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Stemage @Stemage Santa Cruz, CA

Composer, VGM, space rock ⭐ Steven Universe, Metroid Metal, Card of Darkness, Runner3, Bubsy: Paws on Fire! ⭐ TRON fanatic, pinball addict

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@Masikus @TheArkadianVGRB Bro how did you even knowww? We got into a whole conversation around this. We started Whi…
@wraithwalker_ @watchoutforhsss That's me. I'm so pleased that this has been your introduction to mah face.Il Suono Scuro I always play these mix tapes every October. Solid, solid stuff!
Retweeted by StemageMONSTER SQUAD is my GOONIES, so @TheArkadianVGRB and I covered "Rock Until You Drop". During this somewhat busted h…
@RoPanuganti @aivisura HAHA HOLY CRAP. Ro, you monster. 💖 @Daniecae @BudgetArcade Yeah crediting has nothing to do with what DMCA is doing. Everyone should just use @Pretzel_Rocks.
As an artist, dealing with micro-fails has become a lot more difficult over the last 6-7 months. This snippet from…
@ethanhunter I think it was "Just go for it!" Specifically pronounced, "Just gopher it". Sound familiar? @ethanhunter Brother! This is one of my all-time great theater memories. I find a reason to tell this story when I… @Mochtroid127 Thanks! @NelsonPMX Looking into it @NelsonPMX That's what I'm seeing. Any suggestions? Get Even looks promising.How is The Evil Within 2? I've never played either, but we're looking for a 'ween PS4 fix. Seems to have pretty goo…
@8bitartist Totally! Surprisingly of that era. A little Satchy too. @RoPanuganti There was a period where I played 316 every time I picked up my acoustic. The harmonic run at the end… @surasshu It is hit and miss, but there are some good songs on every album. And I feel you on the comfort food. Tha… @GOcastScott Yeah dude! That new JP has FLOWWWWW.I totally forgot about this instrumental Van Halen jam. Such a great 90s guitar thing. I a… video!! Here's my arrangement of "Petals in the Wind" from #Ikenfell, for a marimba/vibraphone duet!…
Retweeted by Stemage @rahulvanamali @waltzforluma @surasshu Just incredible! Love the liberties and adore that ending. The rest of my da…
@RoPanuganti I love it when you go extra @RoPanuganti Thanks! HYPE! You are so right. @aivisura did an astounding job marrying all the organic instruments… @RoPanuganti RO!!!! Holy crap bro!!!
The Outer Limits, Beetlejuice, Gravity Falls, Monster Squad, Return of the Living Dead, Carrie, Pinball Dreams, Man…
A rad cover of a super rare Famicom game. I've never heard ANYONE cover Sweet Home. 👻 @kitsumech @I_am_walmaster ❤️
2020! The yearly Halloween tribute album DANSE MACABRE is back with its 7th installment. 19 tracks covering ever…
ikenfell (original game soundtrack) 🌿 bandcamp: by aivi & surasshu, sabrielle augustin f…
Retweeted by StemageThe OST is out today as well! 🎧's long awaited 🌟IKENFELL🌈 is out now on all the game platforms ever. With music by @aivisura and friends… @8bitpimp AA because DurAAn DurAAn bro. @jacquesovski DUDE!
@littleredguitar @TopSpot123 Where did that original piece come from?I mean c'mon. don't need any more black t-shirts, but @draculabyte is making it difficult.
@Papahoodwinker1 I'd rather see paintings than the mountain of treadmill YouTube EVH solo compilations being filmed… @GoatSauce666 I can rock Beautiful Girls and 316 right now. I should probably go do that.Eddie!!! 🥺 You're the reason I started playing guitar. Time to go jam some Diver Down. 🎸 @RyderSkretting Thank you so much!! @RyderSkretting Hi! Yes, I did the arrangement and music for the song Found My Way.
DANSE MACABRE VII COMES OUT THIS FRIDAY! Whet your fanged mouths with snippets of songs by @stemage ft.…
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Bandcamp Friday! If you're on the hunt for some non-VGM, 90s-inspired rock musics, peep the new @yes_mayhem album… @awesome_4ce HAHAHA! I'd wear it for conference calls.
Did you catch our new video today? Just in time for your Halloween 2020 playlists
Retweeted by Stemage @TheOneUpsBand I thought she was saying "oh yeah" on my phone. She's saying "ok". WHAT A GIF FAIL. I adore the name. ❤️ @TheOneUpsBand 28 DAISIES LATER
@waltzforluma @Rekcahdam Yes! And then we played it live, and you took a RAD PIANO SOLO. 🔥🎹🔥 I fell in love with m…
For those not familiar with this group (3/5 of Metroid Metal writing original music), I made a "primer" for our 3rd… my band is releasing an album tonight! The listening party for @yes_mayhem's 4th studio album, BANDWAGON, is 9…
@eponymized @insanerainmusic @FamilyJules7x @ToxicxEternity @TheConsoulsBand @qumumusic @RichaadEB @armcannon @the8bitbigband 🙌
@Papahoodwinker1 Yours sounds way better than mine.
@FamilyJules7x Killer job! I'm super fond of this one as well. It gets VERY little playtime.… @DeadFlip BB pinball confirmed. MMMARSSSHA MMMMULTIBALLLLLLL @ProfessorShyguy is having me do questionable things for my license renewal.
Have you had a shitty week? Time to burn away the anger with some video game metal. Had a great week? Why not cap…
Retweeted by StemageWow, way to dethrone most of my favorite Samus fanart. This is from Abari (RIP) in Charlotte, NC. Thanks…
@EmmanDaBomb YYYYEAH BUDDY!ohhhh boy it's finally ready! Listening party next Friday. For the FB people: We've been s… @R3DninjaJOSH @Mel_G_Kirk Thanks buddy! @displacerq Totally. @Mel_G_Kirk This I know! We'll say hi for ya. 😄 Drag that vpin down with you. 😉 @Mel_G_Kirk Bought a place in Ben Lomond actually... three miles away?Moving next week and currently in mega-purge mode. Few things are as cleansing. @ThomasDrinnen @armcannon That's them! And a bass drum as a floor tom haha! Don't know if they're still around, but… @RoPanuganti @Cockos @reaperblog No kidding! Every software update or SWS discovery is like it's your birthday.With a few custom actions, finalizing a mastered album in Reaper is that much easier. Thanks as always @Cockos and… @armcannon I mostly agree, but JUCIFER WAS LOUD. They gave away earplugs at the show. My pants vibrated in differen…
Where did you start?
Retweeted by Stemage @clerian @VikingGuitar I modeled my Carvin build after a PRS and never looked back. @clerian @VikingGuitar I just don't like their neck profiles. I was such a Dean DeLeo fan. Then I got my hands on a…
I'll have openings for mixing and mastering projects as early as this upcoming week! Want your awesome music to so…
Retweeted by Stemage @NESMETAL2003 @JoeGamewave @genoboost @Norrin_Radd22 @year200x @ChipMomBaking @Disasterpeace @PleaseLoseBattl @themmcproject @MarshallArtBand @TechnoMageMusic @NESMETAL2003 @greggrossetti @Heos_io @ASPMusicTheory WOO!
GUNSTAR HEROES - how about that music aye? Well @MonteOnTheRun from @kirbysdreamband just finished a cover album o… all, tonight at 7PM I am having a listening party for my new album Legend of the Gunstar Heroes! It'll be on…
Retweeted by Stemage @VectorHold It's so great. @Ducky_D atta boy @PatrickKul I'll have to get a snapshot of the playlist. I can tell you some were perhaps more the production than… @AntonMCorazza I'm shaking my bespoke cane at you.#TonyHawksProSkater1and2 is a great reminder that old music is great and new music is terrible and I'm an old old m… @MeganMcDuffee Congrats!! We just bought our first as well. Hang on! It's a ride! 🎢 @littleredguitar We are being tired and weird together, AND WE WILL WE PREVAIL.
@menace2snacks @filmobjective I just watched a few of your vids! You talented man! @menace2snacks @filmobjective NO WAY! Time to go in with fresh eyes. Did you see Not Quite Hollywood? Same doc makers - one of my favs. @menace2snacks @filmobjective I think it's time I go back to the quadrilogy. It's been probably 20 years. I have no… @menace2snacks @filmobjective The movie or the scene? 😝SATURDAY!!! I'll be playing at @BonusStageVan. I'll be playing a selection from Saori Kobayashi's Panzer Dragoon Sa…
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@filmobjective @menace2snacks @filmobjective This is the one I was going to find! It made my young skin crawl like nothing else. T… you're in the mood for car games, there are some great indie racers coming out this month! 🏁 Hotshot Racing - S…
@PatrickKul Yeah some of the new tunes are rad! Some... let's just say I bee-lined for the options menu to find a w… @PatrickKul There are new edits in a lot of songs. I've also been removing a lot of the new stuff one song at a tim… @cubosh @MaxNoelBass @megabeardo Stoked to see Tenet, eventually. Yeah I'm all aboard the Pattinson train! He was…
@Mustin @DrumUltimA Such a tiny bebe. Happy bday!
@mrtame @kirbypufocia @armcannon @chunkstyle_mm 🙌I mastered this bebe and enjoyed it SO MUCH. Killer jams on this one, and it raises money for ACLU.