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🇨🇦 1701% Star Trek & Stargate 🖖 Sisko is my Captain. I like Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and kung fu movies far too much (@KungFuGifs). Married to @TheyMightBeGeek

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I found this very random Worf thing I made several years ago.
@Larkistin89 😘🥰 @Larkistin89 Amazing art and being nice!
@xcarolinas I hope so! 🤞🤞🤞 It's so much fun!! @TheyMightBeGeek I had a crying laugh fit for like 5 minutes 😂😂😂 So good!Now international Trek fans can laugh at what I think is the funniest moment in all of Star Trek!… @Larkistin89 If it's not too late for Christmas movies: Happiest Season! @DoctorLongscarf Yess! I hope you enjoy it! Personally, I didn't like the first episode--it was a bit too chaotic… @DoctorLongscarf I don't think parody is the right description for it. You know when Star Trek does the weird and… @Captain_Revo In Stargate, season 10 of SG-1 has so many comfort episodes for me! S7 of DS9 has that 10 episode fi…'m gonna be controversial and slot The Orville in under Discovery season 3 @Captain_Revo LOOOL I didn't even notice. If it makes you feel better when I did the tweet I wrote it like this initially: 1 2 3 2 1 @Prefect_Timing It really was! It was the Trek show I was least looking forward to so it was a pleasant surprise th… that I've had time to digest S3 of Discovery, I can rank my faves of the new Treks! 🖖 1. Lower Decks 2. Discov… @WhoElseButTrav Yes! I think my issue is more with the character himself than the movie. He just wasn’t quite there…
I hope all you non-US/Canadian Trekkies enjoy #StarTrekLowerDecks as much as I did! Strange is probably one of my least favourites. Not that it's bad--it's definitely an enjoyable film. But fo…'s not Canadian TV unless you throw some shade at Americans every now and then @PherDejar @Larkistin89 AMAZING 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Static Warp BubbleOut of context Murdoch Mysteries 6/? WINS 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @CTTrekkie I'm terrible at names so if someone changes their photo there's a 7/10 chance I won't remember who they… of context Murdoch Mysteries 5/? @rashiduzzaman82 @Larkistin89 You are amazing Steffi!!! @dudworks @thePeaDock Nothing specific, just an accumulation of the past few years. @vectorpicasso Nothing in general, just an accumulation of the past few years. @Larkistin89 Loool friendships are important 🥰😘Sorry, I appreciate it but I am well aware of the reasons for this, you don't to explain it to me. It was a rhetori… @TheStarTrekDude Yup, and I hate that. @TheStarTrekDude Oh sometimes I'm all for it, too. I'll definitely give any new form a Trek a try. But then see my… @TheStarTrekDude Yup :( It's so tiring that there's a 9/10 chance the new thing being announced is a prequel, origin story, or reboot.. @TheStarTrekDude Here's a thought too: Brand new stories unrelated to other shows or movies 😲 @TheStarTrekDude Yes, but it is also confining and stifling. @leemerickson Arbitrary number. Replace 13 with what you wish. @dudworks That was my first thought too. The next one announced will be the story of how Marty and Doc meet 😂 @EarlGrayTrekkie Oh I'm not talking Trek here. Just in general. But I think trek can and should do one-off TV mov… related to my Thursday morning rant: Not everything needs its own 13-episode a season TV series. Sometimes a TV movie will do.I'm okay with prequels in general, but it seems like every new show or movie is now a prequel or origin story. @EarlGrayTrekkie I meant in general, but yeah this applies to Trek as well.Why does everything have to be a prequel??
Kamala Devi Harris is now the first woman, Black, Indian, Vice President of the United States of America. Run for office ladies. Run. 🏃🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by Static Warp BubbleThe motherfucker is fucking gone thank fuckMadam Vice President.
Retweeted by Static Warp BubbleAs a non-American, this is what I always think of during this song. forget WHO he directly ATTACKED on his way out. #LGBTQ PEOPLE Our LGBTQ ELDERS, Our LGBTQ PARENTS, Our L…
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @1701Trekkie Hopefully you can make it one day though. DST is A LOT of fun! 🖖 (Also glad you're better from covid!) @1701Trekkie I also don't trust the UK to have its shit together. The indifference in that country knows no bounds.Definitely not this year. I don't trust the US to have its shit together by then... of context Murdoch Mysteries 4/? @PDPdoesTrek I thought this was Lady Gaga at first glance 😍
Out of context Murdoch Mysteries 3/? got me Star Trek socks as a belated birthday present! 🖖🥰 @johnbowman I love this show 😂Out of context Murdoch Mysteries 2/? @Captain_Revo Sub Rosa: With a Vengeance
🎨 COMMISSIONS OPEN! • People/ Pet Portraits • Profile pictures • Illustrations for couples 💕 Click bellow to see…
Retweeted by Static Warp BubbleOut of context Murdoch Mysteries 1/? @LizRoseMorriss YES! I cosplayed Sub Rosa Crusher with a few others a few years was a crime to not have seven, t’pol, and deanna wear their starfleet uniforms all the time
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @kitkatJanebae Ooh good one! @TrekBliss Thank you so much! 😊 @TheyMightBeGeek and I were on an episode of @TrekRanks together a while back which… @oncampus2k Perfect! 😂🖖
Murdoch Mysteries is such a ridiculous show and more people need to watch it @asleepythief @creeptasticsam Enjoy the journey if you go on it! Coursera has free courses you can audit as well 🖖🖖🖖I'm really enjoying doing this simplistic style. Star Trek Enterprise
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @asleepythief @creeptasticsam Woo, beta solidarity! I always enjoyed being a beta slightly more than writing so I f… me Weyoun in a baseball uniform, you cowards.Okay but what if they settled the Domion War through a game of baseball @zwiebelbaguette I'm going to try and remember to notice this when other Cardassians speak! @travisjohnson Oh, not at all! 🖖 @zwiebelbaguette I don't know how to write it, but like how it is in "measure" @Captain_Revo Yup! I'm thinking it's intentional that he pronounces it differently @Captain_Revo I've noticed Dukat is pronouncing it with a ZIconic. @ryantriddle @ShelfNerds Oh that sounds amazing!Bajor: @HeyStevieLee This is absolutely correctI started as a fanfic beta when I was 15 and now I’m an editor at 32. Takes like this can unkindly fuck off. @AccidentalTrek Yes! I remember being pretty impressed at how cinematic it looked (and it was a big deal that it was widescreen!)City on the Edge of Forever is one of Trek's finest episodes, but it would have been even better if Uhura went back with them @brodnick82 Good one! The cinematography in Discovery is outstanding!What would you say are the prettiest episodes of Trek? DSC and PIC are generally pretty overall so I'm looking fo… Bashir in pyjamas appreciation tweet.'m raising money for Help Flex’s Medical Bills. This is my neighbor’s dog. Any help will be appreciated. Click…
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@Jeeshadow1 Damn straight! First time watching I really disliked him, but now he's my favourite part of season 9 & 10!Sassy Daniel is the best Daniel cutie I like about Ark of Truth and Continuum is that they can swear! screams) for some SG-Angst! at Sam introducing only 3 out of 20 people on the bridge @Leejay1963 Thanks!They multiplied 👀 @AndorianSoup @Larkistin89 YES @Larkistin89 KAWOOSH wonder what this could be! @armourergreg878 @rvkirk Malcolm became captain in the books! USS Pioneer!