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Dallas April 13th! @redlightdallas @ Dallas, Texas w @StatikSelekt so much new heat coming for y’all.
Retweeted by Statik Selektah <<< get tix Now! @ Isabela, Puerto Rico
Easy Mo Bee on the SP1200 & S950.
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@StatikSelekt is gonna be at @PRSFestival ?! damn that’s beyond dope. #PuertoRockSteady
Retweeted by Statik SelektahLooking forward to this album!! Plays “Piece Work” produced entirely by @statikselekt dropping 3/29 I caught a body…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahNew @ogfuego video ft @thejuelzsantana produced by yours truly out now on my YouTube page! Directed by @jonastysan
I don’t want nothing I haven’t earned
Retweeted by Statik SelektahSocial media is really unhealthy for your mind
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You just gotta start saying to people “What are you even telling me that for”
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Been studying @StatikSelekt a ton lately. You can never stop learning from the greats 💯
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This ⁦@Papooseonline⁩ joint, makes me want to throw 40 oz. bottles off a roof and shatter car windows. WOW ⁦…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahBruh @StatikSelekt so underrated it’s RIDICULOUS
Retweeted by Statik SelektahEveryone’s roller coaster is different.
A new voice for y’all with some classic vibes behind it. 3/29. @ogfuego are startled by honesty.
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I listened to both Termonology's latest and Milly's albums lastnight. I was rockin wit em. Guys like @StatikSelekt
Retweeted by Statik SelektahNothing like an airport bathroom to see how many people really don’t wash their hands. 🤢Saturday afternoon some legendary skratching will go down. #sxsw @thudrumble @ Empire Control Room & Garage afternoon #sxsw @ Empire Control Room & Garage SXSW it’s goin down! @thudrumble got some very special surprise guests coming out too! @ Empire Control Ro…
He’s doing those boof “Sunday Services” to make everyone forget that he’s supported a racist, xenophobic, misogynis…
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bastidsbbq Saturday night Austin Texas! #sxsw w/ some amazing DJs @skratchbastid @scramjones @ Barracuda Austin’re in a very scary place when anyone can say anything true or false, someone with any kind of following can repo…’m so grateful to be in a position to only work with people and things I’m passionate about.
Retweeted by Statik Selektah*most should read this MJ thread. It’s a lot but well worth it. #LeavingNeverland ...
You can't argue with basic MFers its a waste of time.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahLove is love .. the only energy that matters ....
Retweeted by Statik SelektahCelebrating the grand opening of @PRIVILEGE_NYC tonight at barschimmi rocking with @djgetlive and @statikselekt pul…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahMarch 9th vibes. Quick Remix/beat I made with a @dreamlifebeats @djpain1 sample... @ Brooklyn, New York comes with flaws attached. Ima just leave that right here...
@DARTparker @N_C_B wow, had no idea Dart did this. very dope!
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @CRAZEARONI @FOURCOLORZACK stop by the studio it’s literally 100 feet awayYes! Put a actual rapper on the cover!
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt Another statik selektion with a dab of perfection...
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt Album No. 9
Retweeted by Statik Selektahshit will be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt Now that is saying something considering all the incredible albums you made! Can’t wait to hear it br…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt Hell yeah, can't wait. Always look forward to new music from you. HipHop to my ears. #HipHop
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt Statik you work when it comes to Hiphop. If Hiphop was counting overtime hours you definitely on The…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt That's great! Mahalo was nice! Still was nice!! No. 8 was bananas, all in all you just a Goat, so I cant wait!
Retweeted by Statik SelektahI’m a firm believer that if you are a fan of rap, you will love @StatikSelekt
Retweeted by Statik SelektahStop looking for validation
Retweeted by Statik SelektahCurrently working on my best album yet, The Balancing Act. Tweaking the intro now. I’m using all the resources on t…
Congrats to my @PRIVILEGE_NYC crew on the dope new store on Essex st in LES. Tomorrow we celebrate barschimmi in Br… Friday for real to simpler times. I’m on the wheels rockin “Check The Rhyme” with @qtiptheabstract @THEkarliehustle 🙏🏻💪🏻SALUTE TO 25 YEARS OF OUR ALBUM "HARD TO EARN"... One Of My Favorite LP'S For So Many Reasons Including This Opener…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @MJsHipHopConnex @BILLDANZEMOP @djsupremeny @RealSway @cthagod @ItsDJEclipse Somebody email me that thxThe person who writes the program that sends the company into millions doesn’t always need to become the manager. Y…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahWait.....AB is going to Buffalo?!?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @shauno661 Send 40$ and addy to PayPalBeen letting this new @StatikSelekt #Mahalo run today too.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahStop hiding the dark side of the force. We want to protect our kids, I get it, but they can handle it. Otherwise yo…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah“Live from New York, it’s Thursday night!” Tune in @shade45 now till 9pm eastern time! #showoffradiosxm
Today in 2007 Jay-Z sells his stake in Rocawear to Iconix Brand Group for $204 million in cash In 2005 Damon Dash…
Retweeted by Statik Selektahwhat is a hero
Retweeted by Statik SelektahEverybody worried about who pussy smell bad , who cheating, who molestin, who smacked who, who shot who, who havin…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah"A wise goal at any time in life is to make some new mistakes since otherwise you are not learning and growing as a person."
Retweeted by Statik SelektahRooting for you, Alex! 💙
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New Video Alert 🚨@slim_one_dj “JuST Do It” ft @TermanologyST & @OnlyChrisRivers + Dir By @WatsynFilmz
Retweeted by Statik SelektahIf I was worried bout soundin like a hater I might end up goin thru life as another mindless zombie suckling on the…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahSHOWOFF RADIO Snap backs limited run Available right now!!! PayPal 40$ to with your address! t…“you not feeling me? Fine, it cost you nothing, pay me no mind” - friendly reminder from Hov
@Young_Guru @MeekMill Happy birthday bro. Stay great.Stop explaining yourself bro. If they are not down at this point we don’t need them. Let’s just get to the business…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah.... If you are offended by water, but not offended by cigarettes, soda & all that cheap food in the hood, I have t…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahSaturday Brooklyn NYC! @PRIVILEGE_NYC let’s go!!! first instrumental album ever, Mahalo, out now across the board. If you work in a restaurant Or retail, please l…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahThis ⁦@StatikSelekt⁩ album so instrumentals is exactly what I need in my life right now🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Statik SelektahSTAY #JFK X @WadeBarber this song is part of the healing process #Ladies @StatikSelekt RT #HIPHOP #MUSIC #boston
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @UFOFev @AgdaCoroner @StatikSelekt i’ve been so hype to hear this new Chainz & Statik album so it’s great to know it’s finally coming💯🤜🏽🤛🏽
Retweeted by Statik SelektahDamn @StatikSelekt you did these cuts on @2chainz album? 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @UFOFev @AgdaCoroner It was the bridge to what we about to drop.Salute @Eminem Shout 2 Masta Ace & Kool G. Rap. @mastaace
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt 9 years ago and you’re still one of the coolest people I’ve met ever 💯 🙌🏼
Retweeted by Statik SelektahWeather your a fan of food, or music, i advise you to subscribe to this youtube channel. Very Entertaining 👇👇👇…
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Confirmed! ⁦@StatikSelekt⁩ and ⁦@2chainz⁩ coming! With no trap beats... 👀
Retweeted by Statik Selektah#crwn Rap Or Go To the League talk w/ @elliottwilson @2chainz ... stay tuned....
Apologies to the restaurant i played “Harleys Blues” 40x on the jukebox before i left last night.Everything I know about these Kardashians I learnt against my will.
Retweeted by Statik Selektah2 Chainz is REALLY rappin' On Rap or Go To The League he spits (verses only): 3,473 words 1,179 unique words 426…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahDon't take advice from people with no talent.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahSilkk The Shocker rapped so Blueface could fly
Retweeted by Statik SelektahBrady Watt's 'Bass & Bars' ft. MC Eiht [ Episode 2 ] m.A.A.d. city @eiht0eiht @REALDJPREMIER @Ian_Schwartzman
Retweeted by Statik SelektahEXACTLY
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Head to #HellsRoof with @DJ_Muggs and @EtoMusicROC's new album ft. @RocMarci, @MeyhemLauren, @theWILLIETHEKID, and…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @True_Rys 🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏻🤦‍♂️“Sometimes you gotta let people be who they are... but away from you. “ @azodnemttam Not the ones i fuck with... chosen few. @JettIMasstyr It’s coming. @fadeawaybarber2 @2chainz It’s coming.Ima try make a new habit to call people instead of texting when it’s something super genuine with substance. We’ve…! That man @StatikSelekt doing amazing shiiiit! Keep it wavvy, my guy! 🔥🔥🤟🏼🥃
Retweeted by Statik SelektahScratched some classic Hov on the first joint on @2chainz album ... get that at midnight. @StatikSelekt ridin this evening!! Nice!! #Showoffradioxn
Retweeted by Statik SelektahWe live! @shade45 #ShowoffRadioSxm
After I heard Mahalo by @StatikSelekt I called my Grandma in Oahu. At times we need a reminder to check on our out of state fam.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahCheck the bro @StatikSelekt new instrumental album "Mahalo" 🔥🔥
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