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there are no words for this thank you for blessing the timeline
@iRetshot ❤️❤️❤️ @tornretinas those are the real ones @TheeJonBaker mega thankful for youthankful for friends who carry us when we’re bad but then always say “WE clutched the W” 🥲
@FaZeMew @DeathwLfyt thanks for having us!Got a next-gen console & looking to grab a new headset in the Black Friday sales? Check out our Arctis headset FAQ…
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. now available . Aerox 3 | @SteelSeries
Retweeted by SteelSeries @BrokeNoob9TV be there next time to spam "alive game" @GlacisPontus here's our blog post with all the info you need: @KontrolFreek 🥱👋 @FMokho see you soon streaming any game you enjoy regardless of popularity 😎 く|)へ 〉 people who comment  ̄… @LiddlDevill yes @ES_FTW @Class hello I heard there may be refreshments here at the goat party @calebwfrancis good evening tiktok king @SerpentAU hey @IslandStyle_ reach out to & they can help there @NoisyButters all my friends in one place how could I be anything but thriving @floodaholic good evening flood I hope you’re great tonight @cobiscool @ZephyrGG @NorCalKai KAI’S HERE THE PARTY HAS BEGUN @DeputyWolfy @IceWyte sandwiches & juice boxes over there in the corner help yourself
@MindofSnaps @MindofSnaps no u! @FaZeDirty omg u noticed me @DevinDruid the actual flex is that you follow us <3 @FallGuysGame i flex the hardest while holding on for dear life during seesaw, good upper body workout @HarryButAverage the shameless self promo love to see it @WhosVron DAY 1 FLEXING UNTIL VRON NOTICES ME @Cailee 🤩all of you gettin' slick with these quote tweets @NachoCustomz amazing customs are always something we need to see on the tlflex on that followwowow @Dwoalin reach out to for further help with this! @Zac22506 reach out to - that's where we can help @Rulaiz reach out to, they can help troubleshoot there @Minicoo98628218 shout out to mamacoop for being just as great as minicoop @monistreams i voted
@rohko2 the discount codes do not stack for the Cyber Salepalms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy peel is off the keyboard already, bought with mom's creditty quality… @nulksWasTaken @PlayApex no time limit to redeem, don't worry 😎 @Jeff97192905 @PlayApex happy birthday!💥FINAL APEX LEGENDS CODE DROP💥 the last 1,000 Ascension Packs are yours as we celebrate Season 7 of @PlayApex! ea… items are already running low on stock👀 @CeXarr_ open a ticket at - that’s where we can help!REMINDER: all of our Arctis headsets that work with PS4 work with PS5 and all of our Arctis headsets that work wit… CYBER SALE WITH GEAR UP TO 50% OFF JUST WENT LIVE, BECAUSE WHY NOT: ends December 2nd…
We're Grand Finals bound at the UMG Closed Qualifier! 🔥 We'll take on the winner of TSM/IMT later today with seedi…
Retweeted by SteelSeriesAll keys CLAIMED! releasing the final 1,000 Ascension Packs tomorrow, & this time we’re letting you know when 🤭 see you at 1:07PM CSTreminder to NOT refresh the page if you are in the waiting room 👊💥APEX LEGENDS CODE DROP #3💥 1,000 Ascension Packs are yours as we celebrate Season 7 of @PlayApex! included in ea… is no i in team but there is an i in video games and i want to play video gamesFIRST STRIKE MAIN EVENT QUALIFIED. ✔️ @Corey_OW @zacklombardo @KING_BABYBAY @Rawkus @Marved6 We'll see you i…
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all keys CLAIMED! 1k more tomorrow... (just like our first reminder, you must have an account & be logged in to th… @ShinRaijinX can guarantee that there were more than 1k people waiting for 1k keys so running out quickly is to be… like yesterday, do NOT refresh the page once you’re in the waiting room 🙂💥APEX LEGENDS CODE DROP #2💥 we've got 1,000 more Ascension Packs to celebrate Season 7 of @PlayApex on PC ❗ each… ultra-lightweight Aerox 3 Wireless is a stylish mouse with some impressive features. Our review:…
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@TruchaFamilia @PlayApex we are now friends can you pick me up from the airportwaiting patiently for the next @PlayApex key drop tomorrow? we're also giving away 20 custom Horizon QcK+ mousepad… @Deventh i forgive u @rumble81897 1. apex legends is a wildly popular game 2. everyone loves free stuff the combination of this is U N S T O P P A B L EALL KEYS CLAIMED! see you all tomorrow, & remember to NOT refresh the page once you're in the waiting room. ❤️if you are in the waiting room, the site will refresh once it's your turn. keys still available, please be patient!💥APEX LEGENDS CODE DROP💥 to celebrate Season 7 of @PlayApex, we've dropped 1,000 Ascension packs for PC! each pa… @MistrVulture <3 <3Even the citizens of Night City need a pick me up. Head to your nearest store to collect all 5 limited edition…
Retweeted by SteelSerieslive with @MistrVulture crushing some Horizon Zero Dawn come hang: @TheRezerected @Qwik 😘 @PLAYRgg 1v1 me on wii bowling @elmern97 here is all the info you need:
we appreciate the opportunity to be a small part of your journey🎧 cheers to you, keep it up🧡 @EasternMediaGG @GFuelEnergy @ScufGaming @ExtraLife4Kids 🧡🎁who else got this email?🤫 CYBER SALE COMING SOOOOON or white for the Arctis 7P?👀 what are we feeling? get a closer look: for some good Christmas gifts? @SteelSeries has great headsets perfect for gaming indoors or outdoors! 🎮…
Retweeted by SteelSerieswe'll be releasing the first round of keys on our Games Giveaway portal tomorrow: create a…🔥 APEX LEGENDS DROP🔥 We’re dropping 4,000 Ascension Packs to celebrate @PlayApex’s Season 7! Each pack includes:…'s stream will be over at @SteelSeries' channel! SUPER STOKED! 🔥🔥 Don't forget to follow them on twitch!…
Retweeted by SteelSeries @Marshanx18 omg @Marshanx18 thank you for the love but how are you going to make this claim without a puppy pic to go with itaaaaaaabsolutely hey @MrColdHollow, sprinting to your DMs to get you a headset 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ hang in there, us &… @EPLauncher reach out to, we can help there!
we've partnered with @HeadupGames to celebrate the launch of Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead 🧟‍♂️ enter for y… headsets against bedroom walls will now be including in product testing* @Xbox yes they are now draw me like one of your French girlsGot an Ace? Clutched a round? Capture your most skillful highlights using our new app Moments, & share your clips i… @AyoLive_ let me know what you think 👀how'd we Aerox so light while keeping structural integrity throughout?🤔 well: @megadadsblog @SGTBones_ appreciate this! @Triforce_Netwrk sick honestly @JDMjohnnyC best of the best🎁 enjoy!! @bright_leventis ah