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@adinross its a tick @Connoreo_ @yungcalc I remember this liveJust took my first shower of 2021 🙏 @SypherPK One sniff, just one @FortniteGame Code StableRonaldo #AD
On everything @TeeGrizzley just doesn't miss, your album is so fucking good 🐐yea im done picked up someones gun around 7 kills)I know people dont really care, but got my first warzone solo win with 16 kills, thought it was cool :) @ZorqFN You tweet under every ones post 🕵🏻‍♂️ trying to find someoneLooking for a squad to join for the squad cup or join as a solo @Stretch Please, just give me one chance bro pls @TSM_Myth idek why you have to "justify" ur opinion. Its literally soft p*rn, Idc if people hate on me for saying t… when the Garbage people Take your dogs poop bags next to the trashcans before you get to eat them @FortniteGame Code StableRonaldo #AD
@paper_fn Hey lols @Cented7 @Edgeyy @TSM_Commandment @KEEMSTAR recorded like a school fight @MackWood1x’d rather piss in a sink then sink in piss 💯Need duo for dremhack EU tmr, dm me if I know you @MackWood1x On the way soon sir
Thats actually crazy, I told Unknown I was gonna play dreamhack with him and he said no last second so i went back… IM FINALLY VERIFIED, thankyou @NRGgg @amiller @john FOR LITERALLY WORKING YOUR ASS OFF TO GET ME THIS ❤️❤️ @Denisllol it is too early for this @SeemTV Take a video of this RATIO @SeemTV WhyGood morning world my girlfriends asleep, what’s the moves 🔥 @CouRageJD i had a dream yesterday of you driving me in your Lamborghini and we got Shake Shack @adinross SWEET RON I’d drag my balls through miles and miles of broken shattered glass through the Saharan desert dehydr… @FortniteGame Code Stableronaldo #AD
@6thumbs @NRGgg bro the whole thing is a troll, im making fun of people who hot tub stream for LITERALLY only money… announcing our first hot tub streamer... please welcome @StableRonaldo to the #NRGFam
Retweeted by NRG RonaldoThankyou to anyone who supports my journey, onto the next chapter ♥️This is my biggest announcement ever actually, probably will change my whole career path. Stream starts in 30 minutesFuck it 10k likes I’ll play dreamhack with my girlfriend @MrSavage HeyDuo*Need to due for EU dreamhackToo much toxicity on twitch it’s crazy @BuckeFPS hey
@xLogeezy @crr bro figured out what inspect element was thought he was a photoshop god @BuckeFPS Of corse it is for you 😂😂😂😂😂 XDLooking for duo for dreamhack @crr @Kylix we get it your in a call with benjy dude
6-0 thats crazy @skwezii ahahah what new LOL @NRGgg @BuckeFPS UR CRAZY @BuckeFPS @NRGgg are u fkn serious right now @Stretch i might hop in the contesting too fuck itShe said no 💍😐yo @MonsterEnergy Please Please Please sponsor me, I drink your shit all the time :)WHO WINS OMG this tweet for QREI to qualHow is that even possible that someone can get that far with so many fish, storm surge, zone damage, and people not… @YourRAGEz JoshuaIdk what’s going on in EU but y’all tryna subscribe to my only fansWhere do you guys see Fortnite in the next 6 months @Stretch 🕵️Griefed last game didn't qual lol 98
2021 anymore tbh I’m just not happy. I’m just being straight up, sorry @honkkarl Can someone explain to me, he’s getting canceled for saying cx like 6 years ago??? @1xOwl did u show the pov after that @FortniteGame @tchakabum Code StableRonaldo #AD
@Flight23White They’re saving up their money to afford you @slemgang Thanks for sharing @angiey Right @angiey Not with any other boys in the houseAfter going to the gym for the first time in a while, I can pretty much say I’m out of shape lol @angmaire It’s literally 130am @angmaire DURK WENT CRAZY WTFFFFFFF @NotCuff3m Birthday KING, love you big dog 🥳🥳 @NICKMERCS @NateHillTV i saw you piece control a kid and shit on his chestOne day I’ll wake up to verified on InstagramWhat albums drop tonight? @FortniteGame @Hamuppi_ Code StableRonaldo #AD OMG
@finalmouse 🔥stream crashed lol, still a W stream today was actually really enjoyable today. See y’all tmr for FNCS 💪 @GradyRains @NRGgg @macklemore are u fkn serious.@NRGgg How many likes for a summer house again pleaseGetting food then I’ll be live yessir @NRGgg Before I gained weight by slowly getting depressed living in the cycle of playing Fortnite begging for the g… @adinross yessirDDG is so funny 🤣 @FortniteGame @JJettas2 Code StableRonaldo #AD
OMG NEW VIDEO GO COMMENT AND LIKE @CrypticNoHoes It probably gets worse cause we follow YOU 🤡🤡🤡 @crr Just realized you turned off my notis, that’s crazy 😐bucke has inspired me, but i kinda wanna get the backpack thing so its better quality and doesnt freezeCan you actually do IRL streams on phone and not be laggy? I thought you needed a certain thing to irl stream. Migh… @Safarooniee if you close fortnite alot during the day, itll stop working. everytime i restart my pc it workswanted to see what @StableRonaldo's new mic sounded like
Retweeted by NRG Ronaldo @FaZeSway every food is saturated now, might just stop eating, that eating shit was trend 🗣️🗣️ @ItsMaximizeMax @actingliketommy shut the fuck up fuck nutsYo @actingliketommy, i think its time we play next west cash cup.... let me know boss😐