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@official2baba @Yung6ix @Nasty_CSA Yes I support the motion ✊🏼🦍🇿🇦X🇳🇬 @wizkidayo How good is ur TECNO MOBILE? @sexylauragirls @Rikki561 ❤️❤️ @wizkidayo is like that you album we go wait till next year oh @_Tokyoxx Lolz, am not a Chelsea fan but today because of you am telling my baba to put win on Chelsea head 😂 @_Tokyoxx I dare you I dare you I dare you You can't do it . @OwnDoctor_ @Nappyblaze @GloCare @santiagopad @GloWorld This my number 0811 795 7800. My full names are: Apra mark Apra @GloCare @santiagopad @GloWorld My data doesn't last at all🙄🖤🖤🦍🖤🖤 @DJXCLUSIVE This one u dey touch floor, bros corona virus still dey oh @MobilePunch Everyone are all concerned about the students who's exam had been cancelled, please do you all think a… @cuppymusic Cuppy still crushing on her Ex 🤣
@goal @Arsenal love second handed goods @kayzywizzzy Why can't I have all A's my favorite sounds 😂Eh no matter the shape or colour me I must collect 🤣🤣 #woman @heisremaNever be an Olobe 🤣🤣🤣 #woman @heisremaEnter the room give me your phone make them no go see me for Blog 🤣 #woman @heisrema @heisrema Actually am not Rema lover, but when @paulpogba dance that his song "Woman" I went straight to download i… @akaworldwide We all know you were paid to admit ur positive RAM @MI_Abaga @SpecialSlim 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙆 @akaworldwide Please delete your app and get the fuck off @premierleague @alanshearer Where is BRUNO @akaworldwide Face your death sentence alone idiot, who is we @BokangBusan @akaworldwide He is just a stupid celeb @Nhlanhla717 @akaworldwide Bruh🤣 @akaworldwide When did your doctor say you're going to die sef mtcheewwRIC 2020✍️✍️ @RicHassani Amen 🙏 @Shu_Ghar_ @Nappyblaze Because u always remember God when you're broke @TwitterGov can you please create an avenue where those who writes in Spanish, french, Portuguese etc can be translated to English @Cristiano @iAmDanky I follow back @heisrema @akaworldwide @KekePalmer @casspernyovest @ManUtd @ScienceinSport @heisrema @cuppymusic @MI_Abaga @heisrema
@NigeriaNewsdesk @channelstv @OfficialPDPNig @inihelene @GoalNews @goal @CharDuncker @realDonaldTrump @ManUtd @D_DeGea @premierleague @paulpogba @B_Fernandes8 @DJSPINALL @ManUtd @paulpogba @ManUtd @paulpogba @B_Fernandes8 @ManUtd @Mistakobz Him blind wa him go go kick bucket? @AVFCOfficial @wolexz_tricks Nasty 50k Yung6ix 15k Falz 15k Total = 80k I will preserve 20k for unforseen contingency @awbissaka @ManUtd @premierleague @cuppymusic @ManUtd sure ur following back sis 😍 hope u follow back 🙏❤️ @rioferdy5 @heisrema You pic the right teamBruno nwa mama
Retweeted by STARBOYYMIEeZY🦍🇺🇸🇳🇬🇨🇦 @DONJAZZY Mad oh ❤️❤️✊If TINUBU and AMEACHE witch Hunt you , you go fit stand ? @MI_Abaga When I grow up. But menh now I can't even think it again lolz my country so mess up right now. @MI_Abaga Oh I remember those days , if I handle this gun them no the ever kill me, once I hear war scatter ! As I… really still don't understand why a man have to pay for SEX he enjoyed alongside with a woman. This is so unfair. #Benin2020 @ikechukwuKillz @wandecoal @cuppymusic If this album no mk sense 😂 @Ogteamie @Olamide Lolz , falz say everybody na criminal 🤷 @Ogteamie @Olamide Do you know how many beats were sent to him, he is definitely making adjustments on some with hi… @emiene_ Anyway congratulations Girl 🙌. @emiene_ People parents are buying their kids car, my papa say the degree is enough to buy my own car WTF. 😭 This life no balance @Olamide If I ask this same upcoming producer to send me beat now them go dey charge me big bills, now they are giv… she is perfect ❤️❤️❤️
At this point in this life all I really need is a sugar mummy, Not this "sub for me" girls.🤧🤧 #osinbajo @Danielmarvin01 @StarboyyMIEezy @officialsweetch Small food way I chop this night, u want mk I waste ham for this math's 🙄 @AfricaFactsZone This is not the original, I know where it is kept . @kizento_ @mreazi @victorsozaboy @Uduakisong This is real sauce @chubiei Red @akah_joseph i don follow u boss mk sure u follow bk @MI_Abaga @TribeOfJudahTOJ Done @MI_Abaga @MI_Abaga you say small?🙄🙄We chose where we are comfortable, you girls chose where you feel comfortable too. How is that an issue now ? @greglaurie Nice article @jayemonet @tobibakre Tobi don turn Edo boys @BrymOlawale You're the best in what your doing
Retweeted by STARBOYYMIEeZY🦍🇺🇸🇳🇬🇨🇦 @Piousbae012 Apra @Zeefah18 ❤️✊🙏 Uwc @KMachaivelli @MI_Abaga Uwc sir @_yanmyfeh_ 🤣🤣🤣 @erigganewmoney I thought weed is illegal in this country 🤔 @KMachaivelli @MI_Abaga Cul but make it bold infront @Zeefah18 Happy birthday sweetdi. May Allah bless you beyond men expectations, may he give you wealth as well as pe…