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2021 Dm & chill till FPL pops.Finally popped @CxziDanny Good, asshole.
2021 Going live with some more North American Faceit Pro League action... as soon as it pops. @emins425 @JacobHalfman @CxziDanny Get_Right actually fpl & dm
@NartOutHere @CxziDanny @JazzPimp kekw @CxziDanny I’m going back to advanced, I don’t like it here man 😫😢 @cmxCSGO I sent in the pic + ratio. @ItsParkerrrr I do! Every day and I eat a very clean, healthy diet. Unfortunately some times these things are out o…’s crazy how your health can effect many aspects of your life. I’ve always been a hard working, dedicated, and co… @crunchyyworld I think it depends. When you have a guy as good as TenZ or ScreaM for example.. they can specialize… stream
Retweeted by bobby @YuZCSGO @CxziDanny @JazzPimp ggs yuzmeister, very nice deagle killsWow, just woke up and I found out we won 2-0. I don't even remember playing two maps, weird. ggs french canada
Excited to game 😈 @haimundo_Sarama It was iconic, maybe as much as Gambits, but not quite more. Gambit single handedly won a major by… @truoVAL @TheRiseNation Much luck truoVAL @Huston_TV @TheRiseNation Good luck Stephen “Huston” Huston @MakzwellCS I mean, a meme that turns into a call out is not > a crazy play that wins a tournament lmao. Not to men… @SolGoat I agree and when playing valorant and comparing the two, valorant had a set system for when agents/maps ca… although one could argue Dust2 and Mirage should go first.. those maps are more memorable (good for marketing),… think of those crazy Mirage games, “Hiko are you kidding me” on Dust2, the olofpass boost, Astralis’s Nuke run,… thinking about Train being removed, I realized a few things.. 1. Comp play, it’s super low played, only thing… I can play literally any role and I'm super dedicated. I have a very open schedule and I'm always trying to im…
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@AmH0stile Vertigo is an awful map but we have to deal with that. So idk, I’ll have to play over ancient before I m… clue how good or bad Ancient is. But Dust2 should have gone, however Train is an awful map too....only maps play… @RyanAtRBM @ExtraSaltGG factory new.. what a legendary touch to the branding @apollo_based @Cryzt4l @haejeoks @PHRISK3D Most call it APC, but regardless, (armoured personnel carrier) you can s… @officialariis Don’t get too comfortable with @sammm_cs me and @cmxCSGO are going to come out of retirement half wa… @cmxCSGO @jam_csgo @hydrik_cs @drewtheshrew1 @officialariis @sammm_cs @Anythingposy Meh. Esea intermediate players… @cmxCSGO @jam_csgo @hydrik_cs @drewtheshrew1 @officialariis @sammm_cs @Anythingposy @jam_csgo @hydrik_cs @drewtheshrew1 @officialariis @sammm_cs @Anythingposy God awful roster, outside of hydrik, dre… in CS, you HAVE to give a lot of freedom and playmaking ability to guys like s1mple, niko, EliGE, zyw… it comes to VAL/CS, although they’re team games, there is a huge difference between a team that is composed of… I’m in a boat where I’m torn between this mentality and double duelist. I really think it comes down to the map…
Anyone need a fill for VCS? I wanna play !!! @1juniorcs @TeamVitality Good shit Paytyn!!! @in0X_fps Obviously just rumored numbers, but in comparison to what was rumored in CS, it doesn’t sound off. If you… @in0X_fps Let’s take 100T for example tho. Nitr0 rumored to be making 40k a month. He’s been signed since august, s… @in0X_fps Being low* @in0X_fps I think the bigger issue isn’t the industry standards for winnings being high, but rather the standard fo… @in0X_fps Especially when we have orgs like CLG, TSM, Complexity, C9 doing single rounds of investments and pulling… @in0X_fps I don’t think at any point 100% makes sense. The industry standard is 10-20% when you’re not a top 5 team… @cmxCSGO @RenZCSGO @E_RIC29 @Droidcsgo
Sentinels made a strong move by switching dapr to Sage and Sick to Sova. It felt like it made a huge difference for… @mindtr6cks @E_RIC29 @RenZCSGO @Droidcsgo Welcome coach @Droidcsgo Scum. Piece of shit. Good riddance. Valorant can have you! @MakzwellCS Yessir 5G activatedFor anyone wondering if I followed through today.. @heyitsFlorence @FPLCircuit Accident.
Good players only want to join a strong team. Great players believe that any team they are on will automatically be strong.
Retweeted by bobby @RenZCSGO @RyanAtRBM Loose* @RenZCSGO @RyanAtRBM He also openly admitted he prefers to play in a set system and at the time, daps was trying to… @SPUNJ OG Complexity Mouz FPX FaZe (I think they will be #3 in the future, but atm this is my opinion)This is the kind of energy I want to see from my GM and Coach. It’s been hard being a Lions fan in my life... but I… @pjammin I never read hltv or Reddit. Purely twitter basedI’ll never understand the overwhelming amount of criticism thrown toward the Astralis players. I get the org is fuc… @1juniorcs @paiNGamingBR Good shit Paytyn @Upmind_ Also, lookin good 🥶 @Upmind_ Is that not normal where you live? You ought to show up to a Wisconsin house party or the bars in the wint… a Bears fan, but it would be a real “coming full circle” moment if Justin Fields becomes a stud in the NFL, aft… @RenZCSGO Sheesh lookin like me out there
@RenZCSGO He wouldn’t restructure his contract and instead wanted more money + extension + Jordan love signing + wa… @RenZCSGO dapr, what an insanely well played clutch. You can’t teach that. @1contii on hands and knees hoping 49ers pull off the deal eh?I will say, in terms of team success longevity, getting Jimmy G, 3rd Overall pick, and everyone you have already...… the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers that would be insane. I feel like we’ve been hinted about this potentially happe… @Mauisnake I would even go as far as saying that a bo3 benefits an underdog more than a bo1 nowadays, because that… @truoVAL Unbelievable talent 👀
2021 streaming dm/new act ranked @nurfed25 I agree, she only seems strong and oppressive if you’re trying to run some 5 man play out of spawn and co… @nurfed25 When people combo Astra + Viper, I can see the issue. Imo, Viper is more broken right now than Astra. Ast… @nurfed25 I actually completely agree. I find that only ascent she becomes overpowered, and even then, she’s only o… @CxziDanny @YouTube This video is already troll @CxziDanny @YouTube You shoulda made this video in your fake positivity fplc voice... would have been hilariousReally cool to see dexter start to find his form recently, I don’t think it was realistic to think he wouldn’t be a… @sammm_cs HyperX cloud buds, used them at lan and they worked amazingly. Would think they’d be even better at home. @gmanchew_tv Will look into it, I use Spotify every day so it could be the culprit.Has anyone else randomly started having issues alt tabbing or using FN to pause/skip music? For whatever reason, my…
@jamesbardolph I know it’s a different realm, but we see that to be the case like crazy in VALORANT. Obviously ther… gamers are going to rise up on Breeze. @el_jack0 Right and to be honest that’s why I want to be responsible and get it. But there have been a number of de… got off the waitlist and scheduled for Friday, but idk thinking about it freaks me out. My only fear in life i… have never even got a flu shot in my entire life, and although I want to be a good citizen and I want to get… @mindtr6cks @ValorLeaks Ur literally the Greg Popovich of esports m8 @ValorLeaks @mindtr6cks @mindtr6cks alright. Install @jam_csgo wouldn’t be that dumb to join lul. @jam_csgo Alright, fine. I’ll anchor.
@sponhourm Trey Lance is the best QB in the draft and will have the best career.Damn 😢 nt Extra Salt. Unfortunate ending, but super impressive run nonetheless. Still looking good on EU soil.Pls @ExtraSaltGG take my energy!!!!Instead of having a 10-7 lead and a bonus round, with potential for double awps super early (ES’s biggest strength…’ve literally watched shit like that play out a thousand times in my career. Never, ever, spam more than 10-15 bul… me to watch ES lose that after a super vital mistake made on their anti-eco. Right after winning pistol, and… man, that’s not even Extra Salt playing terribly or BIG even playing great... That’s just a perfect example o… @Huston_TV honestly, not even ur elbow, but like 90% of your forearm should be on your desk or youre gonna have long term problems @Huston_TV u need to play with ur elbow on your desk, its not an option not to, ur gonna fuck ur shit up