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Ste @steallender st.helens

loves St.Helens rugby league. pdc darts and my loving family and massive laurel and hardy fan and don't forget our dog Poppy

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How the hell does this work i did it 3 times 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😳
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@BBCNews #ScrapTheLicenseFee
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@4bruce7 I'm sure they tasted better then aswell @stevesnr50 Little warriorWhen you're feeling a bit sorry for yourself or down in the dumps. Watch this little chappie.
Retweeted by Ste @broomfield_17 Now you no how I've felt for the last couple of weeks. Rough ain't it. Don't worry soon be Ireland @A180DARTS @Saints1890 @brisbanebroncos @sydneyroosters Don't put your new shoes on this week pal just incase. You know @A180DARTS @Saints1890 @brisbanebroncos @sydneyroosters Me to pal
@AnnMcC68 @Saints1890 Normal service resumedAnd thats how it should be @Saints1890 back on top
Retweeted by Ste @A180DARTS @MarcCorbishley Trifle mmm @IL0VEthe80s @GNSD @TopGunMovie @Predator @lostboysminute Goonies all day @broomfield_17 happy birthday to you
@emmo99 You shouldn't have told her pal you should have just gone to the pub instead @MarcCorbishley Ye if roasted with a bit of honey
@moderndadpages RightHappy Valentine's Day from everyone at Seabrook Crisps! #RT & #Follow for the chance to #win a box of crisps! (UK O…
Retweeted by Ste @SeasonDeeper Used to hate it rubbing on my bike tyres
@A180DARTS Ye but there all at home watching the dart's. Better option I thinkFair play Toronto. Persistence pays offLooks like it's gonna be a mega crowd at the DW tonight @broomfield_17 I'll have that haha @broomfield_17 Hope it's no chronovirous @sneddoman @mickconlan11 They were gorgeous
If you do one thing today you should watch this. You cannot fail to have admiration and be inspired by these 3 gent…
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@IL0VEthe80s Donald Trump
As if I'd ever need a reason to want my dearly departed Dad back...but today, just for this day, to have him share…
Retweeted by SteRT welcome , thanks
Retweeted by SteI felt the floor shake in St. Helens 🤣
Retweeted by Ste @TalentBeginsnow @keiranjones98 bet you can't do it that wayWeekend special unbelievable Talent 🙌 Reply with your best reaction 😲 #talentbeginsnow #wheretalentmatters
Retweeted by Ste @moderndadpages I'd say pic3
@NortonPpeter @caitlindenton01 @syptweet 5 years and a good hiding in the meat wagon. Fuckin cowardsGet this shared about #barnsleyfc #swfc, @syptweet absolute disgrace!! Lad doesn’t look older than 16 and been smas…
Retweeted by SteBe careful it's windy out there! Only went out to get the missus some bread and I got blown into the pub!
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@MarcCorbishley 1Bagpuss @TheRFL Clive Sullivan @SaintToffee89 @BeckyRowbo @Mounta1n_Mike @ImagesBeck @keswickbootco @glocky9 @Catstycam Bloody hell mate. Dosnt time fly @broomfield_17 Great news tea's on you tonight then? @SaintToffee89 @BeckyRowbo @Mounta1n_Mike @ImagesBeck @keswickbootco @glocky9 @Catstycam Sorry Lee. If I would have…
@broomfield_17 The truth is out there
How to make rugby union better? We already did that. Literally. It's called rugby league.
Retweeted by Ste @SeasonDeeper Yes and collect the saving stamps
Gentle reminder that Widnes Vikings have been champions of the world more recently than Warrington have been champions of England 6️⃣5️⃣
Retweeted by SteSince Warrington last won the league... Vietnam war began, lasted 20 years, and ended. Motorway system opened Mo…
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@A180DARTS @Macca2824 Best of look to him a world class player deserved of the NRLI'm going to the Co-op Hiring Event! Check it out here: @keiranjones98 what about this
@broomfield_17 Indeed he did
@ratemyplatenow No thanksThe two best props in @SuperLeague? 🙌 See them in the World Club Challenge back at the @twstadium 🌍👇…
Retweeted by Ste @IL0VEthe80s Starsky and hutch
@broomfield_17 How dare you @broomfield_17 You should be in the Queen's Jesus there even worse hahaIs your child one of these vile bully’s? Apparently this is from Walsall in the West Midlands everyone RETWEET let’…
Retweeted by SteHahaha the clip will never be beaten
Retweeted by Ste @steffii_92 34c @Lavender_901 Possible amputation there mate😟 @mike96hughes He must have been joking @mike_critchley That is class. The first person I thought about when I seen that shirt was Kel CoslettLet's not talk about Aussie journeymen coming over for a holiday and a fat payday. George Burgess.... TAKE A BOW S…
Retweeted by SteFinally it's here game day #COYS
@A180DARTS Mate, there professional sports men they should know Better @broomfield_17 Off off off offAnd so it begins dirty wire start as they mean to go on @millsjim44 Total respect to each and every one of these men who put there lives on the line for our freedom RIP MauriceJust watched a re run of last year's grand final to get me ready for the big game tomorrow #COYS let's do it again boysAbsolutely ridiculous by @ITN @ITV thoroughly spineless &plain wrong 😡it’s a Shakespeare quote which Alastair has u…
Retweeted by SteEvery time I watch this, I laugh ... ....... ⇝ ↬ ↮↝
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@mike_critchley Could it be Odsal? @KevParr Love ya really Kev @KevParr Wish you were that quite Kev😀 @_Jxmie20 Just kill her @SeasonDeeper Nice one @SeasonDeeper BeerWho's reffing our game on Friday @A180DARTS Are you going pal @ratemyplatenow @SeasonDeeper Looks bloody good that @AmblinRoad @Saints1890 @SuperLeague @SalfordDevils @twstadium The butterflies are just starting nowDo you remember any of these? get the hammer out 🔨😂
Retweeted by SteFolau. Toronto away at Warrington. Yep, it’s the #rugbyleague season again.
Retweeted by SteMid-week madness! #RT and follow for the chance to #win a box of crisps (UK Only)
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@pcaswell63 @TOwolfpack As long as there's room for them to wander around all game their should be a few @A180DARTS @Saints1890 @TOwolfpack @SuperLeague @WarringtonRLFC Toronto won't win the super league pal get real @moderndadpages Right @Saints1890 @TOwolfpack @SuperLeague @WarringtonRLFC What a absolute joke. These are supposed to be there home game… @Lavender_901 Better to be safe than sorry pal⚠️ Less than 4⃣0⃣0⃣ West Stand tickets now remain for the @Betfred World Club Challenge vs @sydneyroosters ... 🌎🏆⚠️…
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I could watch this checkout over and over again! 😍 Unbelievable precision from the 🐐 Phil Taylor as he pins the 125…
Retweeted by Ste @A180DARTS @Saints1890 @SPFCHARITY @StevePrescott1 The rugby family is a wonderful thing @ratemyplatenow Yes yes yes
@ratemyplatenow Cream cheese and chive Pringles. But the toast must be coldWhat an honour to be asked to present “Inside Super League” which airs every Wednesday evening throughout the 2020…
Retweeted by Ste @Guestie81 @A180DARTS @WarringtonRLFC Oh dear the trip to @A180DARTS I can fully understand put punishing him with… On Saturday 8th February we are hosting a fundraising disco for Rob Burrow and Mose Masoe, as well as to ra…
Retweeted by Ste @Jahmez_HKR Don't think so. It must be curry sauce for meThe closest Chris Hill has ever been to the super league trophy
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