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Sr. Experience Designer @ILMxLAB - Ex Telltale & LucasArts & Crystal Dynamics & LucasArts - My band is called Cassowary, so I know what cassowaries are. He/Him.

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@rnoelliams Drink the weekend up like chardonnay.I asked my 9-year-old daughter to explain my job (poet) to me: You look out the window and write stuff that doesn…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManusHey, I know you've all been wanting to hear how this pedal configuration worked out. I set it up last night, and th…
The Princess Bride is probably the most adorable movie that features a hero poisoning somebody. @the_jan_man @nickbreckon @deenadeenuh proud of lizards — so dry, too much stress, lots of “hurry up and wait,” yet still so noble
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @WendiAarons They don't let you strip before putting you on that thing. Our shoes weight at least 25 lbs! @M1sterFox We call it "a Kaufman".To be a good reply guy, a Reply Guy Ally if you will, you have to delete ten reply drafts for every reply you've ac… @M1sterFox I really wanted to write "Telling you you're liking Neutral Milk Hotel the wrong way", but I found a shorter way to say that.The worst thing Gen X did to millennials:*hits blunt* bro why did Jack White let us think he was fucking his sister for so long
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManusYou’re not a real gamedev unless you are really cool. @stirpicus @mandybtweeting One of my favorite alts is the "blower". @stcymsn We never did do our Neutral Milk Hotel project...Something you defend perhaps a little too vigorously?
“Warren’s anger is a great thing. She’s not using it to fight for herself. She’s fighting for the less privileged,…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @toddbarry I feel this will one day be in the pantheon with 'baby enters then leaves the room right away', and 'man makes that face'.There is no such thing as an ignored bug. Some bugs may ship unknown to the devs, but someone makes a hard call on… @HazelMonforton @DanaSchwartzzz @M1sterFox @stirpicus Oh wow, this reply is like dad rock and dad jokes had a baby. @kateleth of "Watchmen." Decades of historians have been trying to let the world know about this massacre, and it too…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @biancaxunise @chelseaperetti Some kind of Benedict...It’s truly time to retire the misogynist trope that angry men are powerful, yet angry women are unhinged. It’s suc…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @thelaurynash @And_Rayna @jstafford Or all a @jstafford has to hang on to. @thelaurynash @And_Rayna @jstafford @thelaurynash @And_Rayna Predictive text bringing the true facts this AM. @thelaurynash @And_Rayna You’re not a real writer unless you’re a bitch.And this, good people, is why Warren Is my first choice. Progressive politics and a taste for the jugular in a pol…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManusWhen I was nine years old I begged my dad to take me to The re-release of Jaws in the theater. As soon as the theme… @IniquitousFish This is beautiful. @toddbarry @moshekasher He’s looking ahead to the Southern primaries.With my #WealthTax, we can afford: ✅ Universal Child Care and universal pre-k ✅ Raise the wages of every childcare…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @stirpicus @mainev3nt Are you trying to make a catchphrase here? Is it catching on? You seem fun. @janiehaddad Thin Mints are as close we get to that magic elf bread in Lord of the Rings. @WendiAarons Applebees didn't mean to turn me on. @WendiAarons ROBERT PALMER: C'mon, guys I died of a heart attack, remember?
@GennHutchison @mainev3nt I think your point still stands, it didn't occur to him to worry.Games can have a little narrative, as a treat.
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @DanaSchwartzzz This is also kind of a backdoor pitch for Lucky Charms flavored iced cream...I've been in the industry for 22 years. I started as a QA tester, so it took me about two weeks to get into the in… @kessjrause I've seen these already but they're still dope as hell. @macleodholdfast Frankly, you'd probably satisfy the fantasy if you just let me wear black leather. @macleodholdfast The problem with the escapist fantasy of playing the villain is that the actual fantasy is to be s… @carolineliddick @AdmStarfish @excursivey @GinaZwicky I couldn't help it.
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManusJa’Net DuBois performed ‘The Jeffersons’ theme song, ‘Movin’ On Up,’ which DuBois co-wrote with Jeff Barry
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @LeelaCorman Lannister’s definitely holding Morgaine and Arthur’s beer...Maybe the best distillation of the point was made by David Foster Wallace, all the way back in 1993. Wonder what na…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @macleodholdfast All the guitar playing, yes I know. @DALIA I am a boring washed hipster and I concur. @macleodholdfast It's too bad we don't work together any more because "keep talking" is like my superpower.
@JenKirkman He looks like some kind of post-punk dreamboat... @WendiAarons My 600 lb. Eye.haven't stopped screaming
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @amandadeibert Ask This Old House. @biancaxunise did Saturday Night Live give a shit which song Elvis Costello played in the first place? @mandybtweeting @carolineliddick Ma'am, this is a Wendy's... @carolineliddick've done about half the things on that list, okay? @laurenlapkus @nicolebyer The Aunt Beru one slayed me..“Liked by nobody and others.” @carolineliddick @nicolebyer @laurenlapkus You’re like, Star Wars people now.
@rnoelliams @mandybtweeting There's a NOVA coming soon about cats.I am glad Bernie is doing so well. I hope Warren climbs back up. Those are my candidates! I believe in their respec…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManusAll the stuff you are hearing about Bloomberg’s issues with women and race are terrible and not going away, so if y…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManusIf you want to look at as “Bloomberg is putting millions into beating Trump,” can you not also admit that he would…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @patrickkevinday @rnoelliams @agauntpanda Ford weighs in on if Han Solo was a Force ghost in 'The Rise of Skywalker' 'A Force ghost? ... I have no…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @mandybtweeting @rnoelliams Meowmento.👇🏻
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManus @rnoelliams @agauntpanda Agreed. See also people who leave the company or get hit by a bus. Systems die that rely on irreplaceables. @chick_in_kiev Tiny anime ladies can't hurt their feelings.I hate inside jokes I don't get just as much as inside jokes I do get. @losthiskeysman It's too early in the morning for pornography...Eat shit presidents, I'm working today.THE LION IN WINTER (1968)
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@Doc_Shook Well at least the new people won’t be sad that they can’t play the Sims... @rnoelliams @czircon @julieannemery It’s yum tho. @rnoelliams I must see it. @MostafaMHawke Understandable, you have a lot on your plate. @thelaurynash And you give me a ride to urgent care. You put the “angel” in “angel of destruction”. @thelaurynash Well isn’t that sensible... @Llyann Moms can handle bummers, too. @Delafina777 Um well, that goes without saying...I am Stephen, destroyer of youth and the sea.
@WendiAarons This is PhD level coursework in Mothernomics. @HazelMonforton I am Stephen, destroyer of youth and the sea. @stirpicus I think it’s downright sexist they assumed it was a man you killed.Because apparently some of you need this: thinking POC didn't exist in medieval Europe isn't actually a neutral per…
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManusRegularly scheduled maintenance.
Retweeted by Stephen J. McManusWe can't risk allowing private health insurance companies, whose primary goal is to make as much profit as possible…
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