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Top 5 ⁦@SeanPrice⁩ songs to me. Always gets me hyped. ⁦@StatikSelekt⁩ ⁦@FreddieGibbs⁩
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@YaBoyPrezT @LivinANoyd @Royceda59 @CyhiThePrynce That’s actually a good idea lol. @CyhiThePrynce Ima send you somethingIf I get @Royceda59 on this @StatikSelekt album shit would be so spooky 🔥🔥🔥🤢🤢 #YUCK!
Retweeted by Statik Selektah🎂 It’s @Raekwon’s Bday, tag him and show some love. 🎧 @StatikSelekt #NobodyMove feat. #Raekwon and @Royceda59, of…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahRome Streetz freestyle on Shade 45 with Statik Selektah / Showoff Radio @Rome_Streetz
Yo Boston Calling.. I didn’t say shit about y’all this year. Please don’t @ Me! You know Gotdamn well there should…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahShade 45 We LIVE!! #ShowoffRadioSXM
@FrEEkEyYaYo U one to fuck up the sentence 😂“If everyone’s a bro, what’s your loyalty show?” - @LivinANoydProtect your brand.2019 up and running stopping at nothing for success pass it on
Retweeted by Statik SelektahDj Premier n Krs-one unreleased from Return of the Boom Bap album. You dont have this. Preem was nice enough to giv…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahThe only wall this country needs in Texas
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Retweeted by Statik Selektah @JustBlaze @RickRoss Happy bday JustGet yours while you can. to random tweets with your soundcloud link didn't make anybody famous in 2016, 2017 or 2018... Yet, it continues in 2019.
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One of the coolest things about making music is always trying to sound better. Not every craft or industry out ther…
@_c_elizabeth_ @Evidence 🤣😂
Main Goal of 2019 to enjoy every second of it!
Retweeted by Statik SelektahTrying 2 realize I just buy shit because I was poor before and enough is enough!It’s senseless to buy the same snea…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @TermanologyST @Shade45 @waisthep @StatikSelekt @iDstroy @DJTONYTOUCH Tell WAIS I said waddup!!! Happy he home
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt @TermanologyST @iDstroy “Bitch I’m healthy as fuck/this just a fat phase” off that Still 1982 album i…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt best producer. That’s it.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahEnergy @WESTSIDEGUNN @StatikSelekt #WestSide @GriseldaRecords
Retweeted by Statik SelektahForever @MacMiller on @SIRIUSXM on @StatikSelekt @Shade45 #ShowOffRadioSXM
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt @Shade45 #ShowOff is on now
Retweeted by Statik SelektahNew Year’s Resolution, listen to 15% more @StatikSelekt on @SIRIUSXM @Shade45 #ShowOffRadioSXM!!!! Nice end ur wrap up rap!!
Retweeted by Statik SelektahListening to @StatikSelekt #showoffradiosxm @Shade45 thinking ima be in the studio with @StatikSelekt tomorrow ! Ca…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahFirst show of 2019 we live @shade45 7-9 eastern time!!! #ShowoffRadioSxm @ New York, New York
People pleasing ain’t easy. There’s always someone who has an issue no matter how much or how good you are to them.
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Major producer knowledge: I just interviewed @StatikSelekt about sampling, leasing beats, synch placements and mor…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahMusically, 2018 was insane. Here's 100 projects that kept me entertained throughout the year.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahSuper excited to celebrate my birthday with you NYC! This Friday Jan 4 I will be hosting a pop-up birthday party/ja…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah.@StatikSelekt Joins #BeatStars + Talks Leasing Beats! Statik also discusses his relationship with @BeatStars mem…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahCheck out this new interview on @BeatStars with my bro @StatikSelekt! #KnowTheLedge
Retweeted by Statik SelektahFriday night NYC for @mobettabrown bday!! @ Nublu
STILL 1982 tees and autographed cd bundles available for pre-order now at !!
Retweeted by Statik SelektahNew Still 1982 bundles available now on T-shirt / signed cd / sticker packs 🔥
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New Still 1982 bundles available now on T-shirt / signed cd / sticker packs 🔥 27, 2018 > The day the night sky turned blue over New York City. Apparent incident at power plant in…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahShade 45 right now is Eminem’s 12 Days of Diss-Mas! Showoff radio returns next week!!
Why my album taking longer than planned. Facts tho.
12 Years Ago Today... The Godfather Of Soul Got His Funky Wings... Salute MR. JAMES BROWN
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @TermanologyST and @StatikSelekt album Still 1982 is a must listen. #realhiphop #brownsville
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With #Still1982 in rotation, @TermanologyST and @NEMS_FYL catch a few bodies on the @StatikSelekt-laced "F*ck Ya Li…
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Tonight!!! NYC ! Free all night. Doors at 11pm. Come join the Showoff Radio crew for a holiday jam. @ Chelsea Music… New Video: Statik Selektah & Termanology Ft. Nems & Beanz “Fuck Ya LyfeStyle”
Retweeted by Statik SelektahNew Video!!! 1982 ( @statikselekt x @termanologyst ) ft. @nems_fyl & @beanzgotbarz "Fuck Ya LyfeSTyle" dir.…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah(Video) 1982 ft @NEMS_FYL @beanzgotbarz “Fuck Ya Lyfestyle” just dropped!!!!
Just found a metal staple in our food at @Cheesecake in Queens Center mall ... they ain’t even comp the meal. 🤦‍♂️ ... 👎🏻👎🏻
If you didn't know @StatikSelekt is one of the last bastions of real hip hop. 🔥
Retweeted by Statik SelektahGet your 1982 (@StatikSelekt x @TermanologyST) #STill1982 CDs NOW at
Retweeted by Statik SelektahBut You Don’t Hear Me Tho... ... had fun shooting this. Classic vibe. @NyjTheOfficial
Thursday night NYC! Come join the Showoff Radio crew for a night of dope music & drinks! Last month was dope... who… you realize Cardi B Just recycled @PaulyShore Son-in-Law swag. just saying this. It’s deeper than people know. Game is being shaped in a lop sided way. of this. Hip hop took me to places most kids from Roxbury don’t ever get to go..
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We gotta enforce putting more respect on the word “hip hop”. If your life wasn’t saved by it you wouldn’t understand.“STILL 1982” CD’s are in. Available now at
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @A_Reedd It’s my song featuring him. “Beautiful life”
So much crazy shit that goes down in the world ... if you ain’t making the people around you smile, pls stay tf away.Last night at the sold out LOX anniversary show in BOSTON. The bros @StatikSelekt & @TermanologyST brought me out t…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @Jayforce From the streams to the tweets @StatikSelekt ain't playin with this Tha Chronic mix 💎
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1982 x The LOX tomorrow paradiserockclub Boston, then a secret 1982 afterparty event. 👀👍🏻 @ Paradise Rock Club @lprnyc @ (le) poisson rouge
Boston, MA. Thursday 12/13 - I’m pulling up in support of @StatikSelekt x @TermanologyST show love!
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@AlannaRoyale ??? I don’t rap bro.🎂Released 1 year ago today. Stream @StatikSelekt’s #8album at the link ->
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4-5pm I’m doing a free set with a surprise on 5th & 23rd nw in Wynwood Miami !!! Get there now! @ Old RC Cola Plant
Showoff Radio we live @Shade45 !!!!Tune in to @StatikSelekt right now on @SIRIUSXM @Shade45 #ShowoffRadioSXM.
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Dear Rappers • Do not tweet, inbox, message or DM me saying you are the next Jay-Z.. 1. ALL of you are lying. 2.…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahMiami fam, if you're headed to @ArtBasel this weekend, be sure to stop by the @MonsterEnergy area to get energized…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah“Neva pop this is real Hip Hop”Dope Beats x Dope Rhymes. Thank you for the quality and consistency @TermanologyST
Retweeted by Statik SelektahThat “82-92” JuST hit 3 Million on @spotify 1982 x Mac Miller. We had so much fun making that song... R.I.P. Homie!…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah💥 TODAY 💥 Day 2 of #TopShelf1988 NYC Pop-Up Experience! DJ sets by @richmedina @BreakBeatLou @StatikSelekt and…
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Boston next Thursday 12/13! LOX + 1982!! @statikselekt What it is ! Get tix while you can.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahThis Wednesday 12/5 NYC. I’m on 5-7. @rostrumrecords topshelf1988 @ 393nyc next Thursday 12/13! LOX + 1982!! @djchubbychub Whatup! Get tix while you can. @ Paradise Rock Club Selektah & Termanology "Haunted" ft UFO Fev (official Video) via @YouTubeStill 1982 by Statik Selektah & Termanology
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @DanteRoss YepWaiting on a @StatikSelekt @blackthought joint like...
Retweeted by Statik SelektahStill 1982 by Statik Selektah & Termanology my knee , recovering, staying in , plotting 2019 type of day. New approaches >>Statik Selektah & Termanology "Haunted" ft UFO Fev (official Video) STIL... ⁦@TermanologyST⁩ 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 ⁦@StatikSelekt⁩
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@TheKingAD @TermanologyST Cd and vinyl
I swear my daughters have probably heard this new @TermanologyST & @StatikSelekt album at least 50xs since it dropp…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahNew Video!!! @StatikSelekt & @TermanologyST "Haunted" ft @UFOFev off STILL 1982 OUT NOW! di…
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@StatikSelekt @WatsynBeatz Dope project as always. Love the 1982 series 🔥✊🏽
Retweeted by Statik Selektah(official Video) Statik Selektah & Termanology "Haunted" ft UFO Fev off STILL 1982 directed by @WatsynBeatzS/o @realsway Thanks for having us on your show. 🙏🏼💪🏼💯
Retweeted by Statik SelektahI'm thankful for @StatikSelekt & @TermanologyST - god always aligns the planets.
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@boycommasick YepTONIGHT Phillipischillin & @billspec present SHOWOFF Thursdays at @ChelseaMusicHa1 New monthly party with…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt and @TermanologyST thank you for this new 1982 album it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Statik SelektahI'm back on US soil... you don't wanna miss Showoff Radio tonight!! 7pm @Shade45 !!! @BennyBsf coming through as well as @nikohighNYC tonight!!! Some surprises on deck! New venue, new vibes. Free for all. @ Chelsea Music Hall