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Just some guy's moustache. He won't let me use the mouth, so I've taken to Twitter. Any tweets are personal and not affiliated with the rest of the guy.

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@TonyBeast1957 This is doesn't mean Benghazi is going away, it just means that Benghazi has taken on another form,… @tedcruz Teddy, nobody's denying history. It's Republicans who deny what has occurred in the last several decades,… @conservmillen Alas, you're just a reactionary propagandist with a one track mind. @CobrastanGuy Shaving cream. @standilan If money is no object then 5, but I definitely have lived off those dollar store 10s.Fixed.
Retweeted by 'Stache Exotic @prageru The guy whose family ran gem mines during apartheid in South Africa, also gets billions of dollars in taxp… @GiantSonInExile Good point. @GiantSonInExile @hoss_bossman @Tux_299 @prageru Shocker... @AlexJungle2 @bennyjohnson Also @AlexJungle2 @bennyjohnson I've been lucky, after several months of wearing a mask all day for my job, I still have… @Tux_299 @prageru Think deeper(at all) @Tux_299 @prageru Declaration of Independence 1776 Emancipation proclamation 1863 Civil rights act 1964 You are her… @BrentNYT @nytopinion Absolutely go fuck yourselves over there. @LindseyGrahamSC Just tell that to everyone in South America and the middle East. @prageru Yes yes, that's why all races were free in America's founding. @Nooramorph
Retweeted by 'Stache Exotic @penandjen We're already passed the need, just not the greed.Your Sunday joy. Cats reacting to Durian fruit.
Retweeted by 'Stache Exotic @RichLowry No Rich, it's that you think that licking boots is the same thing as patriotism. And that those who crit… monky so easy
Retweeted by 'Stache Exotic @elonmusk You know Elon, swear I once considered you someone to be looked up to. Honestly can't begin to guess why… @jpawgmafia America is a good time to go to the store. @rellortnocon JGG showing her his ho ho hoooo face @dieDoktor I'm sure that it'll be fine. There's no one on Twitter today suggesting that eating a saxophone would be harmful to my health. @dieDoktor Now I can finally eat this saxophone without judgment.
@KhiveBidenBro Imagine being so detached from reality that you've tried to convince yourself that the people in thi… @TonyBeast1957 Did he ever end up taking down Trump for being a Putin puppet and/or help Trump take down the giant… @lettucewrangler Give me right-tits or give me death. @drmistercody He's going to be too busy being Kanye's VP.I would jump in front of a bullet for him
Retweeted by 'Stache Exotic @lozear There's never a bad time for cute animals. @nocornpop2020 @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Westerners have been innovatimg new more efficient ways to kill… @lozear @JoeBiden I wish. I'm sure he's hiding alot in there. In any case, this whataboutism does very little to refute my point. @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Ok, so now you're just trying to defend this arm sale... Cool. Anyway see ya @PaulDeCristofo4 @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden I attacked Obama when he was in office. Trump is worse, but Obama is still bad. @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Again Trump extending what Obama did is not a defense of Obama. @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Now do Chelsea Manning. @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden *$115B @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden OBAMA SOLD THE SAUDIS $155B IN ARMS. FULL STOP. @PaulDeCristofo4 @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Yes, Trump is bad for protecting the thing Obama set up. Your point? @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Tried to save Yemen fro the thing he did to it. @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Obama went after whistle blowers. @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Obama is a war criminal. @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden After 20 months of conflict in Yemen, he waited until he was about to not be in… @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Trump defended Obama's deal. Trump doing this doesn't make what Obama did ok.… @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Wake up. @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Good thing we're not electing a guy who voted for and supported that war. @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Say nothing of what Obama did for the Saudis. @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Remember when Assad crossed Obama's red line? @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden Lol, of echo chamber needs strong walls. @anradila17 @Strandjunker @JoeBiden @Strandjunker @JoeBiden The conflict in Afghanistan didn't start in 2016. @JoeBiden Just an average Joe.... was never an option
Retweeted by 'Stache Exotic @luismen1991 @robrousseau @elonmusk No but I heard about the failson pompous ass who is trying to sell that self-aggrandizing image.tiny tiny piglet
Retweeted by 'Stache ExoticSnitches... @starmagicsoul My piss. @PpollingNumbers I vote to unfollow @elonmusk Says the sign of failing capitalism. @RyanAFournier @callme_scooby It may have inspired a few folks to read the book.
You know it's a good thing the founding fathers fought for our independence nearly 250 years ago. Otherwise we mig… @kenklippenstein I'll have you know Ken, that Elon puts an hour of coding in every single day. @LiamMize @dbabin54 Yeah I figured you couldn't do it. Have a good one.Open for a surprise.
Retweeted by 'Stache Exotic @Trotskyist101 @TPUSA I know. Nuance is like kryptonite to these folks. @LiamMize @dbabin54 Cool, so you can provide an adequate source proving these claims then? One showing that she is… @LiamMize @dbabin54 Yeah, also not true. Sucks you can't parse facts for yourself. @dumbandawful The stump he is sitting on is more capable of thought. @LiamMize @dbabin54 Yeah, that's not true either. @dbabin54 Maybe don't get news from memes @TPUSA Is universal healthcare socialism?Update: $800 later I should be a PC gamer by the end of next week. @KaitMarieox Looks like you've created quite the safe space for yourself. @elonmusk @StephenKing Biden would go to jail for presidential lying in like a day.. @tedcruz This entire article is based on an unverified premise. @thehill Quite the opposite. You're sold all the BS of American exceptionalism in school. Then you learn the truth on your own. @nosleeptilltaco Damn, didn't have to come for me like that. @thehill Learn to run a better campaign first. @elonmusk @chrish7985 @rlyrlysryDave Where do I get my cut? @elonmusk @flcnhvy @RationalEtienne @chrish7985 @rlyrlysryDave Ok, but this is you right?
@ArtesianBuilds I got some knowledgeable folks helping me out, but I appreciate the offer. @tedcruz Also hilarious joke...really split my sides there Teddy. DO quit your day job @tedcruz It's really not that hard to not name a sports team after a racial slur. But cool that you're either incapable or unwilling. @LifeNugg So true. @Stache2020
Retweeted by 'Stache Exotic @mediumhollow HBD! @LifeNugg Do virgo.I think I might do it. I think I might finally get a gaming PC. @lettucewrangler Were-simp @LizardRumsfeld Goth Frizzle is right, Jacob is wrong. Glad I could clear this up.Discovered a new use for pano mode. #longhotdogchallenge 🌭🌭🌭🌭🤤
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