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ooo you wanna kiss me so bad

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hehe @seokkcalz 😱😱😱why do y'all tweet the same shit over and over again,, we get it you don't like them now shut the hell up
Retweeted by mae is a military wife 🧑‍🚀 INDIGO!! @2seokys LMAOO SNOWY @c4refullyy theyre secretly in love with me 🤫 @hobislexi RIGHTT LMAOSHES SO ANNOYING!!! @badboylix keep waiting 😵 @linabcrry this should be a popular opinion. everyone should agree with this!! @stars4raine @choerrycals LMAOO @STX3R but it’s not me, silly!😋😋 @painkilIurz ur wife.. @OldieOldie_ oh no🥺 @ponkiepee BOYFRIEND 1???? @sundropXsimp TYYY im gonna be rich now 😉 @Crypt1cRa1n HII CRYPT @ajaxcalss no, you’re MY evil twin. 😇 @anemicmali i am namjoon @rottngflesh tell me baby, do you recognize me? well it’s been a year… it doesn’t surprise me! @cal_crusader YES IT IS👅👅👅 @tictac_omads no??? wtf this is ME @skinnyemo69 ITS TRUE @skinnyemo69 normalize pissing in my mouth rather than pissing yourself @hobisskelly LMAOO TRUE @a45172 min yoongi! anyeong! @cal_crusader we are literally @tictac_omads actually this is me…dont spreads lies on the internet! @ajaxcalss i am you. @anemicmali ur gf! @bmgyucals i am uou @gotzumi999 UMMMM WTF why would i do that?? @IVANC0RD SHH PRETEND U DIDNT SEE THAT @melarexic smart..! @strlvsng ITS A JOKE HEHE @hobisskelly those veins 😳😉 @vanillak1sss smart. @tictac_omads EXPOSED!! @starve4mae This is fake. Mae doesn’t have friends
Retweeted by mae is a military wife 🧑‍🚀 INDIGO!! @berrybmi maan i be that pretty mf man 🤫 @sortcals MY FRIEND FOUND ME EDTWT ACCOUTN????!!! *real* *NOT CLICKBAIT* @hobisskelly COUSIN @blu3fl4mes FAKE?! wtf.. @starvetilldawn AWW ILY ❤️ @crissydaichu duh! @carticalories RAPTUROUS GLEE thats a new one! cute :3 @mybloodyblades whaaat? 🤔🤔🤫 @vdietvv LETS DO IT @sortcals SHHH 🤫 @poffincals FUCK YOU GOT ME @starve4mae Oh wait. I know you. You're mae. That one super unfunny edtwt user...
Retweeted by mae is a military wife 🧑‍🚀 INDIGO!!NUNZI… the 13th Reindeer ;)🎄 #HappyHolidays
Retweeted by mae is a military wife 🧑‍🚀 INDIGO!! @2seokys do you own the headers? NO!! you can’t take credit for that!! THATS PLAGERISM OR SOEMTHIGN
@poffincals hmm i dont think we’ve met! @IVANC0RD FYM..ITS SO GOOD @vdietvv “pussy!” mae yells. “you gave up so easily! hahahaha!” @vdietvv yeah. @2seokys LIARR @vdietvv jin comes out from the shadows. “actually,” his sweet husky voice says, “back off. i love mae. you are nothing, even with me.” @vdietvv IT KIND OF IS @2seokys no. @croisntae 😉 @rjkcal cause ur not the GIIIIRRLL i fell in love with…baby… @sundropXsimp WHAAAT HOWlayout change!! don’t forget me!! @2seokys OH YEAH?? YOU LEFT ME ON SEEN TOO @starve4mae left me on seen plz cancel her right now
Retweeted by mae is a military wife 🧑‍🚀 INDIGO!! @kcalchaos i knew i should of made it more obvious!!! @temphobic a university dropout retweeted ur reply. how does that make u feel? @hobislexi HAHAHA I TRIED TO MAKE IT OBVIOUSis this too realistic..🥺 @anxietyanddc ME TOO @hobislexi NOO ITS OK LMAOguys pls get the joke ☹️ @hobislexi 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅WHAT DO I SAY?? @carticalories so cute? :3 @chwiminy SORRY I DIDNT SEE THIS BUT UM he hasn’t left yet but i dont think bighit is gonna tell us when he’s leaving 😭 @cutekittysum1 LMAO GOOD QUESTION @BoneMealk i was the sniper. “that’s what you get for saying an emoji out loud 😂” i say the 😂 emoji out loud. i am… @vdietvv “don’t cry, venus,” a husky deep voice whispers from somewhere… @vdietvv why is this actually good @bellatrixiez @coochiekcals
@BoneMealk i brush your hair away through my fingers lovingly. “don’t miss me too much ;)” @jmnIoml @linabcrry not even mine?
@mikirexia the only false thing here is YOU 🤣 @mikirexia people who like spongebob 💩 @c0keheart WHAT RU OKAY @nayeonkcal WOOOOO @nayeonkcal 🕯️🕯️🕯️get better🕯️🕯️🕯️ @h0birexic ily DO IT @huekacals LMAO <3 @glazemunchkin me gustas tu @huekacals IMPOSSIBLE!! @huekacals ANOMALY LMAO and yes it’s very nice to interact hehe @huekacals THANK U FOR SAYING THAT ILY @huekacals this tweet was very sexy of u