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Liverpool FC, music lover and Horror fan. Spreading as much positivity as possible.

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@bubbIxs Looks great I’m excited for this @__naaomiii Hahaha accurateThe comments make for a great read considering how well we’ve actually done 😂😂 @merkseyside @Dejan06Lovren Man I can’t stand this man anymore I’m sorry
Lmao accurate 😭😂😂 @Harry_toner Yes mate if you see your GP he’ll be able to help you and if you think you need something more he may… @SHXDESXFRED Hahahaha that’s brilliant 😂😂 what book are you reading? @YESLADfc Honestly I think that’s definitely something that might happen because if you can get him at that price n… makes a lot more sense tbh I can see us using that second release clause to get him for cheaper this summer morningThis is me messaging my kids in the future when they ask what 2020 was like seriously put this as a headline and thought it was a good ideaEmbarrassing that this is even a question @ahmedIfc My window never closes and I never have any bother luckily 😂 @iIiwys I’m so sorry honestly you’re very brave for posting this 💙 @LfcJungz Just hope things work out for him soon 😭 I love Michael as well he’s brilliant @yhel It’s meant to be that you blackout your social media and only post stuff relating to BLM but too many people… @LfcJungz Man it’s so good but I feel so bad for Jim 😭😭 @purrmino Oh absolutely it’s brilliant I started watching it today and I’m almost finished season 2 already 😂The office is so good I love it so much @bubbIxs Thank you so much honestly I have so much respect for you and I appreciate the friendship you’ve shown me… @faiixox Amazing Faii 👏🏻💙 @its_leo96 Thank you so much ❤️ @OctoberAeowyn Thank you so much October my head just made me feel so guilty and ashamed of myself but I’ve worked… @lobruschetta Thank you Lorren honestly I appreciate you so much and all the kindness you show me ❤️ @SamLFC86 Thank you so much Sam you’re so kind and I appreciate you ❤️ @Emilyjw15 Thank you so much ❤️ @Micha_Alvez Thank you so much Mich I appreciate you a lot and all the support you give me ❤️I’m seeing so many people share their stories and all I can say is I’m so so sorry but also you should all be so pr… @PhilOssai Spoke! Stuttered, forgot words, probably wasn’t loud enough for people to hear me, but I spoke
Retweeted by Stephen* @UdokaBetsy @PhilOssai Amazing you should be proud 👏🏻
Absolutely shocking @TheIceWoman7 Tweet @TheIceWoman7 O___/\____O @TheIceWoman7 S Q U A T @TheIceWoman7 🤬 @TheIceWoman7 🤓 @TheIceWoman7 😩 @TheIceWoman7 😠 @TheIceWoman7 🤯 @TheIceWoman7 🚗 @TheIceWoman7 😢 @TheIceWoman7 🙏🏻 @TheIceWoman7 👀 @TheIceWoman7 🔥 @TheIceWoman7 🤝 @TheIceWoman7 😀 @TheIceWoman7 😭 @TheIceWoman7 Q @TheIceWoman7 M @TheIceWoman7 B @TheIceWoman7 P @TheIceWoman7 I @TheIceWoman7 L @TheIceWoman7 E @TheIceWoman7 A @TheIceWoman7 G @FLWN_ It’s sad that people see just a post on social media from clubs as enough to tackle racism there should be s… @TheIceWoman7 Hi @TheIceWoman7 @TheIceWoman7 @TheIceWoman7 @TheIceWoman7 @TheIceWoman7 @TheIceWoman7 You wish I simped you @UtdDastpa @TheIceWoman7 Gotta make her pay for this 😂😂 @TheIceWoman7 It’s squat o’clock @TheIceWoman7 You’ll do greatMake her pay for this please I beg 🙏🏻😂 @TheIceWoman7 You’ll do awesome @TheIceWoman7 My back hurts looking at this @TheIceWoman7 Happy days @TheIceWoman7 Great craic tbh @TheIceWoman7 I’m sure you’ll do great @TheIceWoman7 You’ll be wrecked @TheIceWoman7 Enjoy yourself @TheIceWoman7 Good luck @TheIceWoman7 Sounds fun @TheIceWoman7 Hope this goes well @TheIceWoman7 How’s you? @TheIceWoman7 What’s up @TheIceWoman7 Hello @TheIceWoman7 HiGo on
Retweeted by Stephen* @wabylad So sorry to hear this you’re so strong 💙🙏🏻 we're canceling @Evan_Peters crusty, greasy white ass, right?
Retweeted by Stephen* @bubbIxs I’m on season 2 now and all I’ve got to say so far is that Jim deserves better 😭😭 @UdokaBetsy This makes me so happy to see so many people there supporting thisJim deserves better @Nabyllionaire Remember a few weeks back people were crying he’d lose pace because of his muscle 😭😂 @sebaIIos This should be something we all stand together on our clubs shouldn’t have anything to do with it at all… @sebaIIos Why are people so hateful your football club shouldn’t matter on this subject I can’t stand how people tr… my fellow respected industry partners and execs- no one profits off of black music more than the labels and stre…
Retweeted by Stephen*It’s very good happy to see Naby doing well in training hopefully he can get a run in the team before the season ends @LFCKasia @TheIceWoman7 I hope you’re proud 😂Gonna start watching the office with @TheIceWoman7 this better be worth itLiverpool women are in desperate need of some funding with all these departures ffs I have a really bad feeling for the club 😭😭 @ScoobyGangKid @TheIceWoman7 This is so sweet 😭 now maybe I’ll be able to stop hearing her worry every day about it reaching you 😂😂