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@slightcsgo Ur trippin, they could be the Cleveland Cowboys and it’d be cooler than the “Cleveland baseball team”It’s kinda crazy to me how many tweets and posts across social media we still see in esports without #ad. So mislea…’s actually got a solid ring to it. Definitely not the worst name/branding. picked up our 5th. Gonna be: -@jam_csgo -@stamjna -@sammm_cs -@ellisoncsgo -@D4rtymontana1
Retweeted by bobby @AB_LOOP just turn on untrusted and use game cap. do u play mm? if you don't play mm there's no point in being in trusted mode.
You wonder why a guy like device, who clearly has a much lower floor level aim wise, has been able to not just beat… add to this, a lot of players do not understand consistency is based more around decision making than aim. You w… @JazzPimp That is blasphemy. My mother would out cook Gordon Ramsay. @JazzPimp You unironically show up to this place to eat food. @JazzPimp What in the old white dude with a confederate flag hat shit is a “Cracker Barrel”.Okay well this is also sick tbh. Roles will be weird but if k0nfig plays more of that entry role it can work. to mention, if zonic wants a new project, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was intrigued by k0nfig/blameF/magiskIf the danish leaks are true and COL gets Magisk, I have a hard time believing they won’t become insanely better. B… @sammm_cs @fl0mtv @TheUltraLex @JosiahCSGO @Slugycs +1 for Mr Samuel @fl0mtvMorning @brett_csgo The real NA content king @jam_csgo @Elk_CS scream
@Droidcsgo happy bday legend"I could go to a super team ... but this is the hard way to do it, and we did it. We f---ing did it." —NBA champ a…
Retweeted by bobbyGiannis Antetokounmpo with one of the truly dominant Finals performances in history — including 50 points, 13 rebou…
Retweeted by bobbyLET’S FUCKING GO BUCKS, GIANNIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯Giannis was just kidding all along, he’s the greatest free throw shooter in the league.
@legacyx What are you referring to?Gambit will sweep this event. @Mauisnake Hbd man, you deserve it, probably the most underrated analyst we have in the game. Happy to see you cont…
FragadESEA? ESEAdelphia? Regardless of the name, ESEA has joined forces with Fragadelphia! They're adding $25,000 t…
Retweeted by bobby @officialariis HyperX Cloud Buds @Danejoris @HyperX Are those the HyperX Cloud Buds? I have a pair I used at Fragafornia and they were great. @hugilago So if academy teams are literally only able to play ACADEMY leagues… then I don’t understand why they wou… @hugilago I guess for me I’m looking at it differently. Academy teams, and specifically academy teams, are unable t… @hugilago For tier1 pros, even though everything has still been online, they need mental breaks from all the tourna… @dvorborg Not playing officials, but practicing. So although they may not gain an advantage in terms of ranking, th… @dvorborg If the argument is entirely based around teams gaining an edge, then I get where you’re coming from, but… we are talking about a full academy team league, to me, there is no better time than the player break. It’s goin… players, or anyone outside of the top 30-40, really do not need a “player break”. The whole purpose of the… @MnmzzzCS @RyanAtRBM If you want to keep a player base you essentially have to have money. If FPL was today, what i… @MnmzzzCS @RyanAtRBM It’s tough. Personally, I have a lot of pride when it comes to competing with/against better p…
LETS FUCKING GO BUCKS, BUCKS IN 6 BABYLETS FUCKING GO JRUE!!!! @alexlele2 He might get an Oscar for that one.The fact that the Bucks are leading this game at half is unreal. Jrue stepped up huge.
Dude broky is a character lmfaoo 😂😂 @RyanAtRBM Probably your best tweet.One thing I respect so much about @gla1ve_csgo is his willingness to take everything on his shoulders during a loss… @jam_csgo Ur back @caseyfosterTV @officialariis @EliGE With that being said, I also watch ALOT of demos and live CS, and the amount o… @officialariis @EliGE @caseyfosterTV I mean, I guess my opinion on the smoke is also flawed because im not facing w… @EliGE @officialariis @caseyfosterTV I agree @officialariis @EliGE @caseyfosterTV It’s also not possible to take mid as a T with the smoke up, during that 14 se… @EliGE @caseyfosterTV I will reason with you and agree that it may not be “the most useless piece of utility” like… @EliGE @caseyfosterTV I agree taking it every time with only flashes is risky. I just personally think, that if it… @EliGE @caseyfosterTV Right, and I get the thought process. But far too often I see the smoke being used to no actu… @EliGE @caseyfosterTV That’s the thing not every pro team uses it. Actually, quite the opposite.. If you’re putti… @caseyfosterTV @EliGE Yea, from that perspective I agree. It obviously has a purpose, I just think from the way I l… @mesamiduckCS On a map like overpass for example. Late round I can just contact out monster, trade Frag, use 0 smok… @mesamiduckCS Additionally, T awpers can cut off CT rotations across mid, and that smoke helps CTs just as it does… @mesamiduckCS On the flip side of that, it’s additional time you, as a T, have to wait before you can clear close m… @caseyfosterTV @EliGE I’d actually be willing to make a video on all the times Liquid uses the smokes and the times… @caseyfosterTV @EliGE Obviously players will always have differing views, but just as much as Elige does it, other… @caseyfosterTV @EliGE Yea, personally I think on a map like Dust2 smokes are integral to late rounds. Teams like Ga… @nicxCS There are just a million ways to clear cat/mid when taking cat from lower/top mid that it’s just much easie… @nicxCS Most the time you’re going to flash out mid/clear close mid. When doing so you’re kind of setting up the ab… @haimundo_Sarama Flash is more useful. You only get 5 smokes, you get 10 flashes. If one flash can do the work of o… @haimundo_Sarama Lmao I know what it does my man, I’m saying it’s useless. Flashes are much more useful to get you up cat @nicxCS Wedge/hinge yeaWedge smoke on Dust2 may be the single most useless piece of utility in all of CS and I’m always confused as to why some teams use it.Would be quite funny if Astralis won their first cologne without device. @sammm_cs yes, it has something to do with my second monitor being 60hz i know it for a fact. this didnt happen whe… @cmxCSGO @jam_csgo 😼😼
Share the eco frags next time @stamjna
Retweeted by bobby @jam_csgo you now have 451 followers :D800 fps on Ancient 😼 @Mauisnake i completely agree, that's why i said it's such an weird situation, because I don't know who tf they cou… @Mauisnake none of the lower tier danish awpers would be worth cutting any of their current pieces, the only chance… has proven he's one of the most promising Danish talents, and performs so well. Xyp & Magisk seem to be com… are in the most weird situation. In the short term, they're clearly still a really good team, especially c… @Mauisnake It’s the young rifler curse, all the best young riflers just have this addiction to wanting to use the a… are the kings of adjustment. You can never take that away from them. fpl :D @Maticussy That makes sense. I also guess I didn’t realize they flew shit as part of the process lol. I thought “gr… don't know anything about shipping, so my only guess is this is the sorting process, but unless they just documen…
How is this guy not everyone’s favorite player 😂’ve had a few friends have very similar situations. Alcohol and drugs can really push people to limits they may ne… feel like there needs to be a certain amount of privacy to situations like this. Obviously, he’s a celebrity and… @st9llar Yea people who watch WWE and sleep on a piss stained mattress. @The_Matador_X1 Yes, but, statistically speaking, khris middleton could be argued as better. But he's literally the… @agmFPS The best part about life is, tomorrow can be amazing. Head up king 👑Honest to God, as much as I’ve criticized Khris Middleton in the past, the only thing that separates a guy like him… GOOOO BUCKS IN 6 BABYCP3 choke no two ways about it
Retweeted by bobby @walkero_o @Villainous_Team @CS_Triton @verumgg Really healthy for the scene that we get 15 new faces in the divisi… FUCKING GOOOOOO KHRIS MIDDLETONI know Devin has 5, I know he’s having a career game, I know he’s a superstar, but that’s a foul. The @NBA needs to… @Danejoris @vivo_us Was it a million dollars, that looks insane? @CarbonDogma @tolkienfanatic I think it’s most impressive that freddyfrog made it through all 12 lmfaoDevin Booker lookin like me out there sheesh.. @caseyfosterTV Tiger is a weird analogy, only person who could even be remotely considered to be Tiger esq is Devic…
My PC hasn’t shipped yet and I’m sad :( @frostyZK Yea bro people tweak out over the gpw and super light and truth is, those mice are awfully inconsistent f…