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@rissageebabyy The holiday season is made better with friends like you! @5platted @MrMiscreant He better listen!Β πŸ˜‰ @karsten_bailey Way to go, Mom! @anadventurous1 @AlaskaAir You're a festive world traveler! @jonathan_shen7 πŸ’šβ€οΈοΈ @jonathan_shen7 Festive is a state of mind! @daaliaa19 Who knows? Keep playing to find out! @Mrs_KHughes @HooverCFISD @CyFairISD Merry Coffee! @Legendary_adri Our Snowman Cookie might get jealous. @mindinlala Wow! That's a festive filled day of luck! @kahtahnyo Don't cry because it's over, be happy because it happened! @DannyMobo Yum! @ciaocorrine You didn't know what you were missing! @rzzBxrt Thanks for the memories and delicious drinks! @noodles_r_they A deliciously festive customization! @HannahRubys @OhMySophii We're nuts for our Chestnut Praline Latte, too! @julieinkc Give our Peppermint Mocha Flavored Coffee a try! @zoilaksss We can help with that! πŸ’š Give us a follow and we'll send you a little 🎁 over DM. @K33l33_ Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Hot Chocolate. @Mannjay802 You can also give our Peppermint Mocha Flavored Ground Coffee a try. Find it on Amazon or at a store ne… @jonathan_shen7 That's a holiday combo sure to make anyone holly and jolly! @kiincaiid Awww, we'd love to treat you to a Honey Citrus Mint Tea! πŸ’š Give us a follow so we can send you something special over DM. πŸ€—
@CarrollJB9 Look who's the Siren now! @mkngoun Awe shucks, you're making us blush! 😊 @lilnushie19 We'd love to help turn those into happy tears! Would you mind DMing us? πŸ’š @ayedeespain Oh, mama! We'd love to make your day a little better. Would you mind DMing us for a treat? πŸ’š @sswannnk That's the tweet. @jguerr8 This is so kind of you, Jordan! We'd love to treat YOU now! Would you mind DMing us? @emilylinzhang No stressed tears, only happy tears! Would you mind DMing us! 😊 @miss_presleyyy We love this! Would you mind DMing us? We'd love to keep the kindness going! @KerryLy113 Lisa is the best! We'd love to help you pay it forward. Would you mind DMing us? πŸ’š @Am_I_Nicole You know what... we do! Send us a DM. 😊 @nelsonjusay We're glad it's hitting the spot! Enjoy every bite. @MariBMe No worries. Let's celebrate your belated birthday! Would you mind DMing us? @_JuicyJey We'll toast to that! @SALUTEMEIMTEREE You ARE beautiful! We'd love to turn your frown upside down. Would you mind DMing us? πŸ’š @NahlahV It's Christmas in a cup! We're glad you're enjoying it this holiday season. @wonderIandbts Ohhh this day! Would you mind DMing us? We'd love to make it better! @iSpoon03 Merry Coffee, Isaac!Β πŸŽ„ @beckaceedowd Oh no! We're sorry you're not feeling well, Becka. We'd love to give you a treat to help brighten you… @_kiaraarias It. Is. BEAUTIFUL! Would you mind DMing us? We'd love to give you something to enjoy while visiting the Chicago Roastery! πŸ’š @cbourque101 We love you, Rex! πŸ’š Rex's hooman, we'd love to treat you to some holiday goodness. Would you mind DMing us? 😊 @brookcollins23 You're not gonna let the temperature outside tell you what to drink! 😎 @wickedmade We're sorry you were having a bad day, Jackie! Would some more holiday treats make it better? 😊 Send us a DM! @MmeHMcA We agree with the barista, you are awesome! We'd love to thank you for your kindness with a holiday treat.… @maryrezacfarrow It's a holiday feast you can hold in one hand! We're glad you're enjoying it. @MadisonCrisler CUTIES! We love your holiday spirit! Would you mind DMing us for a treat? 😊 @LuvStassia We hope you'll be enjoying them soon! @nelsonjusay Your taste buds never know what hit them! @Sicangu_Lakota 'Tis the season. We love to see kindness snowball! @houghtlingbri It's the simple acts of kindness that can completely change someone day! We'd love to send a holiday… @yourgirlaruba We love how this situation turns out. Kindness changes everything! Would you mind DMing us? We'd lov… @shawolRae YAY! Would you mind sending us a DM? We'd love to treat you to some holiday goodness! @tinaamaria Our baristas are like coffee angels, sharing the holiday magic one cup at a time.Β πŸ’š @krgcleveland Thanks for keeping the kindness brewing! @CarrollJB9 The mintier the merrier! @DashRaven04 Glad you like it! @aloha_caleb96 Delish! @mori_ahk Let's get you in touch with @StarbucksHelp @Linda02100287 Hi! We're having troubles DMing you. Mind tapping that follow button and sending us a DM? @_Ashhlaay πŸ’š @Cierraaaaa_xo Enjoy every sip while it lasts! @vickivalium Yum! @mkngoun You're one of a kind! @BrandonSwanner Okay, this made us laugh!Β πŸ˜‚ @claudiforniaaa For the best experience of the beverage, we only offer tall and grande Nitro Cold Brew. With larger… @lllexxxiii Leveled up! @AmandaHowell15 We hope you feel better soon! @obc2 We love it when the kindness gets brewing! @ZhaRenee_ Feel better soon! @apuzzo_nicole Hi! The feeling is mutual. πŸ’š @aliyahgoodmusic Five Starbucks Reserve locations in the U.S. have introduced oatmilk as their newest non-dairy mil… @AmandaHowell15 Not feeling well or just your favorite drink? @ZhaRenee_ So, see you soon? @apuzzo_nicole Egg-cellent little bites! @Lisa__smiles We can get down with some bagel sauce. @CHOKETOZIER It's everything you could want in a sandwich, honestly! @_jaslynnnn It's a bite everyone gouda try. πŸ˜‰ @MMonroe4TheShow You can't beat an ooey, gooey bite! @brittanyedna15 And you win every one! ⭐ @_stefgiselle We hope you'll find yourself sipping one soon! @jessnicole21 Your barista is always happy to accommodate a request for light or no ice when you place your order.… @mori_ahk Just join Starbucks Rewards at least 7 days before your birthday & make at least one purchase in a store… @CianniDonaldson Come on over! @Titianaaaaaaaaa Also enjoy it made with Lemonade or Coconutmilk! @CasheeJayy Yum! @artsyneese Good thing it's available year-round! @kaaaithleen Give our Dragon Drink a try! It's our Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers made with Coconutmilk. @MICHAEL_PETRO Score! @sarahfitzmarie They make us deliriously joyful! @Laura_Lavinn The secret ingredient is love! @serpentvenomous Our Happy Hour is every Thursday from 2-7pm in December! @viviann79025762 We hear that! @sswannnk *Egg-xtra thick! @BeMoreWestmo A celebration of a semesters hard work! @Linda02100287 YES! She said YES!!! Check your DMs here in just a short bit. @GATORinaZ28 Well then we'll be proud of you for not shedding a tear and still get your coffee if you're okay with… @BelvaWilliamsen It's all about balance.Β πŸ˜‰ @mkbrannum Same! πŸ˜ƒ @nessa6119 Glad you're enjoying them!