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Stephen Coombs @stephanuscoombs Holmiae (in Suetia) Dorsetianus. Quondam Balliolensis. Europaeus. Non iam tenet mors atra clarum mortuum.

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@Lingoholics Either you accept the wide variation between individuals and their most effective learning strategies… is better than it looks. still love it when we first let the yeast go into the wagon 😁#traditionalbrewing #realale #supportpubs
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs"Jews won't be free until Palestinians are." If you think being pro-Jewish means being pro-Zionist YOU NEED TO WATC… @glendohergirl @rogerokeeffe @sand2drn @GrammarTable So you're objecting to something you brought up yourself, not… @glendohergirl @rogerokeeffe @sand2drn @GrammarTable I mentioned Romance. @glendohergirl @rogerokeeffe @sand2drn @GrammarTable Ils ont voyagé. Ils sont allés. There's no question of direct… @glendohergirl @rogerokeeffe @sand2drn @GrammarTable Read the thread. That point's been made. @chillicothe20 @samglasf Me (very ancient): I seem to remember 1950 as well as I remember now. @lyklaharpa @Giovanni_Lido @Tracinski One good thing (or idea) doesn't rule out another. @lyklaharpa @Giovanni_Lido @Tracinski If my grandfather said it when I was a boy it's not archaic where I'm concer… @GrammarTable "Quadruped" is "drooped four times". @Giovanni_Lido @Tracinski I think I see - you mean "he dare" as indicative ... "He daren't tell you to your face."… @Giovanni_Lido @Tracinski Folks, Folks who need folks, Are the luckiest folks in the world. @Giovanni_Lido @Tracinski Was "dare" ever in jeopardy? @GermanAtPompey @elcourier @GermanEmbassy *North* Berwick is really, really, really north. About as north as you can get in polite company. @Giovanni_Lido @Tracinski And if I mightn't agree with you? I durstn't think <expression my uneducated grandfather… @brettyoung @GermanAtPompey All sans-serif typefaces should be banned. Everywhere. Forever.Aha! Short place names in the German-speaking countries
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @rogerokeeffe @sand2drn @GrammarTable @glendohergirl Yes, but it's not only French/Romance that does it. It's part… @rogerokeeffe @SisterKaff @GrammarTable A proper prescriptivist gets things right. Descriptivists don't give a damn… @rogerokeeffe @sand2drn @GrammarTable @glendohergirl Things gone bad in the pantry. Johnny come lately. Not especia… @Giovanni_Lido @Tracinski Rolling off the tongue is over-rated. @Giovanni_Lido @theo_nash Swe. "vädur", "Aries" (and no longer in common use, "ram"). @HRLundin @Lingoholics For every student who managed that there might be quite a few on the same course who did much worse. P… @Giovanni_Lido @Tracinski *Usedn't you to be @GrammarTable I wonder whether "shrunk" would be used even less often in expressions like "They shrank from telling us." @lyklaharpa @vlochos @WaurdaWulfilins Swe. tvål, soap. @lyklaharpa @vlochos @WaurdaWulfilins "Tvätta" is the everyday Swedish word for "to wash". "Två" is used figurative…
@DannyBate4 One could make a case for a world cup, yes.. @March_for_Life With technology and the internet, it's nigh impossible for anyone over the age of 10 not to know th…
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @bryancsk "Ruling the country is like cooking a small fish." @adriandkelly @llewelyn_morgan Neo-gothic? It's got to be like that. It's part of Balliol's comforting and unthreat… @TristamPratori1 Graph?
@DBakerHistory InigoChiswick House is looking particularly Neoclassical today.
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @spaceisagrail @WaurdaWulfilins *Visigothorum @Paideiainstitut I challenge you to make use of *really* new Latin, viz.: Let me know. @EastonBirder @PortandWey @PortlandBirdObs Thanks for teaching me a new word. @DrAshleyMorgan1 @Erik_Helmerson Men esomoftast så var det faktiskt inte roligt. @WaurdaWulfilins Velim conferri nomen Sancti Hermenegildi principis Visigothourum. WIN: Nebraska has banned D&E abortions, also known as dismemberment abortions, putting an end to this grue…
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @JohnLovesJulie @KevinAbroad1 You're both quite right. An aspect much too overlooked is that learners can differ fr… maths question: how far away is Cehrensdorf?
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @Giovanni_Lido @Extrachelle "Heuer" is nice. So is Swedish "i fjol" (in the south of the country "i fjor") for "l… @DanielGreenwoo7 Lycka till.... Sede recordaris celsa prisca aeva triumphi grande volabat ubi nomen in orbe tuum. Novi te quod eras et nunc… CIVILIS SUETICI versio Libera tu Boreae regio vetus alta iugosa, praeclara atque silens laetitiaeque fera… Novi te quod eras et nunc esse et fore semper: quippe volo Borea vivere et inde mori. Jag vet att Du är oc… Sede recordaris celsa prisca aeva triumphi grande volabat ubi nomen in orbe tuum. Du tronar på minnen från… Sede recordaris celsa prisca aeva triumphi grande volabat ubi nomen in orbe tuum. Novi te quod eras et nunc… A me terra saluteris pulcherrima mundi cum prato viridi, sole poloque tuis. Jag hälsar Dig, vänaste land u… Libera tu Boreae regio vetus alta iugosa, praeclara atque silens laetitiaeque ferax, Du gamla, Du fria, Du… CIVILIS SUETICI versio Sveriges Nationalsång A very literal English translation of the text of the Swedish national anthem ...Brexit in an nutshell.
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @NorthernMGirl @TSHamiltonAstro @DannyBate4 I think we need some proper IPA here. But you northerners must do that… @FaraiUnVers Serious merriment. "Res severa verum gaudium", as Seneca put it. @RobinWarr @vetjc @theguyliner <chuckles in Latin, being better at that than Greek>
@zcos302 @profdanhicks @MuseumsUnlocked No need to be unpleasant. The text is small, the resolution on the computer… @_paullay @profdanhicks @MuseumsUnlocked Not after his death. @profdanhicks @MuseumsUnlocked Very irritating mot to be able to read the lowest line. What did Roosevelt do there aged seven, please? @Barb_Drummond @PM1520 @flowerboxorguk Yes, it's supposed to have been a smithy at one time.… @PM1520 @Barb_Drummond @flowerboxorguk I recognised the Godmanstone pub immediately. Why on earth "lock-up"? @DanielGreenwoo7 Are there vicars in Catholic parishes? Sounds very Anglican to me. @RobinWarr @vetjc @theguyliner Passion is never a good thing anyway. Try ἀπάθεια. @GrammarTable I take beauty very seriously and don't think it can apply to single words. I haven't voted, but predi… II 7: A bit like a mid-twentieth-century vamp, or, further back, a Zuleika Dobson, this Barine. Horace recogni… @llewelyn_morgan I look forward to the Horace enormously.... for a similar treatment of Horace and Virgil.I've been at a series of six magnificent metaphorical dinners where the food was at once unbelievably delicious and… Het Engelse 'power' heeft dezelfde herkomst als 't Franse 'pouvoir'. Beide komen van 't Oudfranse 'poe…
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @ArmandDAngour @ShakespearesTao @jpmaney Stultus se sapientem habet locutus: stultum se sapiens scit atque cavit.Der Moment, in dem Du bei der Nachbereitung der letzten Woche einen dicken Fehler in deinem Unterricht findest und…
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @CyrilDash @DrFrancisYoung @lettlanderHYMNI CIVILIS BRITANNICI paraphrasis Servetur regina Deo clementia nostra: nostra diu princeps clarissima vivere… @theo_nash Quid deus est? Quid non deus est? Quidve inter utrosque? @Curculiunculus @silviluliuma ... already call Greece "Hellas", now face proposals to call Georgia in the Caucasus… @Curculiunculus @silviluliuma I often write "Spanish Galician" for the language (a favourite of mine) closely relat… @Curculiunculus @silviluliuma Eng. Acadian = Sp. Acadiano day, our society will look back on the barbarism of abortion and weep over the 61 million+ lives lost and wounded.
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @DisInvictis (Schade.)
@cguyver Thomas Hardy spent a couple of apprentice years in Wooperton Street near the harbour. There's glory for yo… @cguyver Apparently the Coade stone statue was originally painted to look like bronze and became polychrome in 1948… @mailtuitero @robkhenderson Ease in reaching a conclusion doesn't mean it is incorrect. @cguyver Excellent link. Bet Weybridge hasn't got a monumental polychrome sculpture of Frederica in the town centre… @cguyver (What's a neat, witty reply about a Bridge?) @_MK76_ @pjaxess Hushållsnamnens gäng visar sin gemensamma överlägsenhet, resten av befolkningen förväntas titta på och fnittra. @kriwe @pjaxess Det behöver inte vara fråga om aktivism om man inte gillar inslaget. För mig verkar detta svenska k… @cguyver The wrong River Wey for me. <disappointed frown>"Ich wollte, dass es echt wirkt." - Alle meine Sprachinstinkte sagen mir, dass man hier im Nebensatz den Konjunktiv… @chrislinguist I'm extremely grateful to my old second-rate grammar school for teaching me languages whose literatu… @MariaGXanthou @ChristinVoniati Happy Feast Day!
Retweeted by Stephen CoombsThe annual festival of indignation and self-righteousness in response to allegations of grade inflation is really n…
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs"The spitty of seeming driers." "The loam of cost hawses." @JohanIngero Jag är nog den ende i vårt (ibland) avlångtråkiga land som inte gillar svenskt kändismys.