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I'm in love with the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer music remix @DJohnBrown I think I might have to do that and collect all the signs 😂 @BatlethBabe I'm so sorry, Heather 💔 @TrekkieGirls @BBCNews I really need to know, too. And I also need to know if it comes in red. @DJohnBrown Possibly! Any photos? @HenInAHat1 I usually watch the first one released (maybe a second one if it’s far away enough from the release dat… i can’t think of any other signs in Stargate. Please share Stargate signs because apparently I have a need to see them.Very random, but I wish there were more signs in Stargate. @rashiduzzaman82 I’m sorry :( The next DST is going to be hard
@rashiduzzaman82 So sad 💔 hope you’re okay, Rashid. @rvkirk @Twintroverted DS9 will be bittersweet :( @Twintroverted I’m sorry 💔 it’s so sad that our favourite actors get old just like everyone else. Never expected :( @Twintroverted Such sad news 😢Oh no :( @rashiduzzaman82 I am fine, thanks! I screenshotted this a while back and it made me laugh 😂Mood the best Welsh cakes from @welshlavender today 😍 and made by a fellow Canadian! @rashiduzzaman82 @BodyByStarfleet The beard is looking good on you!
@sabre_ferret The best British Tits’m so mature.
@StargateDaily I kinda feel like watching the Jonas season now!Jonas Quinn #Stargate #StargateSG1 #StargateNow
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@PrincessJL21 Good luck if you do 😊 @PrincessJL21 It's microstock, so usually marketing people will have a subscription and be able to download a certa…, if you’re like me and take a crapton of photos and then hoard them on your harddrive, you can sell them on Sh… made another sale of my photo of Star Trek book spines on shutterstock. Pretty soon I'll be able to afford a whol…
@Tyranicus If timing works out, we may just go--never been to Chicago either. Be prepared for Due South references. @Tyranicus That is super tempting!! It's only an 8 hour drive from Toronto so definitely doable! @thegatecast Definitely steals every scene he's in!I found this on my desktop and you should know I love Zelenka. #StargateNow @DavOakMus @TrekkieRob Blink of an Eye is one of my all time faves, I think it'd be a great episode for a non-Trekkie!Orville-appreciation post #1: My favourite thing about the show is how genuine and earnest it feels, despite the jo…
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @TrekkieRob Do you know what some of her favourite movies are? Might be good to match a few eps that have similar feels!Get ready for the Stargate tweetstorm!
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @raijuTheHyeju let's all pour one out for the women writers and actresses of star trek, who were constantly shuttin…
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@Larkistin89 YAY! I’m so proud of you! @Larkistin89 You will do fantastically! They sound like a great place to work 😊 @Larkistin89 Sounds like a much better place for you! @Larkistin89 Moving out of retail was the best thing I ever did for my mental health. A new job will be stressful,… @Larkistin89 It may be uncomfortable in the short term, but in the long term this sounds like it's so much better f… job, Liz, calling Nigel out on his bullshit. #BBCYourQuestionsI actually hate him. He represents the worst part of the UK. He is the worst of humanity.Someone needs to dropkick him into the sun.Why does the BBC keep giving Nigel so much air time? It's too early to see his disgusting frog face. @Tyranicus Definitely planning on making it to STLV one day!
@rashiduzzaman82 That must have been so hard, and I’m sure it still is :( ❤️ @rashiduzzaman82 I’m sorry ❤️ @SaraDav73047265 It has no business being that good! @PrincessJL21 Not excited for the snow @SaraDav73047265 Voyager is best at picking random episodes and watching those and DS9 has such a wonderful arc.… @PrincessJL21 Yup!#Stargate Question of the Day! How likely are you to subscribe to a streaming platform (or switch to a streaming pl…
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @BaronDestructo @bradtravelers @AmazonStudios @AppleTV @CBSAllAccess @disneyplus @hbomax @hulu @NBCUniversal have a very strong urge to rewatch Stargate, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek Deep Space Nine, but I also have to…
@CodySDax Yup, happened with every Trek, Discovery isn’t the outlier. Haters are just more visible and accessible n… @CodySDax It’s almost as though they enjoy doing that :/ I have my issues with Discovery for sure, but I’m not gle… @CodySDax It's sad that when something doesn't go their way, they have to shout and start a boycott. Just don't wat… @rashiduzzaman82 Ooh enjoy!! @rashiduzzaman82 Awesome! are you going opening night? We’ll probably try and go Saturday or Sunday morning! @rashiduzzaman82 Same!
America: “Only guns can keep us safe!” Great Britain: “Pass me the Narwhal tusk and fire extinguisher.”…
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @skittle479 @Larkistin89 @TheyMightBeGeek I got water in my shoe and lost my lens cap but at least I got nice photos 😂
When you lay in bed and watch Star Trek all day 🖖🏻
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @rvkirk @TheyMightBeGeek Oh no 😂 @anilkchander @TheyMightBeGeek'm talking to @TheyMightBeGeek about random stuff while he's working and he goes: "I think I'm looking for non talking right now." 😂David got ratioed because David is a moron @DavidWohl You are a sad individual. @AlwaysGallo Good!! @Larkistin89 So sad :(I hope all my London Trekkie friends are safe today @TheyMightBeGeek It's the "I was only making a joke" mentality. Of course he meant it, he just got called out on it. What an asshole.Stanley Johnson is a despicable man who raised a despicable son. @Larkistin89 Apparently I'm very pessimistic this morning 😂After you've paid for it, of course.New law: If you treat retail employees like trash (not just on Black Friday) then your purchase is taken away and donated to a charity.Think of how great the world could be if society didn't focus on profits @Larkistin89 The Johnsons are just the Muggle Malfoys @Larkistin89 You are very correct 😂Am watching BBC Breakfast and there's an old white British man being exactly how you'd expect. Had to look him up.… @battleaxe1959 Christmas actually brings out the worst in people. Sorry you had to deal with all thatAlso consider not going shopping on Black Friday
If you're shopping this Black Friday, please be kind to retail workers. Many have to work extended shifts and aren…
Retweeted by Static Warp Bubble @TheyMightBeGeek A new phobia for you! Merry Christmas from your wife :) @TheyMightBeGeek @TheyMightBeGeek Sorry ET is still a thing 30+ years later :( @rashiduzzaman82 @TodayinStarTrek Yesss, my Nemesis friend! @AshleyVRobinson I thought you were being sarcastic and telling people not to patronize these companies, like don't… @EvaMM76 NO IT ISN'T 😲 @BonneMillie Oh no 😲 @johnmichaelw Hopefully Trek will become a reality one day 😊 @johnmichaelw You need to stop @Larkistin89 @officialhowsei 😂😂😂 @ArtofTrek 😂 (Though I do love Nemesis, it was the first Trek movie I saw in theatres!) @Drogyn1701 @HenInAHat1 And I think I may be due for a rewatch soon! @Drogyn1701 @HenInAHat1 😲😲😲 Honestly, LotR has held up pretty well, though!I still think of movies released in the early 2000s as recent, but they're actually almost 20 years old and I don't like that. @dramadork884 Retail employees thank you for being kind! @Larkistin89 @TrekkieRob @DomDParis The perfect crime!