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DM of @secondbestdnd, co-host of @drnkplanetearth, half of Moustache Free Poop Face. "the bastard jester himself" I/me is He/him

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i know i am a freelance pro gratis shill but i believe in second best more than any other podcast or tabletop show…
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyThe premise of capitalism is that this man is worth more than Beyonce. 🤨
Having a cop Handing my gf behind me as my phone knowing I drive the I’m mor…
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Introducing Bérnié- The People’s Perfume Find out more:
Retweeted by Stephen Buckley @DeMarko DANG that is so cool @DeMarko Do you know one of the Daddies?? @DeMarko Those are the big 4! @DeMarko @funcityventures *D&D podcasts @DeMarko @funcityventures I'm definitely curious what podcasts you're into rn. I wanna cast a wider net and see how others are doin it @DeMarko I will!! @DeMarko @funcityventures Listen, I don't wanna stir any more pots today, but *SOME* systems should be video games @DanDeltaCollins 😂 @DeMarko What it really makes me think is that I want a solo play campaign in which Major NPCs are each played by a… @DeMarko That sounds fun! I think we actually get that with most of the successful D&D campaigns rn (Critical Role… @DeMarko Not sure I'm 100% up on it but is it a question of accurately recording what it's like to play dnd vs telling a story?My cousin’s Tesla just got stolen, should we call it an Edison now?
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyMy favorite Dilbert characters.
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyJOE MANGANIELLO! I told you Dan and Paul are cool @notnotcrying The thing that really gets me is that I so badly want to see an entire episode in that Firbolg societ… this as part of a lil adventure I made but haven't released, but I wanted to put it out there now because ins… is how I try to run my games and what I think goes a little wonky about some other games. I hope it's helpful… @diaryofafiend "Mom, Dad said I can't see you any more after this visit. I just hope at some point we can reconnect… Graduation feels like three people I love being locked in a DMV when only one of them needs a license. Six hour… have enormous respect for Travis, Griffin and especially Justin. I started listening to MBMBAM last February and… _Makes Sense_ that the school has skeletons you can fight repeatedly without consequence, but it Sucks! When the… _Makes Sense_ that the boys would have to give up the goods they bought with the school's money but it Sucks. Wh… feel for Travis because I also Love Creating Bureaucracy! I Love Rules!!! I love making the players work to get t… Graduation I am constantly frustrated by the fact that while Justin and Clint clearly want to play Travis' game,… need to put a big goal on the other side because a fundamental truth about Bureaucracy is If You Can Avoid it Y… far in Graduation (to bring it back to the question) the most compelling bureaucratic moments have been in Fitzr… stories involving bureaucracy put a huge goal on the other side of dealing with it. (Kvothe has to deal… is a great answer to the second question in D&D settings because it's human, it's extremely relatable,…, a game is characterized by obstacles; you have to have them. Otherwise you're telling a story or improvising… have thought about this question since it was asked, because on Second Best we joke a lot about how I love bureau… my new column, ‘I’ve been consistently, demonstrably wrong for the past 20 years and here’s why you should li…
Retweeted by Stephen Buckley @RMExe "Mom, please, all you do is talk about apple. I haven't seen you in a week! We need some quality face time"… Hudson Yards development cost $25Billion so apple is worth 40 Hudson Yards' for their cool decisions like "one…😂apple is so fucking funny imagine being worth a trillion dollars and using it to make the world’s coolest walkie talkie😂Oh wow a phone call from a number similar to my cell, it must be someone from my small town that I have not been ba…
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyShout out to the hair tie that will never break because every morning I think “Ugh. Not that one.”Bernie has spent decades in politics and the best they have on him is “his supporters are rude online” and “hmm so…
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyWow you all like Kobe a lot more today than you did yesterday
@PaulsGameBlog @emilyinkpen Omg Emily do the cardsDoing some research for tomorrow's @wanderingdms show: "Bringing old school to 5E" with Steven McAuley of the East…
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@cloudyTomboy @faerch_daeg Me too @cloudyTomboy @faerch_daeg So the ide is you go up and down the flavors? @cloudyTomboy @faerch_daeg I think it might come from the sports practice of the same name where you do a run, then… @heyitsmeAlliB You should put this in your improv!!!Beautiful people with expressive faces are such fucking show-offs
Retweeted by Stephen Buckley @diaryofafiend Black coffee rules, thank you QueenYou know the red phones that were on the U.S. President’s and Soviet Premier’s desks so they could each call the ot…
Retweeted by Stephen Buckleyi cant believe people are still arguing about joe rogan. twitter is truly full of losers. and not even the cool kin…
Retweeted by Stephen Buckley4/20 nice @sylvester_deli @allspaw @lozzd Holy crap this gif is GOOD
@RBarbieriNYC I joke but not THAT much @pliablehead @SecondBestDnD I am still listening! @SecondBestDnD 📥🥰📤😍📊🥵🗄Sounds familiar #secondbestdnd
Retweeted by Stephen Buckley @NedNedNedNed You’ve known me too long to possibly think this could work @The_Fledglings @BigJDubz Thank you!The hardest part about getting older is how much longer your dick grows. I forget to clip it all the timeMe, old: you send me a picture of Demi cheese I might know what it is.
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyYes @YoGlo_ is a star for booking her first pilot but to me her greatest talent was knowing on site what kind of ch…
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyGLO!!! I am so, so happy for you!
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyThis is VERY cool news
Retweeted by Stephen Buckley @BrianGurien Holy god thank you @YoGlo_ You look so so great in this picture!!! Ahhh!!! @YoGlo_ 👏👏👏👏👏MAKE LIKE A STAR AND GLO out of the bag as to why I’ve been in LA for so long! I’m so HAPPY to be a part of this amazing show!!
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyI once got fired from a coffee shop in philly for being trans which is crazy bc I should have been fired for all the money I was stealing
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyThis tweet inspired by the line “pussy sweet, pussy tight, so he call it lightsaber” in City Girls’ Act UpMom please come pick me up they called me a "brown body" at the DSA meeting
Retweeted by Stephen Buckley @Hatalie This is true and insane to rememberi’m voting for bernie sanders because he’s not a real democrat, i’m trying to impress a guy i like, and i saw a pic…
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyThe fewer/less distinction has always been dumb to me. Everything is ultimately made out of bits
Retweeted by Stephen Buckleyshe’s rich. why are we still doing this
Retweeted by Stephen Buckley @DanDeltaCollins I really can’t imagine, and I’m so sorry“I could marry into wealth!”“I’m naked and shaving my body. Wanna help with my back?”I’m not gonna sext anymore I’m just gonna send Joey quotesLast weekend a DM I’ve known for years passed away. BJ and I weren’t very close, but he brought a passion to every… idk buying dice to play dnd over discord seems a lil silly whn i can use an online roller :) they look cool t…
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyHer: I like older guys Me: Every year I understand fewer and fewer jokes in rap songs
surprise surprise my roommate wants me to split rent with her again this month
Retweeted by Stephen Buckley @AliceUndrground I meant to tweet this, yes @msalicenutting Someday I will earn a retweet from you and it will be so sweet @JeffMyspace I referenced this recently and had to clarify that I had not invented it, and then immediately that I… is what a good brand partnership looks like we just need to get Grease the Movie the Musical on Broadway lololol just fyi the President's impeachment trial… @ilovelancelot “Chris loves crazy names” SAMMIE. STOP. YOU’RE AN ADULT!!Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.
Retweeted by Stephen BuckleyFeatured in Forbes Under 30 this week and how embarrassing that I’m wearing the same shirt from the picture as I tw…
Retweeted by Stephen Buckleyso when are we gonna break the existence of the Golden Globes to the flat earthers?
Retweeted by Stephen Buckley📍me | | | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | 📍 achieving | things…
Retweeted by Stephen Buckley @thezachrifice ok so I guess my situation could be worse @Guy_Foti It's called a Roman Chair and apparently you can do a fair amount of core/lower back stretches and workouts on it.I identify as a “humorist” instead of a “comedian” because I feel like humorists don’t have any pressure to actually make anyone laugh.
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