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She/they ✰#VTUBER BUTTERFLY ALIEN✰ ✰ MAMA: @mayavtuber ✰RIG @kobotano2 ARTTAG: #Yozzart

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I HATE SNOWI can't wait for the sub-a-thon the 11th!! Its my first uncapped one and I'm excited for it! Lots of fun rewards~OHAYOOOOZ!!!!!!! GOOD MORNING STARLINGS! HOW ARE YOU GUYS TODAY??I am Mao, the only Chinese dragon that has fought against Nezha and prevailed. After 3000 long years, I return to m…
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11!Need a new pfp for the week ! If you’re fine with me using you as my icon, please drop some art or a PNG ! (Preferably with credit) 🙏💕
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11! @TheFollowingVt Not if I follow all the vtubers first uwuHello Vtuber Community!! Want to help me on a way to follow EVERY single Vtuber there is? Let's Start!! #Vtuber #VTubers
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11! @MVjagaimo See I was told I wouldn't be happy with a company. Like there is not guarantee id get in I would apply f… ur cool
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11!I wish i could eat cheese without pain. @PlutiaCatsune CorrectHelping @pipimothercluck in minecraft makes me so happy @CaramelVT_ @KiniroEulee am okie!! @Digital_Bluez Human winters are awful @SaxClips I hate this Earth thing called winterHi Im yozzy and I slipped on ice taking out the trashGive me your attention NYA- 🎨: @/vickyangrial #Saxillust
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11! @tetrislicious its code vein!uwu what am I playing
a clip from the most recent minecraft stream! i baby rage more than i thought i did 😭😭
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11!Here is your antenna wiggles for the day! I love and appreciate all of you so much. Thank you for everything. And s… and quick. I'll make a better more in-depth thank you video tomorrow. I'm just not feeling the best right no…'ve been taking a few days off from commissions here and there for my own health and so I can make some art in my freetime, v comfy
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11!exploring the minecraft server! builds at spawn by @SirDayton and @XlDarkBluelX ! @Derial_ch GOOD THING I DONT EAT PEOPLE @pipimothercluck YOURE AMAZING SHUSH @pipimothercluck Hyio will teach me yes? @StarrieLibra Uwu how muchSo I gotta ask... Do you consider a butterfly alien a monster girl?Does anyone need some ✨emotes made by yours truly?✨
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11! @StarrieLibra Starrie emotes??? Uwu @rheya_heart collab yes yes @rheya_heart hiiiiiiiiiiiiiI think for todays stream we are gonna explore the minecraft server and do some just chattingi have said this once, and i will say it again: MY COMMUNITY IS NOT FOR MINORS. finding out someone is a minor aft…
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11! @SertlEGG the urge is stronk @pipimothercluck Thank you hyio!!! I will then!Good morning every cutie! Hope you guys have nice relaxing sundays! Can't wait to stream today @LavenderBunVt No one is a nobody. Everybody is someone. And I will. Its just cuz something happened recently. I'll be okay soon.My anxiety is bad again. I can't sleep without jolting awake. @kona_x_taros @pipimothercluck uwu @_CallMeDevon YOU TOO @KirynnVT NIGHT KIRYNNGOOD NIGHT CUTIES. I LOVE YOU! SLEEP WELL AND HAVE GOOD DREAMS @YggyVTuber ????
@KiniroEulee UWU EVERYTHING IS IN ANNOUNCEMENTS @KiniroEulee I HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE SERVER! @_CallMeDevon YOU'RE OKAY!! <3THANK YOU FOR COMING TO THE FIRST STREAM OF THE NIGHT BE BACK LATER FOR THE OVER NIGHT STREAM! UWU LOVE YOU! ALSO D… LOVE HER VOICE SO MUCH STREAM TIME COME HANG OUT! UWU CHATTING THEN CRAB GAME. @imRitaka My streaming goals are simple. I wanna make people happyThanksgiving's over, BUT Recently I'm soaking up a LOT of stream knowledge and a handy streamer "tool" HAS to be a…
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11! @luckybeargirl RIGHT????? LIKE WILL I DO GOOD WILL I FUCK UP OFC I WILL IM AN ENVTUBER WE ARE SCUFFED @luckybeargirl Right??? But also the small bit of anxiety @KiniroEulee Awww thank you! I've only voiced utauloids so thats all the exp I haveYou'll come to my stream today right? YOU SO MUCH GUYS WE DID IT 😭😭 Hope For The Day is a charity that promotes suicide prevention, it was picked b…
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11! @supergoodboi GLAD IM NOT IN VOCATWT ANYMORE GEEZEIMMA START MY STREAM A BIT BEFORE THE COLLAB CUZ I WANNA TALK TO YOU GUYS! @MagicalMysticVA OMG YESI'm wondering If I should get into voice acting more.... It seems fun but I don't think I'm good at it... YET uwu @pipimothercluck HYIO WHY @supergoodboi what happened? @kinetickhira please I need to see this @VThighs__ crab game collab!! I'm excited to be able to stream today with out issues! @pipimothercluck CONGRATS HYIO!!!I LOVE THE NEW HOLOLIVE GIRLS AAAAAAAAA HOLOX IS GREAT THEY ARE ALL SO CUTECRAB GAME COLLAB TODAY CRAB GAME COLLAB TODAY CRAB GAME COLLAB TODAY CRAB GAME COLLAB TODAY CRAB GAME COLLAB TODAY!… @harmoairgetlam Thank you!! @Kitsune__Spirit Mei is still super cute @selcyka @SinnamonSucc I mean yes but I love sinna and will support her no matter what @selcyka @SinnamonSucc Any sinna content is good content @Metaldragon416 Yes!! @ttlcosmic Thank you!!!Hello! What can I get for you?
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11!I am tired but let's go baybeeeeeeeeee
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11!~Melody*:・゚✧ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ #Illustration #digitalart
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11!SO CLOSE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THANK YOU GUYS. I LOVE YOU LOTS. KEEP BEING AMAZING🌸Fan Art Contest🌸 When: Now until Jan. 7th 2021 Theme: Anything & everything Yakuza Mom related; Any of my outfits…
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11! @LunariValkyrie @MayaVtuber just tagging in case you wanna enterHey, if you can read this... Yakuza Mom is very proud of you 💜 Keep working hard and trying your best. So long a…
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11!HERE IS EVERYONES PLACEMENT!!! :)) thank you to everyone that sent in a picture, this was really fun to do!!…
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11!My minecraft server is my fucking mood rn @MayaVtuber ITS SO HARD AND ANNOYING BUT ITS GOING WELL FOR MY FIRST TRY @LeeandLie HECK YES! WE ARE COMING BACK! @Elvyrn THANK YOU!! IT'S MY FIRST TRYI'm reposting this because like I do take commissions👀 I will warn my art style is doing a little bit of a shift to…
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11!
I think I'm doing it... @shelly_vanhros omg...this is...perfect I love thisWhen you said you're not good a graphics all I can think of was the "graphic design is my passion" meme and then I…
Retweeted by ⭐️YOZZY⭐️【ENVStreamer】sub-a-thon 12-11!What to stream today?Not good at graphics as you know but! I will be having a sub-a-thon/dono-thon Dec 11th!! Its gonna be uncapped and… MORNING STARLINGS~ Let's get back to having fun ne?Welp when I get to 2,400 followers on twitter I will cry because. I will have finally proved to myself that I can d… @pipimothercluck @Seiryu_ch WAIT YEAH WHAT THE HECK
@Oetakeo ;DLFJlksadfjlksdajfldsjflsdjfsdjflsdjldslkfsldfs; @kureijiollie A cute zombie idol like you deserves this and more! Keep up the great work Ollie!