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Steve Tovey @steevXIII Colchester, England

Do HR-type stuff (@ECFRS). Referee footie (@EssexReferees). Love 'eavy music (bellow / music Tweets @TheKingIsBlind). Despise Spoilers. Herd nerfs.

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Probably no shock to anyone, but new Judicator is Good Traditional Heavy Metal. You like the Blind Guardian? Then… @jeffwren01 @AndrewJacobsLnD Dos... Quinoa and rosé (tho not a massive fan of rose, tbf) @Spoon_Of_Life Dec 2021? If I can, I will, yes, absolutely, tho as it's so far off may have to wait til nearer the… metal '92 run-off poll: Bolt Thrower/Fear Factory/Kreator/My Dying Bride? Please RT @keithkahnharris
Retweeted by Steve Tovey @Zombie_Simon Cheers man. The amount of times the answer is "first album" to these questions is cool as I do like t… @AsgardRoot @nickmoberly @KeithKahnHarris @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy heard Bastille before (that am aware of) New track just came up on a new releases playlist. Really liked. Re…
@KeithKahnHarris @nickmoberly @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia metal album of 1992: Iron Maiden/Megadeth/Pantera/Skyclad? Please RT @keithkahnharris @steevXIII @haroldvs
Retweeted by Steve Tovey @AsgardRoot @robinnkok @nickmoberly @KeithKahnHarris @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy
@TeethoftheSea @nickmoberly @haroldvs @NecroHippy @OliZoltarBadin @DayalPatterson @KeithKahnHarris On this, I used… @TeethoftheSea @nickmoberly @haroldvs @NecroHippy @OliZoltarBadin @DayalPatterson @KeithKahnHarris @nickmoberly @haroldvs @TeethoftheSea @NecroHippy @OliZoltarBadin @DayalPatterson @KeithKahnHarris Let's not go the… @eleanorgoodman Always like to acknowledge excellent feature writing where possible. I think it's the hardest skill…
@eleanorgoodman I know I'm a month late, but the arrival of the new Hammer on the doormat reminded me I hadn't fini… @BeyondGraceDM Ha, nah, was definitely a time and place thing... 2009 I wasn't checking out much Metal at all - tho… @Bullet_1986 Some instant bangers... enough to get the thumbs up and get me to add to the library and want to come back to it.For absolutely no reason at all, I've never listened to the Killswitch Howard self-titled. So #NowPlaying Why not,…
@JudgeDewie @AbysmiOs What if you cut the V down to the navel?Only just heard about this: Amazing Sabaton parody courtesy of Alestorm/Gloryhammer members. Hilarious if you know…
Retweeted by Steve Tovey @KeithKahnHarris And I only just heard it from you! Love it! @KeithKahnHarris @nickmoberly @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @JarOfTripsis @JoeDaly_CA Quick plug for YouTube Music (was Google Play) where you can upload missing albums to you… @JarOfTripsis @JoeDaly_CA Earache / licencing issues, I believe... 😬 (no idea who is at fault, just think that's at the crux of it?) @TrueZero_ Does it all the time. So frustrating. Nearly as bad as 24, where series 2 had a huge spoiler on the pic… HITTERS! Dirt for me, btw
@lisalovescheese @mattdebenton I like that. Not a million miles from the last Ulver, with some cool srz pop stuff g… of cool at it again then. #NowPlaying #NowSlinking @lisalovescheese @mattdebenton Makes you sick, doesn't it. Multi-instrumental vocal and musical genius, AND a hands… @lisalovescheese @mattdebenton The gorgeous Ihsahn @lisalovescheese @mattdebenton Ooo, sounds interesting... Where where where!?! @C_Tipps90 @JoeWNaan @JoeWNaan @C_Tipps90 Is Judicator like Visigoth? I am so out of the loop as to what is being released and when.… @chipkali Enjoyed the song, so will check the album, yes 😁
@alilangdvn On brand @Zombie_Simon Ah, that's why the band name was vaguely familiar- remember some press stuff about em a little while… my 'eavy metal amigos... this came up on a playlist thing... liking the track, tbf, but haven't heard of them… @JamieGiberti @Zombie_Simon @Horrorsmith @Stig_Bubblecard Myself and some mates compiled a No Fear Of The Dying playlist (best of No Prayer & F… @Horrorsmith @Stig_Bubblecard Title track, Public Enema and Fates Warning is a joyous trio! The only song I have an… @Horrorsmith I think its fair to say that Mr Harris' move behind the production chair has not been to the benefit o… @teago_emplaw Happy birthday! @nickswhite Haha, yes. They're working within an aesthetic, but it doesn't scream high-end, no
Pure uplift. My ears recommend this to most of you. @JIPC76 Ah, but I'm not saying it's not.. Just I've forgiven it and accepted it for what it is rather than hating i… @Stig_Bubblecard I have a lot of time for quite a few of the deep cuts on No Prayer and Fear of the Dark, to be honest. @Stig_Bubblecard Tbf, all the best songs are probably on the various live albums along the way, but 20 years of hat… @steel_lord The Bruce / Rio version is electric, but only cos the actual song itself is a belter. Boom!I put Virtual XI on earlier, in part to be a nob about it in an FB Messenger chat. You know what? Angel / Gambler *…
@lisalovescheese Looks beautiful!
Nobody tells a man how to play, it just ain't that way!! Haha, been a while, but there are very few better than g… @Mattyreid1984 I *think* its an extended period of writers block, exacerbated by a wiping of a hard drive, that the… the New Ensiferum. Bit silly, lots of fun. Making me miss Turisas a bit, too. @MJCarty @jrkuhns @RafaDavies That Winterfylleth album is excellent! Not heard the Paysage yet, but seen lots of re…
@MJCarty @RafaDavies @jrkuhns Trés bon, mes amis. (Outdoor) pub luncheon avec les parents (French exhausted now) fo… @RafaDavies @MJCarty @jrkuhns Common wisdom agrees with Mr Davies. I, for some reason, have never really gotten alo… @haroldvs @djrobotham @nickmoberly @KeithKahnHarris @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @BlackLabel666 @Butcherr666 @oceansofclass But yes, white long under T under a black t, or reverse, is always a good secondary option @BlackLabel666 @Butcherr666 @oceansofclass I am delighted to be Anthrax in the 90s. Bush > Belladonna. Preference… @BlackLabel666 @Butcherr666 @oceansofclass My preferred look, too. Tho I do like to rock a 2-tone long sleeve (if t… @dds180 @MJCarty Probably doing better than the one in King's Landing... @MJCarty Haha, well it certainly worked on this weak-minded fool...!Did indeed make me smile... and have some interesting thoughts about what I could add to my LinkedIn (if I ever upd…
Have been very good so far. Am resisting the urge to tweet how much fun I'm having listening to Finntroll while try… @themetaltris @JoeWNaan The re-release, yeah? Definitely great, worth a listen, Joe. Bit like older Opeth but not in a copy cat kinda way. @DavidMBBell Do I see work-related congratulations are in order? New role! Hope the new working life is treating yo…
@dds180 Sincerely doubt you were rubbish... and if you were, maybe you were rubbish but in an amiable and positive…
@dds180 You came up today in a very positive light, mate! Just thought you'd want to know. An old Metro Bank collea… @TheKingIsBlind When I say think about, let's just say have a constant internal battle with myself until I give in and do it... @MJCarty Huge apologies! I'm quite rubbish at checking the DMs! @MJCarty Fair point... i guess I'm moping about not having a clear chunk of time off to do a complete reset but x7…
@MJCarty Sadly just odd days here and there throughout the school summer hols, tho at least one day a week, so can'… @WhiteRhinoTea @music_n_malbec Oh... what's that,? Have I managed to completely miss something? @MJCarty Haha, Bruce obsession kicks in automatically, doesn't it! Not bad, Mr C... not bad. Could do with a day o…
@MJCarty Underrated album, that
European death metal album of 1992: Amorphis/At the Gates/Bolt Thrower/Vader? Please RT @keithkahnharris @steevXIII
Retweeted by Steve Tovey @KeithKahnHarris @nickmoberly @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @KeithKahnHarris @nickmoberly @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @nickmoberly @KeithKahnHarris @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @KeithKahnHarris @nickmoberly @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @BlackLabel666 @Doombrarian I do appreciate tho, I've been lucky in how some things have panned out. Work actually… codes left from the below to pick up our debut full-length 'Our Father' for free.
Retweeted by Steve Tovey @BlackLabel666 @Doombrarian And the other, enjoying the additional listening time I get while working to go through… @BlackLabel666 @Doombrarian On the flip, I've found renewed enthusiasm and invigoration about listening to music. G… @dds180 Went last year. Really felt the jump back in time, but a decent hour and something different to do. One kid…
@HannahGillicker @TfL Am with you H, sorry you've had to endure some dickhead responses. Keep raising it, and ignore the fools. @colinmcl1 @HannahGillicker @TfL #DontBeADick The mask is to protect others, not you, Colin. (Tho it does help that too). @nickmoberly @haroldvs @KeithKahnHarris @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @haroldvs @nickmoberly @KeithKahnHarris @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @haroldvs @nickmoberly @KeithKahnHarris @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @haroldvs @KeithKahnHarris @nickmoberly @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @KeithKahnHarris @nickmoberly @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @haroldvs @nickmoberly @KeithKahnHarris @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @nickmoberly @KeithKahnHarris @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @JudgeDewie @C_Tipps90 @slamsight @mattdebenton @JoeWNaan @JamieGiberti @seanreid86 @zachredrup @tim_birkbeck In al… @JudgeDewie @C_Tipps90 @slamsight @mattdebenton @JoeWNaan @JamieGiberti @seanreid86 @zachredrup @tim_birkbeck Dammi… @JudgeDewie @C_Tipps90 @slamsight @mattdebenton @JoeWNaan @JamieGiberti @seanreid86 @zachredrup @tim_birkbeck Sixth'd @Pontecarloblue @FitzieP Brilliant news! @robinnkok @djrobotham @KeithKahnHarris @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @nickmoberly @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @AsgardRoot @nickmoberly @KeithKahnHarris @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @robinnkok @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy