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@yoonchiiu shut the absolute fuck up & do it @ignepiphanys @catgirlna mf had to tweet @yoonchiiu maybe you should get some sleep before you get up with some red ass eyes @kanatouu @zekeiVAL @rasi1x this is unspeakable @yoonchiiu imma head to bed lil bro @yoonchiiu literally no one u ascendant 1 fuck @cindyypriv u saw your people @urfavradiant @zefiyy @nuwumy @Kezyyz @sayonfps drunk @urfavradiant @zefiyy @nuwumy @Kezyyz @sayonfps that doesnt even make sense @ca19ico @urfavradiant @zefiyy @nuwumy @Kezyyz @sayonfps soon to be @urfavradiant @zefiyy @nuwumy @Kezyyz @sayonfps whatchu want me to stand next to bruh @urfavradiant @zefiyy @nuwumy @Kezyyz @sayonfps crazy wrong do i gotta do a height reveal @urfavradiant @zefiyy @nuwumy @Kezyyz @sayonfps anyone with height in the 5’s automatically lose their right to talk in any situation @ca19ico @urfavradiant @zefiyy @nuwumy @Kezyyz @sayonfps i aint wrong @faetxd @JACKLEE_OW @cbbuii @cindyypriv @yoonchiiu @cindyyval damn @faetxd @zefiyy @nuwumy @urfavradiant @Kezyyz @sayonfps nah @urfavradiant @zefiyy @nuwumy @Kezyyz @sayonfps ? @faetxd @JACKLEE_OW @cbbuii @cindyypriv @yoonchiiu @cindyyval i dont like anyone like that on my tl @ca19ico @urfavradiant @zefiyy @nuwumy @Kezyyz @sayonfps it was a joke now go sleep call with ur girlfriend @cocoimao @urfavradiant @ShinnVal @tonygiangg @zoubuo @suhniiee hope it goes terribly wrong i hate happy people @faetxd @JACKLEE_OW @cbbuii @cindyypriv @yoonchiiu @cindyyval i heckin love canto ppl on my tl @faetxd @zefiyy @nuwumy @urfavradiant @Kezyyz @sayonfps cock @nuwumy @zefiyy @urfavradiant @Kezyyz @sayonfps bruh what @urfavradiant @zefiyy @nuwumy @Kezyyz @sayonfps 💍whaaaaaaaaaaaMy Twitter Family: Parents: @zefiyy @nuwumy Spouse: @urfavradiant Children: @Kezyyz @sayonfps via… @faetxd @cbbuii @JACKLEE_OW @cindyypriv @yoonchiiu @cindyyval LOL @urfavradiant @cocoimao @ShinnVal @tonygiangg @zoubuo @suhniiee knew yall had something fr @nuwumy im scared of u now 😱😱 @sayonfps wow ur so good
@catgirlna he right @cocoimao 🤥 @ignepiphanys whaaa @ttvalanaat @will1us actually not trolling for once no kyap @ignepiphanys we know jit @weirdoliv GREEN @zefiyy @h2nnyu LMAOOO classic hunnyu L @ShaneVal_ @cindyyval @cecesoo_ vv @sayonfps @1nxsh @urfavradiant will i regret turning urs on too @cecesoo_ playing in traffic @sayonfps @1nxsh @urfavradiant wow racist got his notis on & not mine… crazy @urfavradiant braindead @urfavradiant its literally a foot @escapistfool @AceTrainerMeeks @overrrrit_ LOLyall was makin fun of plankton for dating a computer screen now Iook at u mfs😭
Retweeted by aaron @angelvxq @urfavradiant LMFAOO @aikyuna everytime i get on valo its only pain @liizion zion throws @ivyy6969 goofy ahh @VobengKhee @suhniiee 😒😐 @catgirlna yes @cocoimao is ur second monitor good @cocoimao i wish my setup was this clean ngl @aikyuna this video makes me wanna play valorant againthe cryocells curse pt.4 😅
Retweeted by aaron @suhniiee wow u look fantastic today @faetxd @cindyypriv @Kezyyz @ExtremeZbtw @cindyyval @1nxsh @Abdeznuts @yoonchiiu tryna twist shit @Kezyyz @ExtremeZbtw @cindyyval @1nxsh @Abdeznuts @yoonchiiu ? im beating u in tweets @cindyyval @ExtremeZbtw @Kezyyz @1nxsh @Abdeznuts @yoonchiiu that was me a month ago jit @Kezyyz @ExtremeZbtw @cindyyval @1nxsh @Abdeznuts @yoonchiiu ? @ExtremeZbtw @cindyyval @Kezyyz @1nxsh @Abdeznuts @yoonchiiu im boutta beat him fr @urfavradiant i play sage @ethereal_fps ahhkay @1nxsh @cindyyval @Abdeznuts @Kezyyz @yoonchiiu ive never had a sleepover @1nxsh @cindyyval @Abdeznuts @Kezyyz @yoonchiiu nah they be touchin me too much fr @cindyyval @Kezyyz @1nxsh @Abdeznuts @yoonchiiu @cindyyval @1nxsh @Abdeznuts @Kezyyz @yoonchiiu @1nxsh @cindyyval @Abdeznuts @Kezyyz @yoonchiiu time for me to head out @yoonchiiu @Kezyyz this is not how u slide into dms @1nxsh @cindyyval @Abdeznuts @Kezyyz @yoonchiiu fr @yvkiyo lets go yukiyooooooooo @1nxsh @sayonfps @matchacataimers SHEEESH. @jellyfish_val so poggers
@iamhcu @ssav1or @itsmarouS hcu professional instigator @1nxsh @weirdoliv vouch? @k8Iean @anthonypadilla caught lackin jit @cloudyerin_ ass @urfavradiant im a goody toe shoes idk what hat means @suhniiee wow congratulations on universal domination @urfavradiant liar @cindyyval @glizzwald @TrippyN2L oh @kaitssmurf @turtlewurdle he has to buy his children (me) valorant skins @TTakeo_ @turtlewurdle @kaitssmurf w mans @cockwrld nothing wrong with you, u just made a mistake dont hate urself for it, you can recover it @cindyyval @glizzwald @TrippyN2L bro… its bad. @catgirlna ? @catgirlna Winah @kaitssmurf i just realized this isnt english & i understood it perfectly i am fluent in kait @suhniiee ???? @mymeloderu yo real @urfavradiant liar. @homiesrice hbd @yvkiyo i didnt mean it in a bad way @yvkiyo THE CROUCH PSRAYING @kaitssmurf fr @s6ulss @cocoimao yep @s6ulss @cocoimao yep @cocoimao idk what is in the other bowl tho @cocoimao strawberrys are so good rice is ass