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mocha and chiffon desserts 💫
Retweeted by star @shaikcena1 @hasanthehun 😐 @nitroIin wow @rivuhh i am p1 lol @fofo69333 @hasanthehun 🤫 @rivuhh LMFAAOOOOOOOOO if it makes u feel better i lost those games @hasanthehun me too lol @rivuhh -_-gm friendos ^-^ @Nioxist being honest, ur not @yosbrk when can we start
need a valorant duo who will motivate me to play ;( @Nioxist he’s just like u @AimzzUS LOL
not flirting just hot and talking
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@JTayy_ hey jtay @witnessqq yes🐻 @ketarawr me and haley literally did it last night u missed it. @slut4haley yes i am..
@ScrewFaceVAL now i’m stealing ur idea i will teach themvalorant community gives platforms to weird socially inept teenagers with their egos blown through the roof and are…
Retweeted by star @shaikcena1 @slut4haley NO she wouldn’t do thatguess that gamer’t blame me love made me crazy if it doesn’t you’re not doing it right @FateIuss did u get the last guy thowinning more in ranked bc i finally have some confidence when i play
@ISHlKA ur hot af shut it. @ketarawr thank u i’m trying to look older. @ketarawr that’s what i thought like that’s literally 1/6 of minimum wage at a normal job why would u everi love boobs🤧 @rivuhh just did the bangsi cut my hair @icarusVALO me pls 👍🏼tired of getting into these slumps where sadness just consumes me v_vi miss that feelingW @seanundertaker @nitroIin the other team is shooting ghosts @AHudd_ that’s my bestie @nitroIin i’m gonna stay quiet. @zerokbm @nitroIin LMAOOO RED ON JETT @nitroIin how do u crouch spray from that far and kill all 4before u flirt with me just know i am insane
@777eeiu happy birthday 🎂 @kevinshieldslut @milldumb omfg @crnrstrcghsyrp 😀 @nitroIin NITRO MEDIA @crnrstrcghsyrp omg@ @Peajayzttv work on your attitude @KnownAsLit @Boy1drr tomorrow @KnownAsLit @Boy1drr ok let’s play val then @KnownAsLit @Boy1drr he’s a man of tastesingle btw @neekojulz deserved ur a grinder @Nioxist @nitroIin hey what’s up. @xkaydenx_ i bet 100k on them winning i never lose @alex2sexyy @shaikcena1 @nitroIinty for the channel points LG :D @Justininoo that’s the goaldating and love is NOT for me 🫡
@Nioxist bro i did not play comp for like 3/4 of the time the games been out @Nioxist u have the male video game gene advantage and we’re the same rank 😴 @Nioxist that’s 4 bc i don’t play more@than 4 a day and wym 13 is the lowest i got and we still won by a landslide @Nioxist sorry i don’t lock duelist every game clown @JTayy_ me @Nioxist when pigs fly @nitroIin never finished anyhello>_< @ncockstick yeah @yosbrk u have 13k just post a selfie and your dms will be flooded w these guysfuck a 9-5 @shaikcena1 airbnb for myself ig @Redkbm @nitroIin i’m not going for u guys anyway i’m going to meet the queen and king (poki and hasan) @darthjeanius omg pls come @nitroIin ok more room for mewho’s going to san diego twitchcon? @Fixitfe11xx 🤔 @_jjavan hey javan @Nioxist wish i cared but i don’t. @rivuhh this was later when i took my dogs out 😞 they would have ate the geese. @kissubie 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩ummm i have a 6 pack @Nioxist @FateIuss ur blocked @Nioxist @FateIuss aren’t u supposed to be working or something. @FateIuss check the career i’m up good @FateIuss valorant @nitroIin @neekojulz ik i always start new shows and movies and never finish @rivuhh CHANGE THAT RIGHT NOW 💀 @neekojulz i need to finish it @parsazx 🤓 @parsazx … ur british @ketarawr hahah u s o bad @Zorkzy i @AHudd_ @rivuhh ok this is enough untag me NOW @rivuhh @AHudd_ LMFAOOAOAOOOO @AHudd_ LMFAOOOOOOOOO he never tags w sova drone i stg