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steph🍊 @stehpone Baltimore, MD

steph bulante !! 23. they/them🔮 available for freelance 🧡 contact at . cofounder of @pocketini 🍀 literary rep: @msmariavicente 🌻

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@ceeejus AHH happy birthday!!!! 🧡🧡🧡🧡 hope your arm heals fast!!! 💓
and by brush up i mean learn completely 😂does anyone have any filipino movie recs? 🥺 i think i need to... brush up on tagalog @chiliflakess 🥺🧡🌱
@feriowind AHHH GOLDEN BOY ❤️❤️❤️ amazing as always ferio!!! 🥺 @ginkgocrown and they hurt his feelings too very cringe of them :( @chunafishy its a good color! 🥺
@frogthief EMILY YOUR POWER!!papercraft vending machine for @imitationdevil 🐰💕 (ft. smiski)
Retweeted by steph🍊 @jessezhangart hi there!! attaching my portfolio below 💌 @chiliflakess SAME o(-( @TricksterMelon i love U unironically
i’m currently a little busy with building up savings from my part time jobs because i was unexpectedly thrown into… don’t really have anything new to show at the moment but i just remembered this lil comic i did and i still like…
I wanted to repost the pamphlet from last year, because the only way forward is to imagine a world without police.…
Retweeted by steph🍊 @ginkgocrown AEEEEEEE
It's live! Our first collaborative pin series from West Winona Shop, @CorvinJLyn, @Double_0_Snake, and I's shared s…
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@Double_0_Snake and it’s so pretty too!! 🥰🥰 and sanji could be 😳 a lavender earl grey tea/latte 😳😳😳 @Double_0_Snake luffy could be a smoked tea!! since theyre sort of savory 😳 also yum golden milk lattes *___*
@Double_0_Snake *kisses his nose*my god it’s been so long since i’ve caught a sunny morning on my days off but i finally got to take pics of…
@ziqqix happy birthday legend!! 🥰
@chiliflakess 🎶 please kisss me please kiss me ALL NIGHT 🎶 truly and iconic ending song
I put up some new prints up in the shop! They are all 5x7 🍍👻🔥
Retweeted by steph🍊 @StrangeGRoxy yess he’ll be waiting for you one day!! 🥰🌷i've updated my shop with my leftover stock of zoro t-shirts!🌷 there's a fairly limited amount: i'd say there's no…
Retweeted by steph🍊 @ginkgocrown love u so much!! @chiliflakess SLKDJFL i take the blame... *holds ur hand* ily!!!hehe... i was cute then and im still cute now >:-] happy #TDOV to you and me!!! i love you!!! ⚧️🏳️‍⚧️💞
Retweeted by steph🍊 @chiliflakess MWAH kisses u happy tdov!!! i'm so glad to know you!!!! 🧡🧡🧡 thank u for being in my life!!
@56ghostship so glad it arrived to you safely!! thank you again!! 💗 @alyssissimo i still have them up because some countries still have restrictions! ): if you want to dm me i can see… @pxnkhazard_ i'm sorry! 😭 i still have it set to the US because some countries don't allow shipping just yet; if yo…🌷i've updated my shop with my leftover stock of zoro t-shirts!🌷 there's a fairly limited amount: i'd say there's no… @sunmiflowers gorgeous and wonderful!!!! <333#TransDayOfVisibility it me...Pa!!! I'm NB/trans, I hope is ok to join the tag;; I don't feel validated but I alway…
Retweeted by steph🍊Steph’s Mama Zoro Tee has arrived 😋💕 Look at all of @stehpone’s great work 🥺💕
Retweeted by steph🍊 @amiycai_ YOURE SO CUTEE also your tattoo omg!!!! 😭💗💗💗💗💗
zoro came home!!!!! thank u @stehpone for all the extra goodies and the sweet sanlu note <333 this shirt is going t…
Retweeted by steph🍊 @ceeejus so good!!!! @feriowind @chiliflakess omg im so glad ilyily!!!😭 i saw it at the store and i was like i HAVE to get this for oli...🌞🧡 @chiliflakess OUR DAYTIME SHOOTING STAR 💫⭐️🌟Omg excuse the dirty mirror, this aint my room lol 😭 but thank you @stehpone for making this hilarious shirt (and s…
Retweeted by steph🍊 @ashthelazy CUTEEE im so glad it arrived to u safely!!! thank you again 💓 marimo dreaming...🌱💚 @blu3beans hehe im so glad you enjoy the shirt!! 🥺💓 @chunafishy blushing ace...o(-( 🧡🔥🔥🔥 @salmonhell EMILY OH MY GOD SUCH A WIN
steph designing my whole wardrobe at this point lmao
Retweeted by steph🍊 @chiliflakess HWKJSHSKDJF I LOVE U SO MUCH IM IN TEARS IM SHAKING...!! YOU LOOK AMAZING!! im ur personal stylist 🐸🙈💗🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡wake up babe!! new zoro just dropped @stehpone 😳
Retweeted by steph🍊 @deadotp ahh i never saw this im so sorry! but thank you so much for your kind words... lets make this spring a good one 💗🌷how im keeping myself alive these days
Retweeted by steph🍊 @chiliflakess hehehe 💗💗💗
@t0mt_0 aaaahh gorgeous!! i love how small they feel...skypiea memories
Retweeted by steph🍊 @ginkgocrown he said “im going to make a character so easy for gay people with trauma to project on,” and sanji has… shouldve stayed in idaho!!! 😂😜😜🥴🥴language like “it got really bleak” or “it was depressing” .... ok but like......thinking a lot about wh*te people who moved to la (esp areas like echo park silverlake and highland park) and went… @gisewaaa LOOK IN THE MIRROR BABEevery morning i wake up and think about sanji one piece......o(-( @Double_0_Snake 😳THREAD: Meet Diana Doo. Diana had been living at Echo Park Lake since last year, but was recently moved to a hotel…
Retweeted by steph🍊i’ll be adding my leftover stock of zoro shirts this week!! ^^ 🧡 @Aquiboni 🥺🧡🧡🧡 so glad it got to you safely!!!! thank you again!!!Super cool merch that’s come in the mail this week🥺 (left)@stehpone (right)@Broachart
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@heroghosts HII I LOVE U @salmonhell HES SOOO CUTIE PIE
@feriowind ghshhahsjsjajd traslavgar..... 😭can you give me one last kiss? 忘れたくないこと #エヴァ
Retweeted by steph🍊 @chunafishy aaaaa im so glad they arrived to u safely!! 🧡🧡🧡 that lawlu doodle i did is so goofy LMAOWAHOO @stehpone goodies arrived!! the recipe cards are absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to use them 🥺❤️
Retweeted by steph🍊 @chiliflakess ohhhh wont you give me one last kisss o(-( oli this is stunning!! 💗💗💗
Cicatrix by @elleshivers 🦠☄️🔥 Available at
Retweeted by steph🍊 @nucheki 💋💋💋the guy sure looks like plant food to me 🪴🍴
Retweeted by steph🍊 @toastcryptid HHGSGHSHESHSJD🫂
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i am a simple man... i am craving food from the ikea food court @chipotlea have u watched saving face 😳 it’s a 90s rom com it’s a little sad but has a happy ending!
@not160cm happy birthday!!! 🥰the word that keeps coming thru in my mind about this year’s spring is sweetness.... i feel sweet and i love the people in my life 🌸🌼🌸🌷🌸🌷🌼 @chiliflakess oli seeing ur art literally always makes my whole week 😭😭😭 @chiliflakess i hope u know i love u with all my heart🧡🧡sincerely,
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@ginkgocrown AW ILY thank u for grabbin one!! 🥺🧡🧡🧡thank u @stehpone for my new favorite shirt
Retweeted by steph🍊Rest in power and peace. Soon Chung Park 박순정, age 74 Hyun Jung Grant [김]현정, age 51 Sun Cha Kim 김순자, age 69 Yong Ae…
Retweeted by steph🍊o(-( @cinziq_ omg u look so cute!! thank you again!! 🥺🧡🧡🧡.@stehpone is a genius and I’m never taking this shirt off
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Thread uplifting survivors and families' direct funding requests. Please support them
Retweeted by steph🍊While I don’t have a large platform w/ what I do have I want to be able 2 support the Asian community, I have alrea…
Retweeted by steph🍊 @chiliflakess :3hi everyone!! im doing email tarot readings again for $11.11+ (pay what u want), all proceeds will go towards as-am… is a good time to remind you that ULINE is a major political donor who uses anti-Asian rhetoric in marketing.…
Retweeted by steph🍊Xiaojie Tan was killed the day before her 50th birthday, when she “would have gathered with her only child for a sl…
Retweeted by steph🍊Please consider contributing to or sharing this GoFundMe created by the son of one of the victims who worked at Gol…
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