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@Aeolus Damn. That shit hurted @savannahvangg I love girlsThe feminine urge to play only the pretty characters in every game ✨
@Zellsis Alexa play “deja vu” by Olivia Rodrigo @Aeolus you got me homie?I love how @ARIANARCHIST already knows I'm gonna win it before I do haha @squidosval @Zellsis I would leave Jordan to drown too @clgaming @benitanov Happy birthday!!! 🥳 @senzeehpai @cozyjozie The truth is too loud this morning @imane My queen I am right here
@ARIANARCHIST I’m literally right here you hoeThe final bracket of the GIRLGAMER NA Valorant Challenge. Congratulations to all teams! 1⃣@TSM🏆 2⃣@XSET 3⃣…
Retweeted by XSET starriebun @LucyMaeGames @girlgamerfest always love watching you cast the games! 💖 @senzeehpai @kumiiho9 bro you mean that? @mleQT_ Good night @LeahPanda_ @girlgamerfest GGs!!!2-1 VersionX, 2-1 CLG, 0-2 TSM, 1-0 Shopify, and 0-3 TSM. Please no more one day tournaments 😭😭 2nd place for… ABOUT DRIVE ITS ABOUT POWER WE STAY HUNGRY WE DEVOUR
@mooseloff @AYRINval @AYRINval it’s time for the 1v1 spectre only @LynnieNoquez EXACTLY @KP_fps I met Jordan through faceit and we have been together for 3+ years. Edating/Long distance isn’t always bad… @YukiAim damn my ace got stolen @CalCameron_ @AYRINval we gonna have to test this @ApplesauseX got my ace stolen sadge @DawsieeCS hard cap 🧢 @Zellsis hating on success 💯name someone who can use the spectre better than me, ill wait @XSET I’m streaming rn uwu
fav christmas song? @XSET to the NA GIRLGAMER Challenge Main Event! @ARIANARCHIST | @starriebun | @Lynnienoquez | @marynah_1 |…
Retweeted by XSET starriebunGood morning y’all just another day for me to lose all my rank games 😎 @sullycasts @XSET W🤪🤪🤪
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22 days till xmas @LynnieNoquez @XSET @LynnieNoquez @XSET HAVE FUN @pfitter_ @YukiAim @XSET uhhhh @TINARAES im jealous
@LightFPS_ @XSET Yeup! Will be going to philly @JessScharnagle @XSET Can’t wait to see you as well!! 💖 @DokuUK @KroVal_ I need to do MORE and work HARDER @ellietwitches @XSET cant wait to see you again so i can kiss you @punsandbunsgg @XSET Oooh~ can’t wait to meet you!! 💖 @yeksii_ @XSET Thank you 💖Can’t wait to #RepTheSet at the frag philly lan with my new @xset jerseys 🥰 who am I gonna see there? @KroVal_ I’m a slacker 😩 @Zellsis @vrfys Thank you friend 🥺Exactly a year ago, I quit my job to go full time in content creation playing valorant. Now I’m playing professiona… Champions certified new banger is so good, we created a full rhythm task from it 🔥 Play now, for free 😏
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@kyedae happy birthday~! @JessScharnagle @XSET It looks so good on you! 💖 @ApeX_AHC Manifest this @SyykoNT @NRGgg @JoshRTz @XSET lets gooo!!!! @PureRedfish @NRGgg sheesh good job!!! @XSET @AYRINval @T1BcJ @dephhgg @PureRedfish @zekkenVAL @SyykoNT LETS GOOO!!!! @zekkenVAL @NRGgg you went demon mode sheesh GOOD JOB~! @DawsieeCS @Zellsis damn you right @DawsieeCS @Zellsis is my bitch @cupkatez MOMMY? sorry MOMMY @mewkjy @MeltValorant get that money @The_Matador_X1 I never miss @senzeehpai Smhhh“LF duo” this and “need a duo” that, how about you kids DO your homework smh you kids focused on the wrong thing
Hey my @XSET friends. Can I get a help spreading the word on this for my #esports kiddos? @LynnieNoquez
Retweeted by XSET starriebun @RainenLeaf @NotDuckyD look a duck🎄XMAS EMOTE GIVEAWAY🎄 To Enter: — Follow & Retweet 3 winners - 1 emote each Hashtag your friend to increase your…
Retweeted by XSET starriebun @guildesports @roxi_hime Happy bday!! @chloe_hime7 All good 👍 @ApeX_AHC good @The_Matador_X1 If you have two duelist sure why not. If you have only one duelist and your team needs help taking space, probably not. @nateschanker @cozyjozie Need those ppl to go back to bedSome people really wake up everyday just to instalock jett and lurk
@YourPrincess W @ashIeybtw Girl same @Haldearest @Zellsis Facts coming over rnHappy #CYBERMONDAY! ⚡ Level up your XSET custom jersey look with our new H4X Pro Gaming Sleeves and #RepTheSet in…
Retweeted by XSET starriebun @Zellsis I’m right here you fake ass hoe @kumiiho9 @Zellsis Help @Zellsis Better sleep with one eye open the season to turn a candy cane into a weapon @zekkenVAL Lost all my respect for you too. You’re telling me that you’re boosting ppl and didn’t offer to queue up with me? SMH fake af
@BenikageCasts @Mod645 Haha they really are @nateschanker Happy bday!!! @JakkyyCS 😎😎😎watch my gun glow 😈 @kenzdxddy @XSET 🥺💖 thank you
merry chrysler a few days left to save 40% on 😈🔥 Take advantage while you still can. 😏 #RepTheSet
Retweeted by XSET starriebun @ellietwitches @XSET 😘😘😘😘 @marynah_1 @XSET ❤️Cozy @XSET merch type of day 🥰 @laylubug @YourPrincess These skins are so cute and I rarely play league haha but thank you cutie 🥺🥺🥺CAFE CUTIES GIVEAWAY ☕️💛💕 3 Winners Choose ANY CAFE CUTIE Skin! (International Giveaway) RT + FOLLOW TO ENTER Ends…
Retweeted by XSET starriebunCHAMPIONS VALORANT BUNDLE GIVEAWAY! Rules: - Like and Retweet - Tag 2 friends - Follow @XSET Announcing 12/8/21. G…
Retweeted by XSET starriebun @TheUltraLex Congrats!!! @Sissycortina Congratulations! You guys look amazing 🥺💖 @lxisha_ @NattyFPS
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