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@FalconSays @SuriusVsVodka They are in sin @FalconSays @SuriusVsVodka Yeah but do they want to have relationships and marriage with other men tho? @BlackPyro1994 @Phillip65765571 @S31pearson @EdwardGLuce You’re a Bernie supporter that still believes in democracy…’t be bothered to scroll through the timeline, what’s happened today lads? @CongressMatthew You still follow me 😏 @AngloDomini @boseph_returns Gingers stay winning @AustraliaFair_ Die in battle for my entertainment, soldier
@boseph_returns @MilkAtPub And I’ll do it as many times as I have to, even if it kills me @boseph_returns @MilkAtPub I’m willing to do my duty for the good of the empire @MilkAtPub @boseph_returns It’s simple, we create a nation of hapas
Redhead erasure in media is real and no one’s talking about it @_AdamXIV Yet again a redhead is replaced by a poc 😡 @NickJFuentes Inception of the idea into the subconscious of the America First audience @Teslarossa3 @lporiginalg @EZPZisback No one under the age of 15 knows what Dragon Ball issweet lord @owenbroadcast @bronzeagemantis
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯ @abbyandrewYT @Snak3Poster @buzzfeednifty Apparently it's called "masking"You see a lot of 'big building good' stoof like dis. IGNORE. What happens when civilization becomes high tech and b…
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯOh my stars my brother has just gone and made this
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women should be allowed to vote in a “girl election” where they can go and feel really good about who they’re casti…
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯ @davidschneider Very antisemitic of you @RGC__Comics f @grownpapa @shawnfromtwitt There’s really no need to attack me like this @rakibehsan @J_Scott_95 @CapX Every single person in that photo and these groups is a federal agent and/or an undercover journalist
That's right ladies, I'm dangerous & politically meaningless (mysterious) 😏 DM me if you dare @areyousurebruv @mcrumps Marxists with no revolutionary consciousness. Bronze age conquerers supporting bailouts. A…
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯWow yeah thanks dr Chad I never thought about it this way really got me thonking begins of the most serious problems facing us today could be resolved by severing a dozen submarine communications cab…
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯ @AustraliaFair_ 🤛 @AustraliaFair_ 👀100% guarantee this will also become an issue with office wagies and remote work After months of working from home…
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯ @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice Always on the move those guys. @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice Ah I see, that makes more sense. @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice And there's much less today because? These number just look too big to me. @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice This Bialystok? Do I have the wrong one? @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice Wait, there were 330000 jews in England? @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice What as residents? @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice How many jews were in Bialystok to shoot on sight? @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice Yeah but why is it relevant to the death number? @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice Ok let's see. 363211 jews in Bialystok? Why does it lis… @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice Why would I say that, lol? Anyway, so what is this censu… @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice I can't read German, mate. What country is this data sup… @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice Why are so many of those census data neat round numbers?
@Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice How is it a "red herring"? @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice I doubt it comes anywhere close to the systematic killin… @FriendlySperg @YouKipperLad @spikedonline How is this a dystopia? You are a literal cat torturer, why should any of us listen to you again? @boseph_returns >not having an extra butter knife on hand at all times for your own safety @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice I don't think anyone really thinks that the 6 million nu… @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice How have they gotten these numbers? @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice I have no idea what you're talking about bro, I just scr… @StefanMolyneux @HMcbrexit @99freemind It's reasonable @Obergruggenfhr1 @Vinayak4709 @RightSide4Life @MikePsJuice Lol if anything this just serves to show that no one had… saw all of this coming
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯ @Wife_Of_Steve95 @JohnCaveAusten True, some people do need face to face interaction to work well. Maybe a middle gr… @JohnCaveAusten @Wife_Of_Steve95 Very interested to see how normalising working from home will change things after… celibate will inherit the EarthRemember NoFap is literally your shield against corona, Kings @HighAngloGang @HighAngloGang But it won't be a repeating number what the point anymore 😔 @HighAngloGang A brief moment in the sun @gbaraldi11 Don’t listen to her bro we didnt know was "making it" meant surviving..
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯWashing down my daily vitamin d with monster energy just try it corona @simonelhanna @PunishedBukes @HighAngloGang Looking great as per SimoneOrthoCons liking the replies to my tweet but not my tweet itself. Curious. @PunishedBukes @simonelhanna @HighAngloGang Hey HEY! Only I talk to her like that, CAPISHE? @JeromeAtEnds @simonelhanna @HighAngloGang Dude back off @HighAngloGang @simonelhanna Stay away from her you creep 💪🏻 @PartyGoy Dog whistle: Classic Chinese dish of boiled dog head, specially prepared so that when it reaches the perf… @BowlClogger69 @startocrat Simply cannot relate @BowlClogger69 @startocrat Brother in law is the same kind of neurotic. He has his bike set up stationary in the ga… @BowlClogger69 @startocrat Literally just watch YouTube all day and sleep a lot it’s not hard bro @HighAngloGang @simonelhanna I’ll happily shut her up whenever she likesThe @Stannum500 1:1 ratio... some would call it... perfection
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯ @HighAngloGang Wow @simonelhanna Anytime SimoneI dunno what girl needs to hear this right now but @JeromeAtEnds This what she was up to just before the crash?Lol he retweeted trumpbux it appears Trump believes our economy is more important than our lives, it may be time to organize a…
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@Urbanus_Crusade Definitely don’t cut the [REDACTED] @notAfanOfgayPpl @CoolGuyIsOnline ok so this is all bait, good one broThis one's a real head-scratcher.
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯ @notAfanOfgayPpl @CoolGuyIsOnline I guess if you make up your reality in your head then you can make anything more pathetic than you, sure. @notAfanOfgayPpl @CoolGuyIsOnline Bro just give up you're being pathetic now
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯ @AustraliaFair_ Anglo genetic clock awakening in this time of crisis @AustraliaFair_ It’s not the primary goal, but is in whatever extent an unavoidable consequence. @AustraliaFair_ Sacrifice both I saythis is more accurate tbh
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Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯ @shawnfromtwitt I can’t tell anymore if these people are just not capable of comparing & extrapolating numbers prop… bros, learn how to cut your own hair. It's actually pretty easy. I haven't paid for a haircut in 10 year…
@shawnfromtwitt going off
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯEpic pandemic Trump to concave head retard Trump REAL quickBanner Health in Arizona says a man has died and a woman is seriously ill after taking chloroquine phosphate, in th…
Retweeted by S₮Λℕ₦UⅯ @shawnfromtwitt which book?This is the best and clearest explanation of why people need to stay at home you could ever wish to see
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