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stellar💫 @stellariwnl San Francisco, CA

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@d9imyo @Bacca_Val LOL REAL @escapistfool wtf u rich asf @escapistfool the champions karambit rightis the karambit worth or not @cloudyepriv go to sleep sis @cloudyepriv nice cap @fIuffyzx real @cloudyerin_ @d9imyo oh @wunjii same. @45kasu 3rd picture is heat @d9imyo @cloudyerin_ she cant even vouch for me thats fake @athxna @XSET @girlgamerfest @karnthc holy @domCSGO 1v3 just to get 9-3 cursed @juliaaiis im just lonely man. @wolfyval 😈 @wolfyval where the god clips at now 😳 @d9imyo @iamhcu SOL BUFF @homiesrice @iamhcu fs @homiesrice @iamhcu it workedddd @senaachu @Skrrtfps Yeah you baka @h2nnyu Yep @senaachu @Skrrtfps its a 🖤 @h2nnyu 17 years @ilyval_ this looks so fun im so jealous @iamhcu @aikyuna please & thank you @madisonbeer firstLMAOOOO @iamhcu
@cloudyerin_ noti @khanartistval W human @RihOnVal Yeah but the caption 😐 @RihOnVal AYYYYYYO @MoonKiller_VAL its a buggy wuggy @MoonKiller_VAL @t1ffsny yayyyyyy @t1ffsny wtf ur like a child @MoonKiller_VAL @t1ffsny HI @NotMatcheww HOLT SHIT HE WINNIN IN LIFE SHEEEESH @escapistfool @FAIRx818x kk @escapistfool @FAIRx818x i cant find u r u offline or sum @escapistfool @FAIRx818x WTF @lumafps sleep well @jellyfish_val its the i love (insert girls’ name) buff @escapistfool @FAIRx818x dm it to me ^ @escapistfool @FAIRx818x yeah we can run it sometime whats ur discord @escapistfool @FAIRx818x are you naw @escapistfool @FAIRx818x dude im so bad at it now i peaked gn2 before but that was in like 8th grade @Glorinsz mb for making animal noises on the tl #reformed now @escapistfool @FAIRx818x i started playing csgo in like 5th or 6th grade😅 its prolly why im toxic in games sometimes @starlovesuu ns @jaylavs i have many pomples @escapistfool @FAIRx818x old cs like 1.6? or source? @jellyfish_val ur bad @iamhcu tf @homiesrice we can play some VALORANT @hhaleylol im gonna bonk your head @homiesrice im gonan come to your house @elfonaashelf forsaken < SOL @annxval wooF @wunjii @iamhcu i need it bro im on my knees @annxval boutta bark fr @fishszns 💀 what @Toastedtw i only followed you cus u were a girl sorry bella
@ignovercook #poggers @cloudyerin_ ong @notgmonster u too g def low fps cracked aimer @Dubzaim_ im west TOOO lesgo @cloudyerin_ @d9imyo @srrirachha what i said fr @Dubzaim_ are you west? @Dubzaim_ d2 rn @koalanoob 2 qts @Dubzaim_ literally cant find a soul to play with consistently, i just wanna run some games man @Sehgah Not moonMonkey @Sehgah huh @Sehgah u dont know him @Sehgah ik my other friend said he carried you @bobabonk bruh @Sehgah moonmonkey is my friend @Ino_VAL real @1vanniieee hi vanniemannie @1vanniieee all good in the hood @1vanniieee quit @d9imyo @srrirachha damn yall cute asf @xod0lly w =/= ? @xod0lly NAW is NA west stoopid @xod0lly IM CALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII dm me ur tag @xod0lly sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry bro are u even naw @cloudyerin_ @arrtryu lyt bro im watching you grow rn i saw ur grind from fn ill see it in val too @jaylavs ty jayla i still support ya :) @moondownbad ill make a priv & deactivate with u 🙏💀context: com is cringe asf everyone got some ego n shit im just tryna meet ppl & have fun on val with em have fun i… @cloudyerin_ hi & i quit @BazziVAL not here obviously lmao @moondownbad WTF U DEACTIVATED @1vanniieee byebye guys @moondownbad same im dipping @h2nnyu saying mommy @moondownbad do u need a hug moon chan