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When the RGB on your @SteelSeries keyboard is just right 🌈 🤤
Retweeted by SteelSeriestempting, but hard pass rid of the trash from the other guys and brought in the new hotness Apex 7 with my loud clicky blue keys…
Retweeted by SteelSeriesSteelSeries expanded its gaming peripheral lineup with a $30 mouse (Rival 3), $50 water-resistant keyboard (Apex 3)…
Retweeted by SteelSeries @gameingvikings 5 has hybrid-mechanical switches 7 you have the option of red, blue, or brown switches @SteelSeries 🤤
Retweeted by SteelSeriesThe apex pro is kinda a vibe @SteelSeries
Retweeted by SteelSeries @Intensivex2 @yungcalc 🤤#FaZeUp
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Proud to be a part of this and to be partnering with @TeamTespa 🤝 Learn more about the partnership and how we'll b… are happy to announce that @SteelSeries will joining us to help support your community on campus. Click the link…
Retweeted by SteelSeries @StimpyPvP 🤠 @Boomiexd no timeframe publicly available for being able to rebind the meta layer key, but it is in the roadmap @Viperous @Classify 🤧👀 Yo, Ready Up 👀 @SteelSeries
Retweeted by SteelSeries @Classify up in your girl's ear like @Goiur_ incredible! @PLAYRgg maybe one day we could even be exclusive🙂walking around the office like 🎧 🖰 ⌨️… customized my @SteelSeries Apex 7 a little more gotta say it's freaking sweet to see stick man fighting on…
Retweeted by SteelSeries @JPGFRXZ 🥱 @Dead_Man_Epic indeed @samstod DM'd you @MindofSnaps 🤓 @JamesCrowder 🙂 @yungcalc 2020 mood sheeshi mean come on now... @NoisyButters 😏🤔 @_Fitzyjohn fair let me drop a battery in there to get things startedwould you use this mug? thoughts🤔 @JessBrohard smh you're going to get a lot of backlash for this, prepare to be cancelled by dehydrated twitter @dilaraexe it backwoke up to this and it makes me so happy and uncomfortable at the same time @_ilhan0309_ We just launched the Rival 3 for $30 USD @mattatronics "still interested in these award winning products" hahah niceThanks @FaZeClan and @SteelSeries this mousepad is 10/10 💚
Retweeted by SteelSeriesknew he'd delete it😵 @AK11dark @ccoopgames false - he is sitting right across from me @Eliteclonekid F @turnstyles_ We wrote a blog about this: Take a look, hmu if you have questions after reading 👌 @ccoopgames ...bruh @Zombiekiller602 😤 @LGGDOUT LOLthis tweet hurt my head to read... you tweeted @ us, about a product from someone else, claiming that product is a…
@Ross_McDougall's how: 1. turn your phone off 2. place your phone in trash 3. go outside 4. take a quick walk around the blo… @SteelSeries Each rgb light adds +5 fps right? 🥵
Retweeted by SteelSeries @SavinTheBees water resistant Apex 3 for in case any @GFuelEnergy coffee happens to make it's way onto the keyboard in a freak accident🥴AYYY just got this delivered to me Thank you @SteelSeries for the gift 🐝💜 I actually needed these too Code HIVE…
Retweeted by SteelSeriesSteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse Review: Entry-Level Without (Much) Compromise
Retweeted by SteelSeriesthis sounds like something i'd tell people about myself if i didn't want them to think i actually just stay in to w… @beLcn0 @SteelSeriesTr hit up and submit a ticket with your info for the side grip issues -… @GabySpartz @wizards_magic @ChannelFireball ayyyyy! @JoshOG let's gooooo @Slasher 🤧 @TVPredepression @jackgourdon7 🤫 @Bamnois if price doesn't matter - Apex Pro for the Omnipoint switches and if you want blues you can do Apex 7 w bluesokay, I snapped @SteelSeries💫
Retweeted by SteelSeries😇 @radiomang @DefuseMX 🤓Anyone who says a tiny OLED screen on a keyboard is a superfluous gimmick can fight me and my ⁦@SteelSeries⁩ Apex P…
Retweeted by SteelSeries @Carlylmfaoo 🤩me neither nightlight to keep the scaries away🤧 @TomJOnline if you're looking for quiet: Apex 3! @SavinTheBees literally all i drink that and @GFuelEnergy using code HIVEimagine being mad all the time on twitter @Brandon_Latini hit up and submit a ticket w your info - we can help from there @controllasweats hit up and submit a ticket with your info/details - we can likely help from there @fuminozz wide angle camera setting kind of distorted it, admittedly (not that I'm looking back on it) @SavageBeastZer0 shhhh @ShyV35863016 those are great options! Apex Pro TKL is my personal fav @tossingsaIads why's that, 21 Cabbage?i can finally share a pic of my at-home setup the past few weeks without fear of leaking something🤩 it has actuall… @promisedsin hit up and submit a ticket with your info if you believe there are legitimate… @WHITEWXLF__ these are sick thank you @NickEh30 😴 @pcamp96 appreciate youyou're a liar if you don't admit we have the best launch videos in the game
@ImDosuh just tuned into your stream for 5ish minSteelSeries' price-friendly gaming peripherals are made for everyone
Retweeted by SteelSeriesSteelSeries’ new low-end gaming accessories are as cheap as office supplies
Retweeted by SteelSeries @OG_Skullblaze just depends on preference! hard to pass up the Apex 3 + the Rival 3 for under $100 @jusswys Hi Juss yeslove this @gonzovillamayor ha! both are heat @Natani_tweets it's our version of a truly "hybrid-mechanical" keyboard - you can learn more in our blog on it here: @rafifkhsy honestly a beauty - and for $30 @deathspankd you're a machine and i love it @SharkiesTF nice! that'll be a great setup @Zombiekiller602 @TheWigMXR appreciate you!1 new mouse: ✔️ 2 new keyboards: ✔️ you, not feeling broke after buying new gear: ✔️ Glow Up:… @cizzorz broooo😅 @ngunsnz damn where'd you end up grabbing 'em from? @yungcalc hmmmmm @AustinWalper ...boiii🤫 @Richytoons @FNCreate very!
@NintendoDads @snakebytegear 😍Another travel day... the layovers, long flights and delays aren't so bad 😉 Thanks @SteelSeries @snakebytegear
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