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@stephiesmallls @coachlourolon @Giants Yep but everyone is trying to pin it on Jones, and that’s not fair. @coachlourolon @Giants Exactly! I have not given up Jones. I bet you get him some better protection and he’ll play his ass off. @Vintage_D_Love Welcome ☺️ @coachlourolon @Giants So what say they get Trevor for what him to tank under a shitty team too... doesn’t make sen… @coachlourolon @Giants Yea but they need to work on getting a better O line over a QB. Yes Daniel has some flaw but… @Vintage_D_Love People need to quit being so nosy and in everyone’s business. And she is adorable by the way 😊 @coachlourolon @Giants I just can’t figure out the fans that are literally wanting them to lose on purpose. I can’t @coachlourolon @Giants So what their not supposed to be happy about anything this whole damn season?! That’s ridiculous @FrankiesBackup This was probably an android straight out the box lol give two months and then do the test again.. @WesKhalifaNY Still looks good though! @sirenaboricua11 😂😂 @WesKhalifaNY Yass 🙌🏻Lmao “ooh brown gravy should be my stage name” 😂😂 @sirenaboricua11 @fred_dog @MJTorres1230 @sirenaboricua11 @MrsT245 @Eric_M888 @WesKhalifaNY @SH3G3TSiiT Exactly lol @WesKhalifaNY @MJTorres1230 @sirenaboricua11 @MrsT245 @Eric_M888 @SH3G3TSiiT Honestly lol @fred_dog @MJTorres1230 @sirenaboricua11 @MrsT245 @Eric_M888 @WesKhalifaNY @SH3G3TSiiT Lol I use a lot of pepper on… @sirenaboricua11 @MJTorres1230 @MrsT245 @Eric_M888 @WesKhalifaNY @SH3G3TSiiT See y’all get me 😊Let’s see who I piss off today with my #runnyeggclub video lol And yes I know it’s a lot of pepper 🙄it came out too… @0fficialStacey I love this! @sirenaboricua11 😭 @sirenaboricua11 @tattooed_bee Seriously?! Lmao people need to get a life @MegaQuack24 Your welcome 😊 And I just think it’s so funny when mean assume women do it specifically to get a man i… @sirenaboricua11 When he jumped into his truck I about choked on my coffee 😂 @MegaQuack24 Lmao some girl with purple hair probably hurt his feelings 😂😂 you look great though 😊 @sirenaboricua11 Like how embarrassing 😂 @sirenaboricua11 He got man handled 😂😂😂 @sirenaboricua11 I guess not 😭😅WTF did I just watch?! Lmao 😂 @MJTorres1230 Last saved is a video lol so death my doggy snores 😂 @tattooed_bee Thanks beautiful😂😂 @tattooed_bee @Vintage_D_Love I finally watched the last two episodes and they were crazy lol so enjoy!That last episode man, crazy shit. Also Homelander is a psycho #TheBoys bitch is a damn Nazi! Lol explains a lot #TheBoys💀😂 this had my dying 😂😂 #TheBoys lol @bleepinjavy17 Ketchup? 🤔 @amber00827 Girl same 😂😂 @amber00827 you Tony! Fuck you Ezekiel! 😂😂😂
Retweeted by 🌻Stephanie🌻🤣🤣🤣 @sirenaboricua11 Right 🤣All kinds of goodies got delivered today 🙌🏻 @JellyRoll615 lol @sirenaboricua11 It is SO much cuter in person 😍 @sirenaboricua11 👀 mine came too 🤗
@sirenaboricua11 @johnnyjohnjon83 @stephhhhh_xo Same Iris I don’t want to watch them lose an entire season and the… @stephhhhh_xo @johnnyjohnjon83 @sirenaboricua11 Plus the team need that win for their morale.Fucking ridiculous and he’s still there why???!!! @Giants @sirenaboricua11 That’s true! Lmao @sirenaboricua11 Been seeing those tweets lol they haven’t stopped since game 1Finally, now fire Gettleman already @sirenaboricua11 Cause they’re worried about the draft. Some people are never happy 🙄 @sirenaboricua11 You were the first person I thought of when I seen it! Lol had to tell you @sirenaboricua11 It’s so cute lol can’t wait to get mine 😍TAE ALL THE WAY! Watch Live:
Retweeted by 🌻Stephanie🌻Look at DJ gooooo!Slayton!! @JLK8277 Looks 🔥 @architextbry Same @sirenaboricua11 This makes me tear up every time, this man is a hero. 💙 @FrankiesBackup LMFAOOOOO @DaveFlame45 Idk lol I don’t usually eat McDonald’s but I got some for my kids after the beach and I was starving l… @RachieRach429 Ohh agreed!!!Goodnight yall! All is well tonight 🙃
Retweeted by 🌻Stephanie🌻 @FrankiesBackup It was beautiful, pictures don’t do this place justice @Yanks282709 Yes @MJTorres1230 It really was! My pictures don’t do it justice plus it was a kinda cloudy day. If you get a chance look up Lanikai Beach @_BigSteve89 There were so many people out in the kayaks and paddle boarding and it looked so fun! I want to do it @annenamocatcat Pretty! @_BigSteve89 I don’t know why it took me so long to go to Lanikai beach but omg I love it. No wonder why it’s ranke… @william_oak2455 I almost got a shake too lol @william_oak2455 They’re pretty good lol @Mountaingal456 And it was so humid today it was perfect day for the beach @sirenaboricua11 😂😂😂Let’s see if these are any good was my view the last 5hrs @Ralfy212 Lmao I’m always shocked when we agree on something 😂 @MJTorres1230 @MrsT245 @MrsMartin_828 @acheatingvegan @BearFoodKitchen @MikeSalvatore10 @nickyb8605 @mrsstealyobase @BessieBest77 Milky Way can go lol
@just_greg16 😒 lol @just_greg16 *myIt’s only going on 8am and humidity is already at 99%... 😑 I’m over it @Eric_M888 @MJTorres1230 @MrsT245 @sirenaboricua11 @SH3G3TSiiT @WesKhalifaNY @Stephy_steph25 @_BigSteve89 Omg that looks good! 🤤 @0fficialStacey Well hello gorgeous 😍 @sirenaboricua11 🤣🤣 she went right to the extreme- “help he’s trying to hang himself!” @SavageNtheBox So I’ve heard lol“He hates his life. He’s a hamster with no wheel!” 😂😂 @SavageNtheBox Shake shack is good! Never had in N out cause I heard it was overrated and not that good so I never bothered to try it lol @MATDADDY2 😍 so pretty @sirenaboricua11 So content lol you know this is normal for him @sirenaboricua11 🥺 so adorablethe only good landlord
Retweeted by 🌻Stephanie🌻When they start running 💀😂😂 @FrankiesBackup @EmSheDoesIt 🤣🤣 @FrankiesBackup @EmSheDoesIt Its probably the edibles but I laughed too hard at this lol when they started running