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i don't have a clit but i assume this is what using something plugged into the wall on max setting on it feels like @scousepie the celebrity chase reruns are addictive tbhthis bedside mirror is prime thirst trap location be like " rt 🔒 : thread"i found it. the trafalgar square need a disney princess who is running for labour leader[literally anything happens] blue tick warren supporters:
Retweeted by this wizard demands warwhen I was 4 I told my college professor I would one day be a doctor. he laughed and said if I wanted to, maybe I c…
Retweeted by this wizard demands war @floramargarine oh yh i love it hahathe keir starmer campaign video taking the internet by storm @steamedhamms who do I want to see take the shadow chancellor home? someone sweet who cares about them tbhtyson bernie fury. sanders…, are you Nevada? because i don't really know what or where you are but you give me a feeling of hope for the futurelike 2 how many brain cells do you have? me: frankly i have never sold a brain in my life
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very excited for bernie sanders to be president of america :)in a nice hotel in london and the best feature is the bathroom speakers piping in the TV. allowing me to sit here a… life a movie fr we're talking range ... harper starter pack friendly cause you won't be able to fly anywhere sanders is the italian princess diana "eyyy! the establishmenta are trying to a kill me"NASA: what’s your idea me: a magnet NASA: ok me: like, a really big magnet NASA: right me: [standing up] it pu…
Retweeted by this wizard demands warim innocent if you ignore all the crime i have been up to
i may not be the british AOC but i think i have a pretty decent shot at being the british bin racoonthis is literally the british AOC @friendoftoads Sammy ❤️ @leopoldsaladbar Keir Starmer is the Italian Bernie Sanders "I respecta tha rule of law and i a protecta the NHS"
Retweeted by this wizard demands war @leopoldsaladbar Keir Starmer is the Italian Bernie Sanders "I respecta tha rule of law and i a protecta the NHS" @parallelbark @OwlFWGKTA thanks momtrying to show off the old buildings of bristol and hootie is unimpressed internet's perfect sweeties have met up in eng-land @maliharez Keir Starmer - lawtermelon sugargoing on, watching, or in anyway being involved in question time should be a maximum jail sentence crime
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Me: I need a doctor's appointment Receptionist: Ok [checks bookings] how about 10 tomorrow? Me: No I don't need that many
Retweeted by this wizard demands warnew only fans video up: hot british boy licks salt lamp and goes "ooo that's saltier than expected" - 10$ @marleybennett @KerryMP a whole day with you?! Kerry is the one who needs the award tbh @TristanCorkPost @marleybennett @KerryMP if you're looking for someone to replace him in the list my dms are openyou're not a blairite you're 24i see people are coming for tony Blair for not actually crossing a picket line rather than literally anything he's… @steamedhamms not with that attitude @0ldoini something leo DiCaprio will never experience @steamedhamms young Corbyn meeting blair is funny tho @Beardynoise id both fuck and fight my clone and also form a centre back partnership.trying to have a discussion on this website is stupid and you're wrong for trying this place is only good for joke… fact that aquarius, the water carrier, AQUA-rius, watery boy, splish splash wet king time, aquarius, is an AIR… twitter really slept on this :/
one great thing is when you discover that someone has changed ideologies three times in the past five years, and th…
Retweeted by this wizard demands warprince: Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair rapunzel: *holds hair close to mouth* sorry kid i won't be able to… @steamedhamms @theobiddle @maliharez didn't know tony blair liked cats but it's cool you two are in touchgrond control to major tom @HMorganThompson i respect literally nothing about this website or anyone on ittwitter is silencing me because im the only one who's right myself... funny bear 😭😭 @bowserstanacct hi:) @leopoldsaladbar @thatinterlace @Sabrina_Huck @dmk1793 @SocReview there is no vibe you actually this thick or is it willfully disingenuous? like ishmael I only became a person at age 25, please disregard all previous interactions
Retweeted by this wizard demands war @maliharez joeny blair @underthenettle twitter soft left vs old school soft left can't believe me, a gifted and talented student who has sinced burned out, might not be able to get through a sys… @Dashmundo first job search is bris second round will be London&edin @Dashmundo just for u, kingthere is something weird seeing people (esp British born esp white) show off their academic and professional achiev… my professor but for landlords
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wow this january is taking foreverinterviewer: and what would you say is your biggest weakness? me, opening my mouth to reveal fake vampire teeth: stakeholder management
Retweeted by this wizard demands war @tom_usher_ this is a contract you owe me a job don't make me get my union involved @kebayf me 🤝 tweets blankygoing ✈️ locked for the time being as i am unemployed as of tomorrow and need to find a new job and don't want my n… and my friend waiting for the hignfy account to make a joke we did last week england we don't say "i grew up posh and feel guilty about it" we say "god i love spoons, i go there right after… don't people understand? my favourite one is actually the only good one with the good traits, your favourite on… a down-and-out in Seattle last night. His sign said not "I need food" or "I need a job" but "I need a steak mad…
@AnaOpp @freresheureux the void wonamerica wake up i used one of your cultural referencesBOUNCER: sorry it's full, you can't come in ME: *opening wallet* would a few benjamin franklins change your mind… candidates ranked by how likely they are to have loose sugar in their pockets: 1) Lisa Nandy 2) Rebecca L… most people don't know about Machiavelli's the Prince, is that it's actually a sequel, the first book is Machi… @bex_bambi bexthe thing is u just don't need to work for them there are other jobs in the worldcan we stop pretending our friends who work for right wing newspapers and the tory party are good people now @R_L_Everett hey @sabaton release documentaries you cowardsgenuine q, are there any like historical accompaniements for sabaton songs? they slap and honestly i'd love to get… trauma me, an intellectual:
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no free clout
Retweeted by this wizard demands warwe need a disney princess who drags a giant magnet across the twitter servers and sets us all freenuclear survival bunker but all the tinned goods are canned laughterthey need a somewhat slick boomer (facebook)) operation And otherwise the less online the better @bouledenerfs_ "like an egg from a nose" you'd say when you got really expected news @bouledenerfs_ if we did then this phrase would have no powerthe more i think about it the less i want a labour leader to have a savvy twitter campaign. i want a journalist to… this if u have trouble falling asleep!
Retweeted by this wizard demands war @marleybennett I feel this man. every time I get a knock I'm terrified. I don't wanna be out of it for long periods anymore @bowserstanacct Han fjsjsjhaa