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Slav is life, Communism is breath @RealStalin1945

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@AfterLifesUber @AfterLifes_Uber Wowza @Twitter @jellybe25687444 Just one confirming my divorce @UnlimatedStone9 @Paulbknhs @TangetBandit @MCU_Dude @CommieSwine999 @Twitter @bornbaddie Blip blip @Twitter Today, I committed atrocities in the Dominican Republic. 92 dead, 69 (lmao) wounded. I also ate a cupcake. @AfterLifes_Uber @AfterLifesUber Can they neuter my cat?Drop the temperature it is for you with an F or C indicating Fahrenheit or Celsius, thanks. (Mine is 20F or -6C) @alexfixrro ShortyBandwagon time! Send me those PNGs! P.S. I'm rating it as if it was a fist fight, no powers
Retweeted by slац-maй☭ (check pinned if you want) @LongHairedThot Square up @the0nly1uneed What the fuck, Richard? @lawfulhamster @p1anetmatt @DANNYonPC @ModestPelican Abortion clinic*
My bad, it’s nov. 11 @AshyMalik @AshyMalik @AshyMalik @AshyMalik @AshyMalik @AshyMalik @AshyMalik @AshyMalik @AshyMalik @itsabrodie @the0nly1uneed In the frontlines or making equipment such as ammo, tanks, planes, guns etc.? @exoticshrimps @the0nly1uneed How do you treat a certain ethnicity, how do the interactions differ?
@alexfixrro @the0nly1uneed Yes @twomad_ -my toxic teammate @QueenOfTheOlymp I don’t Stan anything. @IllirXs Je ne connais pas le françiasI’m want to start a new “series” if you can call it that where I basically just shit on people’s idiotic Snapchat s… @the0nly1uneed Not gay @BiggusBirduss At my school at least @LowLevelShiek You’re cancerous @alexfixrro @the0nly1uneed YesWhy is Kpoop so bad?
Bruh, I’m straight pimping in Duolingo lingots 😤😤😤 @duolingo @alexfixrro @the0nly1uneed Nerd* @alexfixrro @the0nly1uneed Fucking need @the0nly1uneed The Bible, amen 🙏 @NoelleDoran6 @Pegasus7836 @Heimdallrnorse 😞 @xxtoxicstarx @BiggusBirduss Damn straight @NoelleDoran6 @Pegasus7836 @Heimdallrnorse Himb will be ferevor en our harts 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞 @NoelleDoran6 @Pegasus7836 @Heimdallrnorse Rip mrs. Michael shamks :( @unfactz I’m straight @xxtoxicstarx @BiggusBirduss Nah, it’s the Alpha claiming the female. @BiggusBirduss Furthermore: why do guys like to wear their girlfriends scrunchies? @regular_nico @TweetStormGod My nigga done got clapped by a spider blood w/ 8 glocks. @RickWrightNow Yes @BoredSatan @angels_pimp God banished be from heaven because of this issue of a criminal @KingOfTheOlymp @thetf2fan1 I want to see an r/sbubby for Doom that says Ok Doomer @the0nly1uneed 3D D D(up one octave) A G# G @RealSpiderMom @god_of_warares BoomerIs zeus technically a boomer
Retweeted by slац-maй☭ (check pinned if you want) @the0nly1uneed 🙂 @AerilAri97 @Nina_Dattebayo You’re @AerilAri97 @PinkKirlia Wear @Nina_Dattebayo A P T I L
F is for...
Retweeted by slац-maй☭ (check pinned if you want) @British13C2 Shit, brother. @_ayla1_ 5? @icumwine @xxtoxicstarx I ain’t need to pray. HMU, ladies 🤤😩😘🍆 @xxtoxicstarx @Thanosdaddy69 @TheLyricalArtem Athena, stop yelling about wanting a large penis. @GetGoodGuyYT @officialhexe @TristanChander1 @Viking_Operator MW 2019? @GetGoodGuyYT @officialhexe @TristanChander1 @Viking_Operator M1917 in what game? @British13C2 Feds that want me on restraintGuys, I just napped for (the majority of) 14 hours. (While sick)
@pissedparodyboi Fever of 100.4-101F. Hope you feel better soon @Nina_Dattebayo In 2020 I’m going to bed @Heimdallrnorse Thanks, Dal. @IllirXs @AmHermesGod I got tons of dynamite. You could say I’m gonna... destroy Uranus. @_ayla1_ 5’10 guy here, I love being y’all, but leg room. Also, I feel powerful when walking through the halls at school. @SavWeirdo 5-6 EST @Heimdallrnorse “Are you an oven, bc I wanna stick my meat in you” “are you a toaster, bc I’d love to take a bath w…'re in a coma. This is the only way we could contact you. Please wake retweeting this tweet if you retwe…
Retweeted by slац-maй☭ (check pinned if you want)Haven’t showered in 3 days @Khonsu_Moon_God “Hoe, you about as fake as your eyebrows”Follow this legend @Speedragon1 @the_kazooboy @plx55 @grandayy OP wants redditI thought this would be a banger, but I guess not. @RealKGBofficial @Thanatos_Mist @SatanChef1 -introvert @RealKGBofficial @Thanatos_Mist @SatanChef1 Fair enough @RealKGBofficial @Thanatos_Mist @SatanChef1 How did this go from man spreading to the US military @KingOfTheOlymp @xxtoxicstarx Zeus, you’re making me wet, stop. @ayynicko Yeah! Fuck those crackers! @ayynicko @xxtoxicstarx Fucking retard-lame-ass-prostitute-crackhead-built-ass-moron-Eskimo-ghetto-cuntI showed you my swan please respond.
Retweeted by slац-maй☭ (check pinned if you want)Damnnn, Becky just got put in her damn place, bruv
@fakefbi_ Me @AmHermesGod Uranus @JstAboveTweetz1 Ok @xxtoxicstarx Wow. Not following me? >:( I see how it is.
@malibuyurt @JoshuaSilvis Sure. @malibuyurt @JoshuaSilvis I did not say you were not native enough, I said you don’t look native. I think you are native. @malibuyurt @JoshuaSilvis I know it’s completely understandable, as an outside perspective, I just think they you m… @KevinDaHamster @NeilOB9 LeBron James @BellonaIsBack I could see sad violin music playing in the backround of an anime protagonist’s final scene. Cheese. @Arlahndo Cheek @malibuyurt @JoshuaSilvis I know, it doesn’t have to. It’s there non-the-less @malibuyurt @JoshuaSilvis Hell yeah, good on you. That’s rather admirable. (This is genuine) @malibuyurt @JoshuaSilvis I fucking know that. @malibuyurt @JoshuaSilvis I’m not. I’m giving my input. It shouldn’t matter if I’m native or not.