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Experience Designer @ILMxLAB - Vader Immortal & Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge - level designer xLucasArts and narrative designer xTelltale, has too many guitars.

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@M1sterFox @DanaSchwartzzz Henry II, to Eleanor of Aquitaine: do I keep finding myself in the middle of the stream on the backs of sinking frogs?
@Steven_Hyden @philprehn Home by the Sea is my jam. @sororally @Nicole_Cliffe Still got it. @KUWTRSussexes @Nicole_Cliffe McEnroe’s nemesis, the legendary Bjorn Borg. @Nicole_Cliffe Tennis once had a certain energy... @DALIA I never do that, and I'm left-handed.
Joe Rogan is a piece of shit.’m in a Throuple Because Our Fourth Left to Go to Some Chocolate Factory With His Grandson:
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus @mandybtweeting Aww, that's awesome and probably for you very annoying. @M1sterFox Weirdo. @macleodholdfast @thelaurynash @ElirScott I'm still watching the television I purchased in aught-seven! @M1sterFox I was completely serious. @TheSugarVenom A gravity well pretending to be a dog. @M1sterFox What is real.THIS TWEET IS FOR PEOPLE WHO FEEL LIKE THEY CANT FUCKING TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE: visualize yourself on the other si…
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus @macleodholdfast No one appreciates the Beatles as much as I do, either.four movies you’re pretty sure you like more than anyone else you know @GennHutchison And this is why I never finished any GTA.I’m having unbelievably heartfelt and painful nostalgia for the days when we’d all shout out the window at 8 o’clock. @SaraJBenincasa Taupe is always sold out. @MohanadElshieky [old modem dial-up noise] @lyzl @chick_in_kiev Mayonnaise is proof that eggs love us and want us to be happy.
@PFTompkins I love old fashioned mics...
@DanaSchwartzzz This never woulda happened if we hadn't stopped using ANNO DOMINI!!! @macleodholdfast I've withheld a great deal of llama related material from you. @joliemenzel writing about women
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus @BarbaraAnneKerr @leighalexander I read “nice” as “non-toxic”.I laughed until I had hiccups
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus @SaraJBenincasa I saw it in the theater in 1992, enjoyed it very much, and haven’t watched it since.
"Sugar come by, and get me high...", remember that dynamite reply that you were sure was gonna get a like?
@sprow21 @UniWatch Absolutely true, the Cardinals have done nothing in the AFC West for years. @M1sterFox There’s a representative body known as the Landsraad, but Herbert foolishly never included any lengthy d… @macleodholdfast His last words: “Totally worth it!” @macleodholdfast I hope you and the lizard sex worker shared a truly tender moment before everything fell apart between you.Why do I feel like I'm turning into Missed Connections for Cats
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManusAnd Catwoman is Black. 🖤
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManusYour annual reminder that Wonder Woman and The Joker were of Mexican and Cuban descent, respectively. Thank you, an…
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManusFor those of you wondering why you should get psyched for the new Dune movie, may I humbly present this: @biancaxunise Sleeves were more of a theory... @ohcararara Wait so your dog ISN’T some kind of dog-couch centaur?
The accuracy 😂
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus @czircon A Roomba, but smaller and mounted with tiny blades. Billion dollars, right there.For the first week after you fix or replace something on your broken toilet, you are unnaturally excited about getting to use the toilet. @janiehaddad List songs like “Kiss on My List” or List songs like “Rock n’ Roll, the Cola Wars, I can’t take it anymore”?Tune in to #FBConnect on September 16 for a new glimpse at #StarWarsTales from the Galaxy's Edge.
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus @kchironis Shelves are for knick-knacks. @BBW_BFF Imagine being a gender where 'selfish partisan hack' is a grave insult. @DamonBruce Here me, O citizens of Rome! @macleodholdfast Sorry Hannah. I wish you all the relief you can find right now. 🌼 @laurenlapkus Aw, it's like how the Brits ask what are we having for "pudding"? @WendiAarons If your parents and in-laws sleep four to a bed, then I quit. @WendiAarons Are you sure you don't live in a giant peach?
@DALIA I'm the younger girl hearing the older girl telling me what I have in store for me in a couple of weeks.What a ride with my buddy Alan! #FreebieAndTheBean End of tweet
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus @quinncy That gaze cuts like a mandoline.Mask wearing in public really takes its toll on your nosehair vigilance. @annkillion These KC fans are not worthy of either his on or off the field greatness. @Nicole_Cliffe You are delightful.Python Virgin Mary joke, or Ian Malcolm/“Life finds a way” joke? Decisions, decisions...
I’m ready to vote for you and @KamalaHarris - will be taking my mail in ballot to a poll and I’ve checked over and…
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManusThis this, a thousand times THIS. @Nicole_Cliffe I broke my brain trying to come up with a Dune moniker.
Donald Trump knew. He lied to us for months. And while a deadly disease ripped through our nation, he failed to d…
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus @macleodholdfast @Llyann @M1sterFox That's Pretty Woman. @Llyann @M1sterFox @macleodholdfast That's Footloose.“Hi, I’m #SusanSarandon, I’m a highly visible privileged actress who used my privileged platform to tell ppl to vot…
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus @M1sterFox @macleodholdfast @1followernodad Do we have visual confirmation on the gold chain?Whenever a normal barges into a group of verifieds having a reply party in a thread, it always comes off like that… @1followernodad Can confirm.“Honey, would you think any less of me if I went to bed at 9:34 tonight?” @sturgical It’s still in the leg. @hhavrilesky 😂thank you! @hhavrilesky Do not go gentle into that bad light.Lil’ Steve Vs. Big Steve
@BBW_BFF Again?? Isn't this like saying we need to normalize men drinking Bud Light again?Star Trek #InTheTimeOfCovid
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus @CharlesMBlow @WendiAarons Honey, I know, I know, I know times are changing It’s time we all reach out for something new*, that… is the media just ignoring all those coke nuggets that flew out of Donald Trump’s face yesterday?100% accurate article. @Marina_Sirtis I'm not shocked.the United States
Retweeted by Stephen 'Family Atomics' McManus @M1sterFox Like a frogs ass, watertight. @TheSugarVenom I miss the days when it was just a shitty cake.How awkward must the planning discussions be right now for upcoming gender reveal parties.You know you’re in the upper echelon of the rockstar ranks when you get to call Ringo Starr “Richie”. @AdmStarfish Would you also accept a loud falsetto rendition of YOU ARE FORGIVEN, Rushmore style? @PFTompkins Also, please tell me with cake. @KarinJurick I think we were some wheat that got swept up with the chaff. @rnoelliams This would probably be in a candy dish that sits on your desk at work that I would snack from, if thing… can’t believe how long this script has been bouncing around Hollywood. @ArielDumas Just stick it out until Aquaman shows up. @heyshanmurphy Same.