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Roman 🇨🇦 @stay__val Montréal, Québec

@playvalorant for ? | 19 | they/them

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dont count me out just yet im only warming up @TirayeK yes ma’am i’ll be wide awake tmrwterrible showing from me today sorry to let everyone down. bounce back tmrw hopefully make a comeback
@ARIANARCHIST took yall long enough congrats!!! @Klamran @psychowinn yesliterally everyone in game changers today...
Retweeted by Roman 🇨🇦 @CarolineX0Val oh yeah? i cant wait to play uWho else rooting for the #KRHwin today?
Retweeted by Roman 🇨🇦 @sarachashrimpp :(( im sorry hun @Erkalla1 reminder to change that in your bio so people can remember!!! @Kamiunist @_KryptWalk @ValorCentral BARS @AerithReborn @aheartout execute order 66 @AerithReborn @aheartout hm i thought it ends in a home @aheartout starts with a kgood morning it’s game day👹“i care ab u” “ur important to me” .. then proceeds to stop talking to me?? this is why it’s so hard for me to make…
Retweeted by Roman 🇨🇦 @sarachashrimpp didnt get the eye update? they buffed them @jonalis79832682 @Lazy_is_lonely @jellyfish_val @okazyey FN player just ignore @willowfps you called? @cloudai_ that’s the spirit good job @bagFPS @arzee44 superfan @arzee44 @bagFPS lemme hrlp you with that @okazyey bro whay are these effects why he speaking through a fan @xRosey99 i mean sovas not TERRIBLE could be worse @SoarJM no. i will take selfies instead👹❤️ @sumilune yes im here @JectiIe @morgeestreams @fairyfps fuck yeah i do @CarolineX0Val yeah okay we’ll see boo @jayn144 good @Enbyus good thing you still respect authority @sophistiredtwt good, as you should be @morgeestreams @JectiIeon your knees, bow to your queen
@Slandyyyy @CarolineX0Val can this be us @ARIANARCHIST stay was taken too it was stayval or stay na for me lmao @WrongFPS on my way boss @LuX_EXE_ SOMEONE TOOK IT????just over 24 hours to go till its time to shine! @egirlshorty mmmm pretty…..crystals i was looking at the crystals @Apidaez valorant @madacsgo nothing madacsgo too iconic @koalanoob @aikyuna y does this remind me of the kcsns days😭 @qashsav all good not real ones @cloudai_ wanna uhhhhh become mine😩 @cloudai_ heyyyy
#fraggingforbob we out for revenge on the haters of @QueenBobsta @Enbyus feels absolutely horrible man, people never wanna see someone succeed @basicallyleaah shoutout to u for defending the scene :)) @CarolineX0Val wtf 1) pretty 2) wtf how thats wacky @CarolineX0Val show some shit @imdalkom karma @CarolineX0Val whatcommission @bbylapras =w= ilyyy tysm
Retweeted by Roman 🇨🇦 @daree1337 hey i was on cold tires ok @daree1337 we got boba but i kicked ur ass in karting😼 @cryptXVAL @tensionval our games r always troll @chloe_hime7 @24HavenVal @Luna__Fox @Slandyyyy @VerninaEllana @MadySmacks @Alexlihing @yongwoon_chris 24haven? no. chloe gaming. @egirlshorty lets change that😩 @HaileyFromHR @Kamiunist just like me @HaileyFromHR @Kamiunist LOL DUDE if i could send a clip from our scrims i would kami literally goes “dont push fur… @egirlshorty hey lol @Dykaz_ g pro superlight kinda bangs @HaileyFromHR itll change ur mom👹gm y’all @HaileyFromHR im sorry ill do better :( @egirlshorty uhuhuh like a 7 @morgeestreams hey @gungalsval @Andrea_Nyaa @ZOErocksz @s0yunA @Enbyus @Jasprrx @KarunaaVAL @abundnts @kpsyph @judahcaruso ooo exciting!!! @AerithReborn fix it now >:(( @Sqltyyval sorry :( @609marcos already signed up bb @LuX_EXE_ they never do ill do better next time😔im sorry ive learned from this and will try to do better
@HollywoodQQ @SoarJM @Lazarus soar stay right @AerithReborn no mention of KRH, scam article :( @qashsav what bug @egirlshorty only if u buy me a crystal ring @angeIfps yeah ik😼 @AkinValorant they listenin @SoarJM @jayn144 they made right click a one and done option, last resort type thing at the end of tbe day it is a… @angeIfps we are not doing good tonight @yongwoon_chris maneeger @icakuma not to brag or anything but i have 330 acs across 180 rounds in officials on reyna 😃 @OkeanosQT @crunchyyworld @scourge_val good, you’ve seen the error in your ways it was all a trick @SFCals @KyameronTV @JakeSucky @G2esports @Sentinels you called? @OkeanosQT @crunchyyworld @scourge_val do it give into ur urges @cowffeeeee ima need a @crunchyyworld vouch for soniq sleeves @vooCSGO guess i gotta come back to csgo…do i just buy an arm sleeve, if so send recommendationsngl playing with sleeves….kinda bangs
If you consistently make fun of someone who has expressed their displeasure about it, you have automatically forfei…
Retweeted by Roman 🇨🇦 @nickhaldenCS @onevoltage LETS GOOOO NICK @SoarJM vandal and dragon knife r good, spline is meh and glitchpop odin>>> @snoeyVAL what happened this time @crunchyyworld go wireless crunchy thank me later @CarolineX0Val caroline is pretty +rep +vouch @HowYouMoveMe @Fr0m_fps @KRHval @Kamiunist @sinonfps @MissBlueJay @kayleiegh EE THANK YOU!!