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Has there ever been a bigger indictment on the Lakers organization in the modern era? knew some of the details, but I was frankly shocked with how much other information Magic Johnson revealed today.
It was fascinating to hear @MagicJohnson today talk about how he felt that Rob Pelinka was backstabbing him. explains in full the reason why he stepped down as the Lakers president.
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithI don’t NEED to talk today. All I need to do is LISTEN. @MagicJohnson is here!!!!!
You are NOT going to want to miss this tomorrow. @MagicJohnson is joining @FirstTake!
The words coming out of @maxkellerman's mouth have @stephenasmith puzzled 🤔
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithOMG! What a game. What a game. And I know @StephenCurry30 is doing his thing but I’m sooo proud of little brother S… the hell is this?
We need more people like Karen 😀😀😀 you call the Stephen A. Smith show, answer my DAMN QUESTIONS.
@MRobertsNBPA @ShadowLeague @IsiahThomas @Cheurlin1788 @the Tremendous. And it never hurts to have the support of t… was one of the WORST days I've had in a VERY long time. to my life.!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical KNICKS!!!!!
I just can’t take it anymore. I just can’t. had to go to church to send a prayer up for my Knicks! what I've heard, there is "no way in hell" Kyrie Irving is going to the Lakers.
After watching the @HoustonRockets blow their chance vs the @Warriors, I’m convinced of this: don't care, Cleveland. GOOD LUCK!! Y’all know I don’t have Global Entry right???! Damn! Damnnnnnnn!!!!!!
However, the @nuggets are pulling a @HoustonRockets Game 7 performance from last year: they can’t buy a 3-pt basket… a freakin game. This @nuggets vs @trailblazers Game is something else. A nail biter. And you know who the MVP… wouldn't be surprised at all ... thoughts on Jason Kidd and the Lakers:
I didn’t need to sleep on it before I unleashed on the @HoustonRockets fall to the @warriors. But I did anyways. An… From everything I’ve heard, KD and Kyrie are planning on coming to New York. 95% Chance they say! Only potenti… showed up when it mattered MOST! score with 4:30 left. @CP3 has played well. He’s stepped up. But they’ve got to finishWTH is going on? Are y’all seeing this. The @warriors got their young boys in. @StephenCurry30 has ZERO points, 4 f…
NEVER before have James Harden and Chris Paul been under MORE pressure in their career. is the truth, folks. It’s undeniable. If LeBron James doesn't sign-off on the new Lakers head coach, he SHOULD demand a damn TRADE! think KYRIE IRVING is DONE in Boston. Here's a throwback to when he revealed on @FirstTake why he left the CAVS!…
The trade rumors surrounding LeBron James explained by @stephenasmith the only way he knows how. 😂
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithI'm told people in Hollywood have told Jeanie Buss to trade @KingJames!'m disappointed in James Harden and CP3 tonight Lord! Thought @JHarden13 and @CP3 would seize the moment once @KDTrey5 went down. Harden didn’t do enough and…!!!! @KDTrey5 drills jumper then turns around and looks back s if someone kicked him. We know what that usually…'s looking REALLY bad for the Lakers right now ...
What a DAMN ass whooping! still think the Warriors will win this series.'s right, DAMMIT! I blame @KingJames for OBJ's recent comments! @SHAQ blasted @JoelEmbiid for looking at the stat sheet while on the bench and down by 40. Then Barkley and K… being waved by @sixers with 8:58 left. What a damn shame. Let’s just hope that @JoelEmbiid feels better. Th… @sixers should be ashamed of themselves. Let’s take @JimmyButler at his word and acknowledge @JoelEmbiid is tot…
How do I even respond to this?'m told Klay Thompson isn't happy and here's why. don't know WHAT the hell is going on with Klay Thompson.
NINE damn hours!!! this point, I truly believe LEBRON would be justified in asking for a trade. He’s probably setting the stage to…’m sorry, because I love the guy. But @JoelEmbiid had NINE hours before the game started, and he's texting that h…
Wow! Bigtime 3 from @kawhileonard. Bigtime game from him, too. A spectacular performance, but also many missed oppo… that final sequence, you’re @CP3 , you don’t drive into this lane at his height and size. You pull up for a jump… name is @KDTrey5. You know who he is! Y’all know who he is. The BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!!
About to join Hoop Streams with my main man @RealMikeWilbon! have a suggestion for the Rockets to win tonight’s game, DAMNIT!'m not gonna lie to you, I think there's a real possibility that Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard end up on the Clip…
With a win at #UFCOttawa, @Cowboycerrone should set his sights on Conor McGregor says @stephenasmith (via…
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithAnd for my full reaction, you can watch it on my Instagram TV!’all know I had to do it @JeanieBuss @MagicJohnson That’s very beautiful Ms. Jeanie Buss. But there isn’t a soul alive who’s ever questioned… JUST heard the news about D’Angelo Russell and..........
That one time I took on my twin brother CLEVELAND A. SMITH! 🤣🤣🤣 #TBT's OVER for the Rockets. TRULY is the Knicks' only help. 😢
Durant was subpar but the combination of Draymond/Iguodala was TOO good! Good luck beating this team :)🎧 After Dark podcast: @Redskins President Bruce Allen joins the show to recap Washington's NFL Draft,.… 2-good eyes in the 1st quarter, @JHarden13 couldn’t buy a basket. After returning Damn-near blind, he scores 1… @JHarden13 had to leave with 6:27 left in the first QT due to an eye injury. And now look what’s happening: @CP3🎧After Dark podcast: @WindhorstESPN joins to talk about the manipulation of the officiating by the Rockets.… Rockets need to stop focusing on the refs and focus on their game. 🎧After Dark podcast:…
I spoke to a referee earlier this season that told me in some instances, they wouldn't mind if some NBA players wer…’all have to see this @30for30 documentary on Felipe Lopez. Don’t miss this y’all! eyes will be on James Harden and the Rockets tonight. 💻📺#ESPNews 📻#ESPNRadio have PROFOUND respect for the Rockets. But STOP complaining about the REFS and focus on BALLING out there! @stephenasmith had some things to get off his chest, @maxkellerman had to remind him and @IsiahThomas that th…
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithMy picks are in and I'm fully prepared for your disagreement 😀, right now I think Kevin Durant is the best player on the PLANET! to the @sixers. Way to represent @JimmyButler. Bigtime game. Major heart! But Embiid is clearly hurt. Asid…
Coming up on my radio show, I'll discuss what the Celtics and Warriors wins mean in the big picture. 💻… Before anybody gets beside themselves, let’s not talk like @CP3 deserves a suspension. That was incidental co…
If the allegations are true we won't see Tyreek Hill on a field for a long time. After Dark podcast:… Canty joins to provide an ex-players perspective. After Dark podcast:'m trying to figure out what the Giants were thinking when they took Daniel Jones with the six pick. After Dark…
See, I’m a man of the people 😉 I know is this: Haskins has better not fall past the @Dolphins or @Redskins in this draft. It better not happen…, don’t even get me started on these damn @Giants. Passing on Haskins for Daniel Jones? Some kid out of Duke…!!!! I love that the @steelers moved up to get this brother Devin Bush. What have they been missing sinc…
Come join us on @FirstTake, @KingJames!!!! Man of the Year is a ONE man race as far as I’m concerned!!! It’s Lou Williams!
I’ll join in. 5 jobs I’ve had: 1. Sanitation worker (When I was 14. Lied on my application so I could work) 2. Put…'m very OBJECTIVE, DAMNIT! But when it comes to Derek Jeter and superstars that come to the Knicks, all BETS are o… Lillard's shot is one of the most MEMORABLE game-winning shots I've EVER seen!! OMG! OMG! @Dame_Lillard drills a 3 damn-near from hakfciurt to win the game.....and the series. He dropped 50…! Do y’all see this show @Dame_Lillard is putting on IN THE FIRST HALF! Absolutely Spectacular! He’s got 34 poin… Carlesimo joins the show to talk about tonight's Thunder/Blazers game he's calling. 📻After Dark podcast:…