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If you want to achieve something in life, the first step is to get serious about it! #ARBWisdom
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithYes, @saquon reminds me of @BarrySanders. the Hell is Gronk even doing in the game for a Hail Mary......or any laterals????’m not taking anything away from this @ChicagoBears defense — because they are BIGTIME. But JaredGoffhaa been abso… confess: this @ChicagoBears vs @RamsNFL game may be low scoring, but this contest is real, fierce and enjoyab…, sorry buzzards. This win don’t mean anything to me. The @Eagles were hosed all game long. Guess the @NFL was… @Eagles defense is exhausted. Totally spent. And decimated with injuries. And still, the @dallascowboys are get…! Yeah! Yeah! The refs are trying to give it to them but the @Eagles ain’t having it.’s OT! Let’s f…! That’s some STRAIGHT BullS$&@&$!!!!!!! I swear! You’ve got to be damn killing me. Who calls that? Does…! Damn! Dammmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Allen Iverson explains why he left Magic Johnson out of his Top 5. After Dark podcast: @sixers are soooooooo lucky to have @JimmyButler. This brother is a warrior....repping a city that idolizes war… know @JoelEmbiid needs rest, but I really wish the @sixers had picked another game to rest him. I love seeing him…
Haaaaaaa my friend @TimTebow 😀 message goes out to @JalenRose and @ESPNGreeny.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 LeBron and KD talk and I still have more to say about A.I.'s top 5. #ESPNRadio #ESPNews ya @AllenIverson, but Kobe is NOT on my list for two reasons: 1) I already have Jordan 2) Durant is about 5''… @JHarden13 is already on the bench. Didn’t even see that substitution occur.Total beat down. This @Utah__Jazz game is a total ass-whupping of the @HoustonRockets Who look nothing like they lo… & Gentlemen, the @HoustonRockets are down by 30. With Thabo Sefelosha hitting 3’s. I’m done. Heading to bedI can't disagree with @KDTrey5 here. breakdown: @Utah__Jazz look like a TEAM. They move the b-ball, play together, completely selfless. The… you @MollyQerim for the pillow during this BLASPHEMOUS @MaxKellerman argument. I really needed it here. If y'… my brother .@ReggieMillerTNT. Love ya. You know this, but I respectfully disagree. Yes, @rudygobert27 has got to… Dark podcast 🔊: I can't believe reactions around the media to Kevin Durant's comments about LeBron. is some trifling, embarrassing stuff I’m seeing from the @Jaguars. Offensively, they stink. Defensively, they’…
I cant' see this guy outside of New England. A. Smith After Dark podcast🔊: @finebaum joins the show to talk about Urban Meyer retiring as head coach of… A. Smith After Dark podcast🔊: I stand by the comments Kevin Durant made about LeBron James. A. Smith After Dark podcast🔊: Mavs HC Rick Carlisle joins the show to discuss his team's recent play, plus…, this brother @kawhileonard is something special. I’m not about to deny what I’m seeing: the best 2-way player… A. Smith After Dark podcast🔊: The @Lakers should be concerned about KD's comments.
Rick Carlisle of the surprising @dallasmavs joins me on today’s Stephen A. Smith radio show. #ESPNews #ESPNRadio's After Dark podcast: I get into the @BronzeBomber's head about this past weekend's draw, the inevitable Wild… @firststurg I am bro. And I’m liking what I seeWow! That’s great. Special moment!'s After Dark podcast: @Realrclark25 joins to talk Week 13 of the NFL season. today's After Dark podcast: How confident should Eagle fans be after their win against the Redskins?…
Here's why @KobeBryant is WRONG about the Warriors. Birthday @S_C_ ! Come join the 50 club 😀 Meyer is one of the greatest coaches ever. @kobebryant and Urban Meyer’s retirement. Tune in now! #ESPNews #ESPNRadio down Wilder v. Fury. The latest Stephen A. Smith After Dark podcast. 🔊:'s currently going on with Kareem Hunt. he latest Stephen A. Smith After Dark podcast. 🔊:… Packers decision to fire Mike McCarthy. The latest Stephen A. Smith After Dark podcast. 🔊:…
The Chiefs made the right call with Kareem Hunt. off the weekend, I'm coming strong to the mic today! #ESPNRadio #ESPNews Rodgers' body language made this pretty clear to me. calls Mike McCarthy's firing in Green Bay "long overdue."
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithI have no problem with the Bulls firing Fred Hoiberg. Really good college coach that was never respected on the NBA…
What a great, great call by Nagy for the @ChicagoBears to tie the game at the end of regulation. They come back fro… helped Fury survive in the end. Fight should’ve been stopped in 10 sec. but since it finished, despite the 2-po… again. Just out-Boxing Wilder. Jabs and sharp punches. Wilder answers by punching air. Can’t find Fury. Needs KO to win.Fury wins Round 10. Boxed, moved. Wilder barely threw a punch until the round was over. Wilder has to win 11 & 12th to win this fightFury goes down in the 9th. Wilder gets the round 10-8, but if you can believe it Fury gets up and looks fresher tha… connected late with a rare power shot but still lost the round. Fury actually looks fresher at this point, too.Fury again. He’s winning this fight right now. Wilder relying on big shots, but can’t connect on any of them. He’s… gets round 6. Here’s the problem: Wilder has got to get on the inside. Fury is comfortable standing outside an…, Wilder missing more than connecting. Can buy a right-connect, or a left-hook or haymaker, for that matter. B… 4 to Wilder. But Fury is still making him miss all night with that right. Except this time Fury didn’t connec… gave round 3 to Fury. Caught Wilder twice, plus is just doing a better job of boxing — hitting, moving while usin… gave Wilder Round 2 because of a couple of power punches, but still don’t like what I’m seeing. Fury is moving we… gave Fury that first round. Made a wild Wilder miss. Used his jab. Again, Wilder too wild. Needs to calm down and… lesson to all of us out here based on @JalenHurts. Lesson in perseverance. In staying on that grind and never… is UNREAL! What a performance from @JalenHurts. To come off the bench and do what he’s done with these last tw…!!! Jalen Hurts drives @AlabamaFTBL right down field to great completions...and throws TD pass on a scramble. 8… oh! Tuna down and out. Last time we saw Jalen Hurts was in the Nat’l Title game. He was so bad, he got benched and brought in.
Awwwwwww S&@$, Roll Tide is getting drilled. @AlabamaFTBL is down 21-7 — I say DOWN 21-7 — in this matchup for the… @GeneralHospital @HayleyErin @SofiaMattsson1 @TamaraBraun @WilliamdeVry1 Looks like Kiki is telling us who the kill… A. Smith After Dark podcast: My prediction for this weekend's @BronzeBomber v. @Tyson_Fury fight.…, btw.....Harrison Barnes has 18-points in the 1st Half tonight.Okay. I just saw Harrison Barnes drive baseline, spin, then muscle his way in for a layup before giving @KingJames A. Smith After Dark podcast: The Redskins situation with Reuben Foster. A. Smith After Dark podcast: I have to eat crow after the @dallascowboys defeated the Saints on TNF.… some point, if knowing that doing something like this is just plain wrong and unacceptable isn’t enough, then ho…
It IS possible!’re right. I should’ve been there you 🙏🏽 can't believe those damn @dallascowboys won. #ESPNRadio #ESPNews up Cowboys fans ...y’all got me..........TODAY!!!!! Cowboys have left @stephenasmith almost speechless.
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithSee the nonsense I have to deal with from these sorry Cowboy Mr. Foxx. Damn! What the hell, @Saints? Don’t do THIS to me. Please don’t do thiiiisssss. Don’t lose to these dam… I had to throw up the X for my boy @DezBryant!!! 😀 (📸 from @TheUndefeated)
Big Ben won’t call Antonio Brown the #1 receiver. FOR REAL?!?! JuJu Smith-Schuster just got rid of his damn BIB, DA… The @SHAQ Daddy has crowned a NEW Superman! most NAUSEATING fans in the world.... DAMN Cowboys fans. love Coach K.....but not in regards to this issue’m still here @dallascowboys fans! Where y’all at? #ESPNRadio #ESPNews my brotha @DeionSanders. Yes, I made him come in on his day off. 😀’all see what time it is!!!!! WHO IS BACK IN DALLAS?!?!?!?!??! Wilder joins to tell me his thoughts on his upcoming fight. AFTER DARK PODCAST:
I'm thinking about my brother, @StuartScott, in honor of Jimmy V Week. This man was ONE of a kind. His picture in m… was not here for Ben Roethlisberger's comments at all.
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithAfter Dark podcast: @Realrclark25 joins the show to talk about last night's game as well as a look back at Week 12… Durant's 49-point night. After Dark podcast: their eighth straight win, are the @HoustonTexans a Super Bowl contender? After Dark podcast:…