! It really reminds me of the Megaman Battle Network gamesOne Step From Eden is Releasing March 26th, 2020! On Steam and Nintendo Switch! Follow us on Steam:…
Retweeted by St1ka @miolinno to be fair those are all good movies. It's just funny everyone's watching high tier movies... and I'm watching sonic the hedgehog @CasaDelFritz A ideia da anime é que duas das personagens não são atraentes do ponto de vista clássico. Se o filme…