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@dreamgirllxo It's impossibly good and we're glad you're enjoying it! @jt729_ 😘 @UriasBrenda That's it. That's the tweet. Crispy Grilled Cheese! 😋 @jt729_ It's as good as it needs to be Jessi! 🙂 @Ackpht Yup, it was made for you, Don! Glad you enjoyed every delicious bite. @LyssaMontana We know where you can find one. 😉 @Kay819 🥳 @dunkmasterflash They actually have the same amount of espresso as our other macchiatos! For our Cloud Macchiato, t… @Lavendar77 Cheers! @danaNmiville It was meant to be! Celebrate every sip. 🥳 @Kay819 It makes every sip a celebration! @annylu_cm We love that you have a new go-to, friend! @haizzswift Your wish may have already been granted! Starbucks Delivery is available in select cities. Simply downl… @zd_ppp Right now Starbucks Delivery is available in select cities. Simply download the Uber Eats app and search “S…
@stefanieelax Cheers to a new favorite sip! @spicyredacted Yes. 😉 @sanfordsydney See you soon! @JenAyala94 It's a great day for a Dragon Drink. @jacinda_johnson Happy Hour will return. Keep an eye on your app for details. @BlurryBishop Let's get you in touch with @StarbucksCare to look into this with you. @EqSmb In order to receive your Birthday Reward, you need to have earned at least one Star this year. If that’s the… @EqSmb Your Birthday Reward will arrive on your birthday, but we’ll send you an email reminding you beforehand. We… @BlurryBishop In order to receive your Birthday Reward, you need to have earned at least one Star this year. If tha… @ssavagehart Happy birthday! Thanks for including us as part of your special day. @imiuruok It's not every Thursday, but it will be back. Stay tuned to your app for details. @tati_altieri So glad you're enjoying it! @tati_altieri We're impossibly excited about it and can't wait for you to taste one!
@adelerobak Cheers to new go-to drinks! @Romance96350 Thanks for the kind words about your awesome baristas! @usfourandnomore If you use our app, you can save it to your favorites and order in just a couple taps. 🙌 @lyssahhxo Delicious down to the last bite! Try it with avocado spread next time, friend. @jaydaruiiz He's a keeper. @JasmineCudi Hi Jasmine! 👋 @brooke_ruth That's some high praise! We're glad you enjoy it. @ryan_pelfrey Oh no! Please let your barista know anytime this happens - we're always happy to make it right. 💚 @IKnowPlaces_15 🙌 @angelaouimette We hope it turns the rest of your week around. 💚 @mikayla_meyers What a kind gesture from from their @Target baristas. Thank you for sharing. We hope it provides so… @CDamianWrites Priorities. @StayCoolGoddess 💚 @Bouchermatthew2 No matter where you are on your coffee journey, we're here to help. @josh4flores The Starbucks Foundation will also commit $1 million in Neighborhood Grants to promote racial equity a… @DTR_BOSS Sriracha is isn't automatically included, but it is free! Just ask your barista (or add it to your mobile order). @Liser0423 Everyone's diet is different! To decide if it's right for you, we recommend checking the nutrition infor… @isayitsallgood The chances of enjoyment are 725 to one! @positivi_tey We don't currently, but in the future, who nose. @netolozano90 Please reach out to @StarbucksCare and our team will be in touch. @JessicaNorthwo4 There is approximately 85 mg of caffeine per shot of Blonde Espresso, vs. 75 mg of caffeine per shot of Signature Espresso. @Austin101blog Our work to be a different kind of company began long ago. Our partners (employees) told us that the… @JessA828 Stars that were set to expire in April, May, and June were delayed and instead expired on 7/1. @SandyMoraWrites Sending you Iced Coffee vibes with a dash of Cold Brew happiness. 💚 @JdaGreat41 However you say it, we're happy to help you find a drink to love! @thekpopaccount And we’re still sippin’ like Hyungwon! @josh4flores The shirts were provided at no cost. @Accord2Blaire Skinny Mocha sauce is no longer available to purchase. We recommend trying a Skinny Vanilla Latte or… @NatElizabethV We'll always be happy to help you find a drink to love. 💚 @Bmckall On Wednesdays, we sip pink! @chele302 The Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink is here to stay! @MyMuse18 Hi Michele, I'm sorry about the delayed response and that you were unable to use your Stars! I'd like to… @amiraabutuniss Apologies for the inconvenience. Due to the brewing process, we’re only able to make a limited amount each day. @JetSetNickRadio It's the most delish PSA of the day! @cassiewunsch We're convinced you're right! @thatedwinguy_ We're pretty happy to know that you enjoy it! @OgilvieCory Hey CoCo, the difference is in the brewing process which creates unique flavors! Our Cold Brew is cold… @tracun24 Sorry about any confusion, Tracy. Your stars that were due to expire in April, May, and June, were extend… @davidbowlin This contains 165-190mg caffeine per serving (12 fl oz prepared).
@gloreatweets We're glad you're loving our ginger spiced sips! Have you tried the Comfort Brewed Wellness Tea? @chriissaaayyyy We're so glad you liked it! @swiftly_jw Whatever makes your taste buds the happiest, Emily. @MyMuse18 See you then! @Castian Be sure to keep an eye out on the Starbucks App to find out about the next Happy Hour! We look forward to celebrating with you. @MyMuse18 Hey Michele! Your stars due to expire in April, May, and June were extended to today 11:59 PM PT. Though… @Lulabel59741265 We're glad you found your perfect at-home summer sip, friend! @richmondkm13 Hey Kimberly! All of your stars are reflected in your total star count and are available for you to u… @uhlishuhhh It's a great way to spice things up! @torriegundersen We love that you're loving it! @8lexnicole Good enough to be your favorite bite, Alex? @EARTH222GAIA Glad you enjoy it! @ShonteJanese Everything's coming up Shonté! Cheers to your winning Wednesday. @jen_lynn_m The highest of praise! Thanks, Jenny. @peachmoonpie Hooray! We're so gad you loved it. @mikfoolery Starbucks has no business relationships with suppliers that use forced labor and has a zero-tolerance p…
@gretchi We did, Gretchen. Items come and go as we’re always changing and evolving our menu to give you (and your mom) the best experience! @YOYO58Y Happy to hear that you love it, friend! @luisgomez88 Forced labor is a practice that we do not and will not support. Prior to establishing our Supplier Soc… @aestheticly5 Try our Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink! @_michaelhubbard Since this is a regional beverage Oatmilk is not available as a modifier in the Starbucks App. @phantomglennis We do not and will not support businesses that use forced labor. Before establishing our Supplier S… @LynseyGee 💚 @LynseyGee Sorry about that! The slow steep time limits the amount we can make daily, so it’s only available while… @richmondkm13 Sorry for any confusion. Your stars that were due to expire in April, May, and June were extended to… @Chavez49Francia Have you tried Cold Brew with Dark Cocoa Almondmilk Foam?
@bawseygal No need to apologize. 😉 @HoodSheikh Your stars due to expire in April, May, and June are still around. We hope you get a chance to visit us… @peachmoonpie Is it your new favorite, friend? @chloeejolliffee We're glad you love it, Chloe! @sweetenerofari We recommend trying our Pink Drink! @Alwz1 We see what you did there. 😉 @daygan Our commitment to sustainability and doing what's best for the planet remains unchanged, but in accordance… @carolineetuttle We're glad to hear you loved it!