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Do you use @github code search more than a couple times a week? I'm looking for folks that want to test out a new u…
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❤️ the Performance Monitor in @ChromeDevTools. Gives you a real-time view of CPU use, JS heap size, JS event listen…
Retweeted by Stefan PennerHmmm although my apple account thinks I’m American, the Apple developer side believes I’m still Canadian. This make…
Small projects build momentum. Big ones hurt momentum. The longer something takes, the less likely you are to fi…
Retweeted by Stefan PennerOooo grades don't define your abilities. And your degrees aren't as valuable as your skills. 🧠 You can have a PhD a…
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Happy Independence Day! @fivetanley Great compression @fivetanley /dev/null is pretty greatWe have at least one confirmed instance of a cross-compiled #rustlang program working (with limitations) on the new…
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@neojp My keyboard is a kinesis advantage @neojp That seems cool to @neojp Does take some learning though. But I’ve tried other set ups, and this keeps me coming back @neojp Keyboard is great, I’ve been using this model (although I did upgrade it purely to support the company) for… should be a industrial designer for Apple...
@_jayphelps @RReverser @searls I’ve been binging the Americans. This is hilariously thanks for sharing fI thought I wanted one more season of The Americans but now that the trailer is up I am just 100% not feeling it tbh
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federation to klingon power adapter
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Juicy network performance stats from Apple.. 👏 - IPv6 (26% req): 1.4x faster conn setup - HTTP/2 (79% req): 1.8x f…
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space stations deep space 1 to 8
Retweeted by Stefan PennerDear ADHD Comrades, Skipping exercises you think are "dumb" or "boring" is why you can't learn anything. Love, Zed
Retweeted by Stefan PennerMost people just want to feel like they have purpose and belong and will use whatever nonsense rationale to justify…
Retweeted by Stefan Penner“The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sang the best.” -Thoreau The woods would be ver…
Retweeted by Stefan Penner @rao2z When the woods are full of predators the birds fall silent
Retweeted by Stefan Penner @RReverser But thinking about it more, I was also born in 1986, the time traveling in dark often goes to 1986 so it… @RReverser My German is only a happy accident of my parents and community speaking German @RReverser Ya I mean to be fair, I lived in Canada for the first 25 years of my life. (Grade 11 in German) and only the last few in the US @RReverser @RReverser also, I’m actually German / Canadian dual citizen @RReverser My German is pretty rusty, other then watching dark and talking to my family I basically don’t use it @RReverser I only spoke a little English until I went to school. First 5 years or soNew season of dark, that one time a year I feel i get use out of the fact that my first language is German and not English
@burkelibbey ? @MylesBorins On my way! @DougDeMuro look what i found on the Autobahn today!
Retweeted by Stefan Penner#traversefire view from my block just south of 3200 north. @KSLcom
Retweeted by Stefan PennerRemember 14.4kbps?
The media focus on the tech titans obscures how much opportunity small businesses have gotten from the internet. Fo…
Retweeted by Stefan Penner @melaniersumner Doit. It’s worth it @MiguelCamba @miuki_miu I hope over time more people are able to work remote. I can’t recommend it to everyone, o… more I use HEY, the more I think it makes the case for 'modern' SSR'd SPA-ish development, rather than the Rail…
Retweeted by Stefan Penner @DJ_Briley @emberjs @vuejs I finished the 3.18 emberjs tutorial two weeks ago. I like how well the tutorial is writ…
Retweeted by Stefan PennerLearning @emberjs after knowing @vuejs is pretty intuitive! I really like the generate command and the fact that un…
Retweeted by Stefan Pennerparent: if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too? machine learning model: yes
Retweeted by Stefan PennerYou can press the Tab key to bring up a Status Window which displays your objectives, health, armor, level name, di…
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On the other hand, this presents a conflict-of-interest problem: so long as reports have a single sponsor (typicall…
Retweeted by Stefan PennerBeen debating whether to open up GitHub Sponsorships for Jepsen. On the one hand, people keep asking to donate, and…
Retweeted by Stefan Penner @robdel12 #yoloSummer operations begin tomorrow! (Friday, June 26). We would like to remind guests that parking will only be avail…
Retweeted by Stefan PennerI struggle to read books, but give me a intriguing software projects source code and I can’t put it down...
Traffic into the Lincoln Tunnel is wrapped around several blocks. Nature is healing.
Retweeted by Stefan PennerLadies and gentlemen, the Rock and Roll with Ember Octane book is now available for purchase:…
Retweeted by Stefan Penner @fivetanley Hey Stanley (am I doing this right?)I wonder how many grifters realize it
The 3h long discussion with Lex Fridman on AI, universe and everything was great fun
Retweeted by Stefan PennerYou'd be inexcusably egocentric to suggest that Earth was the only place in the observable Universe with life -- am…
Retweeted by Stefan PennerIf you receive an ARM Mac Dev Transition Kit and @MikeMcQuaid doesn't, you are hereby honor-bound to breach whateve…
Retweeted by Stefan PennerAnyone like @rustlang and distributed systems/consensus protocols?
Retweeted by Stefan Penner @steveklabnik I’m sorry for your lossType in Morse code by repeatedly slamming your laptop shut:
Retweeted by Stefan Penner @melaniersumner More appropriately: @melaniersumner Are you sure it’s a dust storm?
News that's sad for me but potentially good for you: @exec_prog doesn't require audio, so I'm going to sell Destroy…
Retweeted by Stefan PennerA friendly reminder: Your degrees aren't as valuable as your skills. 🧠
Retweeted by Stefan Penner @RReverser Well.... that’s something ...The best part of WWDC: I finally get to find out what I've been working on for the last 12 months!
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@neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov Thanks for the concern, I appreciate it! @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov Ya doing fine. Just long recovery. Cartila… @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov Ya. Who knows I guess. Current approaches feel odd though too: @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @neojp @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov Although you can contort them to be unifie… @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @neojp @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov @nullvoxpopuli yes, their is something uni… @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov I see mega cost in this specific part of t… @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov Thanks. I don’t know if I’m interested in… @nullvoxpopuli @neojp @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov I mean, the reason is actually good. Incre… @nullvoxpopuli @neojp @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov I’ll give it a read. Good fresh perspectiv… @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov I don’t know if I agree or disagree routab… @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov Ironically just writing down the implement… @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov You know, I need more practice writing Eng… @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov But I’m convinced a rework of the route/te… @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov Ya, they are just currently have a very na… @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov Maybe this is a good time for me to actual… @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs @thoov The route/controller/template relationship… @neojp @nullvoxpopuli @TheExelord @zinyando @barelyknown @emberjs Singleton controllers and routes IMHO are the cor…
Working on WebAssembly debugging nowadays, and I'm looking for demo web applications written with significant C/C++…
Retweeted by Stefan Pennerv1.1.1 is released with bug fixes
Retweeted by Stefan Penner @_inside @UTMapp Mac99 PowerPC VM with: 1. OS X Leopard (10.5.4 ISO from 2. Xcode 3.1.4 fr…
Retweeted by Stefan PennerI believe this is the first time anyone outside of Apple did an iOS development in XCode on iPad. Mad props to…
Retweeted by Stefan PenneriPad emulating Mac OS X running Xcode deploying to the iPhone Simulator 🤯 …incidentally, emulators and VMs, a whol…
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@simonihmig Plus I’m a stargate nerd...The wait is finally over😂 , the Rock and Roll with Ember.js Octane book will be published next Thursday. Watch this…
Retweeted by Stefan Penner @simonihmig Very cool, exiting to see wormhole live on! @gaurav9576 @Alonski @pjcarly @vash_flash @embertimes @Runspired @lukemelia @krisselden That being said, I have bee… @gaurav9576 @Alonski @pjcarly @vash_flash @embertimes @Runspired @lukemelia @krisselden For example, vertical-colle… @gaurav9576 @Alonski @pjcarly @vash_flash @embertimes @Runspired @lukemelia @krisselden With minimum memory overhea… @gaurav9576 @Alonski @pjcarly @vash_flash @embertimes @Runspired @lukemelia @krisselden Ember-collection was really… @gaurav9576 @Alonski @pjcarly @vash_flash @embertimes @Runspired @lukemelia @krisselden I’ve used both, ember-colle… @gaurav9576 @Alonski @pjcarly @vash_flash @embertimes @Runspired It isn’t fair for me to take credit, it…
Lighthouse in chrome is still at v5.7 but the node module is v6. So if you run the test in chrome and export the JS…
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Interested in getting funding up to $40,000 for outstanding research based on V8? 🧪 🎓Check out the V8 Research Gra…
Retweeted by Stefan Penner#lightning in pic 1 and 2 you can see a Helicopter just to the right of the #lightning #utwx #slc @NWSSaltLakeCity
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