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@OkisFN actually you know what i feel bad @blakeps @OkisFN .Finals tomorrow with @blakeps @OkisFN don’t understand what they did but que times are atleast 3 minutes + each game now @FortniteGame @CaleSaurage CODE StableRonaldo #AD OMG PLEASE DABABY
Im not kidding I definitely take the fattest poops known to man @Marcus_D_animal @Marcus_D_animal is my favorite emoji 🤨 @adinross @stoolpresidente @FortniteGame Code StableRonaldo #AD
@MarioHTXX W a second channel for clips or vods that dont make it to the main, be sure to subscribe to it :) @FortniteGame Probably recruit this ratioSatin battleship grey 3m if anyone wanted to know the colorAll wrapped up 😍 I get cramps in my chest and I think I’m having a heart attackI wonder if Bobby shmurda tried opening musiclyYall rocking with this ⁉️ @SiggyGG answer discord idiot @adinross stop asking me to do a collab with you im 14..... @FortniteGame Code StableRonaldo #AD
I swear you play better when you can hear your keyboardWhat to stream @blakeps @ClixHimself .. @blakeps @ClixHimself . @Stretch @Edgeyy Def one of your worst 😂😂😂😂I be shittin on my neighbors cars pretending im a bird @adinross Sure @adinross hey
@FaZeBlaze .This is a tweetWhen will we live a normal life again @FortniteGame Code StableRonaldo #Ad plsssss
Pick up the phone ahahha @ryswtf @angmaire shes watching with me i got the clear @FortniteGame Code StableRonaldo #AD in the shop pls
Nothing to worry about with me, Ive just been upset for like a week or two and dont really say anything, but its ch… @ryswtf Give me 5 @ryswtf We need to do a nightly call right now and sing @sKILLster_YT What the fucj I can’t unsee it now @angmaire’ve been advised by a higher up that the tweet that I tweeted must be taken downI fuck with y’all
We purposely got 0 points in the finals so we could Elo bug and now get into the bot lobbies, it’s comeback time 😈Just woke up too this beautiful view outside @NotCuff3m stuffem baby @colton1505 he probably deleted for the fact that no matter what you guys twist his words, he means like he doesnt… are rlly freaking out over adin actually enjoying IRL content & evolving his content, yall gotta realize this… ever ties bags like this I fucking hate you @Greekgodx :(why dababy diss jojo siwa yo 😭😭 @blakeps ratio @FortniteGame @StreetFighter CODE StableRonaldo #AD OMGMGGGGGGG
Why the fuck am I getting shot with snowballs that put me into zone @EpicGames @Greekgodx @macawcaw123 noti @swazlol crazy my 5k pc cant even run csgo like what the fuck is wrong with my pcKim Kardashian is getting a divorce? so what is she up for grabs @opsqt wouldnt do * @opsqt mines getting wrapped satin battleship grey right now, i would do matte black It like gets dirty quick i think @FortniteGame Code StableRonaldo #AD
@blakeps Looking for this ratio @FNCompetitive what is this a youtube video @Greekgodx I be lurking in the late night streams 🕵🏻‍♂️I be refreshing Twitter every 2 minutes lolStreams have been amazing recently, fun with chat 🖤 @FortniteGame @SweetRabbitFN Code StableRonaldo #Ad
@FaZeKay Jarvis and I Are from the UK. we used to play tennis EveryDay @FaZeKay OMG FINAL ANSWER ( Jarvis and I Are from the UK. we used to play tennis together ) @FaZeKay Jarvis and I are from the UK. we need to plan London vacation @FaZeKay Jarvis and I are from the UK. we need to plan Summer vacation @FaZeKay Jarvis and I are from the UK. we need to plan Videos together. wanna go live. Should IDo yall watch me for me, or for fortnite. Be honest im debating on some things @adinross @Banks @RiceGum @mikemajlak ur as tall as me @ClixHimself hey sweetie @FNCompetitive lets go!
Retweeted by NRG Ronaldofucking stupid ass company, yes lets expand the cup 30 minutes instead of restarting it when people couldn't que fo… is this format will for ever be the worst shit ever because you rely on dropping a 50 kill win to keep up
Clix Made more money than my whole family tree in 1 stream @fantarakos dm this ratioLive soon @Cented7 Seek helpWhat’s a quote that makes you motivatedJust wanted to thank fortnite for actually listening and fixing performance mode when we asked for it back, not usu…
2021 girlfriend just asked me what’s the difference between a shnaggyHose and a snaggyMo @drdisrespect I was just staring at those beautiful lips the whole timeSo happy that all my boys are doing great things, the future is bright 💫 @HYPEX Wat I say @ClixHimself toy story 3 @KylieJenner fuck it play fortnite with me @FortniteGame @jalaiah Code StableRonaldo #AD
its flint knock watch