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I've seen a lot of JS experts in my timeline. Can you help with this question? @makneta You can use 1/2 2/2 for example 😬To describe more @makneta Ask the question in a separate post, I'll retweet it so maybe some of my followers will give you the answer. @TheNJDevOpsGuy Any project != passion. If a person has a project in portfolio it doesn't mean this person is pass… @DivDev_ I want this planets thing 🤩 @ECSYoungCodes Yeah) I'm not talking about some awesome and creative designs. Just some simple styling to make the…
@adedayo100 Sure. You can use any kind of marks. You can also check fontawesome for some other marks instead of default bullets. @JayRayZ1 I was there about a month ago, but I've checked my resume and portfolio as a recruiter and paused my desi… @ayqod Да, есть много более современных инструментов. Я только "за". Вообще верстать можно и с jpg картинки, если… @adedayo100 Looks very good. I like the colors. Just 2 things: - change your favicon to the logo - it's not a goo… @ayqod Здесь верстка из специально подготовленных изображений с разметкой + Figma. Все картинки были заранее подгот… @_ablil Yeah. Quality is still > quantity. @mr_wormhole The most common thing is when people are finishing 4-months coding schools and want to get a job as a… @CypherK3 Agree. But in most of the cases the piece of code is just missing or not working good. It's just better… @ayqod What's wrong with PSD? @_ablil Yes. And this is a big mistake. 1 good project in portfolio can be better than 5 made very quickly just to fill the page. @Dailygrind___ 😅everyone has a box with an army of unfinished projects) @IamDONSN Yeah, or vice-versa. CV is good and portfolio is killing all the impression about a person. Both situations are common. @Arpit5739 I'm not hiring devs atm 🙂 Just can help you with youre resume review if you need it. @juliocsantaman Hope to check your website when you will add more info into it. @juliocsantaman The website is pretty simple. As I understand it's your resume. My advice is to delete "40%" from… @IrenSayWhen @_UmairHafeez_ Dunno if I will post it again but I hope to finish it this week. Need to discuss with… @erkdonovan Yup, agree. I have several stories when even teams of devs were rejected because their code samples were bad. @_UmairHafeez_ @IrenSayWhen Many clients these days want mobile first. So this is just my personal preferance. It's… @makneta Thank you! It helped me to learn a lot of staff. Especially modal windows. And it's my first PSD to Code… @shahmir049 Awesome. Wish you good luck with your future projects. Hope you will get more clients soon 👊 @ljc_dev 😅Yeah. That's my mistake to send here something without responsiveness. But thank you 🙂 @erkdonovan This is exactly what I meant. In real world there will be a candidate with just better portfolio and h… @ahmedcommandoV3 Yes. But I think they can do everything much better just paying a bit more attention to their own… @rasifrana Awesome portfolio, Asif 🙂 I like it. It's clean, with good layout and colors. Everything is working and… @shahmir049 Are you already working as a dev? @abakushkin Да, согласен. Я рекрутер и много моих коллег из других компаний откровенно халтурят, публикуя вакансии… @VeraKatic @joojaco @_UmairHafeez_ Feel free to tag me when you will need help) @ahmedcommandoV3 I'm not sure if it's good. I hope they will give their works for a quick review before sending to… @joojaco @_UmairHafeez_ That's why I'm also here) @joojaco @_UmairHafeez_ 😊Already sent this message to several of them and also offered my help to make their apps looking better. @IrenSayWhen For this project? Everything is vanilla. Only HTML, SASS and JS. @shahmir049 Actually, everything is good. I like the website in general. The only thing - maybe you will make 100v… @_UmairHafeez_ Yeah, many people afraid of criticism. But it's actyally the way you can understand your weak sides… @JordanGauger Devs in general - no. Front-end devs are partially designers too. Their main job is to create not on… @MadeusBlack I've found a few bugs. In general - everything is good. Can also recommend to add a possibility to… @_UmairHafeez_ Yes, unfortunately. Their works can be much better with even partial mentorship or just public reviews. @ReachThabo Yes. Agree with you. @IrenSayWhen Personally I don't like this approach. And will use it only if the client needs mobile firs. In this… @IrenSayWhen Thank you 😊 Responsiveness will be added a bit later after finishing all the main elements. @labinot_jaha Nope. Will be a bit later. @somtozech Yes, responsiveness isn't in priority for the client right now. So it will be made after finishing all t… @TExcessive Cmon, MVP is not the same as portfolio works 🙂 Portfolio must impress the employer. We are not speaking about making rough MVPs.Okay, I've received a message: 'It's easy to criticize others show your projects'. Feel free to criticize a proje… @CodyRush21 No problem. Good luck in future! @TExcessive You're right. The logic of the app is in priority. 100% agree. But if you want to sell it someone - yo… @CodyRush21 For juniors - doesn't matter. Just be sure it's looking good. Even with vanilla CSS. But if the compa… @ahackeridpunto Yepp. Several times links from Resumes redirecred me to 'non-existing' pages. People said me later… @jrleonr 🤦‍♂️So much typos in prev message Yeah, probably. I have a feeling that people just forget to upgrade their own portfolio tbh. @_WaylonWalker That's what I'm saying. As you said - you will check it once again before sending to the employer.… @jrleonr Sure. I'm not saying that this person is bad for a job. But portfolio is like your face. Your marketing c… @_WaylonWalker Both custom design or Bootstrap are okay. What I meant is if you're adding some project to your por… @TExcessive I expected people care about their works, especially on Junior level where you need to show employers y… @ravavyr 🙂Yes. But they are looking for a job like a Juniors, not trainee, and don't care much about their own portfolio. @est_walter_elle I had the same face checking some of the portfolios. Looks like people don't care about their own works. @jrleonr Yup. I understand they are juniors. Same with me. But it's your face. A thing that will be 100% checked.… @vijayhardaha Same thing with non-working buttons or links, cards, etc. So many unfinished things. @vijayhardaha Actually, I'm okay to check something common. But what about the visual part? Some people showing pro…'ve checked ~20 resumes of Junior Front-end devs in my country that are looking for a job (from LinkedIn). Most o… @vijayhardaha Is it an abbreviation from "FronTend develoPer"? @makneta 🙂I'm not saying it's bad. I like how you're growing and I hope to see some new projects from you very soon… @RedThemer I had a few websites on WP. And one is currently running on it. I'm not a big fan of WP and PHP 🙂 And I… @makneta Yeah and it's great. While learning new staff some priorities can change. Btw you have an awesome progress, way faster than mine)I've changed a bit my learning roadmap. Want to learn some basics of Gatsby to create my dev blog. So far Gatsby… @DivDev_ I can't post it now 😅
@cruicky_codes 😅Let me practice a bit with it) @NKiwibird Yeah. When you showing some code to non-devs - they can't understand the whole code but can find some un… @aniribe Just started it on FCC today. Looks awesome for now 🤩 But maybe I will change my mind later 😂🙂It's funny to use Regex message: xLjeqNbaKvfwAyhgSMezUclfQriuOPzxTb @jh3yy @greensock @pablostanley @CodePen Can you make the same with bugs in my code? @nialljoemaher 👊 Already connected) @_marcba 😯 I actually like the second idea. I'm not an expert in tea, just like to drink it. But yeah, could be awe… @RandallKanna It's like playing football. You can watch World Cup as many times as you want but you will start pla… @ravinwashere UL - ugly list OL - okay list OT - okay, time for some coffee @_marcba Coding, Science, Space, Games, Tea, Burgers 🤔 @jh3yy @dark_mefody Спасибо, @jh3yy Now I can read it in my native lang 😅
Congrats everyone who read this. You've passed the first stage (half) of 2020 🏆 It's a good time to prepare for a… @GioldwynMyr That's what I'm always doing now. But I need to back to pure CSS for a single project. @ahristoskov Will also use jQuery very soon 😅I need to finish a project I've started coding in pure CSS. After using SASS for several projects it's like moving…
@_marcba Several times I won vs my friend who played chess pretty good. And once I almost won his dad who played li… @_marcba 🙋‍♂️I hope to unpin my pinned tweet this year) @FrancescoCiull4 @aniribe YES!, @FrancescoCiull4 Look what I have 😎 Thank you @aniribe @Basit_Miyanji How about starting a new project? 😅 @NKiwibird I want this view from my home/office 😯 @ellie_html @aniribe @FrancescoCiull4 @telmo I knew you will like it 😅 @aniribe @FrancescoCiull4 @telmo I'm taking the power of all @ellie_html sheep to send you a massive thank yooooou!… @aniribe @FrancescoCiull4 @telmo Same text + my name with this one 😊😊😊 @aniribe @FrancescoCiull4 @telmo @telmo It's okay until you will format master branch of your company's project 😅 @FrancescoCiull4 @telmo I need to add similar © sign on the gif) @telmo @FrancescoCiull4 @FrancescoCiull4 @telmo His twitter timeline is one of the best here. I would say it's the best for beginners in terms of basic HTML/CSS/JS.