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🇨🇦 1701% Star Trek. Also Stargate 🖖 Sisko is my Captain. Jackie Chan. Currently binging Murdoch Mysteries & M*A*S*H. Married to @TheyMightBeGeek

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@ImBabyStrange 😂😂😂 I don't think I differentiate between pants off and everything off so I can only think of The Ac… @Larkistin89 @ella_persiste I must have missed that one, sorry!! @Larkistin89 @MirrorChas @jasonsfolly Oh my gosh so cute!! @HenInAHat1 I didn't even notice 😂 @HenInAHat1 OMG YES. 5 points to Linda's bum! @missapea Yeah it's... there. @dxndeliions Blink of an Eye and Relativity are two of the best Trek episodes ever made! @Larkistin89 Omg I forgot he was practically a baby in that one! So little! @ImBabyStrange The adorable factor is definitely cranked up so it gets some credit for that! @Larkistin89 It could have been so good with the two of them in one movie.. but it was very very not good 😂 Nice 'scenery' though @ImBabyStrange Yup the Medallion is an ALL off movie! 👀
That said, it's still better than The Tuxedo as is. @MattTheGamer 😂😂😂So, basically, if it were a different movie it wouldn't be so bad 😂If you removed Lee Evans entirely and all the weird bits with the medallion itself, The Medallion would actually be… @ImBabyStrange I have a stack of DVDs just waiting for the pants tally to return! @TrekAntics Gotta go with season 3! @ShuttlepodTwo DS9 has to take the top spot for me, but ENT is a very very close second 😊The Doomsday Machine. Amazing Acting/Writing/Guest Star/Music/Pacing. For me, no matter how many times I see it,…
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @ImBabyStrange Can’t have that! It would be illegal. I also have a few movies I haven’t seen so I gotta add those… @ImBabyStrange We have Jackie Chan thirsting reputations to uphold 😂 @ImBabyStrange You know me too well 😍😂Businesspeople! Marketers! Artists! Looking for a new way to combine professional networking with the greatest fra…
Retweeted by Static Warp BubbleI still can't believe I went from thinking that Star Trek Enterprise was awful to it now being my second favourite… don’t want boys. Girls want DS9 in HD.
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @zoidberg95 Oh good, I hope you liked it 😊I watched one movie this year in theatres (on Jan 1) and it was JoJo Rabbit. @a_simple_tailor I thought he had muted me by accident 😂 @TrekkieRob @TheyMightBeGeek Miss you too 😭 Here's hoping there's at least one more DST in our future! Sorry I hav… @dxndeliions Definitely understandable! The last few seasons had some really great episodes if you do decide to go back to it @TrekkieRob @TheyMightBeGeek ♥️ And it's even worse because we are literally sitting across the table from each other 😂 @dxndeliions Parks & Recreation, Supernatural, and Jackie Chan/kung fu movies! I also really really love White House Down 😂 @TheyMightBeGeek test tweet because Matt says he never sees my posts in his timelineFun fact: Up until 1982, Canada Day was officially known as "Dominion Day". Seriously! 😂 (Owing to us starting off…
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Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @rashiduzzaman82 @TheyMightBeGeek Thanks, Rashid! 🇨🇦🖖♥️ I started my day by sleeping in until 9:30 so I think that…
Thirteen years ago today, we witnessed the most bizarre, unexpected, yet oddly perfect plot twist in Doctor Who. I…
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @BenAdamsonDXB @StarTrekModels Oh no 😂 @BenAdamsonDXB @StarTrekModels Nice! I somehow managed to restrain myselfIn the late 90s I always wanted to go to the Star Trek con in Toronto and I'm kicking myself for not going!My first Star Trek convention would have been Destination Star Trek in Birmingham (which we only found out about a… @BatlethBabe Heard it was pretty good but haven’t had a chance to watch it yetJet Li has a Stargate in his house! @TheyMightBeGeek 😂😂😂 @TakaakiMasuda1 @TheyMightBeGeek Very fake horse 😂Omg the mom is great. “First we’ll set his house on fire”He didn’t recognize his mom because she was wearing a hat 😂 @StaticWarpBubbl Kung Fu fighting while crowd-surfing... that’s a new one!
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @TheyMightBeGeek I think she will beat some people up too! @TheyMightBeGeek I expect much more!The dubbing is awful, I love it 😂Going with a Jet Li movie tonight! 4 minutes in and there was already a very fake horse and a guy deadpanning “Can…
I'm pleased to announce that for July 2020 #TrekBookClub will be reading and discussing #StarTrek Destiny: Gods of…
Retweeted by Static Warp BubbleI miss this crew!! 😭💖
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @TrekCaptions Rule of Acquisition 102: Nature decays, but latinum lasts forever. @Oliviaj_8 Phlox is the greatest, which means you are now the greatest. @markhamlibrary Thank you for helping 😊
Every few years I get flashes of that really weird Peter Capaldi and Hugh Grant movie with the giant worm and terri… @JComm9526 90s Hong Kong movies are a special brand of weirdShoutout to @markhamlibrary for signing me up for a temp library card super fast! Library workers are saints during… @JComm9526 Now I want to watch it again 😂 @JComm9526 I just rewatched it in Cantonese and it's still hilarious, but I loooove when dubbed movies make everyth… the final fight scene is peak Jackie Chan @HenInAHat1 Yes! So over the top! @rashiduzzaman82 I know what I'm about 😂 @rashiduzzaman82 Who else would you expect from me 😂City Hunter is simultaneously a terrible movie and a fantastic movie and I love it dearly 😂 @anilkchander @TrekBookClub Yesss! Enjoy! 🖖 @HeyStevieLee @zoidberg95 I was really looking forward to going this summer, but that's definitely not happening. m… @HeyStevieLee @zoidberg95 That's the one! I've been a few times and it did get progressively worse (waaay too crowd… @zoidberg95 Would love that! And, if you time it right you can go to FanExpo in Toronto (once everything is back to normal) 🖖Due to day job getting busy I had to put 3D modelling my Starfleet ship on hold, but now I'm back at it! More progr…
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @TrekkieRob Please do this 😂 @pod_zero @rvkirk Thanks! 🖖😊Canadians pulling the "Masks reduce oxygen intake" trope. Imma stop you right there and remind you that 5/12 months…
Retweeted by Static Warp BubbleMy mom showed my dad the radar photo for the thunderstorm and he goes, “Mmm pizza.” So yeah, he needs bifocals.
@JComm9526 Ha! :) I'll probably just read the first book for now, but always good to have the whole series on hand… @JComm9526 Yes, that's why I bought this version lol. @Oliviaj_8 I was planning as cosplaying as Jake Sisko one year with one of those awful bus-seat outfits! @TheStarTrekGuy Yup! It was cheaper to buy it bundled like this than as three separate books @rashiduzzaman82 First Contact and Beyond are always fun ones for an afternoon watch! @RyanBlackburn88 Maybe one day they'll release it in English 😊 @BrandonMutala Hahaha I can see why people didn't like it though. Will Ferrell on the other hand.. Can't stand him 😂 @BrandonMutala The Trouble With Edward was so weird, I loved it 😂 @RyanBlackburn88 I had a quick look and can only see it in German for some reason @TrekBookClub @anilkchander Yessss I was hoping it would be! I've been awful at participating lately 😢 @anilkchander Oooh exciting! Can't wait to see what you think of it too 🖖
@GatorNorthern Hahaha yes! Sometimes I'll find receipts from 15 years ago if I open an older book of mine @anilkchander I'm only like 40 or 50 pages in so I'm sure the intrigue will deepen!imagine thinking that in a show about a genderfluid alien traveling the universe in a phone booth the most unrealis…
Retweeted by Static Warp BubbleThis is like when people got mad over a man giving birth when someone in season 3 gave birth to literal kittens. @anilkchander I am definitely intrigued!Had a really long and busy week at work so I think now is the right time to jump back into the first Destiny book! @Larkistin89 Ahahaha 😂 @Larkistin89 @Larkistin89 OMG this episode 😂Which sentient Star Trek hologram would you most like to hang out with?
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Remember how yesterday was FebruaryI'm going to start watching The King: Eternal Monarch because Netflix keeps pushing it at me (and they're right to…