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@AESG91 Be prepared for him to pull some shit this week to try to infringe on your time away.
@DangerousPlayg3 Plus the double standards with those telling us what to do and then not abiding by the same standa… @DangerousPlayg3 Schools are still closed here but we have the ski areas open?! Wtf?!? @anxiouscougar I’m sorry! Sending love from Colorado. It’s terrible here too.Stop trying to make fitness a thing.
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @EJT___ @wakeupangry @foxo_cube @maehaun @againstposting How long are these stairs???
@FromMinivan 😆 so true. I got dressed up for the weekly grocery outing, that one time. @NPDsurvivors Oh hon, I’m so sorry. This hurts my heart and make me anxious for you. Sending you positive vibes!! ❤️ @Ryan_Daigler @ZipperMouth_ @Shaolin_Dynasty @AuntCunt I second this. @RebelRefrainx @AuntCunt @AuntCunt @AuntCunt @DangerousPlayg3 In that case. Zero questions should be asked and she’s lucky as fuck to get to talk to you at all.… @CoolKatVic @happyenchilada2 @_ReaalAmerican_ @DanRather Hook ‘em @DangerousPlayg3 Gag. Nothing but support should be expressed. My other thought -he’s a weenie and had her send tha… @mommajessiec Reheated twice and still cold...thankyouverymuch @mommajessiec Hey oh, day old coffee over here! Holla! @theblacksheep36 I want to start a mobile rage room. Just sayin’ @Rex_king86 @twapestriesbro @PittoreFilm @topapassion Excuse me, high. @Rex_king86 @twapestriesbro @PittoreFilm @topapassion I’m stoned
@dadmann_walking I just want caffeinated creamer. @marytoddlincol9 @dadmann_walking There’s sugar free creamer, on purpose?!? @CoachBaud @dadmann_walking @Rex_king86 @twapestriesbro @PittoreFilm @topapassion Me too. I need to know what to call myself. @PittoreFilm @twapestriesbro @topapassion Whoa, why do you have to be a wanker? You’re not tokin’ the right stuff if your this grouchy. @fasteronfire525 @PittoreFilm @twapestriesbro @topapassion I second this @PittoreFilm @twapestriesbro @topapassion What else are we? Pray tell. @RobotThomas Like I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @dadmann_walking That’ll be supa clean in there now!One more month of the fuckery of 2020. Bring it on.
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @m_cattle @ColBourbon Sorry kids moms dead inside so she watches hallmark to try and feel something. Please don’t be disappointed?
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @GeeKnee88 @ColBourbon @GeeKnee88 @ColBourbon It’s the only time you can just stop watching if it sucks....I see you. 🤣😂 @GeeKnee88 @wakeupangry Me too. I held strong for so long. I think the pandemic broke me. I need some cheesy happy endings damnit.Apparently I enjoy hallmark Christmas movies now. What has life become?
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @BingeMomming @gfishandnuggets Tiny human got a $20 spot the other day. I wasn’t prepared. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ @Lisabug74 @TwoBitManchild @EatEdenValley @ksujulie “Oh it don't make no kind of sense. Big ol' ox like Grady won't sit next to a colored chil… @ksujulie She’s not wrong. I hate that. @RYGdance @catgirrl @momtribevibe Boys! 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🙄 @theblacksheep36 @SeaBreeze1310 @Leen74838251 @HeSays2me @And_SoSheDid Yes! That’s exactly that they are. Mine was a man baby.
It would be annoying if something really did ring a bell.
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @badmum6 @EricCaleb208 @dragonfly217 @catturd2 😂🤣 @NoContactSurviv You never think you’ll have to “prove it” either, so of course you don’t keep track, unlike them. @petrklimahelmet It’s gonna be great! Have a good day!! @RobotThomas Anymore—being the keyword here. You had a good run.I should get more credit for being this crazy and being so pleasant
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @erichwithach @DrSomedayMaybe @erichwithach @theblacksheep36 @nottheworstmom this table looks kind of weird. can you make this column a bit wider? microsoft word: [spitting on me] i’m gon…
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @Nike It looks like you stepped in blood. @dadmann_walking @deirdregil @MissHavisham @mom_tho I want to yell...YOU! You are the reason I have lines on my forehead and “squishy” tummy. 🤦🏼‍♀️ @notplainJane4 @hotshoes @MissHavisham @SnarkyMommy78 I tell myself this all the time.If you just lie and tell me it’s for Family Feud, I’ll fill out your stupid customer satisfaction survey.
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @wakeupangry It’s beautiful!!
@kelseyhuse30 40’s here!! You’re good!Relax! We are all crazy. It is not a competition.
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @TugboatPhil @Timerican @TiffanyNoth The struggle is real. I don’t know what’s up there either. @AlisonJ61859215 @97CruiserofLand @TiffanyNoth @TheoZzX @97CruiserofLand @TiffanyNoth @97CruiserofLand @TiffanyNoth Sheesh...judgy much!? Fuck, I’m going to clean mine off now.The Nextdoor neighborhood app makes me murdery and hate my neighbors.
@NPDsurvivors This makes my heart hurt. Sending you and him strength and peace for the week. 😞You're not in control of what lessons others have to learn.💕
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@alice_x_daniels @jellybnbonanza Hey, I’m not planning on going solo. @twinstantfamily @FeralFerrell @CynicalTherapi1 “This isn’t working” is how my coke experiences went.
@beaversnducks Sending ❤️. So very sorry. @C0unsel0rX @not_thenanny Drama needs to rhyme with something else... @exwifeofthenarc Expecting something is strong. Remember when they’re retaliation came as a surprise? Being prepare… @exwifeofthenarc Complaint via email or text. He’ll try to punish you for ignoring him. @dadmann_walking @dadmann_walking I can’t wait for the, “let me get my 🎻 violin for your whining” fight. @XanderXjork @dadmann_walking @mcsa7f My guess is he is emotionally 17 years old and stunted at that age. She doesn’t know better and can’t do an…
@CeruleanGates Define serving. Prove it.Just bought a 14 pound turkey Wonder how many FBI lists I'm on now
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @king_glouis_XI @candyflippin I know I fucking suck, I shouldn’t. I should go work out. Whatever. I’m gonna do it a… @king_glouis_XI @candyflippin Bless my heart, I just can’t help but eat that whole sheet cake. @king_glouis_XI @candyflippin Eh, but I deserve it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @candyflippin I don’t know, but I’m gonna start. @ham_why We got a puppy. One guess where all our expensive yet small shit is....Yes officer I was swerving all over the road but in my defence Michael Bolton came on the radio and how am I suppos…
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp AntEven though introverts don’t mind being alone it turns out pandemics aren’t our thing. Who knew?
Retweeted by Mrs. Flipp Ant @eleniZarro And is Annie ok or not??? @MaryBarrett2 @anxiouscougar But a minced meat pie is something I had nightmares about as a kid. “They put meat in a pie?” @anxiouscougar Ground beef leaves way too many questions for kids. I ain’t got time for that shit. Hamburger meat i… time heals all wounds, WHY ARE THERE DEAD PEOPLE?
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