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Stephen Coombs @stephanuscoombs Holmiae (in Suetia)… Dorsetianus. Quondam Balliolensis. Europaeus. ... grata contradictio servat amore genus solo rigore perditum.

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@DorsetWriter I think the idea of showing a thrift plant on the reverse of a rather low value coin coin was much ap… @oplundgren En henvisning alltså. @ConnorMEwing @Curculiunculus "Or less what?" @FlagHampshire @THERussellGrant @Middlesex_CCC Take them back. Best wishes, Dorset. @Berlin_Type Full marks for initiative. @DorsetWriter Old threepenny bits.Hubris 1, German headline writers 0
Retweeted by Stephen CoombsThis headline writer may also need to take one of the courses on offer at the Volkshochschule Nienburg
Retweeted by Stephen CoombsThe worst possible place to make a spelling error (via @PerlenDL)
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @Vexillologie "Vexillurgie" très vexante. @ashu_shukla1 @muj_taba9999 @DalrympleWill You wouldn't know colonialism even when its staring you in the face... W…
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @Giovanni_Lido @ArmandDAngour @piersyoung "Pre-enraged" deserves frequent employment in the vernacular, Please pass… @Giovanni_Lido @ParksCommUK @lwahlgrensmith Ardently to be desired. @JackGMitchell @ArmandDAngour @llewelyn_morgan Off it comes! @SimonPulleyn @OlaWikander For me "being successful" doesn't conjure up the sort of achievements à Kempis is referring to. @Giovanni_Lido @ParksCommUK @lwahlgrensmith The Egypt/Greenland thing isn't surprising - just that forestation in… @cguyver @latelordchatham Gold is a surname too. @cguyver @latelordchatham Has anyone mentioned Grey? @ElSkidders @cguyver And Rose is quite common. @cguyver @coolearrings Will Scarlet. @FlagInstitute Understood!Höchst intressant. #grammarspotting @FlagInstitute Attention? @ParksCommUK @lwahlgrensmith A surprise. Counter-intuitive. @cguyver Etc. By the way, you missed Brown.Soon we can all get outdoors and enjoy sunny picnics like this.! In the meantime if you're looking for…
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @cguyver Potable Surrey. @FactSet I dislike having promoted tweets shoved in my face and block their accounts. @EconomistEvents I dislike having promoted tweets shoved in my face and block their accounts. @hamza_khw @yvanspijk I see Wiktionary and Chambers give this use of "frog" without marking it US. Strange that I d… @hamza_khw @yvanspijk What goes around apparently comes around. @yvanspijk @hamza_khw No, it's the regular German term. I've always imagined it might be because of the decorative… @hamza_khw @yvanspijk Yes, I saw that on Wiktionary. "Fresher" sounded dated and affected when I was one in Oxford… @yvanspijk If someone used "frosh" in an English sentence I'd think of "Frosch" as musicians' jargon for the part o… @yvanspijk Thank you!'To ask' has a variant 'to ax'. It is now stigmatised, but it is as old as Old English. It was common in literature…
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @yvanspijk Kudos once again! 1) "Frosh" for frog must be completely unknown to 99.9% of English speakers, as I expe… @JackGMitchell After that tweet it struck me that I ought to be more worked up about "perfect" - for me (non-rhotic…
@UniofOxford @StHughsCollege Self-quote: "I do dislike all these institutions, colleges, even 'unis' (horrible word… @UniofOxford @StHughsCollege You can sew weeds - for a widow, say - but I don't know why @UniofOxford thinks you might try to sew seeds. @JayBottinc Sorry - where did I get that mistaken idea from? @JayBottinc Here being Kiwiland, right? Sensible people and birds.Why's the name Prichard no longer pronounced - at least on television - to rhyme with Richard, its origin as a Wels… will @Twitter realise that things I don't *want* to see are things I want *not* to see? @Cocolastikos @nubilang @1eedassadee1 A tip: try using your mouth rather than your ass.
@Curculiunculus @Giovanni_Lido The Swedish name for "swede" is "kålrot". "Rutabaga" derives from a Swedish dialect… @BlandMbland57 @tonythorne007 @Giovanni_Lido It was only so concerned in *your* contributions to the thread, not in… @BlandMbland57 @tonythorne007 @Giovanni_Lido Why not? But the preceding discussion here was concerned with language… @Giovanni_Lido What are we to think of of "rutabaga" versus "swede" and "zucchino" (I refuse to cite the plural form) versus "courgette"? @BlandMbland57 @tonythorne007 @Giovanni_Lido They *could* have been said. @graham_jaggard 'Twould certainly make me quail a little. @BlandMbland57 @tonythorne007 @Giovanni_Lido What can be said in a language and how it can be said are quite unconn… @petros_spanou @HertfordCollege @QueensCollegeOx Exquisite! @BlandMbland57 @tonythorne007 @Giovanni_Lido I think your implied distinction between genuine and non-genuine plura… @manymanyplies @DannyBate4 Another nice thing - "Geißblatt", "chèvrefeuille", both meaning goat-leaf like the Latin… @JcquAG @manymanyplies @chrischirp Swedish "guldregn". @the_pennine_way @GermanAtPompey Suppose I asseverated that the greatest English poem of the nineteenth century is… Facebook censors content so that Israel can commit warcrimes unobesevred by the world, @nick_clegg surely cannot…
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @Giovanni_Lido @tonythorne007 I don't admit singular data, singular media or singular they into my personal throne-room. Honi soit etc. @BlandMbland57 @tonythorne007 @Giovanni_Lido "Behaviour", though basically an uncountable, is still entitled to be… @Giovanni_Lido @tonythorne007 I've never got over the fact that St. Jerome's niece was called Eustochium. Suppose i… @Giovanni_Lido Yes, for me too, as an area of action or study. (Not for a person's opinions - "My politics *are* no… @VattenfallGroup Uppsala was founded by fossils with fossils for fossils. The idea of a fossil-free Uppsala is preposterous. @Joakimpb We don't speak of "two scissors", "many trousers". "Types of politics are multiplying" would do, or "political genres". @PaulMcKenna4 @ArmandDAngour One wishes. @ArmandDAngour Please don't allow your production to get less outstanding."As many have noted and some have lamented, politics are multiplying: these days everything seems to have one. The… @dvdpeters Would that be an Edward Carpenter friend? @MinoanSpira @OlaWikander Block me too. Please.Free Palestine. That is the tweet.
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @JayBottinc A slightly less irritating effect until or unless this too becomes all the rage?"The irony of that thought hit me in that moment. And I just thought, there’s a holocaust going on right now. There… @pjaxess Systemet nästa. @CyberCyberSpace @GermanAtPompey Auch der scherzhafte Name eines Stadtteils in Stockholm. @cristi_n_gaspar @DannyBate4 @oplundgren The famous Romanian example: "bărbat" (man), from Latin "(vir) barbatus". @hamidsarve @oplundgren @DannyBate4 French "fromage", Italian "formaggio" (cheese) from Latin "caseus formaticus". @luminartech @PonyAI_tech I dislike having promoted tweets shoved in my face and block their accounts.
@Giovanni_Lido @PaulMcKenna4 @LRNR Dunno. Perhaps to sneak up to the unlit park overlooking the bay of a summer nig… @andrewsillett @DalrympleWill @cguyver How about co-respondent? A useful term in the taxonymy of shoon, favoured as… @andrewsillett @DalrympleWill @cguyver Certainly one of the nicest. @Giovanni_Lido @PaulMcKenna4 @LRNR Are you verbing a location in my native borough? @DalrympleWill @cguyver (Though not really present participles - who would they describe? The author?) @cguyver @stephanuscoombs Present participle titles always give me teeth-grind, while any title along the lines of…
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @Giovanni_Lido @PaulMcKenna4 @LRNR Tempted to try to take "nothing" as some kind of gerund. (I once did that with "everything".) @LRNR @PaulMcKenna4 @Giovanni_Lido Took me some time to realise your rabbit was an eater rather than an eaten. @Giovanni_Lido @DrFrancisYoung @cguyver Killing a Mockingbird. Rechercher le Temps Perdu. In Venedig Sterben. Prome… @Giovanni_Lido @DrFrancisYoung @cguyver Taming the Shrew. Dreaming a Midsummer's Night. Losing Love's Labour. Losin… @Giovanni_Lido @DrFrancisYoung @cguyver "Very briefly introducing Ovid." @cguyver @andrewpconnell @DrFrancisYoung @reelmolesworth As any fule kno. @cguyver @DrFrancisYoung @DalrympleWill Chacun à son abus. @andrewpconnell @DrFrancisYoung @cguyver @reelmolesworth Those are, I think, proper Latin gerunds, not their English namesakes. @cguyver @DrFrancisYoung @DalrympleWill Pre-hackneyed.What can't happen soon enough? For academics to tire of using -ing forms of verbs, so-called gerunds, in their titl… Rechtschreibung gefährdet Leben! 😱
Retweeted by Stephen Coombs @MicrofunctionI I dislike having promoted tweets shoved in my face and block their accounts. @JackGMitchell Well, yes. If I could nave my way I'd stick with "Thee" etc. @cguyver Bete me.#grammarspotting An old bête noire of mine.