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Hello.. hope this cheers you up in isolation! ❤️😘 ON THEM! It’s actually sickening. Shame on anyone who has acted like that. Snideeee comments, indirect DIGS!!…
❤️❤️❤️ ❤️
Same energy
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Yayyy she’s here ❤️ 🥰 Let the belly laughs begin x @IAmChrisRamsey Congrats!! Made up for you ! 👏🏼xx
2020 sign and verify x
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Proud of you bro, Your going far! Don’t look back now ❤️❤️❤️xxxx 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Borderline Personality Disorder makes everyday things scary, so when every day is scary, it just gets worse.
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Download on apple- Spotify- kind. Always. Out Steohanie Davis Download now -✅ Over two years out ✅ Overcome mental health issues ✅ Overcome drink problems ✅ Overcome drug problems ✅ Overcome…
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Go to this link to download xx is beautiful ❤️❤️ xx @Adrianmarlow @BooLou12 It’s never too late. Call them and talk, don’t be afraid to let it out! Feelings pass!! 116… here to download vid to here to download ❤️
Click here to download means a lot, beautiful what being kind can do. If anyone needs help now please call 116 123 No one should… @Stephdavis77 I have to say I can’t stop listening to your song honestly the words are powerful and when you close…
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisLIGHTS OUT Download here for apple/ iTunes: Download here for Spotify:… and wow such an amazing song & a beautiful voice @Stephdavis77 ♥️ you have a heart of gold & I’m sure th…
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisRemember you are never alone. Be kind, and if struggling call 116123 sign and verify x you can download it on what you prefer ❤️’s on Spotify now for your honesty 🙏🏽 Dont worry about it, all is fine and forgiven. All my love xx NOW you bro xx @Stephdavis77 @dmunsigned @darrenmartyn I only have one word "Goosebumps " xx
Retweeted by Stephanie Davis @JanJansteel All of them xSuch and important message in such a beautiful song! Go listen!! @Stephdavis77 has done herself and everyone else w…
Retweeted by Stephanie Davis @Stephdavis77 Sat on a bus with water in my eyes listening to Lights Out. Very powerful. And poignant. Hope it does…
Retweeted by Stephanie Davis @Stephdavis77 first song I’ve bought in a long time, the passion in this song shines millions🧡
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisPeople should be listening to this song so emotional symuch well written song well done @Stephdavis77 this who can'…
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisLove you ❤️! Keep signing and sharing! We will make a change!! Download now! Xx @Stephdavis77 the song is honestly amazing i can just feel the emotion and the pain in your voice i really love the…
Retweeted by Stephanie Davis❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽⁦@Stephdavis77⁩ #lightsout #standstrong Anyone who has been in this place can relate! Great awareness being spread!…
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisLet’s get downloading guys!! Amazing song, amazing voice, amazing cause!! Money will be split between charities!! C…
Retweeted by Stephanie Davis @Stephdavis77 this is a really good song and just what the world needs right now!! Congrats xx
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisWhat an incredible song @Stephdavis77. Lights out speaks so much to people who feels like this. Thanks for doing it…
Retweeted by Stephanie Davis#lightsout by @Stephdavis77 from the heart 💔 newest relatable song #depressionfeelslike #BPD
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisIf you are struggling and need help & call 116 123 NOW! Please reach out xx& hope to know you are not alone- Proceeds will go to Carolines mum to a mental health charity of her choice & ⁦… OUT is out NOW! it’s a song I wrote last year during the lowest time of my life about suicide,but I have dec… Music Download here Download here.! I hope it gives people strength & hope to know you are not alone- Stand up you’ll get through this. Proceeds wil… FOR DOWNLOAD NOW LIGHTS OUT is a song I wrote last year during the lowest time of my life about suicide, b… davis lights out Out now. X guys let's download this to raise money for mental health x @Stephdavis77 is amazing doing this x…
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LOVE YOU!!!!! What is WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE! you handled that amazingly! Roll on parliament! We WILL change this,…
Disgusting. Will they ever learn?
Over half a million people have signed @Stephdavis77's petition calling to protect those in public life. Will you?…
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisTo everyone’s questions- all have been replied here. I am not a superhero, I’m doing the best that I can. I’ll be… FECKING HEAR!!! love you ❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
To my gorgeous twitter family, thank you for all your love, comments, support and kindness. Whilst there is vitriol…
Retweeted by Stephanie Davis @RalfLittle Seen this yet? @Stephdavis77 has been working hard on it and it's nearly got h…
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisSky news,itv news, channel 5 news and now BBC news. We will fight this! Please if you haven’t already sign the peti…"The way she got treated - it wasn't like she was even human." Caroline Flack's friend @Stephdavis77 says the way…
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisLive at 1:30 itv news. Tune in. Nervous, hope I do this justice 🙏🏽’ll be on ITV NEWS, between 1:30 onwards tune inOk here in London, arrived, had a coffee and a red bull to keep me going. We’re nearly there with the petition, tha…'Caroline was a beautiful person inside and out.' Actress @Stephdavis77 pays tribute to Caroline Flack, and tells…
Retweeted by Stephanie Davis @RodriguezMayn @LBC Where can I listen can’t find it xCelebrities : EXPLOITING PEOPLE IN THE PUBLIC EYE - Sign the Petition! via @UKChangeLove you pal xx
Working on mental health constantly and trying to make a change. I’m nervous fortomorrow as I want to do this justi… sick as not slept and been so upset, it’s also brought up a lot for me as I tried to end my life 6 months ago… LAW. Over a million views in less than 24 hours. 188,822 people have signed. I’m off to London tomorrow… of signatures on online petition calling for #CarolinesLaw has now passed 66,000. It's been set up by forme…
Retweeted by Stephanie Davis @robrach I’m so sorry to hear this! We need a change NOW!She never deserved to die!!!!!! What’s happened to humanity??? 💔 Why not help eachother instead of destroying peopl… NHS needs more funding for mental health! BIG CHANGES ARE NEEDED AND I WILL FIGHT THIS ALL THE WAY!There needs to be a massive change All around. This was something I was already fighting for and working on, it’s s…’re going to reach more and more people! The petition has created a storm and that’s what we want! It’s disgustin… ARE NEARLY THERE COME ON!! Sign and share! I’ll be on sky news is it’s Kay burley tomorrow, then straight to Lo…’re nearly there guys!!! So close!!!! We need to stand together!!! I’m taking it to parliament! Sign and verify o… PEOPLE IN THE PUBLIC EYE - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange sing and confirm on… there, COME ON GUYS! New laws, change! I’ll fight it for everyone but I need your help!! Please sign and sha… actress @Stephdavis77 leads campaign for 'Caroline's Law'
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisYesterday the world shook at the loss of celeb Caroline Flack. Today we embark to help the amazing @Stephdavis77 pu…
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisI will! @Stephdavis77 it takes some strength to be able to speak out the way you do and I truly admire you for that. We're…
Retweeted by Stephanie DavisUntil the end. We NEED to come together to make a change possible, so please join me, it takes 1 minute but could c…