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Just some guy's moustache. He won't let me use the mouth, so I've taken to Twitter. Any tweets are personal and not affiliated with the rest of the guy.

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@TITUSrenewables @ganobleberries @DMalcuadrado Im not clicking on this shit.
@EzTreezy It's a bad coping mechanism. Binging Bob's Burgers and petting cats is so much better. I'll be back in a few days. @EzTreezy Ok maybe not everyone. There are some really awesome people on here too. @Timcast Here's the problem Tim. Guilianni is either there to defend his client from false allegations, which coul… @Timcast It uncovered actual corruption. This should not be conflate with the DNC hack, which by all accounts was…
@eatinginmycar @holycity15 CaptainAmericaIGotThatReference.gifYou ok Pete? @paarthurnaxsai1 Seriously? Why is everyone on here such an asshole?
@paarthurnaxsai1 Shhhhhhh, supposed to be taking a break. I just feel like crap, I didn't mean to offend anyone. @MericanAZN @matt_knopp @SamdelASR787 @Timcast So following regulation? Also I didn't ask about a tank. @matt_knopp @MericanAZN @SamdelASR787 @Timcast If it's written into law then its due process. @MericanAZN @matt_knopp @SamdelASR787 @Timcast Can you buy a missle launcher?Taking a break for this stupid petty website. @AmbJohnBoIton @emmaloveselon Shitted* @AmbJohnBoIton @emmaloveselon Whatever dude. I'm not a dick to anyone one here. I don't deserve to be shifted on… @AmbJohnBoIton @emmaloveselon Never did a damn thing to you Bolton. @dbell0331 @Timcast Same and same.Relay* @matt_knopp @SamdelASR787 @MericanAZN @Timcast I'm sure that's considered. do you have any good examples of people… @matt_knopp @SamdelASR787 @MericanAZN @Timcast A court @matt_knopp @SamdelASR787 @MericanAZN @Timcast Yeah, that's debatable. Not sure I would consider a threat to the p… of these pictures is of 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, the other picture is of Master Splinter fro… @matt_knopp @SamdelASR787 @MericanAZN @Timcast Private seller loophole. @WhiteHouse I love the holiday Advent calendar. @dbell0331 @Timcast I guess conservatives are the party of law & order, when it suits them. @dbell0331 @Timcast Hey Dalton, how's it going? @DariusHenriquez @ZacharyDanberr3 @Robb_Wexler @DanCrenshawTX Indeed, along with renewables. @matt_knopp @SamdelASR787 @MericanAZN @Timcast I'm not here to argue the value or efficiency of red flag laws, but… @matt_knopp @SamdelASR787 @MericanAZN @Timcast It's determined by a court, less than half in Maryland are approved.… @shaneadamprice sounds like a good way to excuse everyone from doing anything until we're all completely fucked. An… @shaneadamprice ya a non-binding resolution, literally no reason to have left it other than to be a complete ass whole about climate change. @matt_knopp @SamdelASR787 @MericanAZN @Timcast you do understand there's a pretty big difference between confiscati… @Timcast I mean it really sounds like this guy deserve to have a red flag on him. @shaneadamprice The US is alone in only in one sense, they're the only country not participating in the Paris accor… @ZacharyDanberr3 @Robb_Wexler @DanCrenshawTX This is an oped. @sbfhi366759685 I mean even then, hard hard is it to put one down yourself? @ZacharyDanberr3 @Robb_Wexler @DanCrenshawTX Renewable is now almost cheaper than fossil fuel. @ZacharyDanberr3 @Robb_Wexler @DanCrenshawTX @ZacharyDanberr3 @Robb_Wexler @DanCrenshawTX Democrats haven't had both houses of Congress since 2010. And yes they… @ZacharyDanberr3 @Robb_Wexler @DanCrenshawTX I'm not a Hillary fan, but at least she accepted the existence of clim… @ZacharyDanberr3 @Robb_Wexler @DanCrenshawTX I mean the guy Republicans elected as president of the United States c… @ZacharyDanberr3 @Robb_Wexler @DanCrenshawTX Yeah I'm not solely blaming Dan for that, but Republicans have control… we get funding for our schools, fix our infrastructure, do something about the opioid epidemic, get healthcare… @ZacharyDanberr3 @Robb_Wexler @DanCrenshawTX Often seems more like nuclear is the excuse instead of the solution.… @TumblingSpheres Compartmentalization is a hell of a drug. @DanCrenshawTX Carbon capture won't save us Dan and your climate denialist windmill noise cancer conspiracy preside… capture won't save us Dan and your climate denialist windmill noise cancer conspiracy president and party wo… @inktitan @Timcast It's so weird. He's polling 10 points ahead, but having problems fundraising, getting small cro… @emmaloveselon @azure_alain @TrashTheNash Do not try this in the states, you will get sick. Y'all have way better meat over there. @Timcast I mean yeah, Biden is a corrupt Washington insider whose brain is turning to pudding. At least he's smart… @realDailyWire Same with the White House and Trump Inc. @NoMoreCentrists @RudyGiuliani Mitch McConnell is a democrat? @emmaloveselon Bringing cougars and virgins together like God intended.Good morning. @lettucewrangler @IdleOats @TrueBaugh @DanCrenshawTX @lettucewrangler @IdleOats @TrueBaugh @DanCrenshawTX I suggest reading the who thread. We're all on the same side here. @Jacquelinezr Trump is a very very very low bar. Shouldn't be "the" bar. @Jacquelinezr I mean, I'm glad he's not sexually assaulting anyone, of course. Doesn't make this less weird. @WinkleBerns @BethLynch2020 But the bus said.... @worldlybong @BethLynch2020 It was reported by NY post. It's real. @BethLynch2020 That's what I'm saying... @DavidBe218 @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins As you said there are no charges, and this has nothing to do with barisma or Biden. @DavidBe218 @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins According to Rudy it's defending his client from false charges. @DavidBe218 @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins Not accused of anything were charged criminally with anything, then what th… @peteymca Reported and blocked. @peteymca Unenhance! @DavidBe218 @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins Definitely didnt answer my question. Trump's Duty is different from his legal defense yes? @misyrlena @DavidBe218 @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins I'm aware, it's distinctly possible that he's a liar. Regardless how is th… @IdleOats Love it. @DavidBe218 @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins Really has nothing to do with barisma or Hunter Biden, so try again. @IdleOats All you. @DavidBe218 @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins was the former then Rudy would have been acting as an official state depart… @DavidBe218 @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins There's a stark difference between rooting out corruption for the sake of e… @DavidBe218 @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins Not a single one of them had them acting as their personal attorney.WTF is this weird shit? @JordanUhl Oh shit! @prageru @RealCandaceO I imagine the people who want them to be victims are the people constantly saying that they'…
@DonaldJTrumpJr @HudsonBooks You can pick one up at the RNC or local TPUSA offices. @DuncanHughes13 They've clearified there stance the Armenian genocide multiple times. Cenk constantly talks about his poor name choice. @EveryWorDid911 @prageru @DennisPrager Dennis Prager can eat my entire ass. @Darktionary Except I said doing instead of going....No reviews or picture, but that's too good of a deal to pass up. Plus there's only 5 left. need a full shut down of of all cops doing to Starbucks until we can figure out what the heck's going on. @Irlandia I remember that. @LivPosting When Gary Johnson is the voice of reason in the room, you're probably in the wrong room. @Volceltaire Well theres that Aimee character. Does Tim Pool count as a Nazi? @drmistercody Also funny, because republican like him want to cut those programs that "keep seniors out of poverty".Dan refers to "private universities" here because he's a shameless liar.
Retweeted by 'Stache @DanCrenshawTX First, private university aren't public and not part of the tuition-free college plan. Secondly, do… @MuellerDad69 Cute name for a phallus, "The Irishman" @Ad_Inifinitum Eating veggie burgers and washing down with Monster energy drinks to honor the Dark One. @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins Yeah I'm def done here @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins Your spygate bullshit was debunked by IG report so eat it @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins Bury your head for a corrupt asshole if it makes you feel better. @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BIDEN/BURISMA. FUCKING DONE HERE. @ToxicMask1 @RepDougCollins Exactly, Trump isn't in legal proceedings. So what is his personal lawyer doing????