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SteelSeries @SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox:

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@Pg_sas @bethesda @QuakeCon entered! @FallGuysGame guess i have to get a seesaw spaghetti tattoo nowwhich game has the most active/hype community on twitter? @OriginalAcid @bethesda @QuakeCon got you!!
job well done to our friends at @QuakeCon @bethesda👏 BUT we're not done yet, still time to enter a couple… @AndrewEllis__ love this moment @FaZe_H1ghSky1 😅🏆
@bethesda @QuakeCon in case you missed it👀 tweet @ us with screenshots of anything you can find/do from the scaven… @stephsteph1029 yessss, entered!! @QuakeCon @bethesda tuning in for the day: #QuakeConAtHome @RNGesusBK is where we can help with this
🚨Giveaway!🚨 To celebrate our LOL team qualifying for @NLClol play-offs, @SteelSeriesUK/@SteelSeries have given us…
Retweeted by SteelSeries @Joni_Dipp is where we can help and troubleshoot @iCableGuy you can create a ticket through (after signing in), where you can give further d… @TheeJonBaker i heard kansan is beautiful this time of year @matafe_ 👀 @iCableGuy is where we can help @itsQwavii loved every second of this ☕ @bambeepls thanks, you'll receive a response within your ticket shortly @bambeepls what's your ticket #? happy to help if i canyou know what? the #QuakeCon hype is real😤 picking 2-3 people who RETWEET THIS TWEET and FOLLOW us, @QuakeCon, and… @BenCronin04 wow, love this setup! @mhermacasaet use the Notify Me button on our website to be the first to know when it's back in stock 💪 @Captain_Aegis is where we can help @YukiAim 🏆🏆🏆
@Ncompletelife09👇update for Nimbus+ owners👇 we've optimized compatibility with all iOS and tvOS devices✔ strongly suggest you up… @Captain_Aegis is where we may be able to help @Branxy_ @xEcuaaa incredible - happy bday and thanks for being part of our community🎉🎉🎉 @BuhBerger happy partnership, partnerJoin us on Monday, August 10 at 6PM CEST, at for episode 2 of Night City Wire! This time we…
Retweeted by SteelSeries @HarleyPan entered! 😂 @VenaurGaming let's gooo!! cc @QuakeCon @stevenspohn @VancityReynolds @AbleGamers love this initiative/effort @tropicalAIMBOT idk what the context is but i'm diggin itand just like that, @PabloJohnny1 is entered to win the @QuakeCon scavenger hunt👀 good luck to all and let's have… @bethesda @QuakeCon ULTIMATE PERIPHERAL PRIZE PACK: Arctis Pro +GameDAC, Rival 650🤯, Apex Pro 1 WINNER for the gra… FOR #QUAKECON so we made a scavenger hunt w/ our friends at @bethesda @QuakeCon & are giving away lotsss of p… @CallMePuma141 It does say "4-in-1 Wireless Headset". On the box, it lists the four platforms that the headset is c… a special summer giveaway with our friends at @StreetFighter to celebrate the Summer Update announcement… @QuikSnoopy if you've submitted a ticket through, we'll be able to help👍 @DannyCostello91 is where we can help @ShawnPLord we can help here: @_LuciusArk_ perfect
@caseyfosterTV let's ge it @digidylOFFICIAL responding to your own ticket without a response from your customer support agent resets your mess… @RRbkjx_ is where we can help👍 @dillllie ayyyy @ernestas019 😅😅🏆pets on pets on pets:’re going live on in 15-20 minutes to judge the pets of SteelSeries🤩 winners get some gea… @bakergirlsteph any pics!?🧐 @Khuna @TJCobain ok but can *I* win???Uuhhhh ya boy Pimp was lucky this morning. @SteelSeries dropped off a little gift by the door and it’s ready to fin…
Retweeted by SteelSeries @MineCartMayhem unfortunately no - it was limited edition/one-time launch @MtnMeister appreciate this tweet, thank you!In a #WFH environment, things like great headsets become a priority. A shout-out to @SteelSeries for both a great p…
Retweeted by SteelSeriessimple math RIDER. @phillip_nass short LAN footage throwback featuring @ZeusCSGO, @starixCS and co. of @natusvincere and @XGodDosia's @MoscowFive
Retweeted by SteelSeries👁👄👁
@johnson14567 @SteelSeries avatar is the 4th item you will be able to earn via Esports Viewership Rewards during the upcoming…
Retweeted by SteelSeriesI'm sorry... I'm not sorry.. HOLY CRAP I SPENT THIS MUCH... Btw @SteelSeries / @JonKoob, HOW DARE YOU TELL ME T…
Retweeted by SteelSeries @Blazinwtf appreciate it - hope they give you a bit of joy before whatever you're about to watch!follow us on twitch: post about your take on something in the gaming industry! i couldn't have said said it better myself, but i w… @Daunted1314 is where we can help @WhosVron @microcenter @GFuelEnergy worldwide* @WhosVron @microcenter @GFuelEnergy best duo NA @CarMagician is where we can help @KefffffinC sooon! @blacklyoko reach out to & they can tell you your options! @finallyFPS Reach out to, they can assist there! @DeSynkro we appreciate you, friend <3 @mughramyalil Works perfectly with with Skype, yep! @staragmait1 oooooooo nice @AndrewEllis__ do we recommend this? no are we happy we witnessed this just now? absolutely yea @lastofhiskind Please do not open any more tickets, that will definitely prolong your wait. You should receive a response shortly! @wooplmao 🤩 @CliffGammaCEO please ask cooper if i can have a free sonic headsetCooper is watching his favorite streams on the big screen with his new @SteelSeries custom Sonic the Hedgehog heads…
Retweeted by SteelSeries @HavokOnTv Reach out to & they can help there! @lastofhiskind What's your ticket #? happy to look into this @JunieBBAYBEE let's goo! @_LuciusArk_ ayyyyyappreciate you @xdkrill love it!!
@heroicgg Obi deserves the world @SteelSeries This is Obi, he loves his headset! 😎
Retweeted by SteelSeries @hailzerz time to update the pfp @AKASarge_ incredible! @EndlessSky82_ if you buy a booster pack here:, only the headband will work, not the speake… @Es82Fam @EndlessSky82_ ha totally the case! definitely didn't just miss it on a weekend among hundreds of others (… @pottetan and @discord are like this: 🤞 learn more about what it means to have a "Discord Certified" device:… @byndogehk ☹☹☹☹ @OldManRenz reach out to, they can confirm if you're within warranty & help you out! @The1AndOnly383 😇