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Seems that “eat out to help out” has made @StenaLineUKIE @StenaLine on Superfast 7. Cheap food - @RishiSunak helpin…
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupWe've recently checked the temperature of our customers' travel preferences in the wake of #COVID19. ➡️ With ove… we’re away, I have my cabin, enjoyed a breakfast grill, toast & coffee with a view, maybe @StenaLine
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupWhilst you’re planning your car-cation this summer, our team are super excited to welcome you back onboard, and hel…
Retweeted by Stena Line Group @Kevly12 @Meghann_Scully @Irish_Ferries @StenaLineUKIE Hi Kevin, do to the Common Travel. Area open border it is th… aboard, not my 1st crossing on the @StenaLine Edda, but I’ve not ventured up the ramp before..
Retweeted by Stena Line Group @Meghann_Scully @Irish_Ferries @StenaLineUKIE Hi Meghann, the UK Border Force and the Gardai are responsible for ch… @MJPArmario @RishiSunak Hi, there are no restrictions on travel around Northern Ireland and it is beautiful part of…
Infrastructure Minister @NicholaMallon hosts Brexit seminars. First up: the challenges of Brexit-related issues fac…
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupDo you know why we call our new series of #RoPax ships next-generation ferries? The #ships are among the most energ… travel coming out on top – we may be a little biased but that’s our top pick too😜 Spacious, stylish, impeccab…
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupNew Baltic connection! From 13 August we will start a new freight-focused connection between Latvia, Sweden & Germa…
@chrisw01 That's great Chris, thank you for letting us know. Best, Simon. @StenaLine You were brilliant on my trip to Holland last week and adapted well on Friday when new law was introduced in the UK 👍🏻
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupWe are very happy to be nominated in 2 categories in this year’s #WorldTravelAwards: 🏆Europe’s leading ferry operat… and steady wins the race - ferries are now the mode of transport that people feel most comfortable with. >>>>… @AlastairMacaule @StenaLineUKIE Hi Alastair, so sorry to hear this. Can you please confirm what sailing this was? Best, Simon @bndzor @StenaLine_de Hi, sorry to hear this. Let me pass this on to management.. What crossing was this? Best, Simon @markdennett86 HI Mark, Sorry to hear that. What service was this? Best, Simon @fj_donnelly Thank you Fionnuala, I understand now. This is not something I have come across before, but it is an g… @Baileysbunny @StenaLineUKIE Hi Charlotte, we work in a very heavily regulated industry and have to follow strict g…
@fj_donnelly There are two children's play rooms. And very large lounges. Plus two cinema lounges. It is a much big… @Baileysbunny @StenaLineUKIE Hi Charlotte, we always follow all guidelines and ensure of customers do too. Best, Simon @fj_donnelly Do you mean multiple bed cabins? @alison2020 @ButlersChocs Great to have you onboard. Fair winds, SimonAll aboard...AI Captain! Read about how ferry company @StenaLine is using #AI to choose fuel efficient routes and r…
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupWe’ve got an earlier departure planned, so up & out 🏭🚛🛳 But so worth it, limited access, I can’t go climbing over a…
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupHappy Pride Day! Photo by @StenaLine. #shipping
Retweeted by Stena Line Group @fj_donnelly Well the good news is it is soon to be replaced by Stena Embla and the Chines shipyard have not missed…
See just what our passengers have to say about our exceptional cleaning procedures & safety measures... #SailSafe
Retweeted by Stena Line Group @busylizzie1965 Hi Lizzie, I am not privy to background details, but there is no issue at all switching tickets. Best, Simon.👏🛳🙌 ferries are a clear winner. Over 6,000 responses, which is significant. No surprise though with oodles of space… care for resources! We aim to increase the amount of recycled waste. ♻️ In 2019 we improved with 4% by improvin… @WixpixRob That would make a good painting. @busylizzie1965 Sorry it is our fault :(
Porth Cadlan, Pen Llŷn
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupNordica, the Peter Beardsley of Stena Line. #supersub @Wodwee Thank you. Hope you enjoyed it. See you next time. Best wishes from everyone at Stena Line. @StenaLine Some photos of Stena Europe taken on our honeymoon crossing back from Ireland! The Europe crew were abso…
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupCatch you later @BelfastHarbour A long (time lapse) look at @StenaLine Stena Edda, @BgFreightLine BG Diamond &…
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@ashleyrclark1 *waves*
@busylizzie1965 Hi Liz, where are you travelling? If you send your booking reference to my colleagues at… of "my" 12 babies.... growing older but without showing it.... here Superfast XII, the last and most developed…
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More @StenaLine goodness, today's new addition is the Stena Mersey
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupTravellers to Belfast via Cairnryan using the A75 this weekend, please be aware there are resurfacing works taking… @naworlien @ScotTranserv @trafficscotland Thanks Neil, good call. Best, Simon @Madame_San Hi Susanne, sorry to hear this. Can you please tell me when you travelled and what route? And I will ge… @WStewartGK @WeAreScottishFB @StranraerFC That's a very good point! :)
This the longest sponsorship deal in the British football. 32 years and counting. Long may it continue. Big up… @AlbionSmudge @StenaLineUKIE Hi, I presume you've haven't booked & this is pre-travel advice - is that correct? The…
The Irish Sea looking like glass. caught up with Paul Grant, Trade Director Irish Sea in Belfast to check on the business & talk about ferry trave… @1PAUL2000 @StenaLineUKIE Hi Paul, sorry to hear that. My colleagues at @StenaLineUKIE can help you with this. Best, Simon...... or queen 👑 @kimbarton80 Hi Kim, that is terrible especially as we have a very strong focusing on our sanitation and cleaning r… @ainemolloy10 @Lakeland Not sure a slice of toast will help keep you afloat, but I maybe wrong - did it work? But s… @board_chop Not if you wear a false beard and fake glasses. And maybe put on an accent. Or the easier option is jus… shout out to David, our favourite new customer. This is why you should travel by ferry :) @Bilsen Hi Job, to be honest I have no idea, but I will try and find out. I suspect it is just due to different sys… @Glenjamin5 We are simply planning ahead for when travel fully opens ups. Our 2021 timetable is up & we are keen to…'s nerdgasm
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupNow this is our kind of hobby :) @CebsModels @StenaLineUKIE OK so many questions. I need to hear about this. Can we talk?At Stena Line, we aim to be a leader in sustainable shipping! During 2019 we lowered our CO2 emissions per ton/km w…
Different view from the office! Image from the aeroplane camera taken whilst routing from tasking in Blackpool over…
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@WixpixRob @OffShoreWindUKI WowNachdem die Reisewarnung für 🇸🇪 aufgehoben wurde und die Einreise von 🇸🇪 nach 🇩🇪 für alle Reisenden ohne triftigen…
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupHuge big shoutout to Guy on the telephone help desk at @StenaLineUKIE @StenaLine who calmly and helpfully sorted my…
Retweeted by Stena Line Group @WixpixRob @OffShoreWindUKI Beautiful shot, thanks @WixpixRob ! 😊A very special cargo loading happened yesterday in Rostock. We loaded a train on our #StenaLine rail ferry. To give…
So, I was up before sunrise this morning 😳 this logistics lark 🚛🛳 is definitely not 9-5 A memory to being up early,…
Retweeted by Stena Line Group @EvansPete61 @AntonWardPhoto @StenaLineUKIE @AngleseyScMedia @VisitAnglesey @visitwales @Ruth_ITV @S4Ctywydd Nordica sailing for Dublin #Holyhead #Anglesey #Wales #Sunset @StenaLineUKIE @StenaLine @AngleseyScMedia
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupHeading back to work and loving the description of #StenaEdda on the cabin TV this evening @StenaLineUKIE
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Made in NI, shipped by @StenaLine, destination Wembley, London. On this day, last year, if my memory is correct, em…
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UK quarantine has ended from dozens of countries. The Netherlands & Germany have also removed quarantine for UK tra…
Look out everyone Rob’s back! And he’s been checking out our ships again. @faerder46 @SkyNews @IanKingSky @DFDSUKUpdates @DFDSChnlFreight @dfds_uk @StenaLineUKIE @StenaLine_NL @StenaLineUK Choice Ireland Links Challenge 2020 11th - 14th Oct 3 Nights B&B at @CoastResorts Rosslare 2 Rounds at…
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupThe Ian King Live show on @SkyNews TV spoke to Stena Line's director Ian Hampton, about the UK's removal of the qua… @weemanmateer @meganfinney @newsoncool @coolfm OK no worries, have a great journey. Stena Edda is a great ship and… @meganfinney @weemanmateer @newsoncool @coolfm Anything we can help you get more information on? <Simon>Stena Line supports local industry with multi-ship docking programme via @https://twitter.c
Retweeted by Stena Line Group @WixpixRob You win!We hear from Paul Grant @StenaLine trade director for Irish Sea and North Sea routes on our hourly bulletins, join…
Retweeted by Stena Line Group🚢🚘 With lockdown easing, non-essential travel is back on the cards. There are a few changes for safety reasons (inc…
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Sneaky peek at the safety changes onboard @StenaLine coming up tomorrow on @newsoncool @newsondowntown 👀👀
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupWe’ve been checking out the changes onboard @StenaLine as they adapt to Covid guidelines. What did we learn? Join u…
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupSocially distanced interview this morning between @Sarah_McKinley_ from @coolfm and Norris McLean, our Head of Onbo… video from Belfast of Stena Hibernia, our freight ship that runs to Heysham and a glimpse of Stena Edda, our… @WixpixRob @BelfastHarbour @StenaLineUKIE Thanks Rob, if you look closely you might see me and Sarah from @coolfm onboard. <Simon>A ferry good morning from Belfast VT2 and the Stena Edda. #ferries #transport #Sustainability
We had the BBC News TV onboard in Belfast to see our new safety measures and shoot the sea breeze with Paul Grant,… om 17.00u bij @RTV_Rijnmond een kijkje aan boord van de #StenaBritannica. Mis het niet.
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupWelcome to listen to the inspiring podcast "Insights on responsible business" with Swe-Cham Patron and Board Member…
Retweeted by Stena Line GroupAs we gradually restart - We wanted to offer our passengers full flexibility to plan ahead & sail safe with changea…
Retweeted by Stena Line Group #ferry #travel #ferrygoodSome great photos sent to us by Stena-stalker @Social_Stephen, who secretly takes nice shots of our ships when we a… @slappysquirell2 Cellotape and staples maybe?🤪 Only joking! Drop a line to those fine people at @StenaLineUKIE and… @RBrooksTweets @tris2506 @StenaLineUKIE Nicky, you would be amazed how steady our stabilisers keep the vessels. The…