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@natterstefan 0.1 * 0.2 @DamianDulisz Im only 1 man. Can only help so many people in a day, ya know?Update: The desk sold. @davatron5000 Whoa whoa whoa Dave. Hasty generalizations. Ballerinas can be bad guys (see: Black Swan) Not all mo… short while back I reported a bug with intersectionObserver in @firefox. The fix is finally getting merged, and… @davatron5000 Wow, this could have gone a totally different route. When your daughter said "ballerina fighter", ho… followers. My work is paying off!
@JakeDohm Hey, that other thread you referenced is great. Sounds like you already know whats up ;) PS. you got a b… @JakeDohm One thing to note, though, I dont think ES modules play super nicely with common JS modules. Not speaking… @JakeDohm Yeah. If you're talking just stand alone modules, then I think you can just plug and play. It's weird, we… @JakeDohm No resources, but how does the browser load 100 modules? HTTP/2 multiplexing? Then if moduleA depends… @JakeDohm It's not just about dev tooling. ESM requires big planning around your resource/dependency loading strate… @jora_cristi @youyuxi @marktnoonan @JakeDohm @vuejs Yeah, 200 is not much. The question was intended to see if anyo… @darkylmnx @JakeDohm @danielcroe @youyuxi @marktnoonan @vuejs As always, very insightful contribution :) @darkylmnx @JakeDohm @danielcroe @youyuxi @marktnoonan @vuejs Yeah, I realized this a bit later and will likely go this approach. @LeBenLeBen Yeah, this was a pretty common recommendation. @darkylmnx @mattrothenberg @vuejs Love it! @thedamon @JakeDohm @danielcroe @youyuxi @marktnoonan @vuejs Yeah, I totally agree that computed is likely the way… @MarinaMosti @vuejs Yeah, that was one of the more reasonable recommendations. I might do that. There's some other… so you know. If you don't need to support IE11, you may not need to build or use a custom authentication servi… @JakeDohm Lol. Thanks for the recommendation...? @GrantGlidewell 1, no one said this was an advantage. 2, it's the equivalent to JSX: new Array(6).fill().map((_, i… @DamianDulisz @JakeDohm @youyuxi @marktnoonan @vuejs Yeah, Im not saying computed is NOT an option. And computed or… @JakeDohm @DamianDulisz @youyuxi @marktnoonan @vuejs Yeah, my thoughts too. I MIGHT do this :D @JakeDohm @danielcroe @youyuxi @marktnoonan @vuejs Yeah. I think you can do the same within a render function in Vu… @JakeDohm @youyuxi @marktnoonan @vuejs Yeah. So far that seems like the best options @codebender828 @vuejs So far I just run the same function in the template 5 times. @marktnoonan @JakeDohm @danielcroe @youyuxi @vuejs Youre absolutely right. It's not something Im proud of. Lol. It… @danielcroe @youyuxi @marktnoonan @JakeDohm @vuejs Lol. Thanks. I wasn't looking for answers to my specific problem… @JakeDohm @youyuxi @marktnoonan @vuejs Yeah, I think the issue is I have a nested array: <tr v-for="i in 6"> <td… @danielcroe @vuejs What if the markup looks more like: <tr v-for="i in 6"> <td v-for="j in 7"> <!-- calcThing… @codebender828 @vuejs Yeah, I tried to start with a simplified question, but it's not actually so simple. It was probably a bad idea. @youyuxi @marktnoonan @JakeDohm @vuejs So, to give more context, Im building a calendar with a table and a nested l… @youyuxi @marktnoonan @JakeDohm @vuejs Alright. What if I wanted to do a calculation based on the index in the array? @marktnoonan @JakeDohm @vuejs @youyuxi Yeah. That's probably the best solution I could think up as well. It's a goo… @danielcroe @vuejs Thanks Daniel. Im not actually working with objects in the list, and Im specifically referencing… @mattrothenberg @vuejs This isnt exacly my code, but it's more or less this: <div v-for="i in 40" :attr1="cal… @marktnoonan @JakeDohm @vuejs Yeah. I was thinking I could even have a data prop. The issue is not that it's a sup… @vuejs question: I've got a for loop that loops over 40 item, and calls the same function 5 times. Can I just call… @TheJaredWilcurt, you did a great job on the latest PR for Vuetensils. ESLint formatting is looking great. Now how… to sell some things on Craigslist, and my creative juices have run out: "Cute desk for writing on, or whate…
@DoctorP00 @Rsyv8071 He's double-trolling... @wonder95 lil tip for you on the job hunt"Some people like guns some people like thumbs" - @azanebrain @FreedomofPress Hey friends, you might want to know that people with supporting browsers (anything based on Chromiu…
Retweeted by 𝙰𝚞𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗 𝙶𝚒𝚕 @wesbos @syntaxfm They're called logical properties... Deal with it @malgamves @gatsbyjs @strapijs @prismicio @nuxt_js @Netlify I centered a div with only CSS today. @fontburger I say whatever has the best rhythm. So it really depends on where you live. It's like feng shui for the ears.Flas pushing out some more cute, but endangered animal #illustrations for #the100dayproject. This time it's the N… the "unsubscribe" link for a newsletter is one of my favorite things to do.
@bbssppllvv Is there any way to see how your color palette generator works? It would be cool to generate a web app for color palettes. @zachleat @eleven_ty @vuejs Wait, I forgot. Is that a Tuesday or a Wednesday? @zachleat @eleven_ty @vuejs Like how soon? Im free for the next 5 mins or so. 10 might work. 15 would be outright rude. @zachleat @eleven_ty @vuejs What is this Eleventy + Vue crossover event? @MiriSuzanne Haven't used it, but the creator (@nghuuphuoc) does lot of cool/useful stuff, and they seem very activ…'m giving a free Vue.js introduction tomorrow night to the SeattleVueJS Meetup. Details here -
Retweeted by 𝙰𝚞𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗 𝙶𝚒𝚕How to Build HTML Forms Right, Part 1: Semantics, by @Stegosource
Retweeted by 𝙰𝚞𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗 𝙶𝚒𝚕 @Yagaboosh No my website? I think it's prism.js. It just automatically styles them for me:
@TDataScience Cool. Thanks for the share. Where did you stumble upon this? @rauschma Good use case is if you ever need to update/remove/replace an item and don't already know what the index… @kyleshevlin Eat the rich ...text editor. @TrystonPerry Try turning it off and back on @wavrin @ErikCH I've used vuepress and gridsome much more, but this latest improvement tips the scales for me. I'll use nuxt in my next one. @SladeWentworth That was rough. I cant wait to spent time with other people.
Here's an example app, written with Deno and Vite, using http_wrapper to host a built Vue 3 app.…
Retweeted by 𝙰𝚞𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗 𝙶𝚒𝚕 @MariaLamardo Ah dang. The Linux option is not great. I was hoping for a hidden gem I could use :( @kddeisz @vue_a11y @_marcusherrmann @hankchizljaw @heydonworks @A11YProject @a11y @kddeisz I switched over the plug… likin this song right now:
@jaykob_k @hankchizljaw @heydonworks @A11YProject @a11y Thanks. My thoughts as well. Also thanks. It was kind of f… @kddeisz @vue_a11y @_marcusherrmann @hankchizljaw @heydonworks @A11YProject @a11y Great. I'll have to check which o… @MarinaMosti @hankchizljaw @heydonworks @A11YProject @a11y Yes. In this case, the control is a button. I don't have… @thedamon @hankchizljaw @heydonworks @A11YProject @a11y It's literally on a button. Lol. I've submitted an issue. @_marcusherrmann @hankchizljaw @heydonworks @A11YProject @a11y @vue_a11y I put in a bug report already as a potenti… @hankchizljaw @A11YProject @heydonworks @a11y As much as I suspected. I'm not sure what the html spec says on this,… @_marcusherrmann @hankchizljaw @heydonworks @A11YProject @a11y @vue_a11y Using that and getting the issue. @MariaLamardo which screen reader did you use for your talk at Vueconf? @hankchizljaw @A11YProject @heydonworks @a11y Once again, I think I asked the wrong question. The real question is… @hankchizljaw @A11YProject @heydonworks @a11y Yes, that was my thoughts exactly. Then why do eslint a11y rules comp… not very good at asking questions on Twitter... @heydonworks @A11YProject @hankchizljaw @a11y Lol. Im pretty bad at wording my questions. It's not divs vs buttons.… @hankchizljaw @A11YProject @heydonworks @a11y Thanks Andy, but the question was not divs vs buttons. It is if I am… @A11YProject @hankchizljaw @heydonworks @a11y The question was not divs vs buttons. It is if I am already using a b… devs, I saw an eslint error that says click handlers should be accompanied by "enter" and "space" key handler… @rikschennink Youre not alone. Hard to balance, and our brains are good at convincing us that we're doing one thing… @rikschennink I think you should share whatever you want and don't worry what people think. That said, Im not insp…
@stuartrunyan Woooow. This is a memory I forgot I had. I did play Chex Quest, and I loved it. Too funny :)And another cool flat design. This one, probably more folks are familiar with. Can you guess it? Name is in the lin… @GrantGlidewell Im sure she's open for commissioning :)She went for more of a flat design with this #illustration of the cute Desert Pupfish: @jaffathecake That is nice. Who was he talking to? @rodneyfolz @bdougieYO reslist/greenlist was also implemented by the xmas team on some of their peripheral location… @bdougieYO This system has been battle tested by the North Pole devop & security team for centuries, so you know it works. Santa-approved.Hey @JonathanMosen I was thinking about our chat from the other day and was wondering if you have ever come across… @sandiegojs is hosting the SD @vuejs meetup tonight. It's going to be online, so anyone is welcome.…
Who likes Giant Manta Rays? That's right, you do. So Flav made another #illustration just for you ;) Get some swee… @hankchizljaw @saltnburnem Great article BTW. I always use buttons and am well aware of how much you get for free.… @hankchizljaw @saltnburnem Lol. I realize my question was poorly phrased. What I mean is if you wanted to put a but… @hankchizljaw @saltnburnem Yo @hankchizljaw, what's your approach for styling the <button> element? Specifically fo… @argyleink I want this I also want this for @PostCSS[Q]: Why wasn't the adolescent pirate allowed into the movie theater. [A]: Because there's a pandemic going on and…