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With guidance from Maverick Carter, LeBron James as a team owner could be special.
Day in and day out, I hook up cable for a living and when the TV Come on it goes straight to @FirstTake but This c…
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithIt’s good to be back. See y’all on @FirstTake at 10am EST.#HollaThat was a B.S. flagrant foul called on @Money23Green. That was a basketball play. Steve Kerr’s has every right to… know I Will be there. Thank God this Flu bug has left me. Now I can finally get back to work.#Rested&Ready.
What a comeback by @DukeMBB. They brought it in the last 10 minutes if this game. Zion is the truth as a competitor…! Sitting home sick, but watching @DukeMBB’s 23-point COMEBACK on @LouisvilleMBB. While I can applaud the way L’…
@AB84 Yo @steelers DO NOT LISTEN to this. I hear @AB84. I hear his frustration. But he is TOO GREAT to let go over…, people! @russwest44 a 10th-straight Triple-Double. Him & @Yg_Trece becoming 1st in NBA History with 20+pt tri…! Hope you enjoy that Birthday Card. I certainly enjoyed watching it.
After Dark Podcast: @MauriceBenard of @GeneralHospital fame joins me. Dark Podcast: LeBron's controversial Instagram post, and his subsequent explanation of it.… Dark Podcast: What's next for the Lakers this summer?, this man JJ Redick is on it. One of the game’s prolific shooters. His shooting strike is something special.
Yes. It's possible.! Now that’s a good comeback. But we shall see. Haskins wants to throw. I know this. Also know he’s nowhere n… is bigtime. I know this. And I’m not saying he CAN’T pass. But I view him the way I view him. Just an eye-t… Because I believe what I believe? I know Haskins is a baller. That he threw for 50 TD’s last year. But I view… sense of the NBA trade deadline. #ESPNews #ESPNRadio Dark podcast: Durant May Be Right. Dark podcast: Patriot's LB Kyle Van Noy joins to talk about his 2nd Super Bowl win. Dark podcast: Kevin Durant finally spoke to the media regarding the consistent rumors about his impending fre…! Way da go @RajonRondo. Wow! Happy for this brother. Reminded us he’s a champion. What a game. What a performan…! I’m loving this @Lakers vs @celtics game. @KingJames just hit a 3 from the left corner. Scored tied 124-124. H… was told — eventually — Pelicans GM Dell Demps would have been FIRED had he made the Anthony Davis trade!
My thoughts on the Markelle Fultz trade. to discuss leading up to the NBA trade deadline. #ESPNews #ESPNRadio don't have a problem with what Kevin Durant said.
Could LeBron regret it in the end?? It's possible.. Celtics have a decision to make. Stein joins the show to talk about this week's NBA Trade Deadline. After Dark podcast: news regarding John Wall. After Dark podcast: Lonzo Ball was always the wrong choice for the Lakers. After Dark podcast:’s the 9:32pm mark of this State if the Union address by @POTUS and I’m so tempted to say something - y’all must…
Breaking down the Lakers' chances to get a deal done for Anthony Davis. #ESPNews #ESPNRadio month celebrate the #CIAA with us. Post your personal favorite #CIAA moment and be sure to #LiveTheLegacy in yo…
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithPeople don't want to see the Lakers and Pelicans COMPLETE this trade. great running into “CLEVELAND A. Smith” aka @iamjamiefoxx!!!! He’s even inspiring me to think about going BA… do you define #wisdom? #ARBWisdom
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithYou know I know, Bro! Diversity should be a part of any staff. No question. But considering the paucity of Black He… A. Smith After Dark Podcast ➡️The pettiness going on over at MSG. A. Smith After Dark Podcast ➡️I'm disappointed with the Rams fanbase turnout. A. Smith After Dark Podcast ➡️While Julian Edelman was brilliant, I feel the MVP award should have gone to…
Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Haaaaaaaaa!!!!! Where ya been bro??? Missed ya! @theshiggster the fellas were getting heated today, here's what I was doing 🤣🤣🤣 or Brady???? to unwrap from that Super Bowl game. #ESPNews #ESPNRadio’s Brady time. If the @Patriots don’t score this drive they are in trouble.The two MVP’s of this game so far: Wade Phillips and Brian Flores, defensive play callers for both teams. Doing the… Damn! Patrick Chung is down. Moss instantly saw it and says hyperextended elbow. He’s done.This is when you know you’ve arrived: when you’re honored with the luxury of watching the Super Bowl with two Hall… to the human being who had a 3-0 score at halftime. Because I damn sure didn’t. Don’t think anyone saw this comingIt’s the two-minute warning. The @RamsNFL have 25 yards rushing and 2 — yes, 2 — First Downs!#Damn!I’m shocked at how ineffective @TG3II has been the last 5 1/2 QT’s. But I’m even more shocked at how dominant… @Patriots are killing the @RamsNFL are these crossing routes with Edelman and Gronk. But we’ll see how long that lastsAnother 3-and-out by the @RamsNFL to start the 2nd Qt. Goff seems flustered by @Patriots defense. A 3rd-year QB vs Belichick.Wow! A coverage sack by the @RamsNFL, followed by more and more pressure, including Aaron Donald getting a hit on B…
Or was it Littleton? I’m in Nose-Bleed section 😀😀😀 penalty may have been vs Robey-Coleman, but let’s be clear: he is everywhere thus far. He looks like he’s come to playRobey-Coleman on the deflection. Fowler pick. After the @Patriots ran ball down their throats, Brady gets intercept… Bowl hasn’t started yet, but I will say this: @RamsNFL fans should be ashamed of yourselves. @Patriots fans a…
The After Dark podcast 🎙: I talk to @Realrclark25 about how Louisianans feel about Anthony Davis, Sal Pal previews… After Dark podcast 🎙: I talk to @JerryRice and get his take on the upcoming Super Bowl and his experiences.…
Brick is back!!!!!!! 😀😀😀 @GeneralHospital KNOW what time it is!!!!! After Dark podcast: I talk to @tkelce about the disappointing end to his season, @DeionSanders about his 30… After Dark podcast: @SHAQ joins the show to talk about the NBA's changing culture. got off the phone with Frank Robinson. You may have heard that he's been a little sick lately, but he was defi…
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Nobody was like my man @DeionSanders. Brady is my vote for best Super Bowl player ever. atttt yaaaa Boyyyy!!! A. Smith After Dark podcast -> @billromanowski joins to talk about why the Pats will win, @willpackerprods A. Smith After Dark podcast -> Jamal Adams joins to talks about tackling mascots and his frustration with t…
Hank Aaron tops my list of BEST Atlanta athletes of all-time. those in Atlanta, come watch my Radio Show!, we are here! @FirstTake in the HOUSE. Dark podcast: @BillPlaschke joins the show to talk about the Lakers quest to land Anthony Davis.… Dark podcast: I'm praying for a McGregor/Nurmagomedov rematch. Dark podcast: @cjandersonb22 joins the show.
Thoughts?'all know what it is. I'm talking Super Bowl week coming up on the Stephen A. Smith radio show. #ESPNews tomorrow, join us at the debate desk in ATL. We've got some major guests coming through all week like…
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithStephen A. Smith After Dark podcast: What I think the Rams need to do to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.… A. Smith After Dark podcast: @wojespn joins to talk about Anthony Davis and offer his opinion.… A. Smith After Dark podcast: All the pressure is on Magic Johnson to get the deal done.…
"He is the one on the clock. It's not LeBron James. It's not Luke Walton. It's Earvin Magic Johnson." -…
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithMagic is going to need some help to pull off this Anthony Davis deal! #ESPNews #ESPNRadio the games begin... is doing a nice job filling in for @MollyQerim this morning on @FirstTake. Let’s keep it’s all on Magic now. He’s got to find a way to get it done. But he needs the @PelicansNBA cooperation. Th…
Stephen A. Smith After Dark Podcast 📡 @Ian_OConnor joins the show to help preview Super Bowl LIII through the pers… address my Derek Carr feud. Stephen A. Smith After Dark Podcast 📡 the Lakers continue to drop games without LeBron James, I'm not worried just about this season but also what it…
Ya boy is a straight PUNK! Mannnnnn with this government shutdown, I was planning on driving 14 hours STRAIGHT to A…’m not insulted by this at all. Martellus is right: He’s forgotten more football that I’ll ever know. I’m a report…’s backpedaling! I’m right here. Why don’t you stop hitching and just admit 2 things: 1.) You wish YOU were the… big hoops weekend to talk about. Tune in NOW to #ESPNews and #ESPNRadio. hope there :-)’ve kicked enough ass in my lifetime. I’m good. My fighting days are over. looks that way