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How will the young Lakers handle the pressure????
I'm still sticking with my prediction of the Lakers making the Western Conference Finals and I'll tell you why comi…!!!!! Like I told y’all: A SHOW! @KingJames first 2 baskets.....tomahawk slams. Crowd in Portland g…🔈 The Rockets defense was absolutely abysmal against the Pelicans. Latest Stephen A. Smith After Dark podcast:…
Carmelo Anthony NEEDS to be starting, DAMNIT! was the full interview:! Yeah! Yeah! Special Edition of @FirstTake coming on in less than an hour....7-8pm EST on ESPN. @KingJames ope… throwback to my interview with Magic Johnson last year, where I asked him how to attract big free agents. 😀 #TBT was beautiful having the one and only Magic Johnson come on the show this morning. Can’t wait for Saturday night… Davis is looking like a league MVP. HOWEVER...'s right. I said IT! of NBA to discuss and of course Thursday Night Football. #ESPNRadio #ESPNews
YEP. I SAID IT! was utterly RIDICULOUS. somebody wake Markelle Fultz up????? Pretty Please. With Sugar on top, damnit! am SOOOOOOO excited for the Knicks this season. up and tune in NOW! #ESPNRadio #ESPNews, I did not like the thought of Redick coming off the bench. But he hasn’t missed a beat. This might work…’t get me wrong though: Ben Simmons is so special. He’s a jump shot away from being LeBron, Part II. Btw....Embi… back @NBA. Here’s what I’m noticing this far: Hayward understandably has a ways to go. Somebody needs to ma…
Yeah! He and I still have to connect on that family tree isdue!!!!!! are my biggest storylines of the NBA season FOR ME! man Jalen Rose is out of his DAMN mind! is BAck, yall. man @AaronRodgers12 is just so damn special, it’s hard to put into words. I don’t give a damn what anyone says…’all know good and damn well what I’m about to say about that TD @AaronRodgers12 just threw to Davante Adams: “He’… can’t understand Jon Gruden on this one:
I know the @Patriots won last night, but lets focus on the @Chiefs. A new episode of the Stephen A. Smith After Dar… Bortles is too much of a liability. opening week of NBA season is finally here. #ESPNRadio #ESPNews is picking Chiefs to go to the Super Bowl.
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithThis @Patriots vs @Chiefs game is Bananas. What a game. The outcome doesn’t even matter to me. I’m ready to declare…“On This Stage” is now available.
I’ll say this: it’s bad enough that the @Broncos appear on the verge of losing their 4th-straight. But when it’ll b… Big Ben to @AB84 with 10 seconds left to give @steelers the lead. Haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!Get an inside look at the iconic sets of #PowerTV. I went on a tour with @OmariHardwick, @naturinaughton and…’s a pretty fly jacket @WillieMcGinest. Just letting you know that in case I get it, I want to give you credit, my brother :}🔊@Chiefs QB @PatrickMahomes5 joins to talk about his breakout season. After Dark podcast:
@karenhunter I need you to call me please. You know the number.
The Giants are an absolute mess. This is bigger than Odell. #ESPNRadio #ESPNews🔈Stephen A. Smith After Dark podcast: I talk to Stan Van Gundy about Jimmy Butler's bad behavior, and Jason Witten… think this has hurt Jimmy’s trade value.
I LOVE what Kyrie said! @CNN, seeing Kanye at the White House this afternoon was some of the saddest stuff I’ve seen in quite some… the hell is funny about Jimmy Butler beating y'all with the third stringers???? can watch the full interview here: to break down this Jimmy Butler drama. #ESPNRadio #ESPNews hustle never stops. Don’t miss exclusive #PowerTV behind-the-scenes interviews and more, with @stephenasmith, only on the #STARZ App.
Retweeted by Stephen A SmithI was addressing Marcus Spears direct statement about what you do when you have a franchise QB. That’s all. Love ho… @tanner_demling I knowA throwback to my interview with Kyrie Irving on his decision to leave the Cavs..🔈After Dark podcast: I talk to @budcrawford402 about his Saturday night fight, @RealMichaelKay about @Yankees disap…
I think LeBron is going to take a special interest in Lonzo. into @FirstTake tomorrow morning. Don’t you worry! I’ll give it to you to talk about those freaking @Yankees. #ESPNRadio #ESPNews!!!!! Damn!!!!!!!! Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaking @Yankees. Where the hell is the Frank Sinatra music now?Yes! You know it DAMN SAD.
PUMPED for this! You can watch the full project here:'s right.'s pump the breaks on the post-fight aftermath in #UFC229. anyone comprehend English? I NEVER said race had. Nothing to do with Garrett as the @dallascowboys head coach.… you have trouble reading, comprehending, researching or simply knowing what the hell youre talking about.’t you worry. We’ll be talking NBA everyday in a minute Yes! And won’t stop either until they win a damn playoff game. I care of nothing else about them. Not even if… had to say it, dammit! to talk about Drew Brees' big night and what's going on within the NFC East. #ESPNRadio #ESPNews.… me Capt. Obvious if y’all want to, but we all know Jason Garrett needs to go and it hasn’t been said ebough! Damn! Damn! The @Yankees are getting their butts whipped 11-1. Does anyone see why I asked what the hell was… to the great one, @drewbrees. Truly one of the all-time great QB’s, great ambassadors and great gentlemen…
Check out my After Dark podcast where I talk about how the NFC East isn't just wide open but it's dysfunctional.…🔈 @ESPNBooger joins me ahead of tonight's Redskins/ Saints match-up.🔈I talk to @Buster_ESPN about my Yankees. don't condone OBJ speaking out about his teammates. of you, my brother. You and my boy Chris May be at the competition, but y’all are my BROTHERS! I’m proud of y… ready because my @yankees are about to take the @redsox out. #ESPNRadio #ESPNews hear ya my brother, @stipemiocic. Unfortunately, the manner in which your fight ended, combined with the return o…
What an absolutely idiotic call by @Panthers. With time running out, you call an inside running play with zero time… I don’t damnit! That’s the way it is. But I hear y’all. And I recognize soccer is religion in Europe, so I hea… Billion would watch the the NBA too if they were only to see it a couple of years you you what I’ve got coming down the pike, you all have no idea what you need to be in store for. I ain’t playing!, if you want to be sensitive this morning — in a FOOTBALL SUNDAY — it’s proof you don’t belong on this page! Ye… you my brother. So would the haters. Their weaknesses would just lie about it don’t mind haters. It’s therapy for me to be able to tell someone to kick rocks. And I’ve never even worse if I w… you folks out of the US? Yes! But the @NBA will be the No.1 sport in the world within the next 5-to-10 years. Book it strip! No suspension for Khabib. He went after Team-McGregor, not a fan. Arrest the dudes and sucker punched… I’m enjoying this lay-off is the reason why. Along with the fact that @TheNotoriousMMA lasted more than 3 rounds, mostly on his b… Hilarious! and forecer! to go brother. Thank you for remembering I told you that.