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Thank you @statikselekt for coming down and checking out the new Air Jordan 12 Retro "Gym Red". Available in ALL SI…
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It was only right that we hook up with our peoples @Since1982nyc to present this Limited Edition Long Sleeve Tee co… x @since1982nyc collab. Long sleeve shirt. Only 82’ made. Get it before it sells out.
Retweeted by Statik Selektah5 days. STILL 1982 surprise album drops on Black Friday. 12 brand new tracks of that raw. Have you heard the first… was only right that we hook up with our peoples @Since1982nyc to present this Limited Edition Long Sleeve Tee co… they just keep comin... cant wait for this
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🔥 on way with @fashawn Yes!!!
Retweeted by Statik SelektahYeah baby
Retweeted by Statik SelektahThis is going to be so sick
Retweeted by Statik SelektahIt’s the return of the realness
Retweeted by Statik SelektahCan. Not. Wait.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahNYC. Black Friday. Rsvp & you in there. Come celebrate longevity. was only right that we hook up with our peoples @Since1982nyc to present this Limited Edition Long Sleeve Tee co…
Black Friday. 1982 is back. Brand new album. 12 tracks. Digital, CD, Vinyl & Merch. @statikselekt // Art @domdirtee
Retweeted by Statik SelektahBlack Friday. First 1982 album in 6 years. Ain’t nothing changed... is fucking fuegs right now! 🔥🔥🔥 @StatikSelekt
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt every week the show is fire🔥🔥🔥, but this evening the song selections are just too dope!!! Winter must…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @TermanologyST @StatikSelekt dropping surprise album on #BlackFriday2018 #termanologyst #statikselektah
Retweeted by Statik SelektahOMMFG @StatikSelekt lmfao yoooooo U KILLIN IT!!!!!!!!!! #showOffRadio 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Statik SelektahShout out @StatikSelekt rain sleet or snow #ShowOffRadio❄❄❄
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt Be the 1st to tell u ur efforts are not in vain. U have my full attention!!!
Retweeted by Statik SelektahOn my way up to Shade45 kick it w @StatikSelekt
Retweeted by Statik SelektahShade 45 i just went through snowstorm to go live!!! Tune in! #showoffradiosxm
RT #BostonHipHop ! @StatikSelekt drops a new visual next Wen & his album next Friday . If you’ve been on his IG st…
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Saddened to hear about the loss of my friend and co-host of The Launch Pad (when he came on in 06’) DJ On&On. He ha…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahThis. @blackthought @SaLaAMReMi 🙏🏻
What a great life he had, and contribution he made to others enjoyment 🙏🏼
Retweeted by Statik SelektahNew rules in place. Don’t be sensitive just move accordingly. 💜 @Alchemist My favorite is the “what’s luv” feature.On this plane with a female star I have a lot of respect for but that ain’t gonna stop me from letting off the fart…
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Out of sight, out of mind is one of the realest correlations in life. Don't fade away before you truly get to shine… @MrChuckD @TMZ @HarveyLevinTMZ Ignore the trolls Chuck. You are greatness. They looking to exploit anything they can.mines statik selektah
Retweeted by Statik Selektah(video) @DirtySanchez47 @KingCapo718 Shade 45 Showoff Radio Freestyle
(Video) @BobbyJRockaway freestyle on Showoff Radio @Shade45 this again, ⁦⁦@StatikSelekt⁩ with the 🔥 production, been on repeat all week. Boogieman Favorites.…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @statikselekt knows what’s what! Thank You for the love bro!! If you have not heard #DayOfTheDead by theserialkille…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahTonight at @WburgHotel The Fall Classic @billspec • Bugsy • Phillipischillin Music by @LVIZUAL @iamdjtreats
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The Original: 1982 ⁦@StatikSelekt⁩ & ⁦@TermanologyST⁩ album is now available on all platforms. Enjoy!!
Retweeted by Statik SelektahHear ye hear we at the fall classic have taking our talents to Saturday night. Come join myself @RizzosLES and ph…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahThe Original ‘1982’ album is back up and available on all STreaming platforms. Add them to your collection now.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahWhen you jump in the whip and they’re banging your shit on the radio. @statikselekt @shade45 wooOOOOo! (24 Hours) f…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahShade 45 we live from New York!! #SHOWOFFRADIOSXMI’m ready 2 listen 2 da best part of Thursday w/@StatikSelekt on @Shade45 @SIRIUSXM #showoffradio
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt THIS GORILLA NEMS SHIT YOUR PLAYING IS SHAKING I95 RIGHT NOW.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Watching Mac Miller perform "2009" on Tiny Desk has really become a ritual for me. Rest easy, my guy.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahThe fam @BobbyJRockaway dropped this cool vid, he can spit fo sho. And you can't go wrong with classic production f…
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I tell myself I can get better in the craft as long as I’m learning and practicing.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahBobby J From Rockaway - #WalterWhite Official Video OUT NOW‼️ Click here to watch 👉 🎥:…
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Retweeted by Statik SelektahThank you for the love @statikselekt @shade45 #top10 of the week! 💯 @openbarent
Retweeted by Statik SelektahNov 23. STILL ####. For the day ones. @StatikSelekt Lovin’ the sounds coming out of my speakers right now. Stay dope Statik
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StatikSelekt I needed a list of songs you’re playing on your @Shade45 show because some of those joints aren’t eve…
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Let It All Work Out... 💜🙏🏻HAPPY HALLOWEEN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! THIS is watch CULTURE sounds and look like, I swear ALOT o…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahA good rap day.
Retweeted by Statik SelektahAnother @Alchemist masterpiece !!!
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @DirtySanchez47 debut project “NEW YUCK CITY” is OUT NOW featuring myself, @PAPAROKA47, production from @niles,…
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S/o @StatikSelekt and @SIRIUSXM Y’all go peep the freestyle ⬇️⬇️⬇️
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LowFi Showoff Radio Freestyle on Shade 45 @JayyGrams @VonWilda @
Every Thursday when I here @StatikSelekt and #ShowoffRadioSXM every single track gives me mad inspiration for my be…
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It’s that time again for @SIRIUSXM @Shade45 @StatikSelekt #showoffradio. Let’s go!!!
Retweeted by Statik SelektahRap History: Statik Selektah - ‘Population Control’, released October 25, 2011.
Retweeted by Statik Selektah7 years ago today, @StatikSelekt released his 4th album Population Control under his own label Showoff Records in c…
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@StatikSelekt The Bird's Eye View Beat was absolutely Huge Sick 😭😭😭🔥 insaaane And Raek Joey and Goat Tareeeqqq murd…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah.@powwowsanjose is happening all week! Check out for details, artists and wall locations. T…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah‼️New Music‼️ - Statik Selektah x Bobby J From Rockaway - “Walter White” out NOW! @BobbyJRockaway x @StatikSelekt
Retweeted by Statik SelektahThing is, to say NO ONE was making dirty beats like Da Beatminerz in 1992 when they ACTUALLY came into prominence w…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @Dart_Adams Bro wtf i just said that 10 min ago on the radio and I’m arguing with @iDstroy ... i might not have wor… @MILLYZ @StatikSelekt Stat has a work ethic unlike many in a game where a lot think it comes just with talent. He c…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahYeah buddy, if you ain't listening. What are you doing with your life... Getsome
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Shade 45 we live! #ShowoffRadioSxm ... new @DJ_Muggs x @rocmarci setting it off right! @PericoPrincess 💜 we gotta link upI met @StatikSelekt yesterday for the first time. I’m shook. legend.
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @MILLYZ @StatikSelekt Literally saw him DJ with crutches yesterday all the way in Toronto ...
Retweeted by Statik SelektahNot for nothing, but @StatikSelekt is the definition of hard work! He’ll make beats for 8 hours, go Dj a club, go b…
Retweeted by Statik SelektahSan Jose, Cali this Saturday !! FREE block party With me, @jrocc @powwowworldwide @monsterenergy !!! @ Camino Brewi…
@VH1PNUT___ Lol
Thanks @djEFN & Kether for having me on this parenting podcast @neeshathikz In My bio @neeshathikz Hard. Send mp3
@neeshathikz .... where’s the link
Jump in the whip and hear @DJWhooKid playn tht @StatikSelekt @MILLYZ #Glum bap bap!
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@BCalhoun12 @2chainz album. been done.
That new @rocmarci @DJ_Muggs the hardest shit out. Man.
I was there. Game 7. Bronx. 💥💪🏻 @StatikSelekt, jus wanna thx u 4 da fly shit all da time. Definitely worth da$$& @SIRIUSXM is getting. W/O a doubt…
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @comp3769 Yes 1000s of people have. You gotta figure out your path/way on your own. Everyone has their own.
Shade 45. We live. 7-9 eastern time. #ShowoffRadioSxmGame changer! Attention all artists‼️⚠️ Do you want feedback and promotion of that feedback on your content across… some of tha new ep on @StatikSelekt show today. 😈
Retweeted by Statik SelektahOnce you become ok with not being everyone’s cup of tea, you reach a new level of self love.
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @MomoTheDisciple I Hear Voices by @CrookedIntriago x @StatikSelekt Not a $ song, but peep the bars and you’ll see…
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Nothing worst than a dude wanting clout more than a girl. Ninjas be thirsty nowadays. 🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by Statik Selektah @StretchArmy Hip hip is cool
This week’s #showoffradiosxm top 10 on @shade45 tonight. barschimmi @ Schimanski